London Times 2/2 (NC-17)

He stretched out on his end of the bench


He stretched out on his end of the bench, feeling vulnerable if not cold.  Dana was at the other end cuddled under her fabric.  Where the hell were they? What was happening to them?  Why them!  Maybe he should try to tear that fabric again.  Maybe he could sleep if he felt less vulnerable.  Having his ‘nads hanging out full time was not nearly as much fun as it would’ve been under normal circumstances.  The thought of checking out a nude beach was receding rapidly.


“Uh, Mulder?”


She remembered he didn’t like Fox; that felt good.  “Yeah.”


“I can’t sleep.  Could, could you come down here again?”  She sounded so young.


“Sure.”  He hoped he sounded confident, actually he was grateful.  He didn’t want to be alone either.


He took his place behind her, closer to the wall and spooned around her.  She relaxed slightly.  “Thank you,” he whispered into her ear and she jumped slightly.


“You-you’re welcome.”


He smiled, she couldn’t see but this was better, and they were together if anyone, if anything, happened.




He woke to find that she had turned during the ‘night’.  Her breasts were pressed into his chest, her arm was around him as well and one of her legs was hiked up and between his legs, pressing gently against his balls.  This realization brought a whole new meaning to his morning hard on.


“Uh, Dana?”  She sighed and cuddled in closer, then her eyes went wide and she pulled back.  He grabbed her to keep her from falling off.  “It’s okay.  Why don’t I use the facilities first?”


She blushed a deep red as he crawled over her, his cock brushing against her thigh as he left her.  She couldn’t help herself, she checked out his ass as he disappeared into the bath.  She was never going to admit she did that, but he was attractive.


When he exited she hurried past him and took over the bath.  When she emerged another tray had appeared.  The wafers and paste had been joined by a cake this time.  She looked at it then at him.  “Have you tried it?”


“Thought I’d wait for you.”


“Gee, thanks.”  She took a seat across the tray from him and watched. 


“Ladies first?”


“No way.  Together or not at all.”  He grinned and nodded.  They each took a small bite of the cake and looked at each other. 


He shrugged, “Not bad.  They’re just got to learn the art of seasoning.”




Damn, he wasn’t kidding about that toga she was wearing now being sexier than being nude.  The gauze didn’t really hide anything.  When she moved he could see the deeper rose of her nipple or the red of the curls at her core.  Damn, he wasn’t trying to be a pervert; it wasn’t like there was anything else to look at in this room.  Someone as young as her shouldn’t have such a hot body.  God, what was he, her grandfather?  He growled as she turned toward him and let his head fall back to the wall, closing his eyes.


“What’s wrong?” she asked quickly.


“Nothing,” he said through gritted teeth.


“Oh really?  Then why are you mad at me?”


“I’m not mad!” he growled at her, then realized how that sounded and seemed to deflate.  “I’m sorry.  This is driving me crazy.  I swim, I run, hell, I read!  Now I’m stuck in this one room with a, a high school virgin and I’m - “


“I am not a virgin!”


After a second or two that sentence penetrated.  “You’re not?”


She turned her back on him then, her spine straight and stiff.


“Look, I’m sorry.  You have a boyfriend you’re missing and - “


“We’re not together any more.”  She hadn’t felt him approach and jumped when he touched her arm.


“Why not?”


She shrugged him off and took another step away.


“The sex, wasn’t it good?”


She looked up at him incredulously.  “Why do you want to know?”


“I, I don’t know.  You’re just a kid; I don’t want anyone to hurt you.”


“I’m not a kid!” she heard how that sounded as soon as he did and fortunately saw the humor in it.  She gave a sad chuckle, shaking her head.  “No, it wasn’t good.”


“He did it wrong,” Mulder offered.


Her eyebrow went up though she didn’t speak.


“Trust me.”




“Good question.  Especially since this whole thing is my fault.”  Shit, he hadn’t meant to say that.


“What’s your fault?”


He hesitated, but finally said, “Being here.  Do you remember what the guy said just before we blacked out the second time?”  She looked confused.  “’It is you’.  He was looking right at me.”


“He was also looking at me as I recall.”


He shook his head.  “Those men weren’t . . . they were after me.”


“Why?  What did you do?”  Instead of answering, he turned from her.  She reached out and grabbed his arm.  “Trust me.”  The grin he gave her was highly ironic.  “Come on, Mulder.  Tell me a story.”


“You’re just changing the subject so you don’t have to tell me about this sexual escapade of yours.”


“Tit for tat.  You go first.”


“It’s not . . . you wouldn’t believe me.”


“Try me.  At least you won’t be moping around here.”


“Moping!” he said, stung.


“No, you’re not moping.  I apologize.  But I’m being held prisoner just like you are.  I’m bored, I’d like to go swimming or for a run too.  All we have right now is each other.  Talk to me.  If you don’t want to tell me why you think you’re responsible, tell me something else.  Tell me about the girl you were waiting for or the classes you’re taking or . . . “


He held up his hand.  “You’re right.  You do need to . . . to know.”


Now she looked concerned as well as curious.  “Mulder, what do you know about all of this.”


“I’m not sure, but . . .  remember I mentioned my sister?”  His expression was unreadable to her.


She nodded, “Is, is something wrong with her?”


“You could say that.  I haven’t seen her in almost ten years.”


“Ten?  You said your parents were divorced.  Did they keep - “


She stopped when she saw the pain on his face.




Now she just stared at him.  He had the impression she wanted to check him for fever but restrained herself.  “You don’t believe me.”


“I . . . I’m a little confused.”


He huffed out what might have been a laugh.  “Confused.  Nice one.”


“No, really.  You think whoever or whatever took your sister has something to do with this?  Why?”


It was a legitimate question.  He wasn’t sure he had a legitimate answer, it was a feeling and it had grown a lot stronger when he’d seen how the food was delivered around here.  “We, humans I mean, can’t do what’s happening around here.  We were kidding about Star Trek, but the food is getting in here somehow and I haven’t seen a door open.  It just appears, we watched it.  And that thing you’re wrapped in, it’s gauze but I can’t tear it; it’s soft and pliable, but it can’t be ripped.  Dana, we were completely immobilized before we showed up in this room, only our eyes could move but there were no straps, we’ve got no bruises even though I know I was struggling.  I assume you were too.”


She nodded, her look of fear growing.  “The, the men, the triplets, had you seen them before?”


“No, but that’s another thing.  I don’t think they were human, I, I think they were clones.”




“They were too identical.”  He ran his hand through his hair. “I’m not crazy, Dana.  Something happened to my sister, she was never found.  What I saw that night was buried deep and maybe my memories now aren’t that clear, but I saw her floating, weightless, I saw that light, the gun wouldn’t fire, though it did later, when the police tested it.  Shit,” he muttered, leaning back against the wall again.


“I’m sorry about your sister, Mulder.”  She moved closer to him, not ready to admit she believed him, but something beyond their understanding certainly was going on.


“Thanks.”  He was surprised when she cuddled into his side but it felt good and his arm went around her, anchoring her to him.  Knowing he shouldn’t, he leaned down toward her.  She looked up and their lips met.  When she didn’t pull away, he deepened the kiss and she responded.


When they broke apart he just looked at her for a long moment.  “Thank you.”


They both jumped as another tray appeared at the far end of the bench.  It hadn’t been that long since they had eaten.  This time she moved to get it.  “I don’t think this is food.” She brought the one cake, heavier than what they had eaten to her face and sniffed it.  “Is it, is it soap?”  She handed it to him and he smelled of it as well.


“Might be.”


“Hey, I think you’ve finally got clothes too.”  She held up two small pieces of the gauze.  “That should cover you.”


His eyes narrowed.  “If you think that will cover me, you haven’t been paying attention.”


She gave him an evil grin then.  “Ego much?”


She was teasing him.  He relaxed.  Considering the circumstances, he was pretty lucky to have someone with him as level headed as she’d been.  “It appears we’re becoming offensive to whoever has us.  You first?”


“Gee thanks.”  But she took the cake of soap and one of the small cloths and headed into the bath.  Actually she did feel better after washing up.  When she returned to the main room he stood.  “Remember in the warehouse, how we weren’t as scared as we should have been.  I think the same thing is going on here.”


He nodded.  “I think you’re right.  The food?”


“A mild sedative, just to take the edge off?”  She shrugged.  “Bathroom’s yours.”


He took the other small piece of fabric, glared at her for an instant, then disappeared into the bath.


“Nice and fresh?” he asked when he emerged.  He took a seat beside her and lifted his arm to offer her a sniff.


“Oh, much better,” she laughed turning away.


“You owe me a story.”




“The guy.  Remember?”


“You don’t want to hear about that.”


“Sure I do.”




“You promised.”


“I don’t remember actually promising.”  He gave her the most exaggerated puppy dog look then and she couldn’t help the laugh.  “You’re incorrigible.”


“So I’ve been told.  Come on, give.  Who was this guy?”


“Marcus.  We dated my junior and senior year.”


“Did you love him?”


She hesitated then met his eyes.  “No, but I thought I wanted to.”


“That’s pretty insightful.”


“I’ve had some time to think about it . . . and regret it.”


“I’m sorry.  You know you really don’t have to talk about it.”                     


“You told me yours,” she said with a feeble smile.  “I’m embarrassed that I wasn’t strong enough to stand up to peer pressure.  It’s a cliché that I had sex for the first time in the back seat of a car.”


“Dana, I’m sorry.”


“Hey, it’s not your fault.”


“No, but I think this Marcus is an ass.  He made the choice of taking advantage of you.  Probably did his ego pretty good.”




“Why don’t you tell me about being a Navy brat?”


She smiled her gratitude.




They sat over their next meal, swiping the small containers empty with their last wafer.  “I think I’ve got this figured out.  We’re not getting three squares a day; we’re getting six, so we’re not sleeping eight hours either.”


“So you think they’re feeding us every four hours?” Dana looked up and licked her fingers.


The sight drove other thoughts from his head and he had to take a moment to get back to it.  For just an instant he wondered if something to ‘take the edge off’ was the only thing added to their food, but that thought didn’t stay either.  When they were finished, they again took up their seats at the far end of the room from what they now considered the door and she shared her wrap as they sat and talked. 

The most comfortable position, with no backrests, was leaning against one another, talking softly, sharing information about their lives.  Dana had had a great many questions about his sister, some of them taking him aback at her insight, others causing him to revisit different parts of that long ago evening.  His memory was increasing with her soft, non-judgmental questions.  And she fit so well against him.


She became aware that the feel of him against her, his strong arm around her, felt safe.  The fact that his body was available for her perusal was becoming an added plus.  Okay, she’d had ‘sex’ with Marcus but she had never had the opportunity to look at his body in the dark backseat of that stupid car.  This man’s body was beautiful, the way his muscles moved under his skin, the strength that was contained within the tenderness of his touch moved her.


She looked up to find him watching her.  She moved toward him, her lips lightly touching his.  He didn’t need a second invitation, pressing his lips to hers and delighting when she opened her mouth to him.

They explored each other, hands tentative at first, exploring soft, silky flesh and warm moist places.  He grew bolder as did she when both were obviously enjoying the sensations.  Still he was startled to find himself reclining mostly on top of her and pulled back.


“What are we doing?” he whispered, though he hadn’t released her.


She blinked, “I, I don’t . . . “


He started to move from atop her but her arms tightened, holding him in place.  “We shouldn’t . . . I don’t have any protection for you.”


“I don’t have - “


“No, I’m sure you’re fine and I should be.  That’s not, I don’t want to get you pregnant.”


She flashed a smile then.  “You don’t get to be a good Catholic teenage girl without learning about rhythm, Mulder.  You don’t have to worry about that.”


She delighted at the grin growing on his face.


“Are you really sure, Dana?” he forced himself to ask the question.


She looked him directly in the eyes then.  “Yes,” she said it clearly, firmly and her right hand made it even more plain.  He closed his eyes to appreciate the sensation, then took her hand and moved it away.  “Muld - “


“I’m not Marcus.  This is for you.”  She looked up at him not entirely sure what he meant.  “Relax.”


His hand caressed her side, causing her to shiver though not from cold.  He kissed her gently then his lips moved down her jaw and to her throat.  His hand was caressing her breast.  “You feel so good.”


She wanted to respond but the only sound she could make was a purr.  He had to smile, but didn’t stop in his exploration of her.  His tongue laved her nipple and she arched toward him.  Then he was moving down her body, his tongue exploring and tasting her.  When he reached her curls she pulled back.  “You, you don’t have to - “


“Shh,” he said, his hand caressing her gently.  “I want to.”  She looked nervous now.  “I want you to enjoy, Dana.  Just relax.”


She didn’t say anything but let her hand brush through his hair.


He smiled and returned his attentions to pleasuring her.  She moaned slightly at the feelings, the sensations he was generating.  She had never experienced this, never realized it was possible.  He was making love to her, not like . . . she moaned again as his tongue found that spot.  His eyes smiled, his lips were too busy.


Then she was vibrating, writhing beneath him.  He held her as she returned to herself.  She looked over at him, “Wha-what did you do?”


He grinned, “First time?  It was an orgasm.  You seemed to enjoy it.”  She cut her eyes at him and he chuckled.  “Take that Marcus.”


She laughed out loud then and he held her close, laughing with her.


“There’s more as I remember,” she finally looked up at him and kissed him lightly.


“Yeah,” he agreed.


“That, uh, that’s a little intimidating,” she glanced down at him.


“Marcus wasn’t . . . “


She shook her head.


“We don’t have to - “ her finger pressed against his lips. 


He smiled again, “We can take it slow.”


She nodded and her hand moved down to his abdomen, tickling-caressing him.  He met her eyes and moved over her.  He was careful, giving her time.  She was ready, and she wanted him.


He pressed against her, then entered her slowly allowing her to set the pace.  When he was fully sheathed within her he paused, watching her.  The fear had left her face, now anticipation showed and he smiled then leaned down to kiss her softly.


He began moving slowly, watching her.  Her eyes were bright and her arms held her to him, her hands catching up and joining in driving him toward the edge.


Wait, hold on, she needed to be with him.  He grasped for control and his fingers caused another gasp of delight from her.  Then she was coming again.   He couldn’t hold back any longer, joining her as she came in his arms.


Spent he rolled, pulling her atop him and they both slept, holding each other.


He woke to find her still sprawled on him, relaxed and peaceful.  He smiled, cuddling her closer.  Before she could do more than stir, the light in the room brightened to a painful level.  “Dana - “ That was all he got out before he lost consciousness.




He opened his eyes slowly.  Where the hell?  This was a hospital.  Had he been in a wreck?  He wasn’t in pain.  “Son?  Can you hear me?”


He turned toward the sound and an older man leaned over him.  “Do you know your name?”


“Fox, Fox Mulder,” his voice was coarse, unused sounding.  “What - “


“Just relax.  You’re doing fine.  Are you in any pain?”


Mulder thought about that for a moment.  No, just groggy.  “I’m okay.”


“Good,” the older man, Mulder now realized he was wearing a white lab coat, nodded.




“Yes, but you frankly don’t need one I’m happy to say.”  Mulder started to sit up and the man’s arm came out to support him.  “Careful.”


“What happened; where am I?”


“A quarantine facility outside of London.”




“What do you remember?”  The doctor raised the head of the bed and handed him a glass of water with a straw.  Mulder took a sip then lay back against the pillow, closing his eyes.


“I went to the Kingsley to meet a friend.”  He sat up suddenly, “the kidnappings.  Was I . . . ?”


“Yes, but you’re okay now.”


“How long was I gone?”


“Five days.  I guess you’re pretty lucky.  You were in the last batch to be taken.  Some people were missing over two weeks.”


“Is everyone back?”


The doctor nodded.  “The authorities would like to talk to you.  Do you feel up to it?”


“I, sure, but I don’t remember anything.”


“No one seems to.  Just a minute and someone will be in to talk to you.  If you get tired, just throw them out.”


Mulder grinned then and nodded.  In moments two men in suits joined him.


“How are you feeling?”


Mulder shrugged.  “Okay, I guess for missing five days.”


They both nodded and the older one took a handful of pictures from his pocket.  “Do you know any of these people?”


Mulder obediently took the stack and started looking through them.  When he had finished he looked up at the men, “Sorry.”  He handed the pictures back.


“Thanks for your help.  If you do remember anything, please let someone here, one of the doctors, know and we’ll come back.”


“How long am I going to be kept here?  I have a job and classes, if I’ve already been gone five days . . . “


“We hadn’t heard a schedule for letting people leave, but it shouldn’t be long.  Do you know if your family has been contacted?”


“I don’t know anything,” Mulder replied, shaking his head.


“We’ll send the nurse in.  Thank you for looking at the pictures.”  They turned to leave and though they were speaking in low voices Mulder overhead them.  “It’s bizarre, no one saw anything.  How could they have been kept unconscious for all that time and be as healthy as they are?”  The other one shrugged and they left the room.



He exited the elevator, not sure what to expect and spotted Ernie and Sean in the crowd.  Ernie was flirting with a nurse which didn’t surprise him at all.  Sean saw him and a smile appeared on his face.  Sean forced his way over through the people assembled and clapped him lightly on the back.  “How are you feeling?”


“Fine.  What’s going on?”


“Press.  Apparently they got word that the lot of you were being released today and they wanted pictures and a story.”


“Don’t have one,” Mulder said, looking around.


“Come on; let’s get you out of here.  You have some phone calls to make.”


Mulder nodded and followed him toward the door.  A movement caught his eye and he saw a young redheaded woman being swept into the arms of a large older man in uniform.  Mulder smiled at the sight; someone else who was glad to be home.




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