Dance Steps - NC-17



She rose and stretched.  “I’m at a good stopping point, Mulder.  I’m going to go on home.  See you in the morning.”  She smiled over at him as she pulled her keys out.

 “Yeah, okay.”  He closed the desk drawer.  “Be careful.  I love you.”

 They both froze at the words.  He seemed to want to look at anything but her.  Without warning he was on his feet and headed for the door.  He was closer and she still hadn’t moved, so he was out before she took a step.

 By the time she got to the door, she heard the metal door to the steps clang shut.  What the hell had happened?  What was he thinking?


 She entered the bar and looked around.  She’d been lucky to spot his car, the parking lot was full.  Happy hour was in full swing, but she spotted him at the bar.  His back was to her, so she slipped into a seat near the restrooms where she could watch him until she could decide why the hell she was here.

 Her eyes narrowed when the leggy blonde approached him.  That was already the second one since she’d entered.  She nodded when he kindly rebuffed this one too and she started to rise.  She hesitated when the brunette made her move.  Scully’s heart sank at the sight of her.  Long brunette hair, even longer legs and a chest that didn’t quit.  This was the kind of woman she always visualized with him.  She hated herself for it, but . . . She watched him smile at the woman.  She swallowed, unable to take her eyes from them when she realized, even from this distance, that the smile didn’t reach his eyes.  He was polite, but . . . but he sent her away.  Scully sat frozen to the seat.  He’d sent her away?  But she was perfect for him.  Wasn’t she? 

Quietly she slipped out of her booth and moved toward him.  His back was still to her and he wasn’t bothering to look around as he nursed the same beer he’d had when she walked in.  She lay her hand gently on his arm.  “May I have this dance?”

 “Thanks, but I - “ He looked up and stopped, the words caught in his throat.  “Scully?”

 “Dance with me?”  She took his hand and tugged him to his feet.  She was aware of the looks she was getting from the other women, and privately enjoyed the feeling of triumph.

 His arms went around her and she rested her cheek against his chest.  They danced without words for several minutes.

 Finally he pulled slightly away from her.  “Why are you here, Scully?”

 “I was looking for you.”

 He shook his head slightly.  “Why?”

 “Why did you say that?”  She countered.

 He pulled her close to him again and rested his head on her hair.  They swayed to the jazz in the background.  When the music ended, he looked down at her.  “Let’s get out of here.”

She nodded and let him lead her from the floor.  At the door, she couldn’t stop herself from glancing back and seeing the brunette’s look of stunned frustration.

 He led her to his car.  “Mulder, what about my - “ 

“We’ll get it later.”  He opened the door and seated her, then made his way to his side.  Before opening his door, he took a deep breath, grounding himself.  He’d blown it, was she going to forgive him?

 He pulled out and turned toward the office.

 “Where are we going?”  She asked quickly.

 “Somewhere quiet.”  Was all he said.

 She let it go, she certainly wasn’t afraid of Mulder.  He pulled into a parking lot near the mall.  This time of night most of the tourists had left so they walked in relative privacy toward a bench.  He motioned toward it and she nodded, settling on the end.  After just a slight hesitation, he sat beside her.

 She turned to face him.  “Why did you say it?”

 He sighed, what was he supposed to say?  “It just slipped out.”

 “So you didn’t mean to say it.”

 “I didn’t mean to say it out loud,”  he corrected her softly.

 She just looked at him then, confused.

 “’Oh brother’ isn’t a response that leads me to believe it’s something you want to hear.” 

The color in her face rose.  “Mulder, you were drugged.  I wasn’t going to hold you to something you didn’t mean.”

“The drugs may have loosened my tongue, but they didn’t put words in my mouth.  Scully, I wasn’t drugged this afternoon.”  Again he spoke quietly, not arguing, just stating facts.

 She was quiet then, thinking, remembering his face when he’d realized what he’d said to her.  She didn’t know he was watching her and falling deeper into depression.  She jumped when he spoke.

 “I’ll take you back to your car.”  He was looking past her, not meeting her eyes.

 She made a decision.  “Could we make a stop first?”  She looked up at him as she rose from the bench.

 “Uh, sure.  Where?”

 “Your place.”

 “My place?  Why?”

 “I want to check out something.”  She was walking slightly ahead of him.

 He caught up with her, “What?”

 “Your couch.” 

“My couch?  You’ve seen it a million times, what - “ She stopped and turned to look up at him.  Her eyebrow rose and he actually stumbled as the thought was transmitted to him.

 She took his hand and they walked to the car.  He let her in and she didn’t call him on it.  They drove in silence to his apartment.  She let herself out of the car when he parked.  His hand settled on her lower back as he guided her inside.

 When he fumbled for his keys she finally touched his hand.  “You’re awfully quiet.”

 “Uh, yeah.  I, I’m kind of afraid to say anything.”

 “You are?”

 He nodded.  “I figure one of two things could happen.  I’ll wake up or I’ll say something stupid and you’ll change your mind.”  She reached around and pinched his ass.  “Ow!”

 “Okay, that’s one.”

 “It’s not the one I was most worried about.”

 She smiled, then took the keys from him and opened the door.  He followed her inside and nearly ran into her when she stopped.  She turned to face him and slipped the coat off of his shoulders.  She lay it over the back of a chair.  Then she loosened his tie further and his hand caught hers, stopping her.

“Scully, what’s going on here?  You don’t have to - ”

 She didn’t avoid his look now, “You love me and I love you.  It’s - “

“Wait a minute, you love me?”

 She smiled then, “You don’t have a clue what you did tonight, do you?”

 “What I did?”  He shook his head.

 She led him to the couch and sat beside him.  “Tonight you went to a bar.  You were upset, visibly shaken when you left the office.  You took my silence as rejection instead of shock.  You were in the perfect place to soothe your ego.  You were hit on by three women after I got there to watch, but you politely refused.”

 “I was hit on?”  He asked finally.

 She chuckled, “You know you were.”

 “I only remember this redhead . . . “

 “Good answer, Mulder.”

 His smile faded away, “Scully, we don’t have to - “

 Her lips caressed his.  “I know we don’t.  Why don’t we just see how things go.”  She could see his apprehension.

She leaned in and gave him another kiss.  This time he reciprocated, his hands on her waist drawing her closer.  She came willingly.  As the kiss deepened she found they were reclining on the couch, his body pressing down on hers.  It felt good.

 He pulled back slightly, “Scully?”

 “Um?”  She let her fingers weave themselves into his hair.  His eyes said it all.  She tugged him back down to her lips as her hand pulled his shirt out of his waistband.  His arms tightened around her.

 When they came up for air, his eyes traced her face.  Damn.

 He reverently unbuttoned her blouse and exposed the lace on her bra.   His breaths were shallow as his eyes drank her in.  He met her eyes and saw that she was smiling.  Her hand caressed his cheek.

 He buried his face in her neck, taking in her scent.  He’d dreamed of this for so long.  How could a blurted out remark lead him to such joy?

He sat up, drawing her with him and slipped her blouse off.  Her bra came next and to his surprise she blushed.  His confidence faltered.

 He pulled back and her hands began unbuttoning his shirt.  He shook his head, but she ignored him.  Her lips teased his nipple and the sound of a hiss widened her smile.

 “Stand up.”

 “Wha - “

 “Stand up, Mulder.”

 Uncertainly he complied.  His breath caught when she unbuckled his belt and carefully lowered the zipper, then shoved his pants and boxers down.  “I’d say part of you is not ambivalent about this, Mulder,”  she said dryly.

 “Tr-trying not to think with my little head here, Scully.”

 “I don’t think it’s working.”  She said dryly as she pushed him lightly to sit back on the couch.  Then she knelt in front of him and he watched her lick her lips.  Oh god.

 “Sc-Scully, you don’t have to -  “

 “If you keep saying that, I might quit.”  She nearly burst out laughing.  Now that was a panic face.  “Mulder, I’m here because I want to be.  You’re not forcing anything.  It just fell into place when I watched you tonight.  You do love me, you’re committed to me.”

I am.”

“Then relax.”  She bent her head and let her tongue lave that “little” purple head.  Damn, one touch and he was ready to buck into her mouth.  A little control here, Mulder.  He had fought this fantasy for years.  It was degrading to her to think of his partner like this.  Actually he needed to work on his imagination.  Scully ‘deep throating’ him like this was so far beyond what he had allowed himself to finally use in the privacy of this room.  Who would have thought his straight-laced partner harbored this secret talent.  What else did he not know about Dana Scully?   

He was getting  close, he needed to slow this down.  He definitely wanted to prolong this.

“Scu-Scully.”  His voice was rough.

She withdrew, her tongue taking the pre-cum into her month, then she licked her lips again.  Jesus.

“Stand up.”

She rose, her hands on his knees levering her up.  He took some steadying breaths, then sat forward and unbuttoned her waistband.  He lowered her zipper and then her slacks.  His fingers traced the elastic of her panties and when she smiled, he pulled them down.  They were damp and the scent of her arousal was thousands of times more intoxicating than the beer he had nursed at the bar. 

He saw the color rise in her face again and realized it wasn’t a blush - it was arousal.  He aroused Scully.

He pulled her to him and helped her recline on the couch.  He loomed over her but knew she wasn’t intimidated.  If anything, there was a challenge in her look.  He slipped a finger inside her.  She was tight and wet and so damn hot.  A second finger joined the first and he fucked her gently, giving her time.

Her eyes widened when a third finger entered her.  She whimpered when he pressed against the little bundle of nerves.  Then she shattered like fine china “Muuu . . . “  

He was the one that smiled then.  He withdrew as she protested, then watched her face as he sucked on his fingers, committing her taste to permanent memory. 

When she got her breath back she reached for him and he pulled her close.  His eyes closed when her hand wrapped around him, leading him to her.  He didn’t need a second invitation.  She was ready and he was, hell, he was anxious.  He slipped about half way in and stopped, giving her time, then withdrew and thrust again.  She was ready this time and her legs closed around his waist keeping him close. 

There was definitely a challenge in her look now, and he was more than willing to comply.  He thrust again and  she met him, one hand in his hair, the other tweaking his nipple.  They fit together.  Their rhythm melded as she met him thrust for thrust.  He wanted to draw this out, but that wasn’t going to happen.  He was too close and she felt too good. 

He brought his hand between them, touching her where he knew only he was allowed.  She moaned as he found that spot and brought her to her peak again.  Her tremors were all he needed.  He poured into her, crying out her name as she clutched him.

He started to leave her body, but her legs tightened around him.  “Umm, no.”

He nodded, allowing her to pull him back.  He wouldn’t smother her, but he wanted to remain right here for as long as he could.

When he did reluctantly leave her body, he rolled, pulling her on top of him and she cuddled in.  He pulled the afghan down over them. 


She smiled, eyes half closed.  “Shh, I’m basking.” 

He chuckled and she pressed her face into his chest.  “Rest, I have you.”  He relaxed under her.   “I’d like to dance with you anytime, Agent Scully.” 

“I love you, Mulder.” 




Author's note - There's only a couple of people in the world I would write a PWP for, and Tali's one of them -  Happy Birthday!