Dreams (NC-17)

It was more than he dared dream, having this woman in his bed. This woman naked, pressing herself against him, wanting him. Part of him had always known she was a small woman, but now here, without the suit, without the heels, she was tiny. Heíd have to be careful not to crush her. He shoved that thought away. This woman had proven she could handle herself on more than one occasion.

He lowered his head to her breast and flicked his tongue at the nipple standing at attention. She cupped his balls in her hand and he gasped as she kneaded them. When she transferred her warm hand to his shaft he knew heíd died and gone to heaven.

She was rubbing his tip against her warm moistness. Her scent surrounded him.


He looked up into her eyes.

"Please." She repeated, her voice husky and low.

He kissed her deeply and thoroughly, then began slowly to enter her. She was so tight, was he going to hurt her? He started to retreat, but her hands on his hips pulled him further in, assuring him of her desire.

She was so tight it was almost painful. The sweetest pain heíd ever felt, and he feared even a single thrust would undo him. Again she took command, sliding slowing up and down his massiveness. A groan came from deep in his belly.

He consciously took control of himself, determined to give her the pleasure she was giving him. He reached between them and fingered her clitoris as he slowly stroked in and out. She met each of his strokes until her breathing became ragged and she unraveled beneath him, her orgasm shook him to the core and granted him the permission to explode inside her.

"Oh god, Dana. . . " His own orgasm was never going to end, he understood how men died from this. Her legs remained wrapped tightly around him and as his spasms, and the fear of crushing her to death lessened, he sought out her mouth. He wanted the taste of her to remain on his tongue.


He jerked awake. What the hell? A wet dream? A fucking wet dream! He didnít even want to consider how many decades it had been since this had happened to him. He threw his arm across his eyes. Okay, he hadnít been with a woman since that disastrous night with the prostitute. Waking up with a dead woman was one way to put a major crimp in your sex life.

He rose from the bed and began stripping the sheets from the mattress. He cleaned himself with the sheets and headed for the shower.

Oh shit, he had an eight oíclock meeting with Mulder and Scully. No way, how was he supposed to face her, face them, with this on his mind? He could still feel her tightness around him. He turned on the shower and stepped in before giving it time to heat up, maybe he could drive thoughts of her out of his head this way.

Nothing was working, just remembering the dream had caused his problem to recur. To hell with the mythology of cold water, he took hold of his cock and savagely stroked himself. Maybe not as fulfilling, but at least familiar.


They were on time, normal for Scully, unusual for Mulder, today they had to arrive together. He had himself under control, he could do this.

The meeting was progressing well, Mulder thought, at least he wasnít getting reamed for a change. Maybe he was maturing, no that was too much to hope for. Heíd probably be back in trouble next week. But something was wrong. He was sensing a tenseness, like there was danger. He unconsciously crossed his legs again, moving his body closer to Scullyís. She wasnít in danger, they were in Skinnerís office for peteís sake. He couldnít shake it and found himself checking out the room. He kept coming back to Skinner but he couldnít quite put his finger on it. Something was off. . .

When the meeting finally ended Mulder rose immediately and took Scullyís arm to help her from the chair. She looked at him, puzzled, but kept quiet. Skinner noted the gesture; maybe he wasnít as under control as heíd thought. As they walked to the door Scully realized Mulder was rubbing her tattoo with his thumb. What the hell? Here?

She held her silence until they reached the basement office.

"What do you think youíre doing?"

"Did you notice anything strange in the meeting? Anything about Skinner?"

"Skinner? You were the one acting strange."

"Me? What did I do?"

"You were hovering over me. You helped me from my chair and my god, you rubbed my back in his office!"

He looked down, okay he had done that. She hated it when she thought he was being territorial, but. . . "Didnít you notice anything different about Skinner?"

"I couldnít see straight for all the testosterone flying around the room."

"Testosterone?" Oh shit, that was it. Skinner and Scully? No way, no frigging way!

"Scully, are you armed?"

"Of course."

"Could you please put your gun over on that table for a minute?"

"Have you lost your mind?" Her eyebrow did that thing and he almost lost his courage.

"Probably, but please. Just for a minute." He was about to make an unsmart move, if he thought about it too much heíd back down, but he might as well make himself as safe as possible.

She removed her gun, and without taking her eyes from his, laid it on the table where he indicated. When she had removed her hand from the weapon, he reached over and locked the door to the office. Her eyes widened.

"Wha. . . ?" She never got the word out. His mouth closed over hers as he took her in his arms. She started to resist, but hesitated, she had to be either still in bed dreaming one of her favorite fantasies yet again, or they had both lost their minds. Wait, no, not here!

"Mulder. Mulder stop." She pulled away from him. "No, we canít. . . what are you doing?"

"Obviously making a fool of myself." He turned and had the door unlocked and opened before she could move.

"Mulder, wait. Mulder!" But he was out the door and had no intention of stopping.

Damn, sheíd handled that well. She sank into her chair, what was that all about? How long had she waited for that to happen and then to blow it like that?


His cell phone was ringing before he could even get to his car. He reached into his pocket and turned it off. He couldnít talk to her, not now. Not after the blunder heíd just made. How was he going to face her? He should have known that a woman like her wouldnít be interested in him that way. Didnít he learn anything in those damn psych courses?


After a totally useless day pushing paper around she finally decided to give up and go home. So what if she took the long way and drove by his apartment. His car wasnít there and heíd turned off his phone. Where could he be? What if something was really wrong with him? Where the hell was he?

Once in her apartment she called him yet again. "Mulder, pick up the phone. Please, Iíve got to talk to you. Mulder. Damn it, donít do this!"

When he reeled in at 2 a.m. more than a little drunk, he noted the eight messages blinking on his machine. He couldnít have her love, heíd be damned if he wanted her pity. Maybe she could be happy with Skinner. He flopped onto the couch without even removing his shoes and passed out.


The aspirin in the morning didnít really help, but he felt like heíd tried at least. How was he supposed to face her? He really wasnít up to this.

She was waiting for him when he arrived. He felt his headache gear up a couple more notches.

"Mulder, are you okay?"

"Sure, a headache, but other than that. . . "

"I. . . "

"Listen, I apologize. Letís just drop it, okay. We can pretend yesterday never happened."

"But. . . "

"Thereís nothing to talk about. I. . . "

"Will you quit interrupting me? I want to talk about this. I want to know what happened."

"Nothing happened. You made your feelings clear, I apologized, letís move on. It wonít happen again, you have my word."


Heíd had all he could take, his head hurt so bad his eyes were watering, all he needed was for her to think he was crying. He wasnít crying, it was his headache damn it.

"I need to take this upstairs. Do you have anything that needs to be taken up?"


"Okay, be right back." He was out the door.

She waited until she was sure he was out of sight, then escaped into the ladies room. No way was he going to come back and find her crying. Sheíd ruined everything, heíd never give her another chance. You could get used to anything, sheíd find a way to live with this huge hole in her soul.


He headed for the stairwell and as soon as the door closed behind him, leaned against the wall trying to get back in control. He ruined everything, even the fantasies heíd lived with all these years were gone now. He couldnít do this. This felt like losing Samantha all over again. He pushed himself up away from the wall. Okay, the dream was gone but he still trusted her, they could still be friends. He flinched at that, shades of Phoebe. Damn it, he was an adult, he didnít need a fantasy object to function. He trudged on up the stairs. He definitely needed some more aspirin.


It was obvious they were avoiding each other, everyone had noticed and rumors about Spooky and the Ice Queen were flying through the building. Skinner had heard two or three versions himself, but he knew better. He didnít know exactly what had happened following their meeting but obviously they had had some sort of confrontation and he was the catalyst if not the cause.

Maybe he should bring them in, force them to talk it out. No, that wasnít his style and Mulderís attitude toward him didnít cause him to hold out any hope anyway.

At least he hadnít had any more embarrassing dreams about Scully. That had really shaken him, he wasnít the type to go after another manís woman and he had no doubt thatís what she was, even if the two of them didnít acknowledge it. But, he almost smiled, it was the best dream heíd had in many years.


Their work was suffering and he knew it. There had been a couple of cases they could have gone out on, but he couldnít work up the enthusiasm or energy to care. How long could he keep up the pretense? He didnít even think she was trying to pretend any more, sheíd already left for the day.

He closed down his computer and was reaching for his coat when the phone rang.


"Agent Mulder, Iíve just received a call from Georgetown Medical Center. Agent Scully has been transported to their emergency room. Sheís been in a car accident. Mulder, I. . . Mulder?" He replaced the phone, he knew Mulder could move fast, but this surprised even him.


He burst into the emergency room, eyes scanning for someone in charge. "Dana Scully, do you know. . . Iím looking for Dana Scully. Damn it, Iím. . . " If he ever went postal he was definitely going to do it here and take out all these insensitive. . .


He turned toward the sound. Her voice, she was alive, she was. . . his heart resumed a normal beat for the first time since he hung up on Skinner.

He skidded to a halt at her door and his eyes widened. She was sitting on the side of the examining table.

"It looks worse than it is. Really."

She looked awful. The entire right side of her face was bruised and her blouse was covered in blood.

"Scully." It was almost a whisper. She held out her hand and he moved forward to take it.

"Iím okay."

"All this blood?"

"I had a nose bleed, and I. . . Mulder!"

Heíd gone completely white. It took her less than a second to realize his fear.

"It was the airbag, Mulder, the airbag. It exploded in my face, thatís why I had the nose bleed, not. . . Iím fine, Mulder."

He came very close to smiling at that familiar phrase, and lowered himself onto the examining table beside her and looked down at her hand in his.

"What happened?"

"A drunk driver. He ran the stoplight and got me on the front right side of the car. I think itís totaled, the airbag saved me. Heís in a lot worse shape than I am."

"Oh good, youíre here." The doctor breezed into the room. "Your wife insists on leaving, though I would like to keep her here overnight for observation. She does have a slight concussion but if youíre keeping an eye on her Iíll let her go."

Scully noticed that Mulder didnít correct the doctor, but had begun taking mental notes.

"Any nausea, increase in headache, disorientation, or you canít wake her and I want her back here immediately. Any questions?"

"No, Iíll look after her." His hand squeezed hers slightly.

"Youíre going to be very sore tomorrow but I want you to stay away from aspirin products. I know, I know, youíre a doctor, etc. etc." He turned back to Mulder. "You keep an eye on her, donít let her prescribe for herself."

"Yes, sir." He helped her down and put his arm around her as she limped out of the room. He hadnít touched her since. . . he could have lost her. The realization slammed into him and he faltered.

She turned to look at him, "You okay?"

"Yeah." That was all he could manage. To hell with a relationship, it was enough that he knew her. Friends, anything would be enough, she was alive and thatís all that mattered.


He took her home and ran a bath for her. "Youíre going for a long hot soak, go get undressed. Uh, you need any help?"

"I think I can manage. Use the oil in the blue bottle."

"Okay." He watched her limp out and shook his head, why had he ever though a woman like that. . . drop it, Mulder.

She came back in her robe.

"Iíll make you some tea. Go ahead and get in."

"You donít have to. . . "

"Iím supposed to look after you."

She smiled and waved him on out.

When he returned with the tea, she was lying back in the tub, her eyes closed, the swell of her breasts just visible above the bubbles. God, if only she could. . . stop it Mulder. Sheís in your life, thatís enough.


"Hi. Got your tea."

"Youíre spoiling me."

"Iíll check back in a few minutes. Donít go to sleep."

"Yes, doctor."

She soaked until the water cooled, then got out and put on her favorite flannel pajamas. She was feeling better and she knew part of it was because he was here. If only heíd give her another chance.

He looked up surprised when she came out, and cut off the TV.

"You doing okay?"

"Yeah." She curled up on the couch beside him.

"You should go on to bed."

"Iím comfortable here. Iíve missed you."

"Then why did you call Skinner from the hospital?" Wait a minute, why had he said that? Shit.

"I didnít call Skinner. I didnít call anyone. The hospital must have contacted him. Youíre the only one I would have called and I wasnít sure youíd come." He stiffened. Whoa Dana, between the pain meds and the bath she was too relaxed. But maybe that was okay, she couldnít make things worse than they already were between them.

"Mulder." She was looking down at her hands, unable to meet his eyes. "Iím so sorry I ruined things between us."


"Iíd waited so long for you to want me, to kiss me, and then instead of throwing you down on the desk and ripping your clothes off, I worry about being in the office. I was so off-guard. . . "


"Iím sorry, Iím so sorry. . . I. . . "

"You. . . you wanted. . . you donít find me. . . Spooky?" She glanced up, startled.

"Spooky. . . oh god, Mulder. Is that what you. . . ?" She took a deep breath and placed a hand on his cheek.

"Listen carefully. I have never wanted a man more, or waited longer for one in my life." She glanced away, then swallowed. "And damn it, Iím not waiting another night."

She rose from the couch and pulled on his hand.


"Iím taking you into my bed."

"Scully, I. . . youíre hurt. We canít. . . "

"Then you better be damn gentle."

He just stared at her, afraid to believe. She tugged again on his hand. He rose and followed her into the bedroom.

"Scully, you donít have to do this for me. Itís enough that you. . . "

"Iím not doing this just for you. I could have been killed today, a common enough occurrence when Iím with you, but I was alone. Iíve been so alone these past few weeks. Weíve been disconnected and I feel like Iíve been living half a life. I wonít wait another night."

"Well, as long as thereís no pressure. . . "

She smiled, "I think youíre up to it."

So sheíd noticed, hell she was a doctor. She began unbuttoning her pajama top, but he put his hand on hers to stop her, "Let me." He removed her top and lightly brushed her nipple. Her breath quickened and he lowered her gently onto the bed. He softly kissed her lips, then moved down to her breasts as heíd dreamed of so long. He continued traveling down her body, tasting every inch of her. He very gently kissed the large bruise over her right side, then sucked her navel. Her hands played with his hair, occasionally pulling it involuntarily and immediately loosening her grip.

He nuzzled her curls and her scent surrounded him, intoxicating him. He then blew on her curls and heard her soft chuckle immediately turn into a gasp as his tongue flicked her clitoris. Her fingers tightened in his hair, almost as though she were pulling him away, but he shook his head and continued his exploration with his tongue and fingers. Her breathing grew shallow and he couldnít understand her murmurings but knew them to be pleasure-filled.

As she fell over the edge and her spasms shook her, she threw an arm over her eyes.

"No, Scully, no." He moved her arm so that he could gaze into the depths of her eyes as her body responded to his love. When the orgasm subsided, she reached for him and he came to her. She buried her face in his neck and he realized she was crying.

"Are you okay?"

"Iíve never been better in my entire life."

"You need to rest now."

"No, weíre not finished."

"Scully, thatís enough for tonight. You. . . "

"I want to feel you inside of me. I need to. Mulder, I need you inside me." She wasnít crying but her eyes still sparkled with her tears. Heíd never seen her more beautiful.

She started to sit up as she reached for him.

"No, I do all the work tonight. You can have a turn some other time."

She could feel him against her thigh and turned to capture him between her legs.

"Wait, Scully I donít have. . . "

"In the drawer."

He moved slightly away from her, opened the bedside drawer and withdrew an unopened box of condoms.

"Do I want to know how long youíve had these?"

"I bought them after," she swallowed, "after Modell."

"Oh god." He moaned. Just once could his mind not work so fast? Did he need to know instantaneously how many months heíd wasted?

"Youíre here now. Thatís all that matters, youíre here now. Give me one, you know how I enjoy slapping on the latex." He was able to smile at that, thank god she finally saw humor in the remark.

As he handed her the small disk, she took his little finger into her mouth and sucked on it. Damn he was going into sensory overload, her other hand had found his nipple and was rolling the nub between her fingers.

"Scully, I. . . Scully." It was a moan. She released his finger and opened the package, quickly swathing him in the thin material.

"Now Mulder."

He was almost afraid to move, but she was so insistent. He entered her, feeling her stretch to accommodate him, hearing her shallow breaths in his ear. He looked down at her, supporting himself on his arms when she began massaging his swollen cock with her muscles. Where the hell had she learned that?

"Slow down, god, Scully. I canít. . . " She began to move up and down him, taking him deeper and deeper inside of her.

He was losing it, he couldnít. . . he felt her orgasm take her again and joined her in the chaos. Thank the gods protecting her was an involuntary response, like breathing, otherwise heíd have crushed her beneath him. As it was he barely managed to disengage and roll to the side.

"No, donít leave me." She moaned and he gathered her into his arms.

She felt worshipped, there was no other word for it. Sheíd always known on some level that he would be a wonderful lover, but never. . .

"Howís your headache?"

"It vanished when you touched me. Can we bottle it?"

"No, itís customized."

"Good. I donít share well."

"Youíll never have to." She cuddled into his chest, rubbing her cheek against his chest hairs and fell gently asleep.

He lay with her in his arms, watching her sleep, until he too drifted off, aware his life had just begun.

He woke before her, refreshed and nightmare free. He once again lay watching her sleep and realized with delight that she was dreaming, an obviously good dream that seemed to include him from the murmurs he could understand. Then he watched in amazement as an orgasm flooded her body. She began to wake.

"Mmm, good morning."

"Especially good for you it seems."

"Did you. . . ?" She blushed.

"It wasnít me, you were on your own, I just got to watch."

"You didnít know girls had wet dreams?"

"No, that part of my education was lacking, but itís good information to have."

"Youíve been giving me wet dreams for years. It was great for my frustration level."

He chuckled, "Yeah, youíve helped me out on many occasions yourself."

"Oh Mulder, how could you ever think I didnít love you?"

He was quiet so long she was sure he wouldnít answer. "Because no one else ever has. Well, not since Samantha. Even my parents, after she was taken and I was released from the hospital, I was damaged goods."

She held him close. "Their loss Mulder, and my reason for living."

He began kissing her again and an incredible time and two foil packets later they lay spent on her bed.

"Mulder, as much as Iíd like to lay here and be your sex slave for the rest of my life, we have to get vertical sometime. And I need a shower."

"A shower!" His eyes gleamed

"Iíve created a monster. Join me in a minute."

"Yes maíam."

After he heard the shower start, he rose and was headed to join her when the phone rang.


"Mulder?" Skinner wasnít exactly surprised to hear his voice.

"Yes, sir." Skinner wasnít her father and he was supposed to be here in her apartment, damn it.

"I assume sheís okay." He said dryly.

"Yes sir, only some bruises and a slight concussion."

"I understand sheís decided to go with the ĎMrs. Spookyí nickname."


"The hospital said she was released to her husband."

"Oh that. . . didnít want to waste time with a lot of explanations."

"Of course not." He responded. "I donít suppose youíll be in the office today."

"No, sir. I have to. . . "

"Check in tomorrow and let Scully know I called to check on her."

"Thank you for. . . "

The phone had gone dead. He put Skinner out of his mind and joined her, carefully washing her body between kisses and nips. He dried her off, she still couldnít bend that well and helped her into her robe. He then slipped on his own slacks and put his shirt on, not bothering to button it.

"I guess I am better horizontal." She said as she limped toward the kitchen.

"I hope you donít expect me to argue with that. Are you really sore?"

"Yes, and the wreck didnít help any." She gave him that eyebrow look.

"I donít believe you said that."

"Oh, itís my own fault Mulder, I mean look at the size of those feet, how could I have been surprised?"

They both froze as they heard the key in the lock and Mulder reached for his gun, which wasnít on him.

"Dana? Itís Mom, I tried to call. . . "

She caught sight of them and stopped, within seconds she was struggling to keep the smile off her face.

"I heard about the accident, but you seem to be in good hands." Good heavens, he was actually blushing. She had to look away, sheíd laugh out loud.

"I, um, Iíll pick up some groceries for you and bring them over later. Iíll call first."

Now Dana was blushing too. Yes, she needed to get out of here. She walked over and kissed Danaís forehead and brushed a kiss on Mulderís cheek. "Take good care of my baby girl."

He nodded, not quite trusting his voice and she was gone. They both released the breath they were holding and he helped her down onto the sofa.

"I wonder what kind of groceries we should expect."

"Knowing Mom, Iím counting on oysters and champagne."


"Oh, sheís been after me to jump your bones for years."


"Come on Mulder, she loves you almost as much as I do, in a different way of course."

"I need to make a note of this, Scully women like me."

"Idiot, come here, make my dreams come true again. . . "

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