Making Memories (NC-17)

She was looking at him when he entered the office

She was looking at him when he entered the office.  He fought the impulse to check his fly.  It had been his imagination anyway.  Scully didn’t glance at him there - damn it.


“Uh, Mulder - “ She paused when he met her eyes.  She swallowed and looked down.

She was nervous.  What made Scully nervous?  Unconsciously he tensed.  “Yeah?”


“Let’s have dinner tomorrow night.”  She spoke quickly, getting the words out.


“Uh, okay.  My place or yours?”  It sounded less like an innuendo than usual.  Why was she nervous?  It was getting to him.


“Neither.  Let’s go out.”


“Out?”  Damn he was smooth; it’s a wonder the phone sex women didn’t hang up on him.


“Yes, out.  Tablecloths, china plates, no pizza.”


“O-okay.  Are you asking me on a date?”


She rolled her eyes and he wished he’d bitten his tongue off.  “I guess I am.”


“Thank you.” He said quietly.  She glanced up and quickly away.  Was she blushing?  Shit, what was going on?  “I’ll pick you up.  Seven?”


“Seven would be fine.”  She picked up her briefcase, and headed for the door.


“Uh, do you want me to make reservations, or do you want to?”


“You pick, surprise me.”  And she was gone.


He sank into his desk chair.  What the fuck?  After a few minutes he pulled out his phone book and reached for the receiver.  He jumped when it rang just as he touched it.  “Mulder.”


“Good, you’re not gone.  I didn’t get your report on the case in Denver.” Skinner's voice sounded loud in his ear.


“Oh, uh, yeah.  There were some loose ends we wanted to check out.”


“Loose ends?  You’re not heading back to Denver this weekend.”


“No, no I have, have plans.  We’ll get that to you first thing Monday morning.”


“8 a.m. Mulder.”


“Yes sir.  Uh, Sir, do you know a restaurant?  A nice one.”  Mulder cringed, why had he asked him?


“Excuse me?”


“Nothing, never mind.”


“Mulder, do you have a date?”  Skinner sounded incredulous.  Shit, why hadn’t he kept his mouth shut?


“No, someone asked me . . . “ Damn, was this his day to be smooth.  Shut up!


“Yeah, okay.  8 a.m. Mulder.”


“Yes sir.”


“The Morrison House.”




“The Morrison House.  Probably the best food I’ve eaten, but you need to save up.”


“Yeah, thanks.”  He hung up the phone and slumped in the chair.  After a few minutes, he opened the phone book to the restaurant section.




He straightened his tie, the one she had mentioned liking once.  He saved it for special occasions now.  He hadn’t had it on in a long time.  Geez, this was Scully, not a first date - okay it was his first ‘date’ with her, but it wasn’t a date.  He and Scully didn’t date.


What was this about?  Why did she want to be in public with him?  To prevent a scene?  Why would she think he’d cause a scene?  What was she going to tell him?


He froze halfway to her door.  Was she going to tell him something?  Something she couldn’t say in private?  What would she say to him that she felt like she needed people around?


She was leaving.


He literally couldn’t take another step toward her apartment.  She’d taken his advice, finally, to leave, go be a doctor.  Escape him.  Jesus.


He jerked as her door opened and she stepped out into the hall, closing it behind her.  “I thought I saw your car.”


His mouth had gone completely dry.  She was wearing her customary black, but there was nothing customary about her outfit.  Short, damn short, and that neckline - it looked like it plunged to her navel.  Wishful thinking on his part, but the illusion was there.  She had a little black, drapey thing over her shoulders, but he could see the tiny straps of her dress through it.  And her hair was curly!  She never let him see it curly, and there was a golden clasp in it.




“Uh, hi.”


Her eyebrow rose.


“You, uh, you look nice.”  The eyebrow gained height.  “Beautiful.  You look beautiful, Scully.”


“Thank you.”


He glanced at her apartment door, apparently he wasn’t welcome inside anymore.  The fear skittered up his backbone again.  “I have reservations at The Morrison House.”


Her eyes widened, “That’s wonderful.  How did you get them at such late notice?”


He managed a grin.  “Frohike.  Don’t ask.”


“I won’t.”  She moved closer and took the arm he automatically held out.


They were both quiet walking to his car and when he opened the door for her, she didn’t call him on it.  He spotted her shoes as she seated herself - tiny stappy things with damn high heels.  No wonder her legs looked so sexy.  Too bad he hadn’t been able to get past her breasts in the hall.


For something to say, he glanced over at her, “Skinner called after you left last - “


“No.  No business.  Not tonight.”


“Okay.”  Shit, he’d been less nervous on his first date.  “What did you do today?”


“I went shopping.”


“Shopping?  Like groceries?”


“No Mulder, not groceries.  What about you?”


“I read some, watched a game on the tube.  The Yankees won.”


She smiled and his breath caught.  Scully didn’t smile like that, hell Scully rarely smiled at all when he was around.


“We should take in a game sometime, Scully.  The playoffs are usually good games.


“Tickets through Frohike?”


He grinned abashed.  “He knows lots of people.”


“I believe that.”  She said dryly.


He chuckled and concentrated on the road as traffic picked up.




The meal was probably delicious.  It looked delicious going into her mouth, her lips smoothing over the fork, touching the rim of her wine glass.


He went through the motions, but he was so on edge he was afraid he’d shatter.  When was she going to lower the boom - tell him why they were here?


She patted the napkin to her lips and turned when the music started up.  “Dance with me?”


What?  Dance?  “Uh, sure.”  He rose and took her hand.  In the back of his mind he was thanking his mother for those damn hated dance lessons of so long ago.  He took her into his arms and they began moving to the music, their bodies in synch if not their minds.


Damn seeing her navel wasn’t much of an exaggeration.  What was he supposed to do, look at the ceiling?  He had to look down at her and the view was . . . stimulating.  As though she sensed that, she moved closer to him, too close.  He stepped back, slightly away from her, but she followed him.  Damn.  Well, she was a doctor; she had to know what her body would do to his.  Especially her body.


When the music ended, she didn’t leave the floor and he found himself in another dance.  He sure wished he knew what was going on.



Back at the table, he seated her, then took his own seat.  “Dessert?”


“Why don’t we have dessert at my apartment?”


Instead of answering her, he watched her for a long moment.  What was this about?  “Okay.”


“Don’t show any enthusiasm Mulder.”


“Sorry, I just, I’m a little out of my depth here.”


“You seem to be doing okay.”


He nodded once, then rose and took her hand.  Again the ride was quiet, he’d already asked about her mother.  The only sibling to talk about was Charlie; since they’d never met he hadn’t pissed him off in person.  Somehow he couldn’t bring himself to ask.  Once they pulled into her neighborhood, she turned to him.  “There is something I’d like to talk to you about.”  The swerve of the car was tiny, but she felt it.


“Talk about?”


“Yes, during dessert.”


“Okay.”  Hell.




She dropped her shawl over the back of the couch and turned on her stereo.  Music?  She never put music on when he was over.


“Dance some more?”


Here?  “Scully - “




He moved toward her and his arms went around her again.  It almost felt familiar.  It felt damn good.  But what was going on?


“Scully - “


“Um?”  She looked up at him and caught his expression.


"Scully, what's going on here?"


"What do you mean?"


"If this is some sort of goodbye or - "


"Goodbye?  What about tonight has made you think goodbye?"


"You're, you're acting differently.  Like there's a change . . . "


She stepped away from him.  "You sure know how to take the magic out of an evening."  She relented at his stricken look.  "Wait here.  I'll be right back."


Magic?  He watched with more than a little fear as she left his arms and turned toward the kitchen.  Wait here?  Wait for what?


He stood where she had left him, uncertainty knotting his stomach.  She came back into view carrying a champagne bottle and two glasses.  Tied to the bottle was a mylar balloon and when it turned, he read "Happy Anniversary."


He blinked.


"For a man with a remarkable memory when it comes to mutants and monsters, Mulder, you're lousy at dates.  Of course I shouldn't be surprised.  You've remembered my birthday once in seven years."


"Not true, I remember, I just . . . " Ah the eyebrow.  "This is great, Scully."


She smiled then and handed him the bottle to open.  He did, without spilling a drop.  He filled the glasses she held with a flourish and moved her to the couch.


"My toast."  She nodded, "To the first seven years of the best time of my life."  He touched her glass with his and she nodded.  It seemed her eyes were moist, but he kept quiet.  "Scully, I'm sorry I didn't remember."


"You might have enjoyed the meal more."  She agreed.


He turned suddenly, toward the music.  'When a Man Loves a Woman' had begun playing.  "Dance with me?"


She nodded and let him pull her back into his arms.


They swayed to the music, barely moving.  She was too close again, but he didn't want to pull away.  When the song ended she looked up at him and without thought their lips met, and held.


When the kiss ended, there was no doubt he was busted.  Hell, the woman in the next apartment could probably sense his arousal.  He stepped back away from her.  "I, uh, I better go."


She was watching his face, which he knew was heated.  Hell, he was nearly 40 years old and she had caused this as though he were sixteen.


Scully nodded slightly.  "Before you go, could you help me?  There's something I can't reach in my room."


"Sure."  He stepped back further from her and followed her into the bedroom.  He turned toward her closet.  "What do you need?"


"Here."  He turned, she was behind him now.  "My zipper."


He just looked at her for a long moment.  Then, so quietly she barely heard him, "Are you sure?"


"Yes."  Was all she said.


He moved forward as though in a dream and, when she turned her back to him, lowered the zipper.  She faced him then and slowly allowed the little straps to fall from her shoulders, letting the dress slip down.


His eyes were caught by the strapless black bra she wore, cradling the perfect orbs that were her breasts.  Breathe, Mulder.


The dress continued down, drawing his eyes.  Good God, she was wearing a garter belt and stockings.  Was he having a stroke?


She stepped out of the dress and picked it up, tossing it over the chair.



He drew a deep breath, "You do keep me guessing.”  He moved closer, “I never though it would take me seven years to see you in your underwear again."  A smile grew on her face.  "This doesn't look like what you were wearing then."


"I told you I didn't shop for groceries today."


His eyes widened, she'd bought this, for him?  Please God, don't let this be a dream or some alternate dimension he'd fallen into.  This was where he wanted to be.


She stepped into his arms and they closed around her, their lips meeting again.  When they broke for air, she fingered his lapels.  "A little formal for in here, isn't it, Mulder?"


He smiled then, the happiest smile she could remember seeing on his face.  He made short work of his clothes as she watched, reclining on her bed.  She was propped up on her elbows, watching his mini-strip tease.  He stopped at his shorts, though they did little to hide his ardor.


She beckoned for him to join her on the bed.  He didn’t need a second invitation.  Their lips met again as he half covered her with his body.


He suckled on the hollow of her throat, feeling her purr, then advanced to her breasts, nuzzling them through the lace of her bra.  His hand went around to her back.  Did he remember how to do this?  Fantasy Scully was usually already nude.  Ah, the clasp was on his side and parted easily.  He slipped the bra from her and gazed, finally, upon her breasts.  He bowed his head, letting his tongue lave her nipple. 


He felt her hands trace the muscles of his back, her breath shallow.  Moving down her body, his tongue explored all the mysteries of her body.  Kissing, sucking, licking, he was in heaven.  When he got to the garter belt, he stopped and looked up at her.  She saw the delight in his eyes and her smile grew.


He slowly unhooked the stocking and rolled it down her leg, then the second one.  When he had removed it, he massaged her feet lightly.  “You did a lot of dancing in those little shoes.”


“Mmm, it was good.”


“You’re good.”  He kissed her toes then, moved back up her body and removed the belt.  That left only the tiny scrap of damp black silk that didn’t quite cover those red curls.


He met her eyes again and at the tiny nod, and movement of her hips, slipped it off her body.  He nuzzled her, kissing her inner thighs.  Her sharply indrawn breath told him he had pleased her.  “Mulder, you don’t have to - “


“Yes, I do.  I’ve been wanting this for too long.”


Her lips parted, but she didn’t speak.  His head dipped again, and her eyes closed to, savoring the feel of his talented tongue.


Swirling his tongue around her clit, he felt her tense.  She was close, he could feel it.  He looked up to see her eyes.  “Mu-Mulder, please.”  It was a whimper.


His eyes smiled, he would never refuse her.  His head dipped and he found that spot again as though born with the knowledge.  His tongue pressed on it and he heard her gasp.  Then her body was shuddering, out of control.  He moved back up her body, holding her.  He kissed her, mingling the tastes of her on his lips.


He held her gently as she came back to herself, though her fingers dug into his shoulders, tethering herself.  “Mulder?”


“Take your time.  We have all night.”  He glanced over at her alarm clock, which was blank.


“I, I knocked it off.  Haven’t replaced it yet.”


“Good.”  He smiled.  “We don’t need it anyway.”  He brushed the hair from her brow, then he kissed it.


Her hand, still shaking slightly, touched his cheek.  They didn’t speak then, there was no need.  She knew he would never rush her, but the pressure against her thigh was intriguing.


She kissed him on the lips, then began moving down his body.  She bit his nipple lightly and heard the hiss.  Her hands were working magic on his body.  He didn’t remember ever being this hard before.  Just the scent of her was going to push him over the edge. 

When her hand cupped his balls, he tensed.  Oh god, he did not want this to end so soon.  Her lips brushed the head of his cock and he managed to swallow, working some moisture back into his mouth.


“Scully please, it’s been a long time, a very long time.  Believe me when I tell you, this is the only time I will ever defer . . . that, but I want, I need to be inside of you.”


After a moment she nodded.  He flipped her under him and stopped, just looking at her.  She took him in her hand, leading him to her as she opened herself to him.  Their eyes were locked as he entered her, slowly, giving her time, giving himself time to savor every sensation. 


He kissed her, and slowly retreated from her body, only to thrust in again, causing a gasp and a huge smile.  That kind of encouragement was hard to ignore, he thrust again, and again.  She was hot and tight and made for him.  This was where he belonged.  Her muscles gripped him tighter and he knew he was close.  He changed angle slightly, lifting her hips toward him and saw her eyes grow large.  With the next thrust he felt her spasm again, surrounding him and he lost control, thrusting once, twice, then he came with a shattering climax, pouring himself into her.


He managed not to collapse on her, rolling to his side, but keeping her body with his.  “Scully.”  He breathed her name and the awe in his voice brought tears to her eyes.  She kissed him again.


After a couple of minutes she looked up at him.  "You remember what my underwear looked like seven years ago?"


He chuckled and kissed the tip of her nose.  "I could probably tell you everything you've worn in my presence for the whole time.  I have this Scully section of my brain - "


"And yet you can't remember anniversaries?"


"I won't forget this one, Scully - ever."




Author's Note - This was written in honor the BtS's first anniversary.  Sallie issued the challenge, the elements are:

M/S first-time sex
The phrase, "You do keep me guessing" (Mulder) or "I'll always keep you guessing" (Scully)
Sharing a meal/something edible
A phone call from Skinner or Kersch
TV (broken or working)
A watch or clock that has stopped working
Lacy underwear
A celebration or something celebratory





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