On the Line (NC-17)

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The police were clearing out and what was left of the body had been scooped into the bag.  Scully would have to do an autopsy, but that was later.  For now, he just wanted to get away.


He leaned over to whisper to her, "Let's get out of here."


She nodded and followed him to the car, more than ready to put some distance between her and this place.


He pulled out of the parking lot, driving a little too fast, but she kept quiet.  He turned south.  After passing a couple of exits that would have taken her home, she looked over.  "Where are we going?"


He looked up startled. "Shit, I . . . I just needed to drive.  I didn't mean to kidnap you.  Sorry, I'll -"


"No, it's okay.  Let's just drive."


He looked over at her, seeming to contemplate what she'd said, but didn't respond.  In a few minutes he pulled into a service station.  He stuck the hose in the gas tank, then opened the door to speak to her.  "I need to change."




He grabbed his gym bag from the trunk and headed for the men's room.  He wasn't out by the time the car was full, so she removed the nozzle from the tank and moved the car out of the way.  She spotted him when he came out.  He'd changed into jeans and t-shirt.  She was aware that her heart had skipped a beat and her respiration was up.  Damn he looked good like that.


He slipped into the driver's seat after stowing the gym bag back in the trunk..  "I'm not sure this is a whole lot better."


She leaned over and gave him a sniff.  He smelled of good clean man sweat and that tang that was Mulder.  She sat back, "You'll do."


He didn't look at her as he eased into traffic, but she heard the soft chuckle.


"Mulder, where are we going?"


"I just wanted to get out of the city.  I could take you home - "


She shook her head, "I'm good."


He seemed to relax a little at those words and kept driving. 



He looked over at her, peacefully asleep beside him.  He should have taken her home, but having her here in the car beside him was soothing.  He couldn’t explain that, but it was true.


He pulled into a parking lot and cut off the engine.  The lack of movement caused her to stir.  “Mulder?  Where are we?”


“Virginia Beach.”


“Virgina . . . are you kidding?”


“I guess I got carried away, but I decided I wanted to see the ocean.”


She turned, and looked at him, her eyes penetrating a façade it had taken decades to grow.  “Mulder, are you all right?”


He gave a small shrug.  “Want to walk on the beach?”


She smiled then, just a small one, but it was a smile.  “Yes.”


He relaxed then and opened his door.  She met him at the front of the car.  “Shouldn’t be crowded.”  He quipped.


“Right.”  She said dryly; late March didn’t bring out that many people.  She let him take her arm as she removed her shoes and rolled her slacks up a couple of times.


They stepped into the cool sand and turned north for no particular reason.  The moon wasn’t full, but it was a clear night and there was enough light to see without the glaring neon of the strip.


His hand brushed hers and she took hold of his little finger.  He smiled down at her and took her hand in his.  They walked quietly down the beach, just being together.  It was . . . comfortable.


After twenty minutes or so they came to a wall and he steered her in that direction, sitting beside her and playing with her fingers as he looked out at the waves breaking.  “We got him this time.  He won’t be coming back.”


“No, no more harvested livers or 30-year hibernations.”  She agreed, with just a hint of irony.


He cut his eyes at her but let it go.  “So, uh I know you turned down a good career move last time we caught him.  The VCU isn’t as good without you in it.”


She faced him then, startled.  “What are you - “


“It might be a good time to make that move.  I know Skinner would write you a great recommendation and - “


“You trying to get rid of me?”  She asked, keeping her tone light.


“Just trying to look out for you.  It would be a good move, and . . . “


“Not interested.”  She said and turned back to look at the inky water.


“You could do fine work with them.”


She shrugged, not looking at him, “All they hunt are people.  Who knows when I’d get another shot at a really-truly live mutant?”


He gaped at her for a second.  She was kidding, right? 


He needed to ask her about what she’d said, it had been on his mind pretty much continuously since . . . but before he could open his mouth, she had jumped down into the sand and was moving toward the water.


“Scully?”  He hurried after her and had just caught up when a shrill whistle from the ocean startled them both.  He instinctively grabbed her, pulling her close.


“Mulder, it was a porpoise.”  She said quietly, but he realized her arms had gone around his waist.  He looked down to find her watching him.


It seemed inevitable.  He lowered his lips to her as she rose to meet him.  The kiss lasted a long time.  When they broke for air he became aware that his body was enjoying this as well.


Shit, he was closer to middle age than adolescence.  This hadn’t happened to him while kissing a woman in forever.  Of course it had been a damn long time since he’d experienced a kiss like that.


Still, he took a half step back, but she moved with him.  “Uh, Scully, you’re not planning to file a harassment charge, are you?”


Her lips twitched.  Damn, when was the last time he’d even thought the word ‘adorable’?  She ground herself lightly against him and was rewarded with a growl that seemed to emanate from deep in his chest.  “I don’t feel harassed.”


Then he was kissing her again, when her lips parted in invitation, he didn’t hesitate.


He realized she was shivering.  “Damn, it’s too cold for this.  I’m sorry.”                       


“I’m not cold.”


He looked into her eyes and saw the truth.  He took a deep breath.  “We should get inside somewhere.  Do you want me to take you home?”


“Mulder, it’s already morning.  Let’s find a place and go back when it’s light.”


He blinked trying to translate that.  She took his hand and they walked back to the car.  She brushed off her feet quickly and slipped on her shoes.  He turned up the heat.


Back on the strip, they realized quite a few of the hotels displayed no-vacancy signs.




“Down there, doesn’t it say vacancy?”


He looked where she pointed.  “Yeah, let’s try it.”


He was a little surprised when she got out of the car with him.  The girl behind the desk looked up.  She gave him a quick, nearly involuntary scan, and smiled.  “Kinda late.”


“We’ve been driving.”  Mulder smiled back, glancing at her nametag.  “Kaitlin.”


“We’re nearly full.  No ocean front rooms, but we have a king on the second floor.”


He opened his mouth to ask for a second room, but Scully stepped forward.  “That’s fine.  We’ll take it.”


Kaitlin punched in some information in her computer and took the credit card Mulder handed her.  “Okay, drive around to the right side of the building.  Take the steps, room 214.”


Scully was already moving toward the car.  “Uh, thanks.”  Mulder said quickly and followed her.  He parked and they hurried up the stairs.


“I’m taking first shower.”  She headed toward the bathroom. 


He gapped at her, but she didn’t see.  He watched the door close behind her.


They had nothing with them.  Even his gym bag now only held his ruined clothes.  Well, he’d shared room with Reggie when they were partners.  And did that sound as stupid out loud as it did in his head?  He’d certainly never kissed Reggie on the beach either.


He heard the water cut off and panicked.  Maybe he’d misinterpreted this.  He should give her a chance to back out.  He tapped on the door.  “Scully, I’m gonna go get something from the machine and some ice.”


“Okay, something diet for me.”


He grinned and grabbed up the key.


When he returned she was in the bed.  He left the food on the table and headed for the bathroom himself.  “I left plenty of hot water for you.” 


“So I won’t need a cold shower?”


She just smiled.


When he got out of the shower, he slipped back on his boxers and jeans, but couldn’t find his t-shirt.  It was missing.  Where the . . .  He opened the door.  She was seated on the bed, eating the snacks he’d bought, wearing his shirt.




She grinned, “I needed it more.”


He mock glared at her, but then snatched the bag of cookies from her hand.




“I need it more.”  He grinned, popping two of the little cookies into his mouth.  Her eyes seemed to lock on his lips and the memory of the cold beach was back.


He backed away slightly.  “Mulder?”


“Before, before we . . . I need to ask you something.”


She nodded nervously.


“Why did you say it?”


“Say what?”


“’I wouldn’t put myself on the line for anyone but you’.”  He was watching her closely, “Then you lied to Skinner to protect me.”


“I didn’t lie, we were together.  You did brief me on Tooms’ movements.  I didn’t know when he pulled his stunt.”


He absorbed that in silence.


“As for putting myself on the line, you’ve certainly done that.  You’ve, you’ve been there for me.  Maybe, maybe I’ve never had a partner before but, when Tooms was at my apartment, at Icy Cape, Lyle Parker, when Jack took me, when . . . when Dad died.  You’ve been there.”


“You’ve come through for me even more.”  She looked confused then, “Come on Scully, Ellens Air Force Base,  Eurisko, with Max.  I’m the one that put you in danger up in Washington with those damn bugs.”


“Looks like maybe we need each other.”


She crawled under the covers and after a moment he moved to the other side of the bed and sat down.  He slipped his jeans off and ducked under the covers.    “Relax Mulder; I’m not going to hurt you.”


“Damn.”  He said softly and she chuckled.


She rolled over to face him.  He wanted to touch her; he wanted to touch her wearing his shirt.  Before he could follow through on his fantasy, her small hand was checking out the muscles of his chest.  Now that was an invitation if he’d ever felt one.


“Mmm . . .” His hand brushed her hips and he stopped.  His eyes widened.  “Scully are you wearing a thong?”


Her look was defiant then, “Any problem with that?”


“Well, it’s going to give me a whole new set of diversions when I’m supposed to be handling paperwork.”


“I guess you’ll have to learn to deal.”


He nodded his agreement.  His hand caressed her and her smile grew.  “I like the t-shirt, but I’ve seen it before.”


“What would you suggest?”


His fingers found the hem of the shirt and moved it slightly.  She shifted to allow his access and he grinned, lifting the shirt over her head.  The smile faded as he took in her body.


“God, you’re beautiful.”  He watched her cheeks pink then.


Her hand came up and lightly touched his lips.  He brought them down to touch hers again.  He’d never get his fill of the taste of her, but he’d certainly try.


Without warning she pulled him on top of her.  She moved beneath him and relished the sharply indrawn breath, then he grinned.




“I guess I never expected Dana Scully to let me be on top.”


Her eyebrow rose, “Don’t get used to it.”


His smile widened, “So this isn’t a one-night stand?”


“The one thing I do know about you Mulder, is that I could never figure you out in one night.”


“So I’m your new investigation.”


She moved under him again and he felt himself grow even larger.  He slipped his hand between them and removed that little scrap of material.  He realized she was wet, wet for him.  He buried his face in her neck.  “Thank you.”


“Make love with me, Mulder.”


He nodded, kissing her jaw up to her lips.  Then he drew back to watch her face as he entered her.  Her eyes widened and her lips parted until he filled her completely.  Then her eyes slid shut and he began thrusting into her. 


When she came a few minutes later he thought he’d died and gone to heaven.  His name on her lips was almost enough to send him over the edge.  He held on through her aftershocks, but knew he couldn’t last long.  She was just too hot and tight.  She knew it too and moved against him.


He came with a vengeance, buried deep within her, her legs around him, holding him tight against her.  Damn.




He didn’t understand the concept of personal space.  He never had, and she was especially grateful right now.  He had fallen asleep whispering her name in a tone that she could only call awed.  Now he had her pressed up against him, his leg between hers, his cock thick and heavy against her thigh.


They had really put themselves on the line this time.  What kind of team would they be now?




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