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Scully turned at the sound of Tricia’s voice and smiled. The girl was doing better, and seemed to feel like she belonged.  It was hard on her, but Will and Sam had pretty much adopted her, protecting her like a sister.  She still lived with Greg and Megan, but seemed to feel at home all over.  Now she was running and out of breath.


“Tricia? What?”  Scully felt her pulse increase as she realized neither of the boys was with her.


“Will,” she gasped for breath, “Will and Sam, we found . . . “


“Tricia, are the boys hurt?”  Scully had hold of her arm.


Tricia shook her head, “Fine, they’re fine.  We found someone.  They said to get you, that it was Alex.”


Scully froze.  “Did you say Alex?  Krycek?”


Tricia nodded, “Yeah, him.  He’s real weak and thin and sick looking.  They’re bringing him.”


“Okay, Honey, go tell Mulder.  I’ll get my bag and meet you.”


The girl nodded and took off toward the office.  Scully sprinted to the clinic and entered the kitchen.  Becky and Langly were there.


“Whoa, what’s wrong?”  The blond man dusted off his hands and moved toward her.


“I’m not sure.  Tricia said they found Krycek and are bringing him in.”


“How many lives - “ but Scully was already past him, moving toward her office.  She scooped up her bag and headed out the front door toward the office.


Mulder, Walter and Kevin were waiting for her with Tricia.  “You think it’s really him?” Mulder asked quickly.


“I don’t know, but he’s with the boys.  We have to find out.  I have vaccine with me.”


Mulder gave her a grim smile and they hurried after Tricia. 


The boys had the man between them, but it was obvious he wasn’t going to be able to take more than a few more steps.  Mulder moved forward to help them, but Scully grabbed him.




“Scully, my arm - “


“No.”  She turned to the boys then.  “Lay him down here, gently.”  She had to smile at her nephews, Krycek was a grown man and she didn’t know how far they had traveled, but Will and Sam were barely winded, and trying to hide even that.

She pulled the syringe from her pocket and Mulder reached for it.  “I can do this.”  Scully tried to stop him.


“No, you and everyone else are getting back.”


“Mulder - “


“No.  Move everyone back.”


Kevin touched Tricia’s shoulder and the three young people moved back with him.  Scully looked like she wanted to argue, but Walter took her arm.  “Come on, we’re wasting time.”


She looked up at him, not pleased, but followed him away from the prone man.


Mulder looked up, to ensure that everyone was out of range, then injected Krycek.  At the penetration of the needle, Krycek opened his eyes and looked at Mulder.


“You’re not my angel Dana.”


Mulder huffed at that, “At least you’re human.”


“I’ll take that as a compliment.”


Mulder rolled his eyes.


“Come on, admit you missed me, Mulder.”


“You’re not my type, Krycek.”


“Good to hear, I won’t be afraid to close my eyes.”


“Could you guys toss testosterone around later?” Mulder hadn’t realized Scully was leaning over him.  “May I take my patient to the clinic now?”


“If you want to treat him . . . “


Krycek let his eyes drift closed again, a soft smile on his face.


Scully refused to allow Mulder to help transfer him, Kevin either, so Tricia rounded up several of the men and he was moved to the clinic, nearly unconscious.


Becky mixed up a saline solution and Langly and Byers rigged an IV.  Once he was settled, Mulder asked Kevin to get Katy and Walt, but to leave Lexie in the nursery.


Mulder and Scully met the kids outside of Krycek’s room.  “Hi kid.”  Mulder squatted down to eye level.  “We’ve got a visitor and we wanted to make sure he’s who he says he is.”


Katy nodded, “It's okay, he’s real.”


Scully sighed as Mulder gave her a grim smile.  Scully took Walt into her arms and returned to the room.  Kevin took the boy from her.


“You haven’t eaten yet, Scully.  Go on, Byers is with me.  And I think right now, Walt here could take him.”


“I can -  “


“Go on, we both know you’re going to be here until Mulder drags you off tonight.”


Her eyebrow rose, but she didn’t dispute his words, finally turning toward the door.  Katy smiled and took her hand to lead her to the kitchen.  Mulder trailed them and once they had their food, led them to her office for a more private place to eat and talk.


They ate, talking lightly of what they had each done that morning.  Once Katy had finished her lunch, Mulder put his fork down.  “Katy, can we talk about Krycek?”


She nodded, looking serious.


“Baby, why did he come here?”


That question obviously surprised her.  “He wanted to come home.”


Mulder blinked at that, “He thinks of this place as home?”


She nodded.  “Yeah, we’re his family.  He doesn’t know Kelly died.”


Scully sighed, “We’ll tell him when he’s feeling better.  He is going to be okay, isn’t he?”


Katy looked indulgently at her parents.  “Walt’s with him.”  She explained patiently.


Mulder looked away to hide his grin, as Scully glared at him.  He cleared his throat.  I wonder where he’s been.”


“With them.”  Katy shrugged.




She nodded, “like the ones with Uncle Bill.”


That had taken some doing, to get her to refer to him as ‘uncle’, but Kevin had had a conversation they hadn’t been privy to, and now he was referred to as Uncle Bill.


“I need to get back to my patient.”  Scully rose.  Mulder was right behind her.




He stirred and opened his eyes to see Scully leaning over him.  “Ah, Dana.  Can’t keep your hands off me?”


She rolled her eyes and he heard Mulder clear his throat.


“Fox, afraid to leave us alone?”


“Yeah,” Mulder leaned back. “Terrified.”


Krycek eyed the boy in Mulder’s lap.  “Is that . . . “


“This is our son, Scully’s and mine.  His name is Walt.”


Krycek nodded.  “This is the baby you were lugging around when I left.”  Scully nodded.  “So, how long after I left was he born?”


Scully busied herself checking his pulse, not looking at him.  Mulder spoke up, “About ten minutes after you left her.”


“Wha -  “ He tried to sit up, but Scully’s hand stopped him.


“She was in labor the whole time you were dragging her through the woods.”


“Mulder.”  Scully shook her head.


“Who, who got there?  Who helped -  “


“She was alone.  She delivered him alone.”


Krycek paled noticeably.  Mulder wasn’t over this, his woman, his Scully had suffered because of him.


“I . . . I didn’t know.  I wouldn’t have -  “


“Alex, it was over a year ago.  How long after you left me did you find them?”


Krycek shrugged, “Thirty minutes, maybe less.”


Mulder’s arms tightened around the boy.  Scully looked over at Mulder and Krycek finally relaxed a little at whatever had passed between them.  It didn’t feel like his death was imminent.


Krycek looked around the room.  “I guess, I guess Kelly doesn’t want to see me.  Angry because I deserted her?”


“Alex.”  Scully took his hand.  That scared him nearly to the level of before.  And Mulder was letting her touch him.


“This isn’t going to be good, it is?  She hates me now?”


Scully took a deep breath.  “Alex, Kelly developed problems with her pregnancy, her blood pressure.  We, I induced labor, but . . . Kelly had a stroke during the delivery.  I couldn’t . . . I’m sorry Alex, I couldn’t save her.”


Krycek lay there stunned.  This had never occurred to him.  “She’s dead.”


Scully nodded.  He was quiet for a minute, then looked over at Walt.  “Did the baby . . . “


“You have a healthy daughter.  We named her Kelly Alexis.”


His mouth dropped slightly open.  A daughter?


“She has your eyes.”


“Kelly Alexis.  Who . . . are you raising her?”


Scully nodded.  Krycek looked over at Mulder.  “You’re raising my daughter.  Is it, is it like MJ and Missy?’  He managed to smile a little.


“Yeah, like that.”


“Can I . . . may I see her?”


Mulder shifted Walt to the other knee.  “We need to know more about where you’ve been, these creatures -  “


“Mulder, not now.  Go get the baby.”  Scully interrupted.


Mulder met her eyes and, after a moment, nodded.  She took Walt from him.  “While you’re waiting, hold Walt.” Scully put the boy on the bed beside him.


“You want me to hold your son?”


“Do it, Krycek.  Trust us.”  Mulder moved toward the door.

Krycek frowned, but didn’t protest, taking the boy against him.  Walt touched his face and almost instantly, Krycek’s brow cleared.  “Whoa, what . . .”


Mulder gave him a smirk.  “I’ll be right back.”


Krycek turned to Scully.  “What is it?”


“I don’t know, but he can do it.”  Her face became very serious then.  “Are we safe here Alex?  Are my children . . . “


“They still don’t know.  They still think you’re barren.”


She took a shaky breath.  “Thank you.”


“My family lives here now too.  The baby -  “


“We call her Lexie.”


He managed a smile then, “Lexie, huh?  You say she’s healthy?”


“Yes, very.”


"Is she the youngest here?"


Scully chuckled, "No, Todd and Anne have a little girl, Ruth, and Frohike and Beth are having a girl in a few months."


Krycek huffed, "Who'd have thought that little gnome was still potent."


"Alex," she had a touch of warning in her voice.  "He's family, be nice."


He sobered again, “When Kelly . . . were you with her?”


“Yes.  So were Mulder and Mom and Beth.”


He nodded, “Good, she wasn’t, she wasn’t alone.”


“I’m sorry Alex.  I wish . . .”


“Hey, I’m not going to sue you for malpractice.  I know you wouldn’t . . . Is Mulder really okay raising my kid?”


“He thinks of her as ours.  He loves her Alex, there’s no difference.”


Krycek looked her in the eye and then nodded.  They looked up as the door opened and Scully saw the look of naked hunger in Krycek’s eyes.  She lifted Walt from the bed.  The little boy touched his sister as Mulder brought her over.  Scully set the boy on his feet and took Lexie into her arms.  She gave her a quick hug and put her on the bed beside Krycek.  They looked each other over.  “I can see Kelly in her.”


Scully nodded, but didn’t speak.


Krycek reach out for the little girl.  She looked over at Scully, who smiled at her.  “Its okay, Honey.”


Krycek let a finger touch her nose and Lexie smiled, ducking her head.


Mulder started toward the door with Walt, but something made him look back.  Scully had her back to him, but she was watching over Lexie, as she should.  Then it hit him; she was a mother to this man's child.  Okay, they hadn't created the child, she hadn't carried her as she had with their children, but she had nursed her and loved her.  He'd never noticed that Lexie had Krycek's eyes.  Was that what Scully saw when she looked into the child's face?


It didn't matter, well it shouldn't.  There was no reason to be jealous of Krycek, anymore than there had been to be of Walter.  Which hadn't stopped him for an instant at the time, had it?


Krycek wanted to come home?  Here?  He wanted to live here, so he would be a part of Lexie's life.  That shouldn't be a problem; Krycek was her biological father.  But he was her Daddy and had been since he'd witnessed her birth.  He was the one that had walked her all those nights with colic and figured out that Walt . . . Shit.  It just hadn't occurred to him that he would ever have to share her.  Lexie was his now. 


Why did Krycek always have to be such . . . this was going to be a problem.  Maybe he'd gotten over some of their history, the man had made himself into an asset of sorts when he had lived here before, but not enough to share their children.


Walt tugged at his jeans, for him to hurry.  Oh yeah, he hadn't eaten lunch yet, he'd been with . . . with Krycek.  Mulder scooped the boy up and headed for the kitchen.




Scully looked over at the door when she heard it open.  Beth joined them and approached the bed.


Krycek looked up from Lexie and over at Beth.  “Congratulations.”


Beth caressed her stomach lightly.  “Thanks.  Alex, I’m sorry about Kelly.  There just wasn’t anything . . . “


He nodded, his throat unexpectedly tight.  He hadn’t loved Kelly, well yes in a way he had, but not the way Mulder lived for Scully, or Frohike worshipped this woman, but he’d been fond of her.  She had needed and trusted him.  It was a new feeling.  He realized with a start that he was mourning her.  His hand found Lexie’s hair and caressed it again.


The little girl’s eyes were drooping, and she reached for Scully.  “I think its nap time.  Beth, would you -  “


“Maybe you should put her down.”  Beth walked over to the door with Scully.  “I think Mulder needs you.”  She spoke low.


“I thought he left.”


“I don’t think he can bring himself to go.”  Beth opened the door, shooing Scully out with Lexie more asleep than awake in her arms.


She found Mulder in the nursery, having just put Walt down for his own nap.  “Mulder?”


He turned to look at her, but the smile she was used to didn’t come.  He took the little girl from her arms, kissed her and tucked her in beside Walt.  Walt’s arms went around her, even asleep.


“Are you okay?”  She asked quietly.


He shrugged and she took his good arm, leading him out of the room.  “What is it?  It really is Krycek.  The vaccine -  “


“Oh I believe it’s really him.  Maybe that’s the problem.”


“There are enough people here to keep an eye on things.  Why don’t we go for a walk?”


He didn’t object, but he didn’t consent either, merely following her.  Scully let Anne know that the little ones were down in the room with Ruthie, then they left the clinic.


They walked in silence and she finally reached over and took his hand.  “What is it?”


He shook his head, just squeezing her hand.  She would allow his silence for now, but she couldn’t allow him to brood too long.  “You want to go by the house?  No one’s there.”


He looked up from the ground, startled, then seemed to relax a little.  “Yeah.”


“Good, follow me.”




They let themselves in and just as a precaution, locked the door, then she pulled him toward the bedroom.


“What’s the occasion, Scully?”


“Empty house, handsome husband, guess I’m just in the mood.”


He digested that as he watched her strip in front of him.  This was good, they didn’t have enough alone time, but what had put her in such a good mood?




She lay in his arms, sated but confused.  He’s been a little rough.  Mentally she brushed it off.  They had held back while his arm healed, maybe he didn’t realize.


He was staring at the ceiling.  “Mulder?”


He turned to look at her and forced himself to smile.  He kissed her brow.  “I better get back to work.  Don’t want them to dock me.”


“Mulder, is everything - “


“Everything’s fine.  I’ll swing by to pick you guys up.  Do you want to eat here or there?”


“Let’s eat there tonight.  I’m sure Alex will want to spend some more time with Lexie.”


“Right.”  He rose from the bed and reached for his clothes.  She sat up and ran a hand down his shoulder.  He pulled slightly away.  What the . . .  “I need to get going, I’ve been AWOL most of the day.”  He gave her another peck on the forehead and let himself out.  She sat on their bed, mouth opened in surprise.


He left the house, but turned away from the office.  He didn't want to see anyone.  What was the matter with him?  He had just made love to his wife, his lover, his Scully, the mother of his children.  But who had she been making love to?




“I thought this afternoon would make you feel better, less tense.”  She caressed his arm, but again he moved away from her.  He wasn't himself.  He'd been quiet at dinner, distant.  Now the kids were down and she'd hoped to talk to him.


“Or was it to make you less tense?”  He wouldn’t quite look at her.


“Excuse me?”  What did he mean by that?


“You spend some time with Krycek, get horny and then because he’s not up to it, you turn to me?”  He stopped then, when he saw her face.  The look of confused pain got through to him and it hit him what he’s said.  “I . . . Scully, I’m sorry.  I - “


She stepped back away from him, then turned from him and hurried to the door.


“Scully, wait.  I was, I’ve been -  “


“I’ll be at the clinic.”


“No, Scully, please don’t, don’t leave.  I was out of line, I -  “


He stopped, the door had closed behind her.  She’d shut the door.  He raced to it, but it hit him, he couldn’t leave.  The kids were here asleep.  Even as safe as this place was, he couldn’t leave them alone.  She wouldn’t want to see him now anyway.


She raced to the clinic, barely managing not to break into a run.  She slipped inside quietly and made her way into her office, closing the door.  No one would bother her, almost everyone had already gone home anyway.




Charlie opened the door and spotted Scully at her desk.  “Oh, hi.  I thought you’d left for the evening.  I was just going to turn off the light.”  He stepped closer when she didn’t speak, and he saw the tears on her face.  “Dana?  What’s wrong?”


She shook her head.


“If there’s a problem, you should be with Mulder.”


Her eyes flashed at him, and he perched on the side of her desk.  “Oh, you and Mulder have a fight?”


“Go on home Charlie.”  She wiped her eyes.


“If you can’t talk to him, how about me?”


“I want to be alone please.”


“Now Dana, you know what pests little brothers can be.”


“Charlie -  “


“I’m not leaving.  What happened?  What’s the fight about?”


She turned away, but he didn’t leave.  In fact he made himself more comfortable on the desk.


“When . . . when does he realize he has no reason to be jealous?  Why doesn’t he know that he’s the reason the sun comes up in the morning?  Why doesn’t he know this!”  Scully voice rose to nearly a wail at the end.


“Mulder’s jealous?”  Charlie was obviously stunned at that.


“Yes.  Of Krycek of all people.”


Charlie mused over that a moment while Dana watched him.


“Can I play psychologist a minute?”


“Charlie -  “


“I come cheap.”  He saw her eyebrow rise.  “Don’t say it.”


Scully sighed.


“Dana, how old was Mulder when you got together?”




“When you were assigned to the X-Files, how old was he?”


“32.  Why?”


“When did you start sleeping with him?”


What?”  He had not asked her that.


“Indulge me.  How long did you make him wait?”


"This is none of your -  "


"Business, I know.  I said indulge me."


"I don't see how it matters, but . . . but we didn't . . . it was when we came here."  Charlie's mouth fell open.


"You're kidding, that was -  "


"Charlie, what's your point?"


He shook himself, "Oh, I was just thinking, he had nearly 40 years of not trusting people.  You told me what his family was like, and he thought you were a spy.  I'm assuming he had some relationships that weren't like yours."


She nodded.  "I know of two significant relationships."


"Did he end them?"


She shook her head.  "He was betrayed, by both of them."


Charlie's eyebrow rose.


"But I haven't betrayed him.  I wouldn't do that.  I love him, as maddening and irrational as he can be, I love him.  He's the father of my children."


"Not all of them."




"He's not the father of all of your children."


"Charlie - "


"Did I ever tell you about the problems Mary and I had after Missy was born?"


Scully's face immediately showed her concern.  "Problems?"


He nodded, "She was so sick when . . . I don't ever remember being so scared as when she delivered Missy.  I really thought I was going to lose her, lose both of them.  But they're okay, and . . . Beth was a big part of that.  She kept Missy alive while Mary couldn't.  Rationally Mary knows that, always knew it, but part of her . . . she felt inadequate and it bothered her that another woman acted as a mother to my daughter."  Scully started to interrupt, but Charlie held up his hand.  "Mary wasn't herself, but when she thought about another woman nursing my child . . ." Charlie shrugged.  "It wasn't rational, but she got jealous.  I mean, when the boys came she was fine.  Hell, she came home from the hospital just hours after Sam was born.  And Beth, come on, it was as though she had just popped MJ out without batting an eye, then she took on my daughter as well."


"She's the daughter of both of you."


Charlie nodded, "But Mary saw my daughter in an other woman's arms.  At another woman's breast."


Scully was quiet then.


"Do you hear what I'm saying?"


"I had another man's child."


Charlie nodded.  "It's not rational, and once I got her to talk to me, she realized it.  I'm not interested in Beth like that.  I love Mary.  Not to mention that Frohike would knock me on my ass if I even did have the thought."


Scully smiled at that and nodded.  Charlie stood up from the desk. "Go home Dana."


Her smile faded.  "It's late, he's probably - "




She sighed, Mulder wasn't asleep, she knew it.


"Come on, I'll walk you home."




"It'll be harder in the morning."  He held out his hand.  "Dana, just FYI, Mulder is never rational where you're concerned.  He can't be, and you know it.  Go home."  He held out his hand and she took it.  He pulled her to her feet, then put his arm around her and walked her home.


At the door he stopped.  "I'll see you in the morning, Sis."


"You could come - "


"Goodnight, Sis."  He kissed her cheek and waited until she opened the door and let herself in.  Then he turned toward his home, he needed to hold Mary.


It was dark inside, he had one candle burning, but she saw him sitting on the couch.  He rose instantly and approached her.  He seemed to hover over her as though wanting to get closer, but he didn't touch her.


"I shouldn't have walked out."


He shook his head, "I don't blame you.  I'm a fool."


"I love you.  You're the only man I love.  And regardless of DNA, you're the father of all of my children."


He looked startled at that.  "You knew?"


She shook her head, "Charlie told me."




"Did you know Mary had problem with another woman nursing his daughter?"




She nodded.


"I didn't - "


"Me either.  And I never knew you felt that way."


"Neither did I until . . . " He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  "You said Lexie had his eyes.  It . . . it made me wonder if that's what you saw every time you looked at her."


"No, I'd never even thought of it until I saw Krycek again today."


His shoulders slumped.  "I can't believe I . . . this afternoon . . ."


"I was making love to you, Mulder."


Even in the dark, she saw the tears glisten in his eyes.


"Can you forgive me for doubting that?"


"Hold me."


He didn't hesitate then, his arms going around her instantly.  She sighed and let her head press against his chest.  His heart was pounding.  Her arms pulled him even closer.




Katy erupted from her room as usual, more than ready for her day to begin, her nightgown flapping around her ankles.  Mulder looked up at her from his place at the table and marveled again that he and Scully had created her.


She, however, stopped dead still, watching the two of them.  Scully turned from the stove to see what had caused the quiet.


"Katy?  Is anything . . ."


Before she could finish, Katy had shoved her way into Mulder's lap and was hugging him for all he was worth.  "You know we love you Daddy.  You're the best."


He looked up startled as his arms went around her as well.  Scully was watching him, her eyebrow raised.  He knew there was a flush to his face, so he looked down, planting a kiss on Katy's head.


"Really Daddy, don't you know how wonderful you are?  Mommy loves you so much she just purples all the time.  And I love you this much!"  she hugged him as tightly as she could.


"Thank you Sweetheart."  He kissed her dark hair again.


"You don't get it."  She argued, "You're . . . you're Mulder."


He tried to laugh, "What does that mean?"


"That you're the best, the most important.  The reason the sun comes up in the morning."

He felt Scully's hand on his cheek then and looked up.  She saw the tear escape his eye and leaned over to kiss it away.  Then she nodded, "She's right you know."


He shook his head slightly.


"You might as well accept it, Mulder.  You're stuck with us as your adoring public.  You don't have any questions about last night, do you?"


He glanced down at Katy and heard her giggle against his chest.  He looked up and met Scully's eyes, then shook his head.


"Good."  She smoothed down Katy's hair, "How about some oatmeal?"


"Do we have any raisins?"




They walked over to the clinic, the kids running a little ahead, though Walt would come back to take Lexie's hand occasionally.  She was walking well, but not quite at running with her brother yet.


"We need to know where he's been Mulder.  Are you going to be okay?"


"Yeah."  He kissed her once more.


"Good."  She scooped Lexie up to help her up the steps and then deposited her inside the front door.  The others were already on their way to the classroom. 


They had barely turned toward her office when MJ raced up and pulled on Mulder's hand.




"What?"  He couldn't help but grin at this little boy.  He looked more like Beth, thank goodness, but there was definitely Frohike in this kid.


"I'm gonna be a big brother!"


"You are?"  He smiled widely.


"Yeah, my baby sister is in Mom's tummy right now and you have to be there so she can come out."


"I think you mean Scully."  He grinned over at her.


"No, you.  You have to be there so she'll be okay.  Promise!"


He knelt down then to talk to the boy.  "So she'll be okay?"


"You're the Mulder!  You have to make sure she's okay.  Promise me!"


"I'll, I'll be there MJ.  Don't worry."


The boy nodded, satisfied, then turned already running again, "Gotta find Missy and tell her we're going to have a baby sister!"  He was off.


Scully thought for a minute she was going to have to help Mulder to his feet. 


"Did you rehearse that?"  He looked at down at her once he had risen.


"Oh yeah, we've always had so much success feeding MJ's lines to him."  She sighed at the disbelief in his face.  "I guess it's good to have a man with such a small ego, especially since the rest of him . . . "


"Scully!"  But he grinned and followed her toward Krycek's room.


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