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He woke with a start, jerking up from his reclined position.  What the hell?  He sank back into the couch, taking a breath.  She was okay; the bullet had gone through cleanly.  They were just keeping her overnight for observation. 


She’d been shot in the shoulder, almost identical to the location of his wound from so many years ago, when she had taken him out.  It was one of the many times that she’d saved him with her quick thinking and swift actions.  At least it wasn’t he that had shot her.  He’d never sleep again with that kind of scene playing in his head.


So what was he doing at home?


He shouldn’t have let that nurse throw him out.  Unfortunately she was well acquainted with him and hadn’t let him get away with his usual charm game.


But it was a cinch he wasn’t going to get any more sleep tonight.  She was okay.  He hadn’t left until he had gotten all the reassurances.  Hell.  He shoved his shoes back on, screw this.


He grabbed his leather jacket off the coat tree and was out the door.




He took the stairs rather than the elevator and opened the door just a crack to see if there were any nurses guarding her, to keep him at bay.  He didn’t see anyone at the desk, so he slipped carefully into the hall.  Her room was about half way down.  He made it swiftly and quietly.


There was enough light from the hall through the glass in the door to see that she was asleep.  The bandage covering her left shoulder drew his attention.  The IV had been removed.  She really was doing fine.  He sighed with relief and settled himself in the chair by her bed.


When the nurse opened the door sometime later, Scully’s finger came to her lips to warn her to be quiet.  The nurse glanced over at the chair and her eyes narrowed.


“Please,” Scully whispered.


The nurse drew closer to the bed.  “I threw him out of here hours ago.”


A slight smile graced Scully’s face.  “I’m sure you did.”


“You need your rest.”


“So does he.  He’s not disturbing me.”


“You’re awake.”


Rather than argue, Scully just turned to watch him.  “Please.”


The nurse sighed and proceeded to take Scully’s temperature.  The nurse gave her two pain pills and after a last glance at Mulder, she let herself out.  Scully made herself comfortable and closed her eyes.




“Mulder?”  She spoke softly, but he heard her.  He met her eyes with a sheepish expression on his face.  “I thought you got thrown out of here.”


“Who me?”


“There was no need to stay here last night, Mulder.  I’m fine.”  He almost managed to hide the wince.  She sat up then and swung her legs out of the bed.


“Hey, hey, what do you think you’re doing?”  He was on his feet, his arm out to steady her.


“I just wanted you to know they’re taking me down for an x-ray before they release me.  I didn’t want you to wake up and find me gone.”


“Thanks,” he said, for just a moment envisioning that scenario and suppressing a shudder. 


They turned as the door opened and the orderly came in with a wheelchair.  “Could you get my stuff together?  I can leave when I get back.”


“Will do.”  He watched her rolled out of the room.  He stretched and got out the plastic bag the hospital had provided.  Her blouse had been cut from her in the ambulance.  Just the memory caused another shudder through his body.  She would have to wear something from the hospital home.




He settled her in the car and buckled her in.  She leaned back and closed her eyes.  When she opened them, she sat up a little straighter.  “Where are you taking me?”


“Uh, home.”


“My home is the other way.”


He shrugged.  “So I’m taking you to my home.”


“Mulder, I appreciate - “


“If you’re at your place, you’ll try to do things, like clean or cook.  We both know those things don’t happen at my apartment.”


She chuckled slightly at that.  “I’m not sure - “


“I am.  Relax, Scully.”


She leaned back again, closing her eyes.  She felt safe and that felt good.


He helped her from the car and kept his arm around her in the elevator.  Once in the apartment he turned her toward the bedroom.


“Mulder, I don’t have anything here.”


“It’s okay.  After I get you settled, I’ll run over to your apartment and get whatever you need, fill your prescription and get some groceries.”


“Mulder, you have to go to work.”


“I’m on administrative leave, Scully.  I discharged my weapon.”


She smile faded away.  “I didn’t even ask . . . How is he?”


“You were drugged, don’t worry about it.”  He turned away.


“Mulder, you didn’t answer me.”


“He’s dead.”


Her eyes widened.


“I was aiming to disarm, but he turned into the bullet.”


She watched him for a moment, “Are you okay?”


“He shot you.”


“Are you okay?” She held out her hand and he took it.


He gave her a half smile.  “Yeah.  I think I am now.” 




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