Believe Me - Part 4 (R)

The guys came over that afternoon with a new jammer and their ideas for a block to the implant.

"You know, with just a small amount of radiation. . . "

"No. Nothing toxic, nothing that could harm her or the. . . nothing toxic."

"Okay, okay. We have other ideas, something with lead maybe."

"Hey, if it works for Superman." Mulder agreed.

"Uh, yeah." Byers rolled his eyes.

"Weíve got to be especially careful testing it. They canít know weíre trying anything. It could be very dangerous."

"The test would only take seconds, they probably wonít even notice it. Sheíd just need to touch it while looking at you. If she sees you as you, we know it works."

Scully came back in the room; "Did you ask about going out of town?"

"Not yet."

"You going somewhere?"

"Possibly. Can you get us some in-depth IDs?"

"Yeah, no problem."

"At least three apiece."

"Three? It could get expensive."

Mulder chuckled. "You havenít heard? Scully inherited a fortune when I died."

"No kidding? What did you leave us?" Frohike turned and looked up from his notes.

"I havenít seen you returning my video collection."

Frohike turned away, reddening as he saw Scullyís eyes on him.

Mulder relented, "Keep Ďem. I wonít be needing them."

Everyone in the room looked over at him then. He managed to keep his expression bland. Scully was unable to stop the slight smile and retreated back into the kitchen.

"Mulder?" Byers whispered, then, "Nevermind." And he shared a grin with Langley.

"So sheís gone." Frohike looked mournful.

"Sheís gone, and donít you ever forget it." Mulder loomed over him.


He stood at the door watching her pack. She was being careful, nothing personal, nothing that could be traced back to here. He hated this for her. He needed to be away from here, hopefully to continue his work in some way, but she was giving up everything to come with him. Her career, her home, her family. It wasnít right. He wasnít leaving anything behind because he had her with him. He should go on alone, but he couldnít leave her. He didnít think he ever could have, but now, with a baby. No, the very thought made him ill.

She had looked up and seen him at the door lost in thought. He hadnít said it, of course, but she knew he was worried about taking her away. How could she make him understand this was her choice? He was her choice and that it had been no contest. None at all. Sheíd seen what the other side was like when heíd "died". Her life was with him, and if she could carry this baby to term, with them. Wherever they were, whoever they were.

He hadnít realized she was beside him as his guilt took him for a ride. Her kiss brought him back to the present. "Remember me?"

"Oh yeah." His eyes locked on hers.

"Itís time to stop the analysis, Mulder, and go on to the action."

His finger traced her lips. These last couple of days had been beyond his wildest dreams. Being this happy was so foreign to him; he had to keep recognizing it anew.

"Can I be enough for you?"

"You already are. What more do I have to do to show you?"

"You scare me, Scully. You see more than is really there."

She shook her head, "Youíre just afraid itís not real, Mulder. What if I, say, got pregnant to prove my commitment?"

"Very funny." But his hand had found her stomach. He touched her even more than he used to, and she encouraged it since it was the only way she could see the real Mulder. She was becoming more and more anxious to test this new device the guys were working on. Seeing Mulder, instead of that unfamiliar face she saw when he wasnít touching her had become almost an obsession to her. But it was definitely Mulder making love with her at night. Her body knew his instinctively, on a level sheíd never even approached before with any other man.

"Come on, we need to finish packing. If the guys have succeeded, we need to be ready to go."

"And youíre honestly willing to just go."

"With you? Why canít you believe me?"

He shook his head, "What do you want me to pack? Youíre not taking many clothes."

"We donít want it to look like weíre running, besides, they wonít fit soon anyway." He grinned.


"Without testing it, we canít be sure, but theoretically it should work. Sheís just got to be in physical contact with it. Like she has to be with you, in order to really see you."

"How many of these do you have?"

"Three. How many do you think youíll need."

"Well, sheís always got to be in contact with it. Always, no slip ups Ė while sleeping, bathing, walking, eating. If the transmission gets through, they have her."

"Hey Mulder, we know that. Weíre not kidding around here."

"Mulder." Scully touched his arm. "They know this."

"Itís important." Scully smiled and nodded, then silently mouthed, "Thanks."

"You want to test it?" The agony of this decision was clear on his face.

"Iím ready."

"Scully. . . "

"We have to try it. Mulder we canít go on like this. If it doesnít work, we have to know to try something else. Mulder, please."

She watched him wilt, but he couldnít deny her words.

"Just an instant, Scully. So short that they wonít notice." He had hold of her arm. "Promise me."

She nodded and moved to stand next to Byers, her eyes locked on the face they were transmitting to her.

"Are you ready, Scully?" Byers was watching her face. She nodded and Byers and Langley moved closer to her. "Let me touch it to you, then I can move it away. You just keep your eyes on Mulder."

"Letís do it." She held out her arm. Byers glanced over at Mulder, then placed the small metallic object to her arm. After a quick count of three he removed it. Her eyes were wide. Langley had hold of her arm as she swayed. Then Mulder had her in his arms.

"It worked." She whispered. "I saw you."

"Are you okay?"

"Relieved. I need to sit down."

He ignored that, scooping her into his arms and heading into the bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed, his eyes full of concern. "Scully?"

"Iím okay, Mulder. There was no sensation, no pain, you were there. Your face was there, not that other one. I hadnít realized what that would do to me."

He buried his face in her neck. "I love you Scully." He whispered.

"Iíve never doubted that. Why donít you get rid of everyone and you can show me."

He looked up and smiled. "Thatís why youíre the brains of this outfit." He squeezed her hand and rose to do her bidding.

"Is she okay Mulder?"

"Yeah. It worked great. Weíll need all three. You might want to make more, I donít mind spares."

"Do you know what youíre going to do?"

He nodded, "What you donít know, you canít tell."

"Well, guess we better get out of here. Let us know what you need, youíll get it."

"Thanks guys. Iíll never forget what youíve done for us."

They shook hands with him, Frohike hugging him at the last minute. Everyone knowing that if they saw each other again, it would not be soon.

He joined her in the bedroom after letting his friends out. "Are you okay?"

"Iím fine, really. Come here." She was propped up on her elbows scanning his body.

He grinned, "That sounded suggestive you hussy."

"It was meant to."

He knelt on the bed and began crawling up her body, stopping occasionally for a nip or a kiss, pulling her shirttail out with his teeth. She was laughing by the time he finally made it to her lips. He flipped over, pulling her on top of him, massaging her back and enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest.

"You missing those videos you donít own?"

"Not for a second." He drew the t-shirt over her head and proceeded to show just why he wasnít missing the videos at all.


The phone caught them off guard. She made sure he was settled then reached for the receiver. "Hello?"

She sat up straighter and glanced at Mulder. "AD Kersh. Is everything okay?" Kersh? Mulderís hands became fists, but otherwise he didnít move.

"As well as could be expected under the circumstances, thank you. Yes, my leave is up on Monday. Is it an emergency, sir? Well, Iíd planned to fly out in a few hours. Iím supposed to meet my mother and visit with my brother. In California. New partner?" She watched Mulderís reaction to that comment. "Yes, Iíll be back on Sunday. Are you sure? I could call and tell them Iíll be a day late."

Mulder gave a grim smile, she was good. Had she ever lied to him?

"Thank you sir. Yes, first thing in your office." She hung up and looked over at Mulder.

"They caught it."

"Yes. We need to go. Mulder, will you be okay?"

"Me? Yeah."

"Then letís do it. Let me get dressed. You probably should too, since weíre trying to be inconspicuous." She was trying to keep it light. He needed that more than she did.

With one more kiss they rose and after dressing placed the final items in the trunk of her car along with the boxes already there.

Mulder hid on the floor of the backseat under a blanket and she drove to National. Once there she parked in long-term parking, as close as possible to the rental car Byers had left for her yesterday. Then removing her roll-around and large carry-on bag she left the car without a word, just squeezing the hand he slipped from under the blanket.

Once in the terminal, she retrieved the ticket she had purchased on-line in her own name, using her own credit card. She then made her way to the gate, again checking in with her own ID and took a seat. In a few minutes she checked her watch and rose, taking her bags and went to the ladiesí room. She chose the handicapped stall and proceeded to change. The curly blond wig was first, then a brighter red lipstick and blue eye shadow. Next the shoes, removing the heels she usually wore and changing to running shoes and finally reversing the jacket she wore.

She stuffed all evidence of Dana Scully deep in her carry-on bag and pulled out the new ID she and Mulder had agreed on. Leeann Frazier Ė not even their initials could remain the same. The last thing was to retrieve one of the small metal devices the guys had created, and using the bandage she had fashioned, secured it to her left shoulder blade. No sensation, no way for her to know it was working except to see him. She needed to see him.

When she left the rest room she turned away from her gate and made her way to luggage pick up. She slipped out the door and spotted the car, with Mulder slumped, faking sleep, behind the wheel. Heíd been watching and was out of the car before she could reach it. He took her things, stowing them in the back seat and opening the door for her.

"Good to have you back, Honey." He pecked her cheek and shut the door.

She managed not to laugh as he got back in. "I feel like trick or treat."

"But you see me."

"Oh yeah Ė I just need to get used to you seeing me, like this."

"It is different. You gonna go with more cleavage?" He looked hopeful.

Her look of disdain caused a laugh. "It doesnít work as well with that make-up, Sc. . . Leeann. You just donít seem as stern somehow."

"Then how am I supposed to keep you in line now?" A smile was growing on her face as well.

"Well I had an idea about that. I want to head south instead of west."

"Why? I thought we were going to Philly tonight."

"I was checking on different state laws and. . . "


"Scully. No, I need to use your name for this. Scully, will you marry me?" Before she could reply he rushed on, "I know you deserve better, but I also know youíll never find anyone who loves you more, or wants you more. Could you consider it?"

She took a deep breath as he held his own. Finally she spoke, "You know Mulder, I was beginning to think I was going to have to ask you. Yes. Yes, IĎll marry you and so will Leeann and Beth and all the rest of me."

The total joy on his face brought tears to her eyes. She couldnít remember ever seeing him so happy.

"A major tactical error here."


"Iím driving and I canít take you in my arms."

"Youíre right, weíll have to take care of that Ė very soon!"

"And I get to make love with all you ladies?" His fingers were trailing up her thigh and that leer was more than familiar.

"Only if I get to make love with all you guys, Ryan."

"Ummm, sounds like a deal to me."


"By the power vested in me by the state of South Carolina, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride."

His hand only trembled slightly as he brought it up to her cheek and gave her a light kiss on the lips. He felt her arms go around his neck as she took control of the kiss, and heard the justice of the peaceís wife clap.

Heaven, well the closest heíd ever get. And a lot better because he was with her.

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