Homebody (R)

Oh good, she’s home and she looks mostly relaxed.  That means she doesn’t have to go out of town this weekend.   Yep, she’s kicking off her shoes and tossing the briefcase on the desk without opening it!  Always a good sign.

Her jacket’s off now and she’s heading toward the bedroom.  This looks better and better.  Pantyhose on the floor!

Now she's padding into the kitchen in her robe and getting a glass of wine.  This is wonderful; she's not planning to go out tonight.

She's heading toward the bath now with her wine.  Is she going to . . . yes!  A long hot bath.  She only uses the lilac when she's going to take her time.

She looks good with a ponytail, even though not all of her hair stays up.  The little pieces that come loose curl nicely along her neck.  She shouldn't go to such lengths to straighten her hair.  It's very pretty naturally, but when she leaves every morning she tries to look so severe.

She's turned on the CD player; ah that light jazz she likes so much.

She's slipping into the tub now, lying back with her eyes closed, savoring the heat and the aroma.

She'll do that for awhile, but hopefully she'll . . . already?  She's already touching herself.  Something must have happened at work to get her this . . . ready.  Her finger is lightly outlining her nipple; the other hand is under the bubbles.   She's already starting to purr, but she's never finished until she gasps.

She doesn't do this often enough.  Not considering the way she enjoys it.  It's almost as if she feels guilty giving herself this pleasure.  She's beginning to shiver, it won't be long now.  Yes!  She's gasping out his name.  She's always the most relaxed when she invokes his name.  In fact, she always uses his name anymore.

Now she'll lie back and just unwind until the water gets too cool.

Probably the most relaxed she's ever been here was that night he came over with the bottle of wine.  They talked that night, really talked and not about work - that was the first time they'd ever done that.   But then, just as things were heating up, he showed up again except that he was already here and he broke the door down.  That was . . . well that was never explained.

He's not happy about her living here.  He doesn't think she's protected, but I do the best I can.  Okay, so I'm on the ground floor - that's not exactly something I can control.  And yes, a lot of people have gotten in here - Duane Barry, Donny Pfaster, Victor Tooms; okay so maybe this isn't the safest place on earth.  But none other would want to protect her more.  Does that count for anything?  If you get technical, he's broken down the door more than anyone else.

She's getting out now, moving slowly, savoring how relaxed she is.   It's wonderful when she's like this.  She'll eat something light; she doesn't usually even cook when she's like this.  Maybe she'll order in.

Damn!  The phone.  She shouldn't be disturbed when she's like this.  Who is it?  She's blushing!  Then it’s probably him.  Is he going to call her out tonight?  No!  She's in for the night, she's mine tonight.  Give her a break.

Well now it's all spoiled.  She's all worked up again and now that she's hung up, she's rushing into the bedroom.  She's getting dressed; true it is casual clothes, tights and that sweater with the deep V-neck.  So she's not going out on a case.  When she heads out on a case, even at night, she puts on those severe, professional clothes.

Okay, so she's going somewhere casual.  But it's so much nicer here when she stays in.  She's touching up her makeup, putting on lipstick.  What in the world is going on with her?  She's not usually this excited just to run out.

The doorbell?  She almost never has company this late.  Look at her eyes, she's delighted, whoever it is.  She's checking the peephole and actually adjusting her sweater so that the neckline exposes maximum cleavage.  Who the hell?

Him?  It's only him.  Okay, he's brought a pizza but still, that's nothing to get so excited about.  Unless . . . is this going to be like that other night, the night he showed up twice?  He's checking out the sweater.  She might think he's only bending over to put the pizza on the coffee table, but his eyes are on that V.

Well, this could be interesting, fascinating in fact.  And it certainly looks like she's staying in tonight.  I wonder, would he ever stay over too?

I like being her apartment.  She's not here enough, but I guess I don't mind if he stays over, it's better than her staying over at his place.  Yeah, if having him here makes her this happy, this relaxed . . . I just want her to be happy, whatever it takes, even him.