After the Future - LX, part 1 (PG-13)

Part 1 of the Finale

Mulder looked up as Kevin came to the door of the office Mulder and Walter shared


Mulder looked up as Kevin came to the door of the office Mulder and Walter shared.  “I’m heading out, see you in the morning.”


“Yeah, I need to head on home too.”  Mulder stretched his neck and reached for the bottom drawer.  He heard Kevin open the back door before he remembered that Charlie had wanted Kevin to meet him at greenhouse #4 first thing in the morning.  He rose and headed after the younger man. 


The sight out of the small kitchen window stopped Mulder in his tracks.  What the hell!  Kevin, with his arms around Katy, kissing her!  Before he could decide which weapon to use, they had moved on and still he stood there in shock.  He didn’t even hear the front door open.


“Mulder?  You here?”  Scully wandered back to look for him.  “Mulder?”


He turned toward the sound of her voice but didn’t look at her.  “I’m going to kill Kevin.”


“I beg your pardon?”  His wife looked at him curiously.


“I’m going to kill Kevin.”


“Oh, I thought I misunderstood you.  Was this a long term plan, or do you just need something to do this evening?”


“I’m not kidding! I just saw . . . “ He looked back at the window again.


“Saw what, Mulder?  Come in here and sit down.”  Scully took his arm; the man was obviously rattled, but . . . oh shit!


“I’ll strangle him.  Scully, I need to go.”


“You don’t need to go anywhere.  What did Kevin do that has you so upset?”  She needed to get him talking.


He allowed Scully to lead him back to his desk.  He was still more in shock than homicidal but he could feel it growing.  “Kevin, he was . . . he had his hands . . . he was kissing - “


“Katy?”  She sank into the chair next to him.


He whipped his head around and glared at her.  “You knew!”


“Mulder - “


“He’s twice her age!” Finally his outrage found words.


“He won’t be next year.”  She said reasonably and he gaped at her.


“She’s just a child!  He’s a grown man, he has no business fooling around - “


“Mulder, calm down.  Katy’s 17, that’s not exactly a child and as for fooling around, I can assure you that Kevin has been a complete gentleman.”


“That’s not what I saw.”   He was still reeling from this double punch.  Scully knew?  And she hadn’t said a word?


Scully sighed.  “Why don’t we go home, we can talk better there.”


“I don’t want to go home, I want to go after my daughter and that . . . Kevin.”  His hands were balled into fists and he nearly jerked away when Scully placed her own hand on top of his.


“Don’t do this, Mulder.  Walk me home, come on.”  She rose and after a moment he stood as well.  She took his hand and moved him toward the door.  He didn’t speak during the walk home but she could feel his mind churning over the events.


She wasn’t surprised not to meet any of the children on their way home, or to find the house empty.


They were barely in the door when he turned on her.  “You knew.  Tell me what’s going on.”


“Nothing’s ‘going on’, Mulder.  Kevin came and talked to me about the situation.  He’s concerned as well.”


“He damn well should be concerned!  He’s a grown man and she’s . . . she’s -“


“She’s your little girl.  Which is why he came to me and not you.  Mulder, he’s in love with her.”  Mulder loomed over her at those words, outrage plain on his face.


“In love!  She’s a baby!  What makes him think he can take advantage - “


“Mulder, calm down.  He has taken no advantage and he didn’t make the first move.  Katy’s in love with him too.  When she made her feelings known to him, he panicked and came to me.”


Mulder’s mouth moved but no sound emerged.  She took his hand and moved him to the couch.  Once he was seated she joined him, sitting close, holding tightly to his hand.  “Why didn’t he come to me?“ he finally said.


That brought a slight smile to her face.  “Fear of mutilation?  Mulder, look at you.  You’re . . . you’re beside yourself.  Katy’s not a baby; she’s a woman.  She’s loved Kevin since she was a little girl, now those feelings have matured.”


“He changed her diapers.”


“His exact words to me.  Mulder, he’s as thrown by this as you are.  But he loves her.  He didn’t mean to fall in love with your daughter.  He’s fought it if you want to know the truth.  He thought he was too old for her as well.”


“He is!”


“Mulder, age does not dictate who you fall in love with.  Look around this place, Frohike and Beth, Byers and Lynne, Mom and Walter.”  He was calming down a little, but she wasn’t completely reassured.


“At least they were adults.”


“They wouldn’t have been if they had met earlier.  Mulder, please.  I’ve talked with them, I believe they really do love each other.  That’s not something we can control and I don’t want to alienate either of them.”  She leaned over and kissed the love of her life.  “I do understand how you feel.”  She paused for a moment, “Do you remember purple explosion day?”


He faced her then.  “Sure, when you cured me of my phobia.”


“Right.  And while we were there, what was going on here?”


“Everyone got together.”


“Right again.  Where did Kevin go when everyone else paired up?”


“He checked on the kids - “


“He went to Katy, Mulder.  He went to Katy even back then.  Nothing happened.  I’m sure he didn’t even realize what he had done because he didn’t think of Katy as a woman then.  She was his little friend with a crush on him.  But that’s where he headed instinctively when everyone turned to the one they loved.” 


Mulder was silent for a long moment, then, “I need to talk to Kevin.”


“Not until you’re calm, Mulder.  I don’t want you saying something . . . Please.”


They turned as the door opened and Walt stopped just inside, taking in the posture and expressions on his parents’ faces.  He made a conscious decision not to probe their thoughts.  “What did I do?”


“Nothing, Honey.  We were talking about something else.  Are you through for the day?  I haven’t even started dinner.”


“No problem, Frohike’s cooking tonight, so I thought Lexie, Chrissy and I would head over there.  Katy here?”


“Uh, no.”


“Okay, I’ll stop by Kevin’s and see if they want to eat with us.”  He headed for the stairs to change clothes and shoes.


“Hold it!  Why would you look for Katy at Kevin’s house?”  Mulder watched his son pause at the foot of the stairs.


“Because that’s where she’d be.”  It was a flip answer, but held the ring of truth.  Scully put her hand on Mulder’s arm to forestall any heated words.


Mulder took a deep breath.  “When you see Kevin, tell him to stop by here.  Before dinner.”


“Dad . . . Yeah, okay.  Anything else?”  Scully shook her head and Walt headed up, taking the stairs three at a time.  At fifteen he looked so much like his father it was scary.  The kids were growing up so fast.




Since neither had any appetite and the kids were out for the evening, Scully fixed salads for dinner.  They were eating in silence, when Kevin tapped on the door.


He stuck his head in as Mulder rose from the table.  “Hi, Walt said you needed to see me.  Is anything wrong?”


“I think we need to talk, Kevin.”  Mulder motioned toward the couch.  Kevin glanced over at Scully, who gave him a look of sympathy.


“About?”  Kevin asked warily as he seated himself.  Mulder remained on his feet, looking down at the man.




Kevin’s face flushed a dark red.  “Yes sir.”


“Sir?  A little formal aren’t we?”


“Mulder, I don’t know what to say to you.  I knew you’d be unhappy about this situation and I’ve been racking my brain for a way to talk to you about it.  I’m in love with your daughter.  I don’t know how to change that.  I have been for a long time, but I ignored it and I’d planned to continue ignoring it due to the difference in our ages.  When she came to me and told me how she felt . . . Mulder, I didn’t know what to say to her either.”


“She’s a child, Kevin.”


“She’s your child, but she’s a woman too.”  Kevin managed not flinch from Mulder’s glare.


“Are you a virgin, Kevin?”


“Uh, no.”  Kevin knew where this was going, but knew of no way to stop it.


“Is Katy?”  Mulder’s voice was hard.


“Mulder!”  Scully moved to him and placed what she hoped was a calming hand on his arm.  “She is.  Don’t do this.  Kevin maybe you better - “


“Dad, don’t do this.”


None of them had heard Katy slip into the house.  Scully closed her eyes; this had the potential of something irreparable.


“Katy, this is between Kevin and me.  You should - “


“It’s not between you and Kevin.  It’s about me.   It’s my life that’s being discussed.  I love Kevin, I always have.  I want to marry him and be with him forever.”


“M-marry!”  Mulder sputtered the word and Kevin sank back onto the couch from where he’d risen.  “You two have discussed marriage?”  He turned back to Kevin at those words.


“Not exactly,” Kevin said quietly.


“That’s right, Dad.  He hasn’t, I have.  I knew he’d never ask me to marry him, because of this so-called age problem and . . . and you.  He works for you; you’re Mulder.  No one wants to marry the boss’ daughter and that’s what I am.  I love Kevin and I want to be with him.  He won’t even consider me living with him without marriage, so here we are.”


Scully could see Mulder’s blood pressure rise.  She should have warned him, and she would have eventually.  She just hadn’t seen this coming.


“Live with -!”  He lost his voice at that point and Scully stepped in front of him.


“Katy, this is all new to your father.  Let the two of us talk.  This conversation is not going anywhere productive.  Please, go back over to Frohike’s and give your father a little time.”


Kevin rose again, an escape had been placed in front of him and he was anxious to take it.  Katy opened her mouth to protest but he took her hand.  “Let them talk, Katy.  This is not helping.  Then the four of us can discuss things more calmly.  Let’s go.”


“Kevin, I - “


“Let’s go.”  He gently but firmly turned her toward the door and with one last glance at Scully, escorted Katy out.


Mulder looked down at Scully, not moving for a long moment after the door shut.  She turned to look up at him but he wouldn't meet her eyes, finally turning and walking away from her.


"Mulder . . . "


"Not now, Scully."


"Mulder, please - " But he had let himself out the back door, heading toward the lake.  She took a deep breath.  She'd made a terrible miscalculation keeping this from him.  Katy was the light of his life, the child they'd never dreamed they could have, and the beginning of immunity for all humanity.


It was just so hard for him to see Katy as a woman.  To have her love a man like she loved Kevin was incredibly difficult. 


Scully decided to give him a little time, but not much.  She didn't want him to go too deep within himself.


Scully changed into her clean clothes, then checked out the back door.  No sign of him.  He’d been alone long enough; she needed to get him to talk.


He wasn't that hard to find, sitting under the tree where he and Samantha had carved their initials as children.  "Hi."  She sat beside him.


"I wanted to be alone."


"Too bad, you're an old married man, Mulder.  You're never really alone."  She leaned against him and after a couple of heart beats, he put his arm around her.


"I'm not . . . Scully, why didn't you tell me?"


"I made a mistake, Mulder.  I should never have kept anything from you.  I guess Kevin's fear got to me."


"I'm that scary?"


"Yeah, Spooky, in this case you are.  I kind of admire Kevin for having to the courage to talk to you tonight.  Katy's your baby girl.  Everyone knows that."  She put her hands over his.


"She's so young."


"Yes and no, Mulder.  She's grown up differently than we did.  She'd done manual labor on the farm, she's done her rotations in the clinic, she's helped raise the other young people here, and let’s face it, around the world.  Maybe she didn't go to proms or college, but she's an adult.  She loves Kevin, she always has."


Mulder sighed. "Couldn't it be infatuation for an older brother?"


"Mulder."  She shook her head.  He sighed and tightened his hold on her.


"I feel old."


"You're never gonna be old, Mulder.  You're too 'Mulder'."


He forced a chuckle at that and squeezed her.  "What does that mean?"


"It means I want to take you back to the house.  All the kids are out; we'd be alone.  Then we'll see how old you are."


"You trying to seduce me, Agent Scully?"


"Yeah.  Is it working?"


He nodded and then stood, pulling her to her feet.  They walked back toward the house, arms around each other. 


They stopped when they saw Samantha hurrying toward them from the house.  “Okay?”


Mulder’s expression softened as his sister’s obvious concern.  “Yes.  We’re okay.”  He put an arm around her.


Samantha stared at him, clearly picking up on his mood.


“Really, Sam, I’m okay.”




Mulder looked over at Scully.  She nodded.   “Katy and Kevin want to get married,” he told her.


Samantha stood there waiting.  She’s known that about the two of them for ages.


“Did you hear me?  Katy wants to get married.”


Samantha nodded.  “Happened?”


“Don’t you think she’s a little young for Kevin?”


Samantha blinked then.  “No.”


Scully’s muffled chuckle caused Mulder to glare down at her.


“Okay now?” Samantha lightly touched Mulder’s arm.


He sighed and gave her a hug.  “I’ll try.”  She looked deep into his eyes and finally nodded.  “Bill.”


“Yes, go back to Bill.  Scully will look after me.”


“I will, Samantha.  Thanks for checking on him.”


Samantha smiled at them both, then lightly ran toward the clinic.  Mulder and Scully continued on to the house, their arms around each other’s waist.  Once they were back inside Mulder turned to her.  "They're going to get married, aren't they?"


"Yes.  Can you be okay with that?"


"I don't know, Scully.  What choice do I have?"


She sighed. "Not a whole lot.  But Mulder, I don't see a problem."


"You don't?"


"I mean, I haven't had a flash on them.  They just love each other.  Come on, I want to think about you now, no one else."  She tugged him toward the bedroom.  Once there she reached for his belt buckle.


He chuckled and pulled her shirt over her head.  Yeah, this woman would always be able to seduce him.




Kevin was waiting for him at the office the next morning.  He rose from his desk when Mulder entered.  Mulder didn't speak, waiting at the door.


"Can we talk?"  Kevin stepped toward him. Mulder nodded and after what felt like a long time turned toward his office.


"Is Walter here?" Mulder asked over his shoulder.


"No, not yet."


"Good.  Have a seat."  He let Kevin precede him into the office then shut the door and turned toward Kevin.  "I'm not sure what to say to you.  You know I think you're too old for Katy.  Scully says that's not that big a deal.  What do you think?"


"I see your point.  But Mulder, don't doubt that I love her.  I didn't see this coming, I swear.  You asked if I'd . . . touched her.  No.  I've fought those feelings.  I should have come to you, but . . . damn it Mulder, how could I?  We're talking about Katy!  I was in a panic when I talked to Scully.  And listen; don't be angry with her.  I begged her not to say anything to you.  I thought Katy would get over it, move on to someone more . . . I don't know."


"Did you tell her how you felt?"


"No!  I was trying to get her to move on.  I thought it would be better for her, someone else would be better for her.  I don’t know that I kept my thoughts from her, but I tried."


Mulder sighed and looked around the room, at the ceiling, and finally back at Kevin.  "Do you want to marry her?"


Kevin blinked at him then. "Yes.  Yes, I do."


Mulder winced, but then continued gamely.  "There's a lot of her mother in her.  She’s stubborn as hell.  She goes after what she wants."  Kevin nodded, not sure what to say.  "Scully and I talked a long time last night.  She seems to think you'd be an okay son-in-law." 


Kevin didn't dare move - what other shoe was going to drop?  "Don't hurt her.  Don't betray her.  You understand me?"


Kevin nodded slowly.  "Are you . . . what are you saying?"


"Scully doesn't have to know this, but sometimes I do listen to her.  Go find Katy."


At that a huge smile broke out on Kevin's face.  He decided not to push his luck by kissing his future father-in-law full out on the lips.  He was up and out without another word.


Almost immediately Walter stuck his head in the door.  "What's up with him?  He was grinning like a damn fool."


Mulder motioned for him to come on in and sit down.  "He's gone to ask Katy to marry him."


"He's what!"  Mulder nodded.  "Kevin and Katy?  He's more like a father to her."


Mulder leaned back. "Don't remind me."


"You okay, Mulder?"


"Hell no, but Scully says it's the right thing.  It's nice to know you weren't aware either."


The two men sat back, not speaking, savoring memories of their first child and grandchild.




She was lovely.  Somehow the women had come up with the material and lace to create a true wedding gown.  Scully had found ties for Mulder and Kevin and after several attempts they were tied to her satisfaction.


Katy took Mulder's arm.  "You're not going to cry, are you Dad?"


"Of course not."  She smiled up at him and he kissed her cheek.  "Now your mother . . . “ She laughed at that and turned toward the door.  Mulder looked at her, he was hurting, but he had to hide it from her. 


She was ready to marry Kevin.  She'd been ready for a long time - since she was twelve, maybe earlier.


Scully watched Mulder escort their daughter down the aisle.  Her eyes were a little wet, but she knew what this was costing Mulder.  She found herself watching him rather than the bride.  Yes, there was gray in his hair now, and when it was cold he limped a little from past injuries, but he was still the sexiest, most desirable man she'd ever known.  Inappropriate thoughts for their daughter’s wedding, but she saw him watching her now, and he knew.  He winked at her, sucking it up and moving on to the front of the room with Katy on his arm.


Scully looked over at Walter and Maggie.  She was so glad her mother had lived long enough to see this.  And Walter - he couldn't be more proud if Katy were his own daughter.  She was so blessed.


The ceremony was beautiful.  Katy’s two sisters, so different in complexion, stood with her in a copy of the old fashion weddings from before.  Walt stood as best man for Kevin, making it a true family affair.  Mulder stepped from escorting her down the aisle to officiating.  It was legal, at least to them.  If Mulder came across a little strong on Kevin's vows it only brought smiles to the guest's faces.


Then they were kissing and Mulder turned to look at Scully rather than watch.  Katy was always going to be his little girl.  He couldn't dwell on what was going to happen tonight.  He flashed for an instant on those porn videos he'd collected before Scully.  All of those women had been someone's daughter.  Not exactly a pleasant thought right now.


Everyone was clapping and moving forward to congratulate the couple.  Scully hugged Katy and kissed Kevin, but quickly put her arms around Mulder.


They made room for Maggie to speak to the bride and groom, then Walter seated her again and they watched the festivities from a position of honor.  The party lasted into the night.  Katy was special to all of them - the first child born here, not to mention the beginning of their salvation.


Scully stood close to Mulder, watching the celebration.  Lynne was playing guitar and singing as the couples danced.  Byers are standing to one side, watching her and swaying as their three year old slept on his shoulder.  Walt was dancing with Esther and Alex had his arms around Lexie, teaching her some dance step.  Chrissy and Malcolm were sitting with Maggie and laughing about something.  Bill had Samantha on the dance floor as well and she was blushing with pleasure at their ‘dancing’.


“Thirsty?”  Mulder leaned in close to her.  She nodded and continued watching their extended family enjoy this celebration.


Mulder returned to Scully with a glass of Frohike's homemade wine and realized he couldn't spot Kevin or Katy.  He handed her the glass and looked around again.


"They slipped out, Mulder."  He stiffened slightly and felt her hand caress his arm.  "It's okay Mulder.  They are married."


"Yeah."  She pulled his head down so that their lips met.



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