Immortality (R)


Scully didnít realize there was someone behind her until it was too late. She felt rather than saw the limb coming toward her, but it was too late. She collapsed from the blow barely conscious. She managed to open her eyes to see Mulder had her assailant and had managed to cuff her arms behind her.

"Scully, can you hear me?"

"Yes." It was all she could manage.

He carefully parted her hair to reveal the gash. "Oh Scully, weíve got to get you some help." He had pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and pressed it gently against her wound. She drew in a sharp breath.

"Iím sorry, Scully. No, just lie still." She had started to rise.

"Mulder, check her." She was focused on the woman that had assaulted her.


"Weíve got a problem, Mulder. I think sheís in labor."

"Sheís what?" He looked back over at the woman. Shit, she was pregnant. He felt a momentary twinge of guilt for his handling of her, but that passed as he remembered her attack on Scully. "Sheíll be okay, itís you Iím worried about."

"Try the phone again, Mulder."

"Weíre in a dead spot, Scully. Iíve tried. Iím going to make you comfortable, then Iíll have to walk out for help."

"You canít leave, Mulder. I donít think I can deliver her. Youíre going to have to do it."

"No! I mean. . . Scully?" His eyes were wide with disbelief.

The bleeding still hadnít stopped on her head wound, but she removed the handkerchief and again attempted to rise.

"Scully, stop it! You need to stay still."

"Then youíre going to have to examine her, Mulder. See how close she is to delivering."

"Scully, she canít be that close." No way, he was already sidling away from her, at least inside. His balls were trying desperately to climb back up inside him.

"I think sheís had two contractions just while weíve been talking about it. You need to uncuff her."

"After what she did to you?"

"Sheís going to need her hands while sheís pushing. Mulder, please, youíve got to help her."

He closed his eyes for an instant. How the hell was he supposed to handle this? Deliver a baby? He couldnít always watch an autopsy. But Scully was right; something was definitely going on with the woman. He could hear her stifled moans and now that he was looking, the heaving of her stomach where the fabric of her smock was pulled tight. Oh shit.

He squeezed Scullyís hand for reassurance, hers or his, he wasnít sure. Then he uncuffed the womanís hands from behind her back, cuffing just one to the sofa she had retreated to while he checked on Scully.

Her breathing was harsh and ragged, and her one free arm was clutching at her swollen abdomen. She still hadnít spoken.

"Listen, my partner says I need to check and see how close to delivery you are, so try to relax, okay?"

She turned her face away, but not before he saw the grimace of pain as her belly tightened again. He tentatively reached for the hem of her smock when she kicked out at him, catching one of his arms before she groaned and curled in on herself.

"Look, lady, this isnít in my job description, but if you want us to help you, youíre going to have to cooperate. Scully? What do I do?"

"Get her underwear off." Mulder rolled his eyes. "Then spread her knees apart and use your fingers to check her dilation."

"Scully. . . " She couldnít be serious, there was no way. . .

"If you see any other options, let me know."

"Shit." Scully tried to smile encouragingly but the pain in her head was growing.

"Is this. . . is this your first baby?" It was getting difficult for her to talk.

"Itís my third." The woman huffed.

"Then help him with your sensations. Can you feel the head?"

ĎHell yes! Itís splitting me in two!" She groaned again.

"Scully, I can. . . oh god, I can see the head, the top of the head."

"She needs to push, Mulder." Scully couldnít focus her eyes anymore. Mulder was going to have to handle this. Scully heard the woman scream, then the sound changed to a more high-pitched cry. The baby. Darkness swallowed her.


She opened her eyes. She tried moving her head, not bad. Probably due to some really fine pain medication. This was definitely a hospital room. What city? Oh yeah, they had been out in the middle of nowhere. The baby! Had Mulder. . . ? Thatís when she spotted him in the chair. He was asleep, but not peacefully. Even as she watched he jolted awake, "Scully!"

"Mulder, itís okay. Iím right here."

He slouched back against the chair and rubbed his face.

"What happened?"

"I hiked out to where the phone would work and had you air-lifted out."

"I mean with the baby."

"Heís fine, so is Stella."

"You got her name?" She smiled.

"Well, I know her a little better than most women I come in contact with. You could have given me a little more warning about what happens after the baby is actually delivered, but its over." He shuddered again.

Scully struggled to keep a straight face.

"Iím going to make damn sure all of our kids are delivered in a sterile hospital with lots of drugs for both of us." He realized heís spoken aloud by the look on her face. "I mean. . . Scully. . "

"Our kids." She looked away.

By the time heíd reached the bed she had lost her struggle with composure.

"Scully, please. Iím sorry. The dream, I was dreaming I had to deliver our baby. Itís been a bad day, and Iím a rotten doctor. I didnít know what you do for you or Stella."

"Iím okay, Mulder. Sometimes it catches me of guard. I donít spend a lot of time thinking about being barren, and

then. . . "

The light dawned. He made a silent vow never to speak again until he was fully and completely awake, regardless of whatever nightmare heíd experienced.

"Oh Scully, thatís not what I. . . " She reached for him and he carefully took her in his arms, stretching out beside her in the narrow bed to hold her without allowing her to sit up. He wasnít going to let her go anytime soon. Heíd almost lost her today, the feel of her in his arms was almost more than he could take.

He let her cry into his chest, very lightly caressing her back. Trying to hold his own thoughts away from the feel of her against his length. He kept murmuring comforting words to her, until finally, when she would not be comforted, "Scully, you can have children of your own one day, when youíre ready."

"Mulder, we both know I canít." Her voice held such despair.

"No, I. . . I have some of your ova."

"You what?" She drew away from him. His grip tightened, this wasnít the time or place that heíd planned to tell her. All he needed was her hatred for keeping this from her. From the look in her eye he knew the conversation was going to take place now, regardless.

"Kurt gave me a vial of your ova. Itís being stored in a safe place. All you have to do it find someone you want to borrow 23 chromosomes from and do the in vitro thing."

ĎYou have my eggs? How long, I donít. . . ?"

"Thatís not important." He hated reliving that memory, heíd truly thought he was going to lose her.

"Not important!"

"Scully, donít be angry. You had cancer, you didnít even know about your sterility. There was no need to get into it, I didnít want to add to what you were going through. But youíre well now and I was going to tell you, not tonight, but. . . "

"Weíre going to have a long talk about this Mulder, but right now, are you sure itís my ova and theyíre viable." Her voice was trembling, as well as her hand.

"Iím as sure as I can be their yours. You can test them on that and the viability, canít you?"

"Yes. Where," she was becoming breathless, "where was a safe place?"

"The guys have them."


"Well, Byers. Frohike was threatened with several versions of castration if he went near them." He tried a grin on her, she didnít hit him.

Her face was still wet, but he could see the joy beginning to grow in her eyes.

"So all I need is to get someone to lend me 23 chromosomes."

ĎYeah, you find the right guy, and. . . "

ĎWhat if Iíve already found him?"

Mulder felt an instantaneous flash of fear. Who had she found? What man did she want to father her children? He realized her arms had tightened around him.

"I donít suppose youíve got 23 to spare?"

He stared into her eyes, afraid to breathe, afraid to move, but mostly afraid to believe sheíd actually said those words.

He watched the color rise on her face, "Iím sorry, Mulder. I shouldnít have. . . "

"Oh Scully." He crushed her against him, "Everything I have is yours. Everything!"

"You know, we really shouldnít start this project right now." He saw the glint of amusement in her eyes and became aware that the greens the hospital had lent him were completely inadequate to disguise the fact that his raging hard on was pressing into her stomach. He needed to say something, what was the etiquette on such occasions? He did actually open his mouth to respond, but it turned into a groan as her hand wrapped itself around him.

No, he couldnít take this today, his control was gone. He had thought Stella had killed her when that branch connected with her head, then heíd had to deliver Stellaís baby and all the accompanying baggage with that, then he had to leave them alone together to get help, and finally the nightmare of delivering his and Scullyís own child, watching her in the kind of pain Stella had suffered and being next to useless to her. Oh god, her tongue licked away the pre-cum at his tip.

"Scully." At least thatís what heíd tried to say. Her tongue caressed him from tip to base and his whole body shuddered. When she took him into her mouth all coherent thought left him and somewhere he knew he was thrusting into her mouth. He was trying desperately to hold back and she was aware of it. She lifted her mouth from him and looking into his eyes said only, "Please." She engulfed him again and he exploded into a million pieces, his brain dissolving and pouring south with the rest of his sensations.

She took his shuddering body into her arms and held him tightly. "Mulder, Iíve got you. Come on back to me. I wonít let go."

Whatever part of his brain she hadnít burnt out heard her and then he felt her lips on his. He could taste himself on her lips.

"Scully." It was the only word he could form.

She smiled at him. "Welcome back." He wasnít smiling, just gazing into the depths of her soul. She felt a moment of fear, could she bear to be loved this much, or to love him this much? Would either of them be able to withstand all the commitments and. . . and, this was Mulder. She already did love him this much and had for a long time. The love she was feeling from him was familiar as well; just open now, out where everyone could see it.

"Oh god, Mulder." His arms had begun working again and they tightened fiercely around her. His mouth descended on hers, his tongue exploring, tasting every secret part of her mouth.

"Scully." He whispered into her mouth. She smiled and took his face in her hands.

"Did you really dream you were delivering our baby?" She felt the shudder that ran though his body, and felt the pressure of his arms increase around her.


"Are you okay?" He nodded, not trusting his voice yet for any other words. "Mulder, youíve given me everything; even my immortality. Please, please feel safe taking my love."

His eyes shone with his joy.