Healing Touches (PG13)


"It’s a boy, Dana! Fox, you have a son!" Scully collapsed back against his chest, the pain receding. Mulder brushed the wet curls back again and kissed her forehead.

"Scully.’’ It was the only word he could whisper. One of his hands reached down to touch the infant now lying on her stomach.

"We have a gush. Get the baby out of the way! Fox, get back!"

"What is it? What’s happening!" Blood, he was standing in blood, too much blood, her blood.

"It’s too late, Fox. She’s gone. I told you it was too dangerous for her to have your baby! This is your fault, all your fault, Fox! She’s gone because of you! Because of you!"


He woke gasping for breath, sweat stinging his eyes. He fell back against the pillow. When he was physically able he hauled himself out of bed. No more sleep tonight. He shouldn’t have let them talk him into leaving. He threw on some clothes and headed back to the hospital.

Once there he took a short detour to go past the nursery. He spotted Langley at his post. "Mulder? I thought you were going home to get some rest."

"No more tonight."

"Yeah." He took in Mulder’s appearance. "Everything’s cool here. Go be with Scully."

"Thanks." He tore his eyes away from his son and headed toward her room. The nurse caught him as he approached the door.

"Mr. Mulder, you know visiting hours are over."

"I have to be here."

"She needs her rest."

"I won’t wake her." The nurse sighed, she wasn’t getting rid of him, and to be honest, she didn’t blame him. It had been tense earlier.

He opened the door silently and made his way in. She was still so horribly pale. They were giving her more blood. He’d thought that was over. He hadn’t left until they threw him out, after completing the third unit. If something had happened why hadn’t they called him?

He placed a chair next to her bed, looking again at the tubes and wires around her. He’d almost lost her. God, he’d come so close to losing her. He put his face in his hands.

When she woke she found him beside her, his head on the bed. She turned as the door opened and put her finger to her lips so that the nurse wouldn’t wake him. The nurse nodded and helped Dana adjust herself to hold the baby for nursing. At Dana’s nod she left. As the baby suckled her she kept looking between these two males in her life, both so critical to her well being.

She had changed breasts and the baby was adjusting to the new angle when Mulder woke and raised his head.

"Scully." His eyes devoured her, then widened as he realized her activity. "Scully, we talked about this. You weren’t going to nurse him."

"As I recall, you did all the talking. I never said I wouldn’t, Mulder." She held up her hand to forestall his protests. "Stop. I am going to nurse him, Mulder. I never thought I’d have this opportunity and I may never have it again. I’m not going to miss this."

He kept silent though in his mind he was screaming – hell no, you’ll never go through this again! No way, I will never put you in that jeopardy again. Never!

By this time the baby had finished and was making what he could only describe as snuffling noises. She reached to pull the covers off of her.

"Wait, wait. What are you doing?"

"I need to change him."

"I’ll do it." That was when he noticed she was down to one IV. No more blood. "Just stay in bed."

"You haven’t said that to me lately."

"Just wait." He took the baby from her arms. He did a more than credible job with the diaper then sat holding him, while she watched them.

They both looked up at the tap on the door. " Well, you guys look like a family." Linda came in the room. "How are you feeling Dana?"

"I’m fine." Linda studied her face, but kept quiet.

"Fox, why don’t you go get a cup of coffee? Let me examine her."

"I’d rather stay."

"And I’d rather you leave, and I outrank you here. The short one can stay, he’ll be fine."

"It’s okay Mulder." He was obviously not happy, but he placed the baby in his bassinet then leaned over and kissed her.

"I’ll be right outside. The last thing I need is coffee."

Linda waited until the door was closed behind him then, "Okay, the truth now. How do you feel?"

"Linda. . ." she sighed. "Not good. I’m so weak."

"That’s to be expected. Dana, you lost a lot of blood. I hate to do it, but I think I should do an internal."

"Linda, it’s not that bad. Give me a little longer."

"You’re still bleeding."

"Not much. Come on. My blood pressure is better. I’m not supposed to be feeling great. I did just have a baby."

"Nearly twelve hours ago. Okay, okay. Two hours, then you’re having the full exam. "

"Agreed. Listen, don’t say anything to Mulder."

"Why would I want to talk to him?"

"Linda. . . " it was a warning tone. Linda grinned.

"Rest. I’ll be back." Linda pulled the covers back up, completing her short exam.

As he’d promised, Mulder was waiting outside. "How is she?"

"I didn’t do a complete exam yet. I’ll give her a little more time."

Mulder shoved down the annoyance. He and Linda didn’t get along that well, he knew how attracted she was to Scully, even if it wasn’t reciprocated. But she had saved Scully’s life, he had no doubt in his mind of that. He owed her everything.

"Please Linda, tell me how she’s doing."

"A lot better than she was." She looked up into his eyes. He loved Dana beyond all bounds. She sighed, "Come on in here." She led him into an empty room. "Fox, I’d have done a section if there had been time, but she was already presenting when you arrived."

"Yeah." His shoulders slumped. "Things went to hell when her water broke. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it at all."

"It’s a damn good thing you did."

He sank onto the bed, not sure his legs could support him any longer. "Is she going to be okay? She shouldn’t be nursing, should she?"

"Fox, she’s strong. Strong willed too. We’re not going to talk her out of it. And take my word for it, she’s not going to leave you any time soon. Go on, she needs you."

He nodded and stood. "Thanks Linda."

"Yeah. Take care of her Fox." She watched him leave the room. He was one hell of a lucky man, whether he knew it or not.

He made his way back to her room to find Byers cooing over his son in Scully’s arms. "Byers?"

"Oh, uh, hi." He straightened up, embarrassed. Mulder grinned at him. "It’s my shift. Just wanted to say hi."

Mulder sobered, "I appreciate what you guys are doing."

"It’s nothing Mulder. I’ll talk to you later." He left and shortly the nurse came to get the baby.

"You need to get some rest, Scully."

"You too. Why don’t you head on home? Everything’s under control here. You’ll rest better there."

That brought back the nightmare that had rushed him here in the first place. "Believe me, I’d rather be here."

She patted the bed, "Well, come here then."

"I don’t want to hurt you."

"You won’t. Come on, I’ll feel better in your arms." Well there was no doubt in his mind he’d feel better too, so he carefully lay beside her making sure her IV was not tangled.

She relaxed into his arms and was asleep shortly. He held her gently, smoothing her hair when she stirred. He did actually drift off himself, but woke when the door opened and Linda entered.

"That’s not what I meant." She hissed at him.

He grinned at her and carefully began moving out of the bed.

"Um, no. Mulder stay." She reached for him.

"We’re at the hospital Scully. Linda’s here."

"What? Oh, sorry." She tried to move herself to a sitting position and he had her in his arms helping her. Linda actually had to turn away, it was such an intimate gesture.

"Okay, out Fox."

"Linda, its Mulder." Scully tried for the umpteenth time.

"Yeah right. Out, now."

"You really enjoy this, don’t you?"

"You better believe it. Go!" He turned to Scully and shrugged, then headed out.

Linda took in her appearance. "You look a lot better. You even have color in your cheeks. How’s the pain?"

"Now that you mention it, it’s gone. I do feel better. I told you I just needed a little time."

Linda did another abbreviated exam. "This is unreal. Nobody improves like this in a couple of hours. Did you do anything?"


"In Fox’s arms."

Scully blushed at that. "Well, yes." Linda looked at her curiously.

"Is that all you did?"

"What do you mean? We couldn’t. . . I mean, Linda, what?"

"I’d keep him close, Dana. Whatever it is you two do for each other, it works. I’d put money on the fact that you gave birth at least a week ago if you were anyone else’s patient."

"Be serious Linda."

"I am Dana. I should release you right now, but I’m going to wait for a couple more hours. Is this the kind of thing you and Fox investigate?"

Dana, her eyes wide, nodded slowly. "Do the complete exam Linda. Now." Linda’s eyes narrowed, but she nodded. She went to the door and called for a nurse to assist her. Mulder who had been waiting just outside the door stiffened.

"What? Is she worse? Does she need more blood?"

"Cool it Fox, she’s fine."

"Then why are you doing this? Tell me the truth Linda!" He desperately wanted to shake her, but he wasn’t completely sure she couldn’t take him right now. His knees were actually weak, something was going on and it had to do with Scully’s health. Was he still going to lose her?

Linda watched the fear grow on his face. "Fox, listen to me. She’s fine; that’s the problem. She’s healing too quickly, it’s not possible and I want to find out what’s happening. Or are you going to tell me it was your magic touch?"

His eyes narrowed. Was she taunting him? No, Linda wouldn’t play with Scully’s well being any more than he would. "I’m going to be in there."

"You are not. I don’t need you second-guessing me. The nurse will be all the assistance I need."

"Ask Scully if she wants me there." The tone was low, barely menacing, but sure of his ground. He saw Linda flinch; she knew what Scully would want.

"You stay out of my way and keep your smart mouth shut." She glared up at him; he’d won this one. "Come on."

She did a more than thorough examination, much more extensive than she’d ever done this soon after delivery. Dana was healed; hell she could probably have sex tonight if she wanted to. Linda shuddered at the thought. "What?" Damn that man was watching her closely.

"Take her home, Fox." She snapped the gloves from her hands.

"What?" He was staring at her, his mouth open.

"I said take her home. She’s completely healed. Dana, do you have any explanation?"

Scully slowly shook her head. "Let ‘s go home Mulder. Get Will and let’s get out of here." He was looking back and forth between them, totally at a loss.

Her mind had flitted back to Alfred Fellig. No! She wouldn’t go there, she’d never really shared that information with Mulder anyway, not all of it, because she couldn’t believe. But he would and while it might make him feel better right now. . . She didn’t want to live long enough to forget this man. Right now all she wanted was to go home and be with him, him and their son. She’d see what happened tomorrow.