Best Friends 2 - Part 2 (NC-17)


Once in the elevator, Mulder confronted Scully, "Holly?"

"Whatís wrong with that?" She sounded very defensive.

"Nothing, but Iíve never seen you do anything like that before."

"Didnít you hear the panic in her voice? She thinks about him a lot, and mentions him in some way every time we speak."

"Please, tell me more Agent Scully." He was beginning to get into the spirit of the thing and he did not want to talk about what had just happened with Skinner. Not yet anyway.

"Thereís nothing wrong with having a crush on someone, or being attracted to them. Even if you feel they are totally inaccessible."

Um, very defensive. "And have you ever felt that way about someone Agent Scully?"

"Yes, once. Until earlier tonight." She responded.

"What happened earlier tonight?" He couldnít help it; he was holding his breath. He just hoped she wouldnít notice.

"The person that I was attracted to stopped being inaccessible." She didnít dare look at him, but things had been so easy between them tonight, after she relaxed. She didnít remember the last time sheíd been that relaxed.

They both fell silent at that, but it was a comfortable silence. Back at her apartment he walked her to the door.

"Got any important plans, Mulder?"

"I guess that depends on you, Scully."

She blushed slightly and took his hand to lead him into her apartment. "Then Iíd say you have some very important plans. Come in and get comfortable. Let me call Holly, then Iíll join you." He nodded.

Get comfortable. Exactly what did that mean? He was too jumpy to sit and wait for her, so he headed toward the kitchen. Maybe she had some wine. That might be a good idea for both of them.

Scully joined him in the kitchen as he opened the bottle. "Holly okay?"

"Very relieved and nervous about going to see him tomorrow."

"Well I can understand that." He visualized the bruise Holly had left on Skinnerís face and had to laugh. Scully, as always, followed his train of thought perfectly and began to laugh as well.

Mulder poured the wine and clinked glasses with her. "To size seven shoes."

"Iíll drink to that." She smiled.

They found themselves back on the couch, just being together. They didnít need conversation; she just leaned up against him as though it was the most natural thing in the world.



"Where did you go after you put me in bed?"

He tensed as the memory gripped him. Standing in her bathroom, his cock in his hand, surrounded by the sheer Scully-ness of the room. He was jolted back to the present by her hand in his lap.

"That what I thought. Seems like kind of a waste, with me just lying there alone."

"Scully. . . "

"Itís not like I was a virgin, even before. . . "

"But that is kind of where you are now."

The statement rocked her. How the hell did he know what she had been thinking? Did he have an implant in her brain as well? No one had ever known her so well, none of her past relationships, not her mother, not even Ahab. The way he knew her was . . . shit it was positively Spooky.

She looked up to see him smiling at her, again following her thought processes.

"Iíve never been with a virgin, Scully. You might have to teach me what to do."

"Oh great. If weíre both this nervous can we even. . .?"

"Oh, I think I can rise to the occasion." She blushed lightly, since it was very obvious he already had. "Youíre in control here, Scully. Tell me what you want."

"I want, I want to look at you."

"Okay." He smiled slightly. "Go ahead."

"No." She ducked her head.

"Come on, Scully. What part of me do you want to investigate?"

"Your chest." It was barely a whisper.

"Do I take off my shirt, or do you want to?" Still without meeting his eyes, she took the hem of his t-shirt in her hands. She glanced up for permission. He was no longer smiling; his eyes were on her, in her, consuming her. She ducked her head again and tugged the shirt over his head.

Her fingers immediately went to the bullet hole in his shoulder. Her bullet hole. His breathing grew shallow as her fingers lightly caressed the scar.

"Does it hurt?"

"No." He swallowed, trying to control the gruffness in his voice; "Itís my favorite scar."

She smiled at that, still not able to look into those eyes again. She lightly brushed his chest hair. He hissed as she brushed his nipple, but his hands remained at his side, giving her total control of the pace of the activity.

"Why do you want to look at my chest, Scully? It should be old stuff to you, as many times as youíve had to patch me up."

"That was business, Iíve never gotten to play before." He nodded, as though in agreement.

She had traced his chest hair down to where it disappeared into his jeans, resting her hand on the waistband.

"I donít know. . ."

"No pressure, Scully. This is your show."

"Thatís not fair to you. Iím not a tease." There was a hint of a smile on his face, as his hand raised for the first time, one finger lightly tracing her cheekbone. Her breathing grew easier. This was Mulder. She had never trusted anyone like this before. Without hesitation her own sweatshirt joined his shirt on the floor.

His eyes took in every inch of her, but still he didn't touch, though his hands kept becoming fists when he didn't consciously relax them. She took a deep breath, which he watched appreciatively. She seemed unaware of what she was doing to him.

She freed the first button his jeans and reached for the second. He closed his eyes. He needed to get a grip or he'd scare her in spite of his best intentions. His jeans were undone and she spread them open to give access to his boxers.

"Could you stand up?"

He nodded although he wasn't entirely sure it was true. She took his hand and pulled him up, then lowered his jeans to the floor. She hesitated again at his boxers, but made her decision and lowered them as well.

"Oh my god." She whispered.

"Scu - Scully, it's okay."

"It's more than that." He looked at her startled. She didn't seem to be complaining. Scully took his hand and led him toward her bedroom.

She took him to the bed and lightly pushed him down on it.


Instead of joining him, she stood admiring him. Okay, she'd seen him nude before, but never like this. Never healthy, never desiring her. Finally she sat beside him, trailing a finger down his thigh. She touched the smooth skin of his inner thigh. It took all of his strength to remain still; it felt as though his skin were burning, blistering in that one spot. Was she torturing him on purpose? Did she even realize what she was doing to him?

She rose and removed her own jeans and panties, and knelt beside him on the bed. "Touch me, Mulder."

His hands didn't hesitate; they cupped her breasts, his thumbs tracing her nipples. "No Mulder, here." She took his right hand and moved it to rest on her mound. He looked up at her, was she really ready for this? Hell, was he? So many years of fantasies ready to come true or be destroyed. He had to make this good for her, he'd never wanted anything more, not even Samantha's return - maybe this much, but not more. Scully was what kept him alive, sane, wanting to go on.

He slowly eased a finger into her core, then slowly withdrew it, slick with her juices. She watched him, her breath shallow. He repeated the gesture with two fingers, his thumb stroking her clitoris.

Breathe, Scully." He said softly.

She took a deep breath, and he realized she was convulsing around his fingers. Oh god, had she been ready for this. For him? She fell forward; catching herself on his shoulders as her body expressed its delight. He eased her down beside him, stroking her body gently to bring her back to him.

"Mu -Mulder."

"Right here, Scully. Are you okay?"

I need. . . I need you inside me."

"Scully, you don't have to. . ."

"Please." She breathed into his mouth as she leaned forward and took his lower lip into her mouth. He realized her hand was around his shaft leading him towards her. She brushed his tip through her wet curls and then introduced him into the beginning of her private heaven. He wanted to go slow, not rush or frighten her.

"Scully." He was struggling to speak; "I'm not wearing. . ."

But she had control and arched, filling herself with him, effectively burning out the speech center of his brain.

He withdrew to the tip and she grabbed his ass, forcing him even deeper inside of her. He wanted to prolong this, give her what she was wanting, but he was too close to the brink. To have Scully beneath him, for her to be the one making these moves, these demands. His control was slipping.

"Mulder," she whispered in his ear, "come inside me."

He managed to reach between them to stimulate her clit once again. She arched again in delight as he unraveled, thrusting ever deeper, filling her with his seed.

He didn't want to crush her beneath him, but his arms were shaking, his strength completely gone. He managed to roll to his back, keeping her carefully impaled on him. She sprawled atop him, breathing as heavily as he did.

He lay there, committing every sound, every movement, every scent to permanent memory, until he felt the tear splash on his chest.

"Oh, Scully. God, did I hurt you?" He wanted to crush her against him, but was too afraid.

"Hurt?" She raised her hand from his chest. "No, Mulder, no. . ." And he saw her smile through her tears. Her next words were lost as his tongue took possession of her mouth. Now his arms did tighten, as did hers, trying to enfold each into the other's body as tightly as their psyches were.

She realized she couldn't hold her eyes open, she heard Mulder say, "Go ahead and sleep, Sweetheart." And felt his hand caress her hair.


The sun was high and in her eyes when she woke to the smell of coffee the next morning. She reached for Mulder but she was alone in the bed, nude, atop the sheets. She stretched, leaving no tension in her body.

"Don't do that Scully. I'm carrying hot coffee." He had paused in the door to watch her. His eyes glowing at the sight. "It's a good thing I'm used to little or no sleep, you hussy. Did you wake me two or three times during the night?"

"It was only two." She was blushing, and thoroughly enjoying the scolding and the memories. "I was afraid I'd injure an old man like you."

"Old man!" He had gotten the coffee to a safe place and had his hands around her waist. "I'll show you whoís old!"

When the phone rang there was a short debate about answering it, but since they were actually AWOL from work, Scully won.

Mulder wasn't getting much from her side of the conversation, other than that she was pleased about something. When she hung up, he began tracing circles on her stomach. "If all those yes's and good ideas, and wonderfuls, were about some man asking you out, I'm never letting you out of this bed. Just so you know."

"Not to worry, Mulder. That was Holly. It may take a while, but I think everyone's going to come out of this whole."

He couldn't have agreed more.