Cream-Colored Lace and Tuxedos (R)

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“Dana, you know Bill or Charles would be delighted to walk you down the aisle.”


“Bill?  Delighted?  I don’t think so.  Besides, Mom, it’s a short aisle, we’re not getting married in the big sanctuary.”


“I know that, and I agree that the chapel is perfect for an intimate wedding like this.  Bill and Tara, Charles and Mary, the boys.  Who is Fox inviting?”


“I’m not sure, the Gunmen of course.”


“What about family?”


Scully stopped for a moment.  Family.  There was none.  Both of his parents gone now.  “Mom, his parents were both only children.  I’ve only heard him mention his Grandmother Mulder, and she died before Samantha was taken.”  And her emerald now rested on Scully’s left hand.


“I guess I didn’t realize that.”


Scully nodded, “He doesn’t talk about it.”


“Well, he’ll have plenty of family now.”  Maggie put the last plate back in the cupboard.  “Have you thought about what kind of dress you want?  We need to get busy.”


“I was thinking my gray suit would - “


“Dana Katherine Scully, you aren’t serious!”  Maggie turned to look at her, aghast.


“I, uh, well - “


“This is my only chance to play mother of the bride.  We are going shopping.”




“Right now.”


“Now?  Mom, I told Mulder - “


“Give him a call.  Tell him you’re with me, so he won’t worry.”


Scully’s cheeks pinked slightly.  Okay, he did worry when he didn’t know where she was.  “Mom, you really don’t have to - “


The eyebrow, from the master, the one who taught it to her.  She sighed internally and moved toward the phone.




Scully looked in dismay at the store when her mother parked.  “A bridal store?”


“Where else would you buy a wedding gown?”


“A gown?”


“Come on.”  Maggie held the door as Scully reluctantly entered.  She followed her mother on inside.  “Oh Dana, look at that.”


Scully focused on a magnificent gown on the mannequin.  “Good lord, Mom.  If I came toward Mulder wearing that, it would scare him half to death, he’d run for his life out of the church.”


“Dana,” Maggie said dryly, “I may not have seen all of the things you and Mulder have seen, but I’m confident that there’s nothing scary enough for Mulder to run from you.”


Maggie stood and watched the small smile that formed on Scully’s face.  She nodded then and moved on into the shop.  “Okay, that one is a little ornate, but you should try some on.”


“Mom, this is not what I’m looking for.”


“I hear you, Dana.  But this is your last chance to play dress up.  Take advantage of it.  Try on something you would never buy, just to see how it looks.”


Scully looked at her, “Are you kidding?”


“No.”  Maggie said and turned toward the rack.  For the next hour or so, Scully played dress-up like she never had before.  She got into it and dutifully preened for her mother.  But found nothing that was ‘her’.


“Mom, listen, this has been fun and I will keep an eye out for a dress but we’re not finding anything here.  Why don’t we look for you now?”


Maggie sighed but nodded and they moved to a new section of the store.  Almost immediately she found a lovely royal blue cocktail dress with a short jacket.  The jacket was covered in crystals.


“Mom, try this on.  It’s perfect for you.”


“We came here for you.”


“And we’ll find something for me, but this is you.  Please, go on.”


Maggie looked longingly at the dress and then nodded.  She headed toward the dressing room.  Scully looked around in this new section of the store.  She moved past a rack of dresses and stopped.


There was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen.  It was cream, a sheath covered in lace with crystals and seed pearls.  The sleeves were long and sheer lace.  It had a Queen Anne collar which showed a generous amount of cleavage and it was cocktail length, with a handkerchief hem.  It was incredible.


She was touching the sleeve when Maggie walked up behind her, but she didn’t even notice her.


“Dana, it’s beautiful.”


Scully turned then.  “It is, isn’t it?”


“Go try it on, right now.”  Maggie pushed her lightly toward the dress.


When she emerged, Maggie’s breath caught.  “It’s perfect.”  Scully turned in front of the mirror.  “A little baby’s breath in your hair.  That’s all you’ll need.”


“It’s not cut too low?”


“Fox is a breast man.  It’s perfect.”


Scully blushed, “He’s what?”


“Come on, Dana.  I’m not blind.  We’ve got the two perfect dresses.  Now you just have to talk to Brenda.”


“You’re right.  I’ll call her as soon as I get home.”




“Dana, are you serious!  You finally said yes?”


“Come on Brenda; don’t give me a hard time.  Will you stand up with me?”


“You know I will.  This is wonderful and way past time.”  Her friend laughed.  “So what am I wearing?  We aren’t talking taffeta are we?”


“Oh my god, you mean like Chloe’s.  I would never do that to you.  I think you should find yourself a cocktail dress that you’ll wear again.  Something you’ve been wanting.”


“Well I can certainly do that.  What color?”


“You can decide.”  Scully demurred.


“It’s your wedding.  What color is Maggie wearing?”  Brenda pressed.


“Royal blue.  We just bought it today.”




Scully came into the bedroom, to see Mulder already sprawled in the middle of the bed, just a sheet at his waist, reading.


“Hi.  Have fun with your mother today?”


“Yeah.”  She smiled.  “I did.”


“Ah, a successful shopping trip.”


Scully’s smile widened, “Yes, it was.”


“Do I get a peek?”


“Are you kidding?  Mom has our purchases at her house, to ensure you don’t see anything.”


Mulder nodded.  “I’ve already been told.”


She rolled her eyes and went to get ready for bed.


She was wearing that dark green short night gown when she entered the bedroom and his breath caught.  “Uh, Scully I’ll be spending tomorrow night at Skinner’s.”


She stopped still.  “You’re what?”


“I can’t see you after midnight tomorrow.”


Her eyebrow rose alarmingly.  “Mulder, we’ve been living together for months.  You aren’t serious.”


“Maggie is.  I don’t think she quite wants to admit that I’m living here.”


“I’m not sixteen, she knows that - “


“Maybe, but have you noticed that when she wants to talk to me she calls on the cell phone and when she wants to talk to you she calls here.”


Scully thought about that for a moment.  “Good grief.”


“It’s only one night and I want your mother on my side.”


She sighed, he had a point but she was used to having him in her bed now.




The rehearsal dinner had been fun, Langly was even wearing a button shirt and rumor had it he would be wearing a tie tomorrow.  Scully would have to see that to believe it.  Brenda had flirted shamelessly with Skinner, thinking it her right since he was best man.


The blush on Skinner’s face had negated Bill’s presence and Mulder was actually enjoying himself.


“Mulder, it’s time for us to go.”


“Go?”  Scully looked over at Mulder and the sheepish look on his face.


“His bachelor party, Scully.  We can’t let him get married tomorrow without a proper send off.” Frohike explained.


“Bachelor party?”  Scully was looking directly at Mulder now.


He shrugged.  She turned then to pin Skinner with her narrowed eyes.  Skinner cleared his throat.  “Got it, I’ll keep an eye on things.”


He shoved back his chair, apologizing to Brenda for cutting the evening short.  Byers, Langly and Frohike were on their feet as well.  Charlie kissed Mary as he rose.  “I’ll help Walter keep an eye on things, okay?”


“You better.”  Mary chided, but not forcefully.


Everyone looked over at Bill, who remained in his seat.  “Uh, that’s okay.  You guys have fun.”


“Bill,” Mulder moved over to him.  “I’d really like you to join us tonight.”


Bill blinked.  “Uh, well, I guess, for a little while.”


“You don’t really think I’d be safe with this crew, do you?”  Mulder grinned.


Bill gave Langly another look.  “Probably not.”  He looked over at Tara, who nodded, smiling.  “Okay then.”  He stood and Charlie clapped him on the shoulder.


“Well, they’re not going to get ahead of us, ladies.”  Brenda smiled, once they were out of hearing distance.  “I have reservations for us as well.”


“Reservations?”  Scully asked quickly.


“It’s a club, come on.”  Brenda herded them up.  Tara and Mary rose, even Maggie seemed to know what was going on.  Scully looked at each of them in turn.


It wasn’t until they were inside the club that she finally got a look at the program.  The Chippendale’s?  “Mom!”


“I’m not planning to take one home, Dana.  But I am still breathing.  Just don’t tell your brothers.”




Brenda adjusted one strand of baby’s breath for the last time.  Maggie was already seated and it was her turn.  “You look incredible Dana.”


“Thank you.”  Scully gave her a hug, then let her go for Brenda’s walk down the aisle.  For just a minute she regretted not having Bill or Charlie beside her.  Then she took a deep breath and forced her hands to still around her bouquet.


She heard the music change and grounded herself, then stepped into view of the aisle.  Mulder was watching her, so handsome in his tuxedo that her eyes teared.


Mulder caught sight of her and his jaw fell open.  He wasn’t able to move.  He had never seen her look so beautiful.  Maggie’s eyes overflowed at the look in his eyes.


In awe he reached for her hand and tugged her to him.




She woke abruptly, where . . . Her bed.  Mulder’s hard lean body was wrapped around her, protecting her even in sleep.  “Mulder?”


“Um, yeah?”  He opened his eyes.


He looked scrumptious, his eyes half closed, his hair sleep tousled and he was ready to do anything she asked.


“I want to get married.”


His eyes widened.  “It’s about damn time.  To me, right?”


“Yes, you idiot, to you.” She kissed his nose.


“Then it is about damn time.  Tomorrow?”


“No.  I have to talk to Mom, but right away.”  A smile played across her lips.


“Right away, got it.”  He pulled her closer, nuzzling her throat.  “Wanna play honeymoon?”


She chuckled as his hand began moving down her body.


“Talk to me, tell me what changed your mind.”  He said between kisses and nips.


“Umm, what?”  She was concentrating on the sensations, not the words.


He drew away and she whimpered.  “I ask what changed your mind.”


“Oh.”  She blushed and his eyes widened in appreciation of the color traveling to her breasts.


“Oh, what?”  He moved on down, suckling at her navel.


“I just, I . . . “ He had reached her core now and words just wouldn’t form.  His tongue flicked out and she caught his hair, pulling him closer.  He complied with enthusiasm, thoroughly enjoying the Scully sounds she was making.


She’d agreed, finally, to marry him.  He certainly didn’t mind pleasing her after that.  Almost before he was ready she was arching, coming in his arms.  He chuckled as he held her shuddering body.


“Now will you tell me?”  He returned to her lips.  “What happened?”


“That.”  She breathed.


“You have a very short memory, Scully.  I’ve done ‘that’ before.  It never got this reaction.”


She lay boneless in his arms.  “True.  And every time, I think it can’t get any better.”  She took a deep breath. 


He grinned, “So, are you going to tell me?”


“I, I had a dream.”


“A dream?”  His eyebrow rose.  “A good one, I hope.”


“Yes, a good one.”


“Are you going to tell me?” 


She grinned then, “Nope.  But come here.  Maybe I can think of something to occupy your mind until then.”


His smile was all she needed.





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