Green Goes Well With Red Hair

Scully wasn't really looking as she started to exit the elevator.  No one 
was ever down here anyway, which was why she almost collided with the tall 
blond.  "Excuse me."  She managed to murmur as the buxom woman looked down 
at her disdainfully and proceeded into the now vacant car without a word.

Scully watched the door close before she muttered, "Bitch," and moved 
toward the office.  What was she doing down here anyway?  She'd never seen 
the woman before and with that attitude she didn't care if she ever saw the 
woman again.

The door to the office was ajar and as she hesitated to enter Mulder turned 
toward the door and she froze at the expression on his face.  Well he was 
damn happy about something.  Something about the look in his eyes caused a 
tightness in her chest.

She drew her professionalism around her and pushed the door open with maybe 
a little more force than necessary.  He looked up startled.  "Scully?"

"Did we have company?"

"What?  Oh, yeah."  He looked a little confused.

"Well?"  She stood at the door, waiting for information; she watched the 
look of embarrassment come over his face.

"Uh, she's from the computer area, Darlene."

"Darlene."  She said nothing else and he offered nothing more as he glanced 
down at the desk and slipped the drawer closed.  When the silence continued 
she turned from him.

Computer area, huh?  It was a good thing she wasn't a field agent - running 
could be painful with those . . . she shook it off.  He'd always been drawn 
toward women that looked like that.  Teena obviously hadn't nursed him long 
enough as an infant.

This was certainly counterproductive.  If that was the way he was, nothing 
she did would change it.  Oh to hell with it anyway, she had no reason to 
want to change him.

Her computer was booted up, so she concentrated on the report she had begun 
the day before. It took awhile but she got back into the case and put 
Mulder out of her mind.

He glanced over at her several times torn between relief he wasn't in her 
sights anymore and confusion over what had put him there in the first place.

After about an hour he stretched, rose and left the room.  The movement 
drew her attention and brought the memory of this morning, and her pique 
back instantly.  She did not want to go to lunch with him and she 
especially didn't want to know that he had other plans already.

While he was out, she quickly wrote a short note and got out before he 
could return.

He didn't know if he was more peeved or relieved that she had ditched 
him.  Whatever had caused her attitude; he didn't really need another 
dose.  Maybe she'd be in a better mood after she ate.

He grabbed a sandwich from the cart and returned to the office to spend an 
hour on his computer before getting back to his real work.

The phone brought him back to the present.  "Mulder, I'm going to be 
working in the lab this afternoon."

"Oh, okay.  Hey, Scu - " She'd already hung up.  Well, whatever was wrong 
was still wrong.  Okay, he'd give her some space for now.

She didn't return to the office that afternoon, and when he decided to call 
it quits, he headed by the lab to see how things were, only to find that 
she had left for the day.  Well shit!  He stalked to his car and slammed 
the door when he entered.

What the hell had put her in such a snit?  They hadn't been out in the 
field, he'd done his part of the report, he'd done his own expense report, 
he hadn't ditched her - she'd ditched him this time.  Oh hell.

He headed home and warmed up some leftovers, then got on the computer and 
emailed Langly to share information.

Later, he stretched out on the couch and turned on an old movie, hoping 
he'd eventually drift off.  Around a quarter to one he gave up.  He wasn't 
going to sleep until he knew what was going on.  If he had done something, 
he had the right to know what it was.

They'd been growing closer, he was sure of that.  Since New Year's Eve, 
they'd spent more time together away from work, eaten together even when 
they weren't out of town on a case.  Hell they'd even watched a movie 
together once.  They weren't 'dating' of course and he hadn't had the nerve 
to try to kiss her again, but she'd seemed to enjoy their casual time 
together.  Now . . . oh hell, he sat up and muted the TV as he reached for 
the phone.

She didn't answer immediately.  For a moment he thought he was going to get 
her machine.  That brought up a tiny fear until he heard her pick up.

"Scully, hi.  Sorry if I woke you."

"I'm off-duty Mulder.  Talk to me tomorrow."  The phone went dead in his 
ear.   'Off-duty'?  What the hell did that mean?  Well, she was pissed at 
him, that was crystal clear now.

He should let it go.  When she was like this he couldn't do anything 
right.  But still . . . it had come on so suddenly, and he honestly didn't 
know what he had done.  Oh hell.

He slipped on his shoes and reached for his jacket.  She was already angry; 
he might as well go for broke.  He had enjoyed the easy intimacy they'd 
developed 'off-duty' as she had put it.  He didn't want to revert to a 
distance again.  She was the best partner he'd ever had, but she was an 
even better friend.  He wanted more, but he knew better.  A woman like her 
would never . . .

This time of night he should make good time to her apartment.  If he was 
lucky she wouldn't have fallen back asleep.

It took some sustained knocking, but he finally heard movement.  Instead of 
opening the door, he heard her voice, "Go away Mulder."

"Scully please, let me in."

"It's the middle of the night."

"Scully, what's going on?  Talk to me."

"We can talk at the office."  He heard a door shut in her apartment and 
stared in disbelief at the door.  He fingered his keys for a moment.  She 
knew he could get in; she just didn't want him to.

What in all hell had he done to piss her off so royally?  He moved toward 
his car and let himself in.  But he didn't start the engine.  He sat, 
looking at her windows, going back over the past couple of days.

After about twenty minutes his cell phone rang, causing him to jump 
violently and scaring nearly two years growth out of him.  When he got his 
breath back, he jerked the phone from his pocket.  "Mulder."  He muttered 
between gritted teeth.

"Why don't you go home?"

"I'm still trying to figure out what I did to you."

"What does it matter?"

"It matters to me, Scully.  Why are you . . . can't you talk to me?"

He heard her sigh.  "Come on in."  The phone went dead.

Yes!  He was quickly back at her door.   She opened it, her terrycloth robe 
tied tightly around her.  "Thanks Scully."

"Like I was going to get any sleep with you out there."  She still didn't 
seem very friendly. "Why didn't you . . ." She stopped and bit her lips.

"Why didn't I what, Scully?"

She shook her head.  She was acting like a fool and she'd almost gotten 
over it before he called.  She didn't care what he . . . her shoulders 
slumped, why couldn't she be honest - it did bother her.

They had been growing closer, or so she'd thought.  Personally closer, not 
just working well together.  She sighed and he moved to her side.

"I'm sorry Mulder.  I'm being stupid."

"If I'm supposed to argue with you here, let me know."  She shot him a 
withering look and he mock cringed.

"It's none of my business if you ogle other women."

"I beg your pardon?"


The totally blank look on his face seemed almost genuine.  After a long 
moment he spoke, "Darlene?"

"Come on Mulder, the woman who helped you get it off in our office this 

"Scully!"  The outrage on his face and in his voice were genuine this time 
and she flinched.

"Well, she did something to make you so happy."

"She brought me some software."


"Yeah.  Langly asked me to check on something new he'd heard about.  I 
checked and the Bureau had it.  She brought it down.

"Software.  You were that euphoric over software?"

"Yeah.  You're partnered with a world class nerd."

"Well, world class."  She glanced up at him, "I'm not sure you have the 
physical profile of a nerd."

He was able to grin then.  "She . . . this really set you off."

"Shut up Mulder."  She started to turn from him but his hand stopped her.

"I've matured Scully, yes I still enjoy a hot body."  He let his finger 
trace the design on the lapel of her robe, "but now it has to be 
accompanied by brains, and capped with gorgeous red hair."  Her eyes 
widened but to his delight she didn't pull away.  "If you don't believe me, 
you can always come over and see the thick film of dust on those videos I 
don't own."

Her cheeks darkened at that reference.  "Will you go home now?  Let me get 
some sleep?"

"That's what you want?"  He watched her eyes dilate at whatever thoughts 
were in her mind.

She physically drew herself up.  "It's late."  She watched his face fall 
slightly and ached to take him into her arms.  No!  What a stupid 
idea.  She was just horny and hormones would not help the situation right now.

"Yeah, it is.  Sorry I kept you up. See you tomorrow."  His most 
professional tone was in play now.  He turned and let himself out the 
door.  This time he didn't hesitate to start the engine and peel out toward 
his own apartment.

She returned to her bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed.  She felt 
terrible, guilty, horny and . . . oh shit.  She grabbed her paperback from 
the bedside stand and threw it across the room.  How the hell was she 
supposed to get any sleep now?

That Darlene had been willing; Scully knew she had appreciated Mulder's 
attributes.  Was it too late for him to give her a call?  Why should it be, 
her type was always available.

She crawled into the bed then and after punching her pillow several times, 
lay back down.  His driving had been erratic when he pulled out.  He was 
pissed at her, but he had no reason.  She hadn't gotten him out of 
bed.  Okay, she'd been upset with him, but he didn't really care about 
things like that.  She rolled over and looked at the clock, then punched 
the pillow once again.

Why did she let him get to her like this?  They were partners. Nothing more 
was going to develop.  Professionally, it couldn't and personally - was he 
the kind of man she wanted to . . . She flipped over again, searching her 
mind for another topic.  If she was going to be awake, she didn't have to 
think about him.

A restless, unsatisfying sleep finally overtook her, but she jerked awake 
at the sound of the alarm with the feeling of having had no sleep at 
all.  Maybe a shower would help her body; she didn't think anything was 
going to help her mood.

She was only a couple of minutes late and that was due to the morons in 
traffic this morning.  His car was already here.  Great, he'd have some 
asinine comment to make, no doubt.  Hell, she didn't even want to go to the 
office.  He'd probably be a prick about last night.

He wasn't even in the office when she arrived.  He'd been there; his coat 
was draped over the back of the chair.  He was probably in the computer 
area, making time with 'tit woman'.  She threw her briefcase down and 
headed for the coffeemaker.

He hesitated just outside the office door when he heard her.  Great, she 
was still ticked.  Before he had the chance to decide whether or not to 
make an escape, the door opened wider and she spotted him.

"Why are you standing out here?"

"I'm, I wasn't.  I was just coming in.  The transportation nazi's found a 
form I forgot to sign and they sent me a nasty email."   Now why had he 
felt he had to explain?

She sort of huffed at him and moved past him toward the elevator.

The morning did not improve.  He did the best he could to ignore her, but 
when she slammed the drawer, causing his coffee cup to shake, it was the 
last straw.

"Damn it Scully.  What is your problem?  I thought we talked this out last 

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"This 'I'm pissed and want the world to know it' act is part of it."

"I'm not - "

"Oh really?  'Tit Woman'?"  She paled, had she said that out loud?  He'd 
been right outside the door.  "If you're that impressed with her breasts, I 
must have missed something.  Maybe I ought to go upstairs and check her out 

"Well why don't you just do that!"  She rose, her eyes snapping.

He loomed over her then and before he could change his mind, grabbed her 
upper arms and pulled her toward him, pressing his lips to hers.  She 
froze, not even fighting and when he released her, he saw how wide her eyes 
were.  He felt his heart sink.

"Scully, I . . . Oh god, Scully - "

She walked past him without a word and out the door.  He sank into his 
chair and dropped his face into his hands.  What the fuck had he been thinking?

She was staring at herself in the mirror.  Splashing water on her face 
hadn't helped.  The blood was still suffusing her cheeks.  Would this blush 
never end?  What had caused this?  Why would he . . . why would he kiss 
her?  She didn't look like one of his women.  She didn't believe that 
nonsense about wanting red hair.  After all these years why would he  . . . 
all those innuendoes were just that, innuendoes.

She had to go back into the office.  Her keys were there.  Her grip on the 
sink tightened, trying to stop the shaking in her hands.

She'd enjoyed it.  No!  She shoved that thought brutally aside.  How 
pitiful could she be?  Besides, she wasn't a woman that enjoyed being 
manhandled, forced . . . Damn him!

It took forever for her to return to the office, but that's how long he was 
willing to wait.  He rose as she came in the door.  "Scully, I don't know 
what to say . . . I would never hurt you.  You've got to believe that, 
please Scully."  His voice shook slightly on her name, and part of her 
anxiety decreased.  "We both know I'm an idiot, a damn fool, but Scully . . 
. please give me another chance."

She wouldn't face him and his own fear increased exponentially.  "Why?"

"Why?  Why did I kiss you?  Do you . . . I can't explain it."  He ran his 
hand through his hair.  "How do I tell you I've wanted to for years?  How 
do I say you're so damn desirable that I didn't notice Darla's body?"

"Darlene."  But now her voice shook as she tried to take in his words

"Whatever. I didn't look at her.  I don't care about looking at her or any 
other woman, but I can't look at you.  You don't want it and I accept 
that.  I swear I won't . . . Scully forgive me and forget this ever 
happened.  Tell me you can do that."

"I need to go home."  She fumbled with the drawer to find her keys.

"Scully don't go.  Not right now.  You shouldn't drive."

"I'll be fine.  I just need some time."

"Will you let me drive you home?  I won't bother you.  I'll just drop you 
off at your place."

"I don't need - "

"Let me do this Scully.  Please."  He looked like he was about to cry.  She 
wasn't sure he'd be any safer on the road than she would.  He was 
devastated about this, as though he believed he had lost her forever.

"What about my car?"

"We'll take it.  I'll grab a cab back here."  After another long moment she 
nodded.  She wasn't sure how he would react if she refused.

They walked to the car in silence.  Twice he lifted his hand to touch the 
small of her back but stopped himself.  She made no comment.

Once at her place he got out of the car and didn't attempt to approach her 
as she emerged herself and started for the building.  "Mulder, aren't you 
coming in?"  He shook his head.  "You need to call a taxi."

He pulled out his cell phone.  "Mulder, come inside."

He followed her rather than argue and watched her open the door.  He 
entered when she motioned for him to, but stood at the door, as 
uncomfortable as she ever remembered seeing him.

"Have a seat."

"I should get going.  You wanted to be alone."

"Well I don't now.  Please sit down.  We need to . . . we need to decide 
how we're going to handle this."

"So you're going to ask for that transfer."

"Is that what you want?"  He closed his eyes and she felt fear grow in 
her.  It was as though she was backed up to a cliff, watching the past 
seven years crumble in front of her, leaving her with no stable place to stand.

"I need to get out of here."  But he didn't rise, he wasn't sure he could.

"What if . . . what if I made the first move?"

"What?"  He didn't open his eyes; he was too spent to think clearly.  She 
wasn't asking him to leave; what first move was she talking about?  Then he 
felt her move on the couch and realized she was kneeling beside him, her 
knees against his thigh.  He opened his eyes in time to see her bend down 
toward him and closed them again as she began placing little kisses on his 
lips.  He was afraid to move.  He gasped as her tongue flicked out to 
moisten his lower lip, opening his own mouth to allow her access.

When she pulled back, he didn't move.  The absence of her lips caused a 
wave of grief he hadn't anticipated.  Then he felt her settle herself into 
his lap and squirm into a comfortable position.

His physical reaction was immediate and there was no way she could fail to 
notice.  She moved again and he tried to bite down on a groan.

"So you like redheads?"  He gripped the cushions on the couch to keep from 
throwing her down and grinding himself into her.  She wasn't playing fair, 
but should he call her on it?

"What do you think you're doing?"  His teeth were gritted.

"You really didn't look at her."

"I didn't even notice her."  He was still fighting to keep his hands to 

She moved again in his lap, maximizing contact and he did take hold of her 
then, picking her up and placing her on the couch as he rose to put 
distance between them.  "What do you think you're doing?"  He asked again.

"I'm not sure.  And I'm scared.  But you're talking about ending the 

"I thought I already did, when I . . . in the office."

"No.  You startled me; you've never actually acted before.  I don't 
remember pulling away."

"Maybe not, but you didn't seem to enjoy it."  He looked up at the ceiling 
then, how far up this rabbit hole was he going to have to climb?

"Maybe we should try it again, like now, when we're both ready."

"I'm not sure I'm ready."

"You look ready."  Her eyes flicked down and back up.

"Scully."  He sighed.

She seemed to deflate in from of him.  "I'm sorry, Mulder.  I guess I . . . 
I want to be 5'9" and have heads turn when I walk into a room."

"My head always turns."

She looked away, "I look at women like Darlene, Detective White, or . . . 
or Diana and . . . "


"Nevermind.  Maybe you should leave after all."

"You know I look at you.  I told you last night.  I wasn't kidding about 
the layer of dust, Scully.  And you seemed to notice how aware I am of you 
right now."

"That's just biology."

"No, Scully.  That's desire."

"De . . .desire?"

He groaned and put his hands up, pretending to shake her violently.  "You 
are not this stupid, Scully.  You know how attractive you are, how 
desirable a woman.  You're stuck with me most of the time and I admit I 
scare a lot of people away.  I'm not going to apologize for that, I want to 
scare them away.  I hate it when other men look at you."

"Look at me?"

"Arrrrgh!"  She backed away a step caught off guard by his growl.  "All men 
look at you.  Me most of all.  I didn't notice Darlene; I wasn't interested 
in Detective White, and Diana - Scully there was nothing between Diana and 
me.  There never was."  He held out his hand and after a moment she took it.

"Desire?"  He pulled her tightly against him and her eyes widened.

"Desire, Scully.  Want me to prove it?"  The blush grew.

"Why . . . why now?"

"I never knew you were jealous before.  I didn't think you noticed; cared 
who I looked at."

"You didn't know?"  He shook his head and used the opportunity to sniff her 

"You can't take it back now Scully.  It's out in the open.  Green goes very 
well with the hair, Scully.  Very well."  He felt her relax against 
him.  Yes he liked a little green around Scully.

- Fin