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Scully removed her glove and smiled at Beth. “You’re doing great, six centimeters.”

“Can I get up, move around?”

“Of course, whatever feels okay.” Scully helped Beth to sit up. “Let me get Frohike. I don’t want you walking alone.” Beth smiled tiredly and nodded. Scully opened the door and spotted Mulder trying to have a calming effect on the shorter man. Scully had to chuckle, which caused them both to turn to her.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s doing very well Frohike. She wants to walk a little. Go on in.” He was already on the way. Scully looked up at Mulder and smiled, “how’s he?”

“A total basket case, but he won’t let her see it.” He put his arm around his wife and pulled her to him. “I remember how he feels.” He pressed his lips against her forehead.

“You didn’t hide it completely you know.”

“Don’t shatter my illusions, woman. Oh, Katy’s with Kevin. I’m here as long as you need me.”

“That could be a damn long time, G-man.”

“Um. I hope so.” His hand moved down her back and cupped her butt. They were startled apart by the door bursting open.

“Dana! Help her! Something’s wrong! The baby’s coming too fast.”

“Charlie?” Then everyone was in motion. Mulder moved to Mary’s side helping Charlie support her as Scully threw a sheet over the second examining table. “Over here, Mary, try to slow down your breathing. Longer, slower breaths. Charlie, what happened?” It was obvious Mary couldn’t speak.

“Her water broke and all hell broke loose. It wasn’t like this with the boys. She’s having contractions every two minutes. She can’t even get her breath.”

“Okay, okay. Mary, I want you to try to relax a little, focus.” She turned to Mulder, "Why don’t you take Charlie out for a minute - “

“No! I’m not leaving her.”

“Charlie, let me check her out. You’ll only be steps away. Please try to calm down.”

“Come on Charlie.” Mulder took his arm, “Let Scully do her work.”

Charlie started to say something, but stopped, Dana was a doctor and something was wrong. He turned to Mary and brushed her hair off of her forehead. “Mary, Dana’s here. I’ll be right over there. Hold on Sweetheart.” He looked over at Mulder who nodded, then back at his sister. “Do something, help her. The boys are looking for Mom.”

Scully nodded, pulling on a fresh pair of gloves. “Don’t tense up Mary. Let me check you out.” She kept up a running conversation, giving Mary the calming sound of her voice, which began to work. “Can you speak?”

Mary nodded, “I want Charlie.”

“I know. He’s right here. Mary, you’re not ready yet. It’s going to be a little while, but not long. You hear me?” Mary nodded; already calmer knowing that Dana was with her. “I’m going to get Charlie and Mulder in here to be with you. Mary, Beth’s in labor too and I need to check on her. You guys are really going to make me earn my fee today.” Mary managed to smile at that. Scully winked and pulled a sheet over her.

She moved to the door and let Charlie and Mulder back in the room. “She’s doing a lot better Charlie. I think the intensity of the contractions panicked her a little. She’s calmer now and the contractions are a little farther apart. It’s not going to be long, but the birth’s not imminent. I want you two to stay with her and let me check on Beth.” Charlie moved over to Mary’s side, taking her hand. “Mulder, keep him calm. We’ve got a little time; she’s doing okay now. Her blood pressure is already down.”

“Don’t go far.” Mulder glanced over at the bed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be no farther than the other side of that curtain.” Mulder leaned down and kissed her, then let her move on to her next patient.

“Is that Mary?” Beth asked when she got her breath.

“Yeah.” She smiled but Beth could see the tenseness in her posture.

“Wish I could help you, but . . . ummmmmmm.”

“Don’t worry about Mary. You’ve got your own work to do. Breathe, that’s good.” Scully watched her blood pressure - it looked good and she was calm and on top of her contractions. “Do you want me to check you?”

“You better, that last one . . . I wanted to push.”

Scully looked up startled. Already? “Let’s see what’s happening, okay?” She glanced at Frohike, but didn’t ask him to leave, she might need him. She wished her Mom would hurry up and get here. She’d thought Mulder would be able to assist her, but now he had his own patient. “Beth, you’re right. This little one wants out. I need you to start pushing with the next contraction. Frohike, get behind her, lift her, yes like that. Okay Beth, nice and steady. You’re doing great.”

This wasn’t going to take long. Beth was made to have children. But Scully couldn’t help but be aware of the sounds from the other side of the curtain. Mary was in a lot of pain and they had nothing to give her.

”Can you see, Fro? Beth? The head’s out, don’t push. That’s right.” She suctioned out the nose and mouth. The infant started to cry even though he wasn’t yet born. Scully grinned up at Beth. “I think he’s in a hurry, guys. Let’s finish this, okay?”

Beth began pushing again and Scully let the baby rotate in her hands as the first shoulder emerged. “Beth you’re a wonder. One more, I think that’s all it’ll take.” Beth groaned loudly and the boy slipped into Scully’s hands. “I’ve got him. He’s beautiful!” She laid the boy on Beth’s chest and covered him with a towel. “Rest a minute and then you can deliver the placenta. You okay Frohike?”

He managed to nod, his hands helping Beth hold their son.

“Scully! Scully we need you!” Her head went up at the panic in Mulder’s voice and she hurried to him, stripping the gloves from her hands. She shoved the curtain aside and didn’t bother to replace it.

Mary’s baby was also being born, but in this case the cord was plainly visible twisted around the neck. “Mary, do not push. Do you hear me? Charlie talk to her.” She reached for a fresh pair of gloves. “Mulder, support the head, let me see if I can get the cord . . . “ She was busy then. She was aware that her mother was here and trying to help Charlie, but she was ready to panic herself. Not counting Katy this was her third delivery on her own. The two in medical school hardly counted. She found herself frantically trying to recall the lecture and film on this part of her training.

“Hold . . . hold her. I need to, just hold her!” She was reaching in to help the baby; instinctively Mulder followed her movements slipping a finger in to keep the cord from tightening further around the baby’s neck. “We’ve got to hurry. Mom here, put your hands here and help her. Mary push. We’ve got to get this baby out!”

With Scully’s hands guiding the baby, the others following Scully’s instructions, the baby emerged, blue and still. Scully glanced over at Beth as the other new mother gasped. Beth and Frohike were watching horrified, tears on Beth’s face. She looked into Scully’s eyes and nodded. Scully took a deep breath and removed the cord from where it was twisted around the child’s body.

She began massaging the tiny girl's and then administered CPR. She was working on autopilot as the others stood there, afraid to move. "Come on baby, do this for me. We need you." It was as though she heard Scully. A thin wail came from the infant and Scully leaned against Mulder who held her close. After a quick moment Scully was back to work. "Mary? Can you hear me?"

"I . . . I think she passed out." Maggie tried to sound calm. Scully's hands reached for her throat to check her pulse.

She nodded. "Good. Mom, help me again." Maggie nodded and they delivered the afterbirth. Scully clamped the cord and cut it.

"Dana, bring her here." Beth reached out for the other child. Oh god, she still had to finish up Beth's delivery. Charlie was a wreck, she glanced at Mulder who nodded, then she took the tiny girl over to Beth.

Frohike took his son and Beth put the second baby to her breast. Mulder moved over as well to assist Scully, but also to support her. This was too much for her. He could only help so much, but he'd be there beside her.


Things were finally beginning to calm down. Scully had had to do a little stitching on Mary, but she was conscious again and had held her daughter. Frohike had shown a surprising affinity for looking after the infants and was assisting Maggie with their clean up. Beth was resting and Walter was attempting to keep Charlie sane.

"Mary? I . . . "

"Dana." Mary took her hand. "You were incredible. You saved her, I can't - "

"Mary, don't. I just wish you hadn't had to go through all of that. If we had more equipment or something . . . "

"I know. You did it with nothing. I know it was a team effort, Charlie told me, but you were the one that held it all together. I was no help and Charlie was, well he wasn't exactly calm. I've never seen him like that."

"He had reason. And I'm only his sister, not exactly inspiring when you remember we used to bathe together."

"Stop, I don't feel like laughing. I need to thank Beth too. I guess the kids are practically twins now."

"Well, they were born within minutes of each other. Frohike's having a ball looking after them. Now that's worth seeing."

"Dana, go home. Everything’s under control here now. Mulder's worried about you."

Mulder tapped on the door then and stuck his head in. "Did I hear my name?" The two women smiled at him. "I came to claim my wife. I'm taking you home for a little while."

Mary chuckled and pulled Dana into a hug. "Go."

Scully allowed Mulder to lead her from the room, then stopped. "I can't leave."

"Scully, your Mom's here and Walter, and you know Charlie and Frohike aren't going anywhere. You need to rest."

"Mulder - "

"No. It's not like you're leaving town. Just lie down for a little while." He was right and she knew it. She sighed and leaned against him. After a moment she straightened up. "Wait here Scully. I'll tell your mother where you'll be." She nodded resignedly.

Once at the house he tried to lead her into the bedroom but she was too agitated, evading him and heading to the kitchen. "Scully - “ He was getting exasperated - once again she wasn't looking after herself. He touched her shoulder to turn her and was surprised to find her in tears. "Scully, what?"

"I didn't know what I was doing!" She lifted shaking hands to show him. "Mulder, this isn't my field. I'm an expert on dead bodies! And that's what we almost had here today. I can't be a doctor to these people. Mary should have had a section. I've never done one! I observed one years ago. I can't do this job. She's my sister and I could have killed her and her baby with my incompetence."

"Scully, no. You did everything right. Don't start doubting yourself now. Scully, it's just nerves. What happened with Mary was tense, but it's over. And you learned from it - so did I. Now, for a little while, put it aside. Come on, Kevin has Katy. I want you to lie down." She nodded tearfully. "I'm going to make you some tea. Go on."

He watched her until she entered the bedroom, then moved to the kitchen. She wasn't in the bed when he entered. He put the tea down and moved around the bed to tap on the bathroom door. When there was no answer he opened the door and spotted her on the floor.

"Scully!" He had her in his arms immediately. She was stirring before he got her to the bed.

"I'm okay Mulder." He didn't bother to respond, his expression saying it all. "I am okay. I'm also pregnant."

That took him a couple of heartbeats. "Are you serious?" She nodded. "Walter was right. Scullys' do breed too fast. How long have you known?"

"I’ve suspected for a couple of days. I did the test this morning, just before Frohike brought Beth in. It's been busy since then."

"And you had to watch what Mary went through. Damn Scully." He enveloped her in his arms.

"I can't handle it all Mulder. I feel so inadequate. And now . . . "

"I'm going to get you some help. Beth will be back on her feet in no time and Byers can cut back on the research and be more hands on. I'm not exactly helpless."

"It's not that, you're all wonderful. If it hadn't been for you today . . . I just need someone to confer with, someone with . . . with training. Mulder, what if Charlie and Mary's daughter has problems because of what I didn't know? I'm not a pediatrician or a gynecologist. What if Walter has a heart attack or - "

"Scully, stop it! Stop it." He held her closer. "Maybe you weren't trained in those areas, but the people that live here are damn lucky to have you. I think most places would kill to have you. As for me, you're my life Scully. If you'd been a dogcatcher before, it wouldn't make any difference to me. I love you - you and our kids . . . kids, damn!"

She had to chuckle, despite the tears still on her face.

She wasn't in the bed when he woke the next morning. He didn't hear her or Katy moving around. Damn it! He threw on some clothes and raced for the clinic. He found her in the lab with Byers.

One look at his face made her look over at Byers, who was already practically cringing. "Listen, I'll, uh. Yeah - “ Byers let himself out of the room quickly.

"Mulder - "

"Don't. We talked about this last night. Those babies are important to me. Beth and Mary are family, but nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than you are. You and the baby you're carrying. I swear I will drag you home and strap you to the bed."

She couldn't remember the last time she'd seen him so angry. "Mulder, I'm sorry. I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to disturb you - "

"Well you did. Scully, I'm serious about this. Just a little over a year ago I didn't know if you would be alive when I woke up each morning. Now you're back at work, you're looking after Katy and everyone else and Scully, you're pregnant. I'm through asking, you have to look after yourself." His hands were gripping her arms as though he was getting ready to shake some sense into her.

She nodded and he lay his forehead against hers. "One more thing," he lifted his head and she opened her eyes. "When this baby's born, I'm taking over birth control for this family, because Scully - you suck at it."

That caught her off guard and startled a laugh out of her. "Yes sir."

He gathered her against him. She might think she would look after herself, but he knew better. He'd have to keep a close eye on her. He took a deep breath. "How are the babies doing?"

"Melvin, Jr. is doing great, so is Beth. The only reason they're still here is Melissa. Mary's not doing that well. Her milk hasn't come in and she's still bleeding too heavily. If Melissa could nurse, we could get her uterus contracting, and that would help, but she's just not strong enough."

"What if you got Melvin, Jr. - God I can't call him that, MJ. What if MJ nursed from Mary? If he's stronger . . . what?"

"You're a genius!" She kissed him quickly and was out of the room.

In a moment Byers stuck his head in the door. "Is it safe?"

Mulder glared at him, but nodded. "Have you checked their blood?"

"Sure have. It worked Mulder. Their immunities are almost at the same level as Katy's. We've got a preventative vaccine."

Mulder nodded. "Get working on it Byers. I want to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible." Byers resumed his seat at the table. "I'm gonna go see how everyone's doing."


Mulder looked around the living room. It was crowded; he hadn't realized how many people had joined his family here. It wasn't that often that everyone was gathered in one location. Even now some were missing - Charlie was at the clinic with Mary, Beth and the babies. Mary was recovering very slowly; he knew Scully was worried about her. In fact Mary was the real reason that Beth was still there. Frohike, however, had managed to tear himself away long enough to attend this meeting.

He watched Todd find a seat for Anne, then settle himself beside her. His nephews were there, Will seemed nearly grown and Sam was close behind him. They were both worried about their mother and it showed in their faces.

He watched Scully walk over to join Maggie and Walter. Katy lifted her arms to her mother and she picked her up. His eyes narrowed. Scully shouldn't be lifting her now, should she? He'd have to ask Maggie. The answer from Scully would not satisfy him. Kevin left his side and moved to Scully, holding out his arms to Katy who happily went to him. Mulder watched Kevin for a moment; he was good with Katy. They had bonded when he had kept her as a newborn, but had he picked up Mulder's thoughts? Had Kevin known that he didn’t want Scully . . . Later, there was business to take care of.

Mulder looked over at Walter, who nodded. "Everyone here?" People looked around, speaking to neighbors and friends. Some people even spoke to Krycek and Kelly. At first Mulder had thought them an odd paring, but they had a lot in common - neither was really trusted by the rest of the community - not wholly anyway. But they had found each other and seemed happy enough.

"Can we get down to business guys? I've got information you might want to hear." The assembled crowd quieted down and turned their attention to Mulder.

He glanced over at Krycek one more time. He and Walter had debated a long time on whether or not to have him here for this, to share this news with him. Krycek had been on his best behavior, doing the most menial of tasks with no complaint. He actually seemed sincere. Mulder gave himself a mental shake - be in the present Mulder, this is important.

"I have good news. Our crack staff of scientists,” he grinned at Byers and Langly, "have come up with a vaccine for the virus. Our two newest residents, MJ and Missy, seem to have an immunity."

There was complete silence for a long moment, then everyone was talking at once. Mulder found Scully's eyes and held them. Her smile was really all he needed.

After everyone had had the time to congratulate each other and begin to discuss the possibilities ahead, Mulder put up his hands again. "Okay guys, a little order here. We'd like to start work on the vaccine right away. We need to know everything we can about it. We're going to need help in the lab and volunteers to take the vaccine itself. Hands went up all over the room and Scully nodded. He'd been uneasy about asking for this, still not quite understanding who he was to these people. Maybe he was still resisting.


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