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The door was barely closed when he felt the soft caress of a thumb across his bottom lip.  He didn’t try to hide the smile.  She was getting stronger.  Who would have thought his lip would be such an erogenous zone, but with her, everything was - especially when he’d been away four days and nights.  He should be grateful she hadn’t caressed anywhere else.


Before the thought was fully formed he felt her phantom hand caress his length.  \Better watch it, Scully.  It’s not a good idea for a child psychologist to leave an interview with a boner.\ She gave him a little squeeze and he hissed, retaliating with a tongue across her nipple.  He felt the laugh.


\I’ll be home this evening.  Keep the engine running.\ He adjusted his clothing and let himself out of the interview room.


He thanked the principal and headed for the airport.  He stowed his carry-on into the overhead compartment and took his seat.  He closed his eyes to forestall the flight attendant who seemed to be homing in on him.  She should spend her time on someone who was available.  That certainly wasn’t him.


He’d been gone four days and four nights.  He’d been to five cities, interviewed over fifty kids.  He’d found several possibilities and now Danny and Katy were honed in on them.  There were over 200 potentials now.


Things had moved quickly since Jeremiah had burst into their lives.  He had left them that night, after returning Danny, to give them family time.  Walter had started to leave too, but Katy had reached for him and he hadn’t been able to refuse her.


They had huddled together, a small family with devastating information.  2012, it seemed so close.  Was there time to do anything?


It was Skinner that broke the silence.  “Scully, do you think that your nephew might . . . “


Mulder huffed and pulled Scully closer to him.


“Dad, it’s a possibility,” Danny said quietly.


“How would we find out?” Scully asked the room at large.


“I’d need to meet him; get close enough to,” the boy shrugged.  “To check him out.”


“Scully, it would mean seeing your family again,” Mulder spoke in a soft voice, watching her.  The light that leapt into her eyes blew away most of his concerns.


“Mom?” Scully’s voice was full of wonder.


Mulder met Danny’s eyes and the boy nodded.  “We’d have to be careful, Scully, but Monica could reach your mother, set up a meeting with her.  Maybe we could set up a meeting in some city.  Get her to pave the way for us to see Matthew.”


“Would it safe for us, for the children?” Her voice was yearning, but practical.


“We’ll make it safe, the guys, John and Monica, they’ll help us.”  Mulder looked over at Skinner.  After a moment Skinner nodded.


“We need to contact them anyway.  They’re worried about Danny.  Let them think about ways to make this happen.  We’re all a little too close to it.”




Scully laughed out loud at the whoop that Frohike let out when he heard that Danny was back and safe.  They listened carefully to the information Jeremiah had given them.  There was a pause, then John cleared his throat.  “You want us to contact your mother and tell her you’re alive?”


“No,” Mulder said quickly.  “Get her out of the house; take her to dinner or something.  She needs to stay calm, no one can know.  Make sure she understands that.  We’ll set up a place to meet, not here and not there.  Junior here can tell us where.” Mulder winked at the boy.  “We’ll get back to you about that.”



The meeting with Maggie had been surprisingly easy to arrange.  She was waiting in the back of the noisy restaurant, watching the couples dance when Monica arrived.


Maggie was patient until the waitress left with their order, then as soon as the music rose again, she leaned forward.  “I doubled back twice and I saw no one following me.  Have you heard from Dana?”


“Uh, Mrs. Scully - “


“Maggie, please.  Tell me, she is with Fox, isn’t she?”


At that Monica smiled a little.  “Yes, they’re together.  They want to meet with - “


“When and where?”


Monica sat back, slightly stunned.




“I just expected this conversation to go a little differently.  You know, persuade you that Dana was alive and - “


“Dana would not harm herself.  Not after she survived the death of her son and Mulder leaving so abruptly.”


Monica nodded.  Keeping quiet about some things was the plan.  “I don’t have details yet, Maggie.  We want to keep everyone safe, but soon, within the next couple of weeks.”


Maggie’s shoulders relaxed and she remained silent as their drinks were placed on the table.  Once they were alone again, she nodded.  “I’ll be ready.”


“You can’t even tell your sons.”


“I know, but, they are all right.  I mean, they’re not getting in touch because . . . “


“No.  They’re both healthy.  Some developments have occurred that might mean they could be in touch, if not actually come home.”


Maggie closed her eyes, sending a quick prayer of gratitude.  When she opened her eyes she changed the subject and they discussed the influx of tourists for the season. 




Monica was as good as her word.  It was less than a week before she met Maggie again.  The same precautions were employed and again they were ignored by everyone in the surroundings.


“Atlanta.  It’s large enough for anyone to go to ground and not be seen again.”  Monica grinned.  “And I’m just talking about the airport.  I have your ticket and your ID.  You’ll be Martha Stevens.  You have reservations at the Comfort Suites Airport and the shuttle will pick you up.”


“This ID looks real.”


“It better.  You’ll be using it to board the plane.  There’s also a credit card in there for the hotel.”


“I can afford - “


“That’s not the issue, Maggie,” Monica interrupted her.  “You’re leaving during rush hour, 4:45 p.m. It’s only a two hour flight, so you’ll be there before 7.  Take the shuttle to the hotel, it’s already confirmed and go to your room.  Wait there.  Don’t use the phone.  You’ll be contacted.”


“This sounds more James Bond every minute,” the older woman said ruefully.  “I’m not complaining,” she said quickly as Monica started to speak.  “It’s just different for me.  I’ve never worked for the FBI.”


“You’ll be fine.  Don’t check your bag.  Just take a carry-on.  If you need to borrow - “


“I have one.  It won’t be a long visit I guess.” Her face fell slightly.


“It’s a first visit, Maggie.  Don’t worry.  Things really do seem to be . . . loosening up.”


Maggie took a deep breath and nodded. 




Maggie let herself into the small suite and looked around.  No note, not that she had really expected anything to be written down.  Whatever Mulder’s faults, and she’d heard about them all multiple times from Bill over the years, he would not take any chances with Dana’s safety.


It was hard to remain calm.  She finally flipped on the TV just for the noise, but  she couldn’t sit still.  She was fiddling with the controls when there was a knock on the door.


The remote control fell from her hands as she jumped to her feet.  She looked through the peephole and saw the back of a large man wearing a baseball cap.  That wasn’t Mulder, he wasn’t that large, at least he hadn’t been.


Regardless, this adventure was to see her daughter again and she was going to do that.  She opened the door and gasped.  “Walt - “


He stepped inside and closed the door.


“I thought you - “


“I know.  I’m sorry to startle you like that, but we want to keep everyone out of sight as much as possible.”


She took his hand and then hugged him.  “I was so upset when I heard you had been killed.  I attended your - “ she stopped, flustered.


Walter smiled.  “Thank you.  It’s nice to know one person that really cared was there.  But I know you have other things on your mind right now.  We can catch up later if there’s time.  I know some people that are very anxious to see you.”


The hand he took was trembling slightly and he gave it a quick squeeze, then led her out into the hall.


They moved toward the elevators, but passed them without a glance.  Halfway down the next hall, Walter stopped and rapped his knuckle against the door twice sharply.  There was a moment, while Maggie knew they were observed, then the door opened and Walter guided her inside.  She turned immediately and saw Mulder tucking his gun into his waistband at his back.


“Magg - “ Then he was in her arms.  His closed around her as well and his relief at this kind of welcome soared.


She stepped back to check him out.  “You look good, healthy.”

”Your daughter takes very good care of me,” he said, glancing over at the bedroom door as it opened.


“Mom.”  Scully rushed to her mother’s side and was enveloped by her as both shed more than a couple of tears of joy.  Maggie felt the gun at her daughter’s waist as well, but didn’t speak of it.  They knew, better than she, what was needed.


After a moment they sat on the couch together.  Mulder took the chair nearest the door, leaving Walter at a flanking position. 


Maggie looked at each of them as she accepted the tissue Scully offered.  “Tell me everything you can,” Maggie said firmly.


Scully looked over at Mulder, then back to her mother.  “There’s someone I’d like you to meet first.”  The bedroom door opened again and Danny joined them, watching the older woman shyly.


“This is our son, Danny.”


“Your . . . the baby!  You didn’t lose, he wasn’t stillb-  Oh my god.”  She was on her feet then, and had snatched the boy against her.  She was still talking, Mulder could make out another ‘oh my god’ and a ‘thank you lord’ but mostly she was hugging the stuffings out of the boy.  Eventually she released him enough to return to the couch, but kept her arm around him as she turned on Mulder and Scully.  “You could have told me he was alive at least!”


“Mom - “


“Maggie, I’m sorry.  We couldn’t,” Mulder interrupted.  “Neither Danny nor Scully would have been safe if anyone had known.”  He took hold of the hand that Scully raised toward him.  “I can only imagine what everyone thought; the fact that I deserted her in her grief, but we had no choice.”

Maggie stared at both of them long and hard, but then nodded.  “You took a baby only a few hours old and . . . I can’t believe it.”


Mulder shrugged. “I got pretty good at diapers.”


Danny chuckled and Maggie pulled him tight against her again.  “Thank you.”


“I’m still reeling that she trusted me that much,” Mulder said softly, looking over at Scully who smiled.


Maggie said nothing, just watching the two of them.


Danny looked over at the bedroom door, then back at Mulder.  Mulder started to rise, but Walter spoke up.  “Let me.”  Mulder nodded and settled back.  Walter entered the bedroom.  Maggie didn’t ask what was going on, since no one had drawn a gun.  She continued talking to Danny, asking him his favorite foods and games.


She looked up when Walter rejoined them with a baby girl in his arms.  Maggie’s mouth dropped open.  She looked quickly at Scully, then over at Mulder.  The baby looked at her, then let her head rest on Walter’s chest.  Walter brought the baby to Maggie and she raised her arms to take her.


“This is our daughter, Katy,” Scully said.


“Daughter.  You had a daughter,” Maggie’s voice was full of wonder as she cuddled the baby against her.  After a moment she looked over at Mulder.  “Have you changed as many diapers this time?”


He laughed lightly.  “Uh, not quite.”


“I decided to give him a break this time,” Scully came to his rescue.  “Especially since he ended up delivering her.”


Maggie blinked, speechless for a moment.  She turned to Mulder.  “You delivered -  “


“Scully delivered her.  I just happened to be there.”


“Somehow I don’t believe that,” she turned back to Scully.  “How old is she?”


“Eight months.  She’s crawling like a champ and beginning to pull up.  She’s got six teeth and loves French fries.”  Scully cut her eyes at Mulder at that and he looked suitably chastised.


Maggie laughed out loud then and hugged both of her grandchildren to her.  “Fox, you’ve done something neither of my sons has been able to do.”


“What’s that?” Mulder asked, glancing over at Scully.


“You’ve given me a granddaughter.”


His Adam’s apple bobbed.  “Glad to do it,” he murmured, looking  back at Scully.  He cleared his throat.  “Is anyone getting hungry?”


“Yeah,” Danny answered immediately.


Walter chuckled at that.  “Why don’t I make a food run?  You guys need some time.”


Maggie’s head immediately came up.  “Is it safe for you be out there alone?”


“Thank you, Maggie.  Yes, I’ll be fine.”


Maggie looked over at Mulder for reassurance.  “He will be okay, Maggie.”


“Well hurry back,” she said finally.


“Can we have pizza?” Danny asked.


Scully looked over at Mulder, but he wouldn’t meet her eyes.  “I wonder who’s idea that is,” she said dryly.  She looked up at Walter.  “Sure, go ahead.  Make sure one of them is a veggie pizza.”


“Yes ma’am,” Walter grinned.  “I won’t be long.”


Once he was gone and Mulder had secured the room again, Maggie turned to Scully.  “How can you be sure he’s safe?”


Scully hesitated, glancing over at Mulder.  “Mom . . . Danny and Katy are special.  Not just because they’re Mulder’s children.” 


Mulder’s head came up at that.  Danny smiled at him and he kept quiet.


“Of course they’re special.  I don’t understand.”


“Maggie,” Mulder moved his chair to sit closer to her.  “You know that Scully had tests run on her during her abduction.”


The older woman’s look of alarm caused Scully to move closer.  Danny did as well and Katy touched her face.


“I, uh, I also had things done to me while I was gone.”


Maggie ran her hands through her grandson’s hair.  He looked so much like his father.  “We’re not sick, Gramma,” Danny assured her.


“In fact both kids are extraordinarily healthy, Mom.  You don’t have to worry about that.”


“So what are you talking about?”


Mulder looked over at Danny.  He nodded at his father.  “Gramma, you don’t have to try to convince Bill that Dad’s a good guy.”


Maggie blinked at that.  “I don’t understand.”


“And the blue dress you were looking for is at the cleaners.  Remember, you took it in after you spilled something on it at the garden club meeting.”


Her mouth opened, but no words came out.  Scully’s hand rested on her arm.  “Mom, it’s true.  Danny can read your mind, but he won’t unless you give him permission.”


“But how - “


“The things that were done to Scully and me,” Mulder said sadly. 


“It, it’s changed the children?”


“We’re not freaks, Gramma.  We can - “


“Of course you’re not freaks!  Who would think such a thing?” Maggie crushed him against her.  He relaxed and cuddled up against her.  Scully closed her eyes in relief and felt Mulder’s arm go around her.  She leaned into him and they sat together in silence for a few moments.




They had eaten their pizza and Katy was gnawing on a piece of crust when Maggie looked around.  “What can you tell me?”


Scully drew a deep breath.  “Mulder was right all along, Mom.  He understood what was going on.  Now we have a, an idea of a way to fight back.”


“Aliens?” Maggie looked at Walter to see if he was smiling.  He wasn’t.


“Maggie, you need to listen,” he said gently.


She paled slightly, but nodded.


“Mom, the children, they’re the key to fighting the beings that want to take over the planet.”


“They’re babies!  You can’t think that these two little children - “


“No, they need help.  That’s what we’re going to have to do now.  Find other children that ours can train.  It’s evolution in action, Maggie.  But the kids will be safer when there are more of them.”


Maggie looked around at each of them.  “This discussion isn’t over, but for now, what can I do to help?”


Scully’s sigh of relief drew a smile from Mulder.  “We’ve been told that there’s the possibility that this ability might run in families.  It’s enhanced in our children because of the all of tests and, and things done to us.  There aren’t any other Mulders, so that leaves our family.”


“Will and Sam?” Maggie asked immediately.


“Because of their age, puberty comes into play.  We were thinking Matt.”


Maggie’s eyes widened.  “Bill’s son?”


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