Darkness (NC-17)



Debris was no longer raining down on them, just the occasional piece now, though he could hear crashes in the distance.  For now at least they seemed to be in a protected area, the beams were supporting them, and hopefully those beams would hold until help could arrive.

Help was probably already on the way, whatever had happened.  A bomb?  There had been no warning, at least for them.  Maybe everyone else had been evacuated.

“Mu . . . Mulder?”  Her voice trembled and her fear stabbed at him as she came to.

“Right here, Scully.  We’re okay.” 

“Are we?”  She felt his hand on her then and relaxed slightly.

He flicked back on the flashlight he’d had in this pocket.  “We are.  I already, uh, examined you.  We’re going to be bruised and sore, but no heavy bleeding, no major bumps on your head.  Just scratches.” 

“Th-thanks.  How long was I out?”

“Just a couple of minutes.”

“A couple . . . . You’ve already checked on me?”

“Top priority,”  he spoke lightly, but now she could hear it in his voice.  He’d been terrified.  He was holding it together now because she was awake and scared herself.

“What about you?”  she asked softly, calming from just his presence.

“With this hard head?  I’m fine.”  Then as though hearing his own words, “Really, Scully, I’m good now.  I’m not sure I even lost consciousness.”

“Let me check anyway.”  She shifted closer to him and ran her fingers over his scalp, then down this neck and over his ribs.  She hesitated at his waist.

“Come on, Scully, it’s just gettin’ good.”  He grinned at her.  She blushed slightly at the thought that he had done the same for her as she lay unconscious here on the concrete.

“Hmp,” she affirmed.  “You’re right.  That head’s much too hard to damage.  You should turn off the flashlight, Mulder.  Save the batteries.”

He nodded and flicked the switch, plunging them back into total darkness.  A tiny sound escaped her despite her best efforts, and her hand went out to find him.  She encountered his hand reaching for her and took hold of it gratefully.

“We’re gonna be okay, Scully.  It may take a little while, but I’m sure teams are on the way.”

“I know,”  she said it softly.

He moved closer to her, sitting close enough for their thighs to touch.

“Mulder, what do you think happened?”

“I’m thinking bomb, explosion of some kind.  This isn’t earthquake country, at least not this powerful a quake, so I’m thinking the building came down.  It’s probably a good thing we didn’t make it to the elevator.”  He looked around again, searching for the tiniest light.

They were in the parking garage, fortunately close to the point where it was attached to the office building.  They had the beams of the garage, as well as the corner of the building itself to support their area.

He’d fought this trip to Kentucky, the case wasn’t an X-File, but Skinner had been short on people.  The two of them would have a conversation when he got Scully out of here and safe.

“This isn’t Skinner’s fault.”  Scully spoke, her voice still low.

“How did you - “

He could feel her slight smile, “Years of practice.  I’m confident that Assistant Director Skinner did not plant a bomb in an office building in Louisville, Kentucky, then send us here to get trapped.  It would be too easy to trap us in the basement back in DC.  Then no one would think to look for us.”

Mulder chuckled at that, “Okay, he’s off the hook.  Who do you suspect?” 

“No clue.”  She was silent for a heartbeat, “I wonder how many are dead.”  She shivered.

“Not us, Scully.  That’s what we have to concentrate on.  We’re alive and we’re together.”

“Thank God.”  The words weren’t even a whisper, but he heard them deep in his soul, and nodded though she couldn’t see.

Something fell nearby and she flinched.  His arm went around her then and she made no protest, in fact cuddling into the comfort of his body.  “How long have we been here?”

Mulder reached around her with his other arm to illuminate his watch, “Our appointment was at 10, it’s not even 11 yet.”

“Less than an hour.  It seems longer. 

“Time expands in the dark,”  he commented


“You know, when you’re a kid and you wake up in the night and you can’t get back to sleep.  The night lasts forever then.”

“Did that happen a lot?”  she asked.

She felt his shrug.  “It happened.  One thing or another would wake me and . . . “

“What would wake you?”  She felt the need to keep him talking, the sound of his voice was keeping her grounded, that and the feel of him solid against her.

He shifted a little, trying to find a more comfortable spot on the concrete.  “You know, a dream, a fight.”


“My parents, before the divorce.”

“I’m sorry.”

“S’okay.  I didn’t have you to be my security blanket then.”

He heard the slight chuckle, though she didn’t comment.  He pulled her a little tighter against him.  They were quiet for a moment, then, “Scully, why don’t you close your eyes and rest.  We might be here awhile.”

“I’m not sure my eyes are open now, Mulder.  I don’t remember it ever being so dark.”

“Yeah.”  No need to mention he hated the dark and almost never allowed it in his life.  He normally fell asleep with the TV on, and the street light outside his building ensured there was always enough light to see around his apartment.  When all else failed, there was the aquarium light.  This was dark, blinding dark, but she was here.

He felt her shiver again.  “Are you cold?”

"No, it’s just reaction,  Can you hear anything?”

He listened, straining to hear the sounds of rescue.  “No, not yet.”

She let her head rest against his shoulder, and felt him look down in her direction.  “Mulder?”


“Nothing, I just . . . I wanted to hear your voice.”

"You can’t imagine how glad I was to hear yours.”

They were silent again and he felt her hand move against her face.  He followed the movement and felt the wetness there.  “Scully, are you crying?” 

“I’m okay.” 

“Why are you crying?” 

She didn’t dispute it again.  After a moment she shrugged, “I was just thinking about . . . about you before I came to.” 

He shuddered at the thought, then felt her arms go around him.  “You’re right, Mulder.  We’re together.  I’m sure they’ll be here soon.”  She felt his nod.

They sat in the dark then, holding each other, listening.  After a little while, he took a deep breath.  “Want some sunflower seeds, Scully?” 

“No, thanks.  They’ll make me thirstier.” 

“Yeah, you’re probably right.  I don’t have any gum.” 

“Wait, I have some mints from the plane.”  She moved to reach her pocket.  “Ah ha, saved.”  She pulled two of the mints from her pocket.  “I have a few more.” 

“Save them for now.”  He felt her nod, but she remained silent and he regretted the words.  He didn’t want her dwelling on being stuck here for a long time.  His arm tightened around her again and she cuddled back into his side. 

He gave a small smile sometime later when he felt her stifle a yawn.  “Am I boring you, Scully?” 

“No, just tired.  Not a lot to do here.” 

“True, why don’t you sleep if you can.  Then when I catch some Z’s you can listen.”  He ran a hand over her hair, brushing some debris from it. 

“Yeah, that makes sense.  Are you sure you don’t want to sleep first?” 

“Scully, it’s barely past noon.  I don’t even sleep at night.  Go ahead and get some rest.”  He pulled her back against him and felt her make herself comfortable, her breathing eventually slowing and growing deeper. 

When her hand dropped off of his arm, he smiled.  She had fallen asleep, probably exhausted from the adrenaline rush.  After a few more minutes to make sure she was under, he eased her down onto the floor, then shed his suit coat and placed it under her head.  When she didn’t wake, he rose onto his knees, feeling for the top of their prison.  He couldn’t stand up straight, but he could get to his feet. 

With his hands in front of him, he began exploring every contour with his fingers.  Their prison wasn’t solid, there seemed to be air, which was slowly becoming clearer it seemed, but no light had made it this far, nor any sound.  Surely demolition equipment, search dogs, all of those things were being employed, but it would help to know for sure.

He was three quarters around the space when she cried out.  He came close to cracking his head on the lowered ceiling at the sound. 

“No!  Mulder, no!  Mulder where - “
”Scully, Scully I’m right here.  I was just - “ 


That was when he realized she was still asleep and battling her dreams.  He took the few steps that brought him back to her cautiously, she seemed to be flaying around. 

“Scully, wake up.  It’s okay, I’m right here.”  He had her in his arms now, but she couldn’t seem to shake off the dream. 

“Mulder!  Mulder, you were . . . oh god, you were . . . I can’t, I can’t breath.  Mulder, I have to get out of here, I can’t stand . . . Mulder please, I can’t - “

”Scully, listen to me, you’re - “ 

But her hands were on his face, touching his eyes, his nose, his lips.  Her fingers went from trembling to shaking, touching the skin on his throat, the stubble on his cheek.  “Mulder, I can’t breathe.” 

“I’ve got you, Scully.”  Her hands were tugging at his shirt, pulling it free from his pants.  “Scully, wait, Scully - “ 

“Close, hold me closer.  It’s too small here, I can’t breathe.”

She was in full panic now.  He hadn’t known she was claustrophobic, but then they’d never been in this situation before.  Her hands were clutching at him and somehow she’d untucked his shirt, searching for skin, frantic for connection. 

He felt a button pop loose, the fabric not releasing him fast enough to ease her fears. 

“Scully, Baby, you’re okay.  Just try to breathe slower.”

”No, no air.”  she gasped.  “Hold me closer.” 

She was starting to hyperventilate.  He chose the swiftest path, covering her lips with his own, kissing her fully, slowing her assault, and letting his hands caress her back.  He held her firmly against him. 

His tongue invaded her mouth, his own reactions off due to what they’d been through, but she suckled it, her hands inside his waistband now, fumbling for the button.

Scully, wait . . . “ He broke free to try to slow her down, calm her somehow. 


“Scully, we can’t get any closer.”  He murmured into her hair, unaware that his hands were now inside of her blouse where it had come loose from her skirt. 

“Inside me.”  she whispered. 

He stopped then, nearly pulling away.  “Scully, no.  We’re okay.  There’s plenty of air.  We need to - “ 

She won her battle with his belt and slacks and lowered his zipper.  His body was on  her side of the argument and at two to one, he was losing rapidly. 

“Scully, we can’t - “ When had her skirt . . . Their clothing had been rearranged by her, her fear, her need pushing her farther.  Her hand wrapped itself around him and he groaned.  This was the stuff of fantasy.  Scully’s hand there, the assault on his senses was overwhelming his good sense. 

God, he needed to see her face.  Was this happening only because of her terror, did she even know it was his body she was . . . oh god! 

One of her hands was guiding him to her core, the other clutched him to her.  The fear was leading her, she needed reassurance, but this . . . 

“Scully, wait - “  His voice wavered as he felt her moisture. 

“Closer.”  Her nails sank into his back and she impaled herself, her movements frantic. 

He very nearly lost it right then.  His hands took hold of her shoulders.  “Scully, Scully slow down.  I have you.”  His hand caressed her cheek as he took control of their joining.  This wasn’t the first time he’d fantasized with Scully.  In the long line of his imaginings, this had not occurred to him, but her need for reassurance, for him, stilled his guilt for now. 

He slowed his thrusts, not allowing her to rush this as he murmured loving words in her ear.  She heard him and was relaxing now, seemingly aware now that he was loving her, here in this tiny place. 

It had been so long, too long, since he’d been with a woman.  It was happening too fast and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer, not with Scully’s hot sweetness enveloping him.  He wanted her to enjoy this too -  even now the thoughts of her responding to his lovemaking of paramount importance. 

He moved his hand between them and heard her gasp, but not with panic this time.  He felt her body tighten around him, then her whole body quivered as she clung to him.  His regret at not being able to see her face as he brought her to this peak for the first time was swept away with his own orgasm that engulfed him and pulled him under with her.

When his muscles finally responded to his commands again, he pulled her atop him and felt her complete surrender to his comfort. 


“Can you hear us?”  Is anyone there?”  Mulder stirred at the sound.  He’d thought he heard a dog barking, what was . . . the explosion!  The soft weight upon him was Scully, where he’d pulled her after . . . after.

“Here! Yeah, we’re here!  Scully, wake up.  They’re here to rescue us.” 

“Mulder?”  She moved, then seemed to realize where she lay and tensed slightly. 

“It’s okay, Scully.  They’re gonna get us out.” 

He felt her nod, then move away from him.   He could hear her fumbling with her clothes and decided that was probably a good idea.  He dressed himself as he answered the shouted questions from above. 

“I’m Special Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI.  My partner, Special Agent Dana Scully is here with me.  We’re not badly injured, just scrapes and bruises.  Can you get us out?”

“It’s gonna take a little while, but you just sit tight.”

There had been little opportunity for conversation after that.  The noise of cutting through beams after supports had been secured was nearly physical in its assault, but it meant rescue for them so he didn’t bother to complain.  She sat beside him, as far from the rescue effort as possible.  He wanted to talk to her, to kiss her, to tell her what he was feeling, but now wasn’t the time.  They’d have time when they were free.  He couldn’t wait. 

When the opening was big enough, a large, overly bright light was lowered into their space.  Mulder was able to describe the site, though it was Scully he was watching, but she didn’t meet his eyes, flinching from the brightness suddenly thrust upon them.

“Scully, I think you’ll fit through there.” 

“You can’t.”

“It won’t be much longer.  Let’s get you out of here.” 

“Mulder, I . . . okay.”  He wanted her out of here, she understood that.  He secured the rope under her arms, then hoisted her up and allowed them to pull her out.  Their co-mingled scent had almost made him pull her back for one more kiss, but he smiled at the inappropriateness of that. 

It was still difficult to watch her disappear through the opening to a place where he couldn’t see her or touch her, but she was safe.  They’d get him out soon enough. 

At the next break in the noise, one of his rescue workers stuck his head in to check on Mulder.  “Hi, I’m Ed. You doin’ okay?”

“Mulder.  Yeah.   Is Scully where she can hear me?” 

“Uh, no.  She was taken on to the hospital.” The younger man was looking around the interior of the space. 

“Wha - What?  The hospital?  Is she okay?”   

Ed’s head swung back toward him at the panic in his voice.  “Hey man, I’m sure she’s fine.  Everyone’s going to the hospital, it’s routine.  They’re just going to check her out.” 

Mulder was searching his face, looking for any trace of a lie. 

“I’m really sorry I upset you, man.  She’s fine.  Everyone is going to the hospital.  You’ll be going too as soon as we get you out of here.  It’s the truth, Mulder.” 

After a moment Mulder nodded. 

Ed grinned at him then.  “Okay, you ready to try this. I think you’ll be able to squeeze through.”  His grin widened, “Think thin.” 

“Thanks.”  Mulder muttered. 

Ed chuckled then and tossed a line down to Mulder.  “Fasten it under your arms, Mulder, like you did for her.  When you get your feet up here where I am, brace yourself and we’ll pull you up the rest of the way.  Got it?” 

“Yeah, I got it.  Let’s go.”  He braced himself and allowed them to pull him up.  In very little time, he was also being loaded into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. 

He protested being wheeled into the ER, but it was a fight he wasn’t going to win, so eventually he shut up.  As soon as he was moved to a cubicle, he sat up.  “I need to see Agent Scully.”

“Lie down, Sir.”  The doctor spoke with assurance.  She was small, maybe Scully’s size, with very short gray hair and an imposing manner. 

“I’m fine, I’m not hurt. I just need to check on Scully.”

“Good, if you’re not hurt then my work will be a lot easier.  Now if you’ll lie down as I asked, we can both get on to what we really want.” 

He looked over at her and saw that she wasn’t kidding.  He looked away, did everyone he met have to have been Skinner’s drill sergeant. 

“Relax, Agent Mulder.  I saw Agent Scully earlier, she’s fine.  They’ve already moved her to her room.”

“Room?”  He started to sit up again.

“Yes, we’re keeping her overnight for observation.  Don’t get too worked up about it, you’re staying too.”

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”  His eyes narrowed at the little woman. 

“Yes.  You’re alive, your friend is alive.  Not everyone brought in here today has been as lucky.  I’m going to make sure you stay that way.  Now lie down.” 

Abashed, he did as she bade.  It really didn’t take that long before she nodded.  “Okay, you do seem to be fine.  You were very lucky.  I’ll have a nurse take you up to your room.”

“Can you tell me where Scully is?” 

“Fourth floor.  Same place you’re going, but you’re both patients.  You’re not allowed to visit.”

“I have to check on her.”

“I hear you, Mr. Mulder, but you both need some rest.  Since she’s your partner, I’m sure you’ll find time to see each other later.” 

“Yes ma’am.”  He nodded, not even considering listening to her.  He had to see Scully.  She was his now, in a way she hadn’t been before and he couldn’t wait to kiss her, touch her, even if just for a moment.

The nurse moved him to a semi-private room on the fourth floor.  At his insistence, she checked on Scully and returned with her room number.  Mulder thanked her and made a pretense of getting into the bed, waiting for her to leave.

As soon as she left, he was on his feet again.  He had to see Scully.  He checked out the door and seeing no obstructions, headed down the hall to her room.  The nurse caught him just before he reached her door.  “Sir?  I’m sorry, you can’t go in there.” 

He turned to her, “I just need to see her.”

“Ms. Scully is asleep.  We gave her a sedative.  She needs some rest.”  The nurse responded after a quick visual check of the man.

“A sedative?”

“Are you Mr. Mulder?” 

“Yes.”  Concern was evident on his face now.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Scully is fine.  She was just having a little trouble getting to sleep.  Once she knew you were here and being examined, she relaxed a little and let us give her something.”

“Just let me look in.”  His look was pleading now. 

“For a second, don’t wake her.” 

“I won’t.”  He cracked the door and saw what he had yearned for since she had left his sight.  She was on her side, facing away from the door but he knew those curves and her hair had been brushed clean and was curling against the white fabric of the pillowcase.  He smiled and pulled the door too.

The nurse sighed; no one had ever looked at her that way.  “Mr. Mulder, you need to rest yourself.  I know you don’t have serious injuries but your body did suffer a shock.  Please.”

He nodded, but the shock his body had really received was Scully surrounding him, holding him, loving him and it was a shock he wanted to have often.  Keeping quiet he obediently followed the nurse back to his room and crawled in the bed, meekly taking his own sedative from her hand.


Mulder rolled over and realized this wasn’t his bed, too narrow even for the couch . . . oh yeah.  He heard a paper rustle and opened his eyes.  “Scu . . . Skinner?”

The large bald man’s eyes narrowed, “Yeah and I’m not going to hold your hand.”

Color tinged Mulder’s face, but he nodded.  “Thanks.  What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you and I needed a place to work.”

”Waiting?  What time is it?”  He looked at his wrist and saw his watch was missing.  Oh yeah, they’d taken everything when they admitted him. 

“Almost ten.”

“Ten?”  He sat up then, “Scully, is she okay?  Have you seen her?”

“Yes, I saw her before she left.  She’s fine and - “ 

“Left?”  The word exploded from him.

Skinner looked confused then.  “She’s on her way back to DC.  I had the impression you’d talked about this.”  Skinner was going over the conversation they’d had in his mind.  Hadn’t she said she’d spoken with Mulder?  “Anyway, I need you to help with the profile.  She’s going to hold down the fort in DC.  Your original assignment, at least for now, is moot.”

Mulder’s face was expressionless now.  “When can I leave?” 

“Uh, now basically.  Why don’t you get dressed and I’ll round up your paperwork.” 

Mulder nodded and rose from the bed as Skinner left the room.  He was angry and growing angrier.  She’d left for DC, while he was asleep, without a word?  What the hell?  After what had happened between them . . . maybe seeing Skinner had upset her.  Of course they’d have to be discreet, but had she even thought about how he would feel? 

He was dressed when Skinner returned, but nothing was going to make the suit presentable again.  “I’ll have somebody run out and get you some clothes, Mulder.  We need to get out of here, there’s a lot to do.” 

“I should have been woken up earlier.”  Mulder meant Scully, but kept quiet. 

“I was studying what we have.  Normally this wouldn’t be my case, but since I had two agents on site . . . “

Mulder nodded, then sighed as a nurse he hadn’t seen before entered with a wheelchair.  “Don’t fight it, Mulder.”  Skinner held the door as they exited. 


Mulder looked up from his notes, taking in the rest of the room.  He was in new clothes, Skinner had sent a young agent out, and he’d come back with underwear, slacks, a dress shirt and a tie.  The jacket didn’t matter; he wouldn’t be attending any meetings or press conferences.

Scully was back in his mind.  Whenever he wasn’t concentrating she always appeared.  The anger had evaporated, to be replaced by fear when she didn’t contact him and he’d only reached her machine.  Was she screening, avoiding him? 


It was late, but he had to see her.  He’d headed for her place as soon as he landed.  Two days without a word from her.  The fear had grown with each hour but it was too important.  He had to see her, talk to her, even if it was for the last time. 

Now he stood outside of her door.  The impulse to turn and run almost overwhelmed him, but he stiffened his spine and knocked.  Now he was committed.  He waited.

And waited.  Was she going to open the door?  She’d obviously looked through the peephole and seen that it was him.  Okay, it was her decision, he wasn’t going to use his key.

Then he heard the deadbolt slip back and the knob turned.  She stood before him, wearing a robe and looking . . . scared.  After a long moment he spoke.  “May I come in?” 

She seemed surprised by the request, but nodded, stepping aside.

“Are you okay?”  he asked, stupid question but he had to say something.

Again she nodded, then looked away, and moved on into the living room.  He followed, but it was clear to him his knees weren’t going to hold him much longer.  He sank down onto the couch, giving her the position of power and looked up at her.  She glanced at him and quickly away.

“Scully, did I . . . did I rape you?”

Her head snapped up, eyes wide.  She was obviously stunned by the question.  “No!  No, Mulder, you didn’t . . . “ She looked away again, “I raped you.”

“What?”  He couldn’t have heard that correctly.

“I don’t know what to say, I - “ She shook her head and he saw the tears escape her eyes.

He wanted to take her in his arms, tell her how wrong she was, but relief had sapped his strength.  He reached up and took her hand, tugging her down onto the couch beside him.

“Scully, you didn’t.  Nothing happened that I didn’t want.”  His arm went around her, she didn’t stiffen but she didn’t respond to him either.  “Tell me what happened, Scully.”

She shook her head.

“What was it, Scully.  You woke up . . . “

She shuddered violently, but still wouldn’t face him.

“A nightmare?”


“Come on, talk to me.  A very smart lady told me I couldn’t hold my dreams in.  If I’d tell her about them, they’d lose their grip on me.”

“I can’t.”

“Yeah, Scully, you can.  What was the dream?”

She buried her face in her hands and his arms tightened around her.

“Let me help you.”  He whispered in her ear.

She didn’t remove her hands, but slowly began speaking.   Mulder leaned in closer.  “When . . . when I was a little girl I found this rabbit.  I wanted to keep it, but I knew Mom would never . . . So I hid it in the basement, in . . . in my old lunch box but, but I didn’t put any air holes in it.”

He closed his eyes and let his hand caress her arm.

“I was in that box.  I . . . I was trapped in the dark with that dead rabbit and I - “ 

“Scully - “ 

“Then it wasn’t the rabbit, it, it was you.  You were dead, I’d kill you and . . . “

“Oh god, Scully.”  She was shaking with her sobs now.  He lifted her into his lap and held her, rocking her and murmuring his love to her.

“I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t . . . “

He buried his face in her hair, trying to give her comfort. 

“I had to know you were alive.  I had to prove that . . . “

“I am alive, Scully and so are you.  We’re okay, we’re okay, Scully.  We’re together.”  He just held her then until she finally calmed down and reached for a tissue, not even trying to leave his lap.  “And Scully, just so you know, if you ever decided you want to . . . to be with me again, I can do better.”

As he watched her face flushed bright red.  He’d never seen this phenomenon before.  “Scully?” 

“I don’t remember being disappointed.”

He gaped at her for an instant, then actually laughed.  She looked surprised.

“Sorry, it’s just . . . sometimes I think of the people that run a global conspiracy as brilliant and, and infallible.  Then I remember you.  Scully, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and they gave you to me.  God, I’m actually grateful to Cancerman.”

She was watching him.  He pressed her head lightly against his chest and they sat that way just breathing together.  After several moments she very quietly said just one word.  “Better?”

She felt the rumble of his chuckle under her ear.

“You should see me when there’s a mattress involved.”

Without looking up, she spoke again, just as softly.  “There’s a mattress in the next room.”

His smile faded as he looked down at her.  She wouldn’t meet his eyes, so finally he took a finger under her chin to lift her face to him.  “Scully?”

He saw what he needed in her eyes and felt his pulse quicken.  Yes.  He rose with her in his arms.  Startled, her arms went around his neck and she watched him.  He carried her quickly to her bedroom and then lay her gently on her bed.

“Scully?”  It was all he said, but she nodded mostly with her eyes and he sat beside her.  In a moment his hand went to the knot of her sash and hesitated.

She watched, not deflecting him, but not hurrying him either.  He took a deep breath, then untied her sash and parted the robe covering her.  At his sharp intake of breath she knew he hadn’t realized that she was nude underneath.

He couldn’t help himself, his hand reached out to touch her skin, caressing her ribs lightly.  Her nipples hardened at the first touch.  His look of awe caused her eyes to tear, but she didn’t move to wipe those tears away.

Then he had his face buried in her belly, tasting her, inhaling her.  “Scully.”  The word was hushed, worshipful.  He moved up then to take her nipple with his tongue, laving it thoroughly before moving to the other.  No part of her should feel neglected.  Up to her throat then, while his hands did incredible things to her hips and waist.

“You are so beautiful.”  Had he said it or merely breathed it.  No matter, she felt the words deep inside of her.  Mulder believed in the truth, he really saw her that way.

When he took a breath, he sat up and her hands twitched to pull him back down to her, but he quickly lost the tie and unbuttoned his shirt.  He tossed the shirt in the direction of her chair but didn’t bother to care if it made it there.  Then he was moving back down her body - licking, nipping, tasting his way down.  When she realized his intention, her hand touched him for the first time.

“Mulder, you don’t - “

“I want to, Scully.  I want you, all of you.”

She fell silent again, the look in his eyes dissolving her reluctance.

He nuzzled her curls, taking in her essence, then his tongue shot out and she gasped, arching toward him.  His eyes smiled, his mouth was too busy.  He tortured her with that talented tongue as she moaned and writhed beneath him.  Better?  Good God!  She felt the tension building within her and he did as well, not relenting in his pursuit of her pleasure.

Then she was coming, waves of pleasure threatening to pull her under, but he was there to cling to.  She could lose herself, because he was there to lead her back.

He held her against him, gentling her as she returned to him.

She watched him, unable to speak.  He smiled down at her.



She smiled then, “You have on too many clothes.”

“Scully, we can wait - “

“I want to.  I want to be with you.  We’ve got this mattress . . . “ Her hand caressed his length through his slacks and he hissed.

“You, uh, you keep that up and we’ll both miss the whole thing, Scully.”

She moved her hand up to his chest.  “Don’t want that to happen.”

He took a shuddering breath, “Scully, are you sure?”

She nodded.  “Very.”

He rose then and removed his shoes, socks and slacks, leaving only his boxers.  He wanted to give her every chance to halt this.

Instead her hands touched the elastic at his waist and then slid them down.  She swallowed hard at the sight.  She had thought that in the darkness her imagination had . . . enhanced, but that certainly wasn’t true.


She met his eyes, “Please.”

His hand seemed to tremble slightly as he touched her cheek, then he leaned in to kiss her and slowly began to enter her.  He was watching her, he needed to know her every reaction.

Her hands came up to his hips, hurrying him.  When he was fully sheathed they stopped, looking deeply into each other’s eyes.  She felt connected, full . . . complete.

He began moving slowly savoring the feel of her.  Seeing her as he made love to her was . . . incredible.  Seeing her enjoy it was intoxicating.  He slowed wanting it to last, but she whimpered slightly and her hands were back on his ass, urging him deeper, harder.  She was close.  He wanted her to come again and he wanted to watch.  He brought his fingers into play and felt her tense.  “Scully.”  He barely whispered it, but she heard and opened her eyes.

He held her eyes as she came beneath him, neither able to look away.  Her body’s tightening pulled him over the edge with her and he poured his seed into her.

She arched wanting all of his heat, his essence.  When he could he rolled to the side, clasping her body to his, holding her until their breaths finally returned to normal.

“Sc . . . Scully?”


He smiled then, she sounded good, relaxed . . . sated.  “Close your eyes.”

Instead she opened them again, “Mulder.”


“Thank you for taking away the darkness.”

He looked a little surprised, then smiled, “Anytime I can, Scully.  Anytime I can.”