Halloween Decisions (PG)


“No Mulder, no.  Don't even try.”  Scully shook her head at his puppy dog pout and he sighed.  She did look adamant.

“But Sc - “

“No.  You are not dressing Will up as a flukeman for Halloween.  Forget it.”  She hid her smile at his put upon sigh.  “Mulder, I just bought him those new pajamas that look like a baseball uniform.  He can wear that.”

“They have feet.”

“Mulder, he's two years old and it's cold at night.  Come on, I saved them just for this occasion.”

“Well, I guess I could get him a bat, and - “



 “A Nerf bat.  The furniture's distressed enough without you arming him with a wooden weapon.”

Mulder grinned sheepishly; he had ultimate responsibility for more than one of the dings to the furniture.  “Okay.  Now, what are you wearing?”

“Me?”  She looked at him, her eyebrow rising.

He nodded, grinning.

“I'm dressing up as the Mommy and answering the door to give out candy.”

“Ah come on, Scully.  Don't be a party pooper.  How about as a geisha?”

“A geisha?  A red-headed geisha.  I don't think so.”

“You could wear a wig.  Will would really love it.”

Will would love it.” She just watched him.

“Well, he'd love it until he fell asleep, then I'd take over loving it for him.”

“You're a real sport, Mulder.  No.”  She put the last dish in the dishwasher and wiped off her hands.  She bumped into Mulder as she stepped back, unaware he had moved so close.  “Uh, excuse me.”

His arms went around her.  “I think you'd make a beautiful geisha, or maybe a French maid.”

She closed her eyes, shaking her head, but chucking slightly.  “What about you?  Are you going to dress up?”

“Sure.  I guess we're not going as father and son Flukemen now.”

Her arms encircled him, “No.  That's not a very sexy costume anyway.”

“Sexy?  What do you see me as?”  He nuzzled her ear.

“I don't know, I hadn't thought about it.  Maybe . .. Zorro?”

“Zorro?  With a cape and a sword.”

“Mmm, a sword huh?”

His eyes gleamed at her blush. “I think I'm getting one now.”  He pressed against her.

The baby monitor came to life then, “Mommy!  Want some water!”

She had to laugh, letting her head fall to his chest at his expression.  “Sorry Mulder, the other man in my life is just as demanding as you are.”

“I think he knows when I'm holding you.”  He groused.

“Well, when you do go trick or treating, you can wear him out so he'll sleep all night.  How's that?”

He grunted, but allowed her to move away from him and reach for a sippy cup.

“Mommy!”  Will's voice came through the monitor again.

He wiped down the counter and the table while she was gone, pulling a clean towel from the drawer to hang on the refrigerator door.  He spotted something as he was closing the drawer, and a grin grew on his face.

He was leaning against the counter when she returned, waiting for her.

“He's down again, Mulder, I'm not sure he was really awake.”  She stopped, watching him.  “What?”

“What?” He asked innocently.

“That look.  What's going on in that perverted mind of yours, Mulder?”

“Perverted, huh?”

“Positively Frohikian.”

“So little trust.  I just came up with the perfect costume for you.  Of course, it will be better if you do stay home.”

“Mulder - “

“Curious, Scully?” 

Her eyes narrowed, and he stepped closer, pulling a box from behind his back.  “We could see how it fits tonight, just to check it out.”

She stared at the box of Saran Wrap, then up at his face.  She struggled but lost, breaking into a smile herself.  “Mulder . . . “

“You said he was asleep.  We should take advantage before the sugar high gets him, after all that candy.”

She rolled her eyes, but the smile didn't completely leave her lips and that gleam was back in her eyes.  "He's not going to have a su - "

His lips cut off the rest of that statement.  You didn't have to be spooky to really get into Halloween . . .