Premonition (PG)


She woke, gasping his name, unable to catch her breath.  Before she had time to awaken fully, she had the phone in her hand, stabbing the speed dial for his number.

“Yeah, Mulder.”

At the sound of his voice she couldn’t quite suppress the sob of relief.

“Scully?  Is that you?   Where are you?   Are you okay?”   His words growing faster with each question.

“I’m…I’m fine Mulder.  It’s okay.”

“What happened?”   Obviously her words were not reassuring enough.

“Nothing.  Nothing’s wrong Mulder, I just…I - “

“I’m coming over Scully.  Just relax.”  He was already scanning the floor for his shoes.

“Mulder, that’s not necessary.  Really I’m fine.”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes.”  He broke the connection and she sank back against the pillow.


He entered her apartment quietly, using his own key.  Maybe she was already asleep again.  She had sounded so… frightened?  Not herself at all. 

“Hi.”  She spoke softly, so as not to startle him from her seat on the couch.  “You didn’t have to come over Mulder.”

“Sure I did.”  He draped his jacket over the back of the couch.  “What happened?”  He sat beside her, taking her hands in his.

“I’ve gotten you over here for a stupid dream.”  She hung her head, embarrassed.

“A dream?”

“I’ve been having the weirdest dreams the past week or so.   They’re not like any dreams I’ve ever had, so vivid and full of detail.  They feel real.”  She shuddered then and he stood.

“Come on, let’s get you back in bed.”  He pulled her to her feet and headed toward the bedroom.   Once there he covered her, then as she watched, shucked his own clothes, down to the boxers, and crawled in with her.

Her relief was almost palpable.  This was still so new, this part of their relationship.  But she was terribly grateful for it right now.

“Talk to me Scully, what was the dream?”  His hands on her made it easier to talk somehow.

“I feel so stupid, dragging you over here, but it was so…”  She shivered again, despite his warmth.  “You were missing.  I was searching and searching; I couldn’t find you anywhere.  But I kept finding evidence that you were ill, dying and that you had kept that from me.”

“Scully.”  He shook his head and turned her then, her back to him and pulled her close against his body.

The warmth, the solidness of his body caused her to relax.  She felt the strange weariness that she had been fighting for over a week take over again.   She could feel her eyes closing, despite her need to talk to him.

“Mulder, you know when I was diagnosed with cancer, you’re the only person I called.”

“I remember.”  If possible his hold on her tightened slightly.

“You would never…Mulder you’d never keep anything like that from me, would you?”

“When have I ever been able to keep anything from you?”

She missed the evasion as her eyes closed and she sank back into sleep. 

He held her, watching her breathe.  “It’s only because I love you Scully.”  He kissed her hair and settled in to wait for morning, with her in his arms.

-          Fin