As Long As We're Together (G)

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“Never give up on a miracle.”


He’d said those words to her before.  Then he’d given her her miracle and . . .


“Scully - "


He could still read her mind.  Maybe not everyone’s anymore, but definitely hers after all these years of practice.


She turned away but his arm went around her pulling her close.




“Mulder, I - "


“We’re going to find him.”


“How?” she faced him now.  “How can we find him?  Years!  It’s been 5 years.  He’s five years old today.  And I’ve missed all of his birthdays, his - ”


“Not the most important one.”


She ignored that.  “How do you think we could possibly find him?”


“Samantha,” he said simply. “I have a lot of practice.”


She looked away again, trying to hide the tears in her eyes.  Of course he wouldn’t let her get away with that.  He tilted her face up toward him and kissed her lips gently.


She shook her head when he leaned back.  “It’s too late.  I’ve already missed so much.  His first tooth, first word, first step.”


You had eight months with him; I had, what, eight hours?  He shoved down brutally on that thought.  He could never say that to her.  It would shatter her and he didn’t think even he could put her back together after that.  It’s not the way he felt anyway, not really.  She’d had time to know the baby, to love him enough to do anything to keep him safe.  To sacrifice her dream to him safe.


He pulled her closer despite her protest, holding her tightly against him, loving her.


“We’ll find him, Scully.  Probably not tomorrow, but he’s alive, he’s safe because of you - "


“How can you be so sure of that?”


“I just am.  I’d know it, just like I know with you.  Scully, you deserve to see him again, you’ve earned it and I’m going to make that happen.  Trust me, Scully.”


“I do,” she whispered and allowed him to pull her back against him.  They were together and someday . . .




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