Emily's Family - Part 3 (NC-17)


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Scully’s eyes widened as she realized he was really pulling into the driveway of the Four Seasons Hotel.  “Mulder?”


He grinned but didn’t look over at her.  He pulled up in front of the hotel and put the car in park.  A valet opened her door as he exited on his side.  “We’ll bring your bags inside, sir.”


“Thanks.”  Mulder slipped him a bill and took Scully’s arm.  Most people turned to look at them and smiled.  Her dress and his boutonniere gave away their status as newlyweds.  Scully was blushing lightly and wouldn’t meet anyone’s eyes.  Mulder signed the register and took the keycards.


“The suite has been prepared as you asked, Mr. Mulder.”


Scully looked up then, startled.  Suite?  What kind of preparations?  She didn’t ask, her mouth was too dry.  The bellhop carried their bags upstairs and opened the door to the Capital Suite for them.  He opened the door off of the main room to the bedroom.  The king size bed had been turned down and there were chocolates on the pillows.


He accepted the bill Mulder slipped him and nodded.  “If you need anything else, Sir . . . “


“We’ll call.  Thank you.”  Mulder walked him to the door and slipped the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign over the doorknob and shut it after him.  He turned back to Scully but didn’t approach her.  “I didn’t get to carry you over the threshold.”


“Mulder.”  She blushed deeply then and looked around the room.  “We can’t afford - “


“Well we can’t move in, but yeah, we can afford a honeymoon.”


“This is the Capital suite.”


“Uh, yeah.  Where else should we stay?”  He was watching her closely.  “Scully, are you . . . don’t you like it?”


“Of course I like it, I just . . . I wasn’t really expecting . . .”


“I just wanted to make this special for you, like your Mom did about the wedding.  Scully, are you . . . okay with this?”


She glanced up then.  “Of course, I . . .” She gave him a small smile, “I guess I am a little nervous.”


His smile faded then.  “Scully, you know I wouldn’t . . . force - “


Her head came up then, “I know that, Mulder.  I guess everything has happened so quickly, I didn’t really have time to think . . . this is still . . . “ She shrugged then and gave him a tremulous smile.


He nodded slowly.  “Why don’t we have another glass of champagne and just relax a little.”  He moved over to the table and opened the bottle of champagne, then put several of the chocolate covered strawberries on a plate, along with a couple of crackers with a small dab of caviar.


“A toast?”  He looked down at her.


She nodded and he poured himself a glass.  He touched it gently to her glass, “To partners, of all kinds.”


She smiled then and seemed to relax a little.  He took a deep breath, glad to see her smile.  “Do you want to go to dinner, or order something from room service?”


“Actually, I think this will be plenty for me tonight.  Why don’t we just stay in?”


“You have all the brains in this family.  Do you, uh, want to change?  I mean . . . “


“I know what you mean.  This dress isn’t so comfortable for lounging.”


“And I get to find out what your mother packed for you.”  He grinned with a slight leer.


“Oh god, I forgot.”  Her cheeks pinked beautifully and his smile grew.  She looked a little helpless for a minute, then she straightened her shoulders and took her bag into the bathroom. 


As soon as the door shut, he hauled his suitcase into the smaller bath in the main room and pulled out the burgundy silk pajamas bottoms and matching robe that he had purchased for this night.


He slipped them on and looked in the mirror, tousling his hair a couple of ways and then turning away.  He returned to the main room and picked up his glass of champagne.


He looked up when the door opened.  His eyes widened and he made a mental note to fall at Maggie’s feet someday soon.  The gown was floor length, white with those little spaghetti straps.  It was satin or something like that and her breasts were covered with a sheer lace.  He could see her nipples through the fabric and felt a stirring in his body.  The matching robe hid basically nothing.  He finally remembered to take a breath.


“You’re beautiful, Scully.”


She looked down, not able to meet his eyes.  Had she ever blushed so much in her life.  This was Mulder.  Okay, the circumstances were different than any other occasion, but who else in the world did she trust this much?  “You look very nice yourself.”


“I feel like I’m in a Noel Coward play.”  He patted the sofa for her to sit again and handed her back her glass.


“When did you plan all of this?”


“Last night, after Skinner volunteered to baby-sit.”


“That wasn’t much time.”


“It was important.” He shrugged.


“Thank you.”


“Hey, we needed a place to sleep, and the Red Roof Inn was all full.”


“Um hum and the strawberries and chocolate?”


“They were out of pineapple.”


She rolled her eyes then.  “I appreciate all of the trouble you went to.  I guess I hadn’t . . . until Skinner . . . “


“That was nice of him, and I do feel better about him looking after her than just your Mom.”  They fell silent then not facing each other.  After a moment he looked over at her.  “Uh, listen, I know I sprung all of this on you.  If you’re not comfortable, if you want to, to wait or . . . “


She swallowed, “Well, we are married.  I mean, we . . . “


“Yeah, we are.”


“I, you can’t know how grateful I am that you would - “


“Don’t.” He shook his head.  “I know all of that.  You need to remember what I told you.  I wanted to do this, marry you, protect that little girl.  But I need you to understand, it wasn’t for gratitude.  You mean more to me that any other woman, any other person in the world.  I don’t know anything about being a family man, or a, a husband but I want to learn that with you.”


She was looking him in the eye now, not backing away.  “I don’t know anything about being a wife either, Mulder.  We know each other,” she smiled then, “I hope that’s a good thing.”


“Well, you haven’t run screaming from me yet.”


“No, I haven’t, and I don’t intend to.”  She was the one that moved closer then, giving him a quick kiss.


He wanted to pull her toward him, but he didn’t want to scare her.  Instead he caressed her face and leaned in himself for a second kiss.  “You do know I love you.”


“Yes, I know.  I should tell you that just a couple of months ago I was afraid I was falling in love with you.”


“A-afraid?” His brow furrowed.


She nodded, “We’re partners, Mulder, but you had just risked everything to save my life.  When I found my daughter, you were the only person I wanted to speak to.  I was just afraid I was . . . was using you.”  He started to correct her, but she continued, “I want you in my life.  I think you will be an incredible father to Emily.”  She looked down at her hands, “I love you too.”


He jerked forward and her head came up.  His look of incredulous joy lightened her eyes.


“I’d question your taste, Scully, but since it’s to my favor . . . “ He moved closer to her now and nipped at her lips.  He felt her smile and increased the pressure.  When her lips parted, he took the invitation and their tongues dueled.  When he felt her warm hand on his bare chest, the sensation went south immediately.  He realized he was pinning her to the sofa and forced himself to sit up.


“I, I don’t want to rush you, Scully.”


“It’s been a long time for me, Mulder.”


“Me too, at least with someone.”  He gave an abased grin.  “I think I remember how, though.”


“I certainly hope so.” She caressed his arm. 


He couldn’t help his glance over at the bed.  When he looked back, her eyes were sparking with suppressed laughter.  “Busted?”


She nodded.


“What can I say, I’ve fantasized about this for a long time.”


“Really?  I mean, you’re not just . . . “


“Really.”  He tucked a red curl behind her ear.  “I should be ashamed of myself, but it was just too good, when I finally quit fighting it and let my mind go.”  Her color was high again.  “Scully?  You’re not, are you upset with me?”


She shook her head.  “I, I did the same thing.”


His mouth dropped open.  “You’re not just saying that.”


Her hand touched his chest again, lightly caressing the sprinkle of hair there.  “No, I’m not just saying that.  I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do though.”


“You’re doing it.”


“I, I feel like a virgin.”


“You are, with me.”  He let his fingers trace the pattern of lace on her breast.  Even without touching her directly he saw her nipple bud and her breathing grow shallow.  “Don’t you think we’d be more comfortable on the bed?”


“Yes,” she said quietly.


He rose then and swept her into his arms.  Her startled laughter delighted him and he carried her to the bed and gently lay her on the soft expanse.  Her eyes were locked on his as she moved over to give him room.  He stretched out beside her and let his hand smooth over her body and cup her breast.


Her thumb played with his nipple and he hissed his appreciation.  “Why don’t you lose the robe, Mulder?”


He shrugged it off as she slipped the sheer cover of her peignoir set off her shoulders.  When he returned to the bed, she couldn’t take her eyes from his chest.  “This is real, isn’t it?” she asked quietly.


“It’s not a dream.  My dreams aren’t this good.”  He played with one of the straps of her nightgown.


Her hand covered his.  “I won’t ask this again, but I have to . . . you really want this.”


“If you can doubt that now, I’m doing something wrong.”  He said it lightly, but his eyes showed his worry.


“No, I don’t doubt it; I don’t doubt you, Mulder.  This is just such a huge step.”


“And I’m not the person you ever thought of for such a step.”


She shook her head then, “Actually you’re the only person . . . but Mulder, fantasies don’t really come true.  Do you believe you can really be married to me, live a ‘normal’ life?”


“I’m the one that should be asking those questions.  Normal doesn’t sound like me, I’ll grant you.  But maybe that’s because I’ve never known normal.  Maybe that’s what I’ve been searching for, along with Samantha all these years.”


Her eyes filled with tears at those words and her hand slipped around his neck and pulled his lips back to her.  Marriage to this man; at least it wouldn’t be boring.  She slipped her body closer to him and his hand pulled the tiny strap from her shoulder.


Things seems to blur then, her fingers were exploring the contours of his chest, her thumb outlined his nipple.  His hiss brought a smile to her face.  “Husband,”  she whispered in his ear.


“Wife,” he countered and gently cupped her breast. 


Hands were touching places that had only been dreamed of before, caressing, kneading, sucking, licking and kissing.  Her gown was on the floor now.  His eyes were burning into her flesh and she was relishing it.  “Lose the pants, Mulder.”


“You hussy,” he murmured, his grin as happy as she’d ever seen on him.  He nuzzled her neck, then he rose and standing by the bed, lowered the pajamas pants.


She went still, “Oh my . . . “




“I . . . I’ve seen you without . . . but . . . Damn, Mulder.”


“Pleased or disappointed?”


She reached for him then.  “I’ll let you know.”


His growl sent her adrenaline soaring and she laughed out loud.  That startled him and drew back slightly.  “I love you, Fox Mulder.”


“Oh god.” His lips pressed reverently against her brow. 


She shifted beneath him and her hand wrapped around his sex, squeezing slightly.  “Careful,” he managed to get out.  “Don’t, don’t want it over before it begins.”


“No, we don’t want that.”  She smiled slightly but stroked his length with one finger.


He rolled her onto her back, then let his own fingers trail through her curls and dip into her dampness.  Her gasp gave him control again.  He continued to caress her, filling his senses with her scent, her arousal.  “Tell me what you like, Scully.”


“You,” she whispered.  “This first time, please, inside me.”


He nodded silently, unable to express in words what he was feeling.  He fit so well between her thighs, as though she’d been made to cradle him there.  She reached for him again and guided him to her core.  He probed her gently but she was more than ready. 


She arched up and took him inside of her.  His eyes widened and he withdrew slightly, then thrust back a little deeper and again and again until he was completely sheathed within her.  He paused then and just gazed at her.  At her smile he moved again.


The feel of her surrounding him, moving with him was beyond anything he had imagined.  The desire to make this last forever was tempered by the knowledge that he couldn’t hold out too long this time.  It had just been too damn long.  But he wanted her with him, needed her with him.  His fingers joined the play and he saw her eyes widen and her body tense.  “Muld . . .oh!”  She gripped his shoulders, her fingers digging in as he pressed against that bundle of nerves that had been neglected forever it seemed.  In the safety of his arms she let go, dissolving into the sensations as she shook around him. 


He lost control then, pouring himself into her body as she milked him of every drop.  He collapsed onto her and her arms held him tightly as he shuddered against her.  When he gained a little control he rolled, keeping her against him even as he slipped out of her body.




He nodded, his hand caressing her face, outlining her cheeks, her lips.  His eyes were moist with emotion as he folded her against him.


Tomorrow they would begin their life together.  They would get their daughter and take her home and be a married couple - whatever that looked like for them.  Tonight was theirs; this was only the first time they would come together this night.  She was healthy and she loved him.  She knew that he loved her too.  What would their lives be like now?



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