Puppets (NC-17)

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He heard a sound, the creak of a floor board.  What the hell?  He reached for the gun he kept in the drawer beside his bed, when he heard her.  “Mulder?”


“Scully?  What . . . what are you doing here?”  His adrenaline had peaked and concern was beginning to surface.


She sat beside him on the bed and he sat up, scooting over a little to give her room.  His eyes had adjusted to the available light and she looked okay, at least not injured.  He pulled the sheet up over his lap.  He was only wearing pajama bottoms, the green and blue plaid ones.  Should he get up and find the top?  He jumped slightly when her warm hand came to rest on his chest.


“Scully?”  He reached for the lamp on the bedside table.


“No, please.”  Her hand stopped him.


“Are you okay?”


“I don’t know.  I needed to see you.”


“Did something happen?  Scully, are you okay?”


He more felt her nod than anything and she moved closer to him. 


“Then what’s going on - “ Her hand brushed his chest hair and his voice broke off.  “Scully, are you, have you been drinking?”


“No.  I’m completely sober.”  Her other hand brushed his cheek.  His stubble rasped against her fingertips.


“You don’t act like - “


“Like what, Mulder?”  When did her lips get that close to his ear?  He could feel her warm breath on the side of his face.


Now her hand was stroking his bare shoulder and his body was beginning to respond.  He took her hand, stopping her.  “You, you don’t sound like yourself.”


She sat back slightly then, giving him a little space.  She sighed, “I know.”


“What’s going on?”


“You’ll think I’m crazy.”  She demurred.


He managed to smile then, “Not possible.  Talk to me.”  She moved to sit beside him, leaning against the headboard as well.


“I, I just, I don’t want to be alone.”


He blinked.  “You . . . I don’t understand.”


“Don’t you?”  Her hand was on his chest again, lower and his cock appreciated the movement.  “Don’t send me away.”


“Scully, I . . . “ His voice was rough now, husky.  “I would never send you away.”  She moved closer, her hip brushing against his.  “Scully, wait.  I can’t rush you either.”


“Rush me, Mulder?  How long are you going to keep me dangling?”


“Dangling?”  He sounded strangled.  “When did I ever - “


“Come on Mulder, the innuendoes, the looks, the touches.  Do you think I don’t react to that?”


His mouth opened, but he couldn’t think of a response.  She’d noticed?  She’d never given any indication, except maybe annoyance.


Her hand on his face turned him toward her and her lips brushed the side of his mouth.


“Scully, don’t get me wrong, I want, I want you and everything you’re willing to give me.  But don’t you think this is a little sudden?”


“No.  The time is right, at, at least for me.  I . . . “ He could feel her pull away.  Oh shit, he’d embarrassed her.


His arm went around her, pulling her closer to him.  “No, it is the right time.  It’s been the right time for me for a very long time.  I just didn’t dare dream that you - “


Her lips cut him off then.  He felt her tongue flick against his lips and he opened to her.  He found his hand had cupped her breast through the soft fabric of her sweater.  She didn’t pull away; rather she moved closer.




“Shh.”  Her lips were on his neck now, sending sensations through his body that he hadn’t felt in so long it was as though it was the first time.  She bit lightly on his nipple and he hissed.  His hands were exploring her body now, touching those places he’d always wanted to caress, to love.


She drew back and his arms followed.  “Just a second, Mulder.”  She lifted the sweater over her head and his finger traced the lace of her bra, then moved around to her back and unhooked the garment.  Her breasts, free in front of him, were a magnet pulling his head down to taste.


He pulled her atop him as he reclined, and her legs entwined with his as she moved slowly over his body.  She was on her knees then, her lips, tongue and teeth tracing a path down his chest to his belly.  Her hand caressed his erection through the pajama bottoms and he groaned.


She unsnapped the waistband and opened it, nuzzling his nest of curls and breathing deeply of his musk.  He couldn’t have said he lifted his hips to allow her to remove the pants, but she was tugging them off his feet now and he lay nude in front of her.


He spread his legs as she moved between them.  Her fingers and then her cheek caressed the soft skin of his inner thigh and he decided breathing wasn’t really essential.


Her tongue curled around the head of his cock and he wondered if his eyes had rolled back in his head.  “Scu - “


“Shh, Mulder.  Let me do this.”


Part of his mind was still wondering what had brought her, brought them to this point, but that was the smallest part.  Most of him was lost in the sensations she was causing throughout his body.  He wasn’t asleep, was he?  No, his dreams of Scully were good, but not like this.  She was touching him, loving him and it was real.  Good god, Dana Scully was going down on him.  He could die from this, and someday he wanted to, but not now, not yet.


He watched her head moving up and down on his shaft.  He couldn’t make his mind wrap around the concept.  But he was aware that things were moving swiftly, too swiftly in his mind.  God, wasn’t he too old to have to worry about this?  No, not with Scully.  “Scu . . . Scully, wait . . . “


She looked up innocently.  “Wait?”  She licked her lips and he was almost thrown over the edge.


“Scully, I want . . . this first time . . . “ He remembered being fluent in English, but not now.


She took pity on him then.  “Me too, Mulder.”  And then she slithered up his body.  When the hell had his button-down partner decided she enjoyed torture?  Well, two could play at that.


Her lips touched his and his taste on her lips elicited another groan.  Then he twisted, pulling her under him and loomed over her.  The sparkle in her eyes was warming.


His head dipped to taste of her throat and on down her body.  His teeth played gently with her nipple as she writhed beneath him.  His free hand tweaked the other breast so no one would feel neglected.  His knee nudged her legs apart and he settled himself in the cradle of her body, working his way down with tongue and teeth.  Someday very soon he wanted to drink wine from her navel.


He unbuttoned the waistband of her slacks and slid them down her legs.  He spared a quick smile for the scrap of material still covering her center before it too was lying on the floor beside his bed.


The smooth skin leading him to her core received special attention then he was nuzzling her curls.   Red head, not that he had ever doubted it.


He blew a cool breeze across her hot wetness and she shivered clutching and releasing his hair.  “Muld . . .”


Ah, he’d brought her to the same inability to speak.  That made him absurdly happy.  Hell, everything about this night was making him happy beyond any memory.  Scully, in his bed, nude and letting him love her.  The need to be inside her, joined with her, consumed him.


She was close, she might never forgive him if he quit now.  Could he make Dana Scully come twice?  Without thought he knew he had a new mission in life.  His tongue flicked into her and she bucked toward him.  “Mul . . . “


She was losing letters now, much less words and he suckled on that bud of nerves.  She stiffened in his arms, then was shuddering, quaking in his arms as waves of pleasure overtook her.  “Mu . . . “


He smiled and moved back up her body, covering her, protecting her until she could return to his reality.


“Doing okay, Scully?”  He asked innocently.


“Fine.”  She responded with a wicked smile.


“Umm, I’ll show you fine.”  He poised to enter her and looked into her eyes.  Acceptance, desire, lust and love shone back at him as he slowly entered her.  Her eyes opened wide as he stretched her.


He wanted to be careful.  He knew without being told that she hadn’t been with a man in a long time.  He wanted to make her his.  He started to withdraw and she clutched at his ass.  “I’m not going anywhere.”


He thrust into her again and again.  He was home, joined finally with the other half of himself.  Whole and complete.  He filled her and paused, just taking in the wonder of it.


She smiled up at him and the world began revolving again.  He couldn’t remember being happier.  She met him with each thrust, in perfect harmony as in so many of their joinings of the mind.  He felt himself at the edge and she tightened around him in anticipation.  He shifted slightly and her eyes flew open as she came again, even harder than before.  Her body pulled him over the edge and he came, it felt from his toes, as he poured into her.  La petite morte.  Damn straight.




She stirred and her eyes fluttered open.  Something was restricting . . . Mulder?  What the hell?  She pulled away and he woke.  His sleepy eyes focused on her and he smiled.  She looked away and realized that their bodies were entwined in . . . in his bed.  Oh god, she was nude and, and so was he.  The soreness between her legs could only mean one thing.


She jerked away from him, leaving the bed.  She pulled the spread off to cover herself.  Her eyes were wide and frightened.


“Scully?”  His smile vanished.


“Mulder, what’s going on?  What am I doing here?  What did we . . . “ Memory overtook her and her face flamed.


“Scully, don’t you remember?”  The fear was obvious on her face now.  God, what had he done?  “Scully?”  He reached for her and she stepped back, avoiding his touch.


He rose from the bed then and her eyes involuntarily scoped his body.  He reached for the discarded pajama pants he’d been wearing when she arrived.  The memory of her removing them now destroyed.


“I, I need to get dressed.”


He nodded silently and stepped away, giving her clear access to the bathroom.  He jumped when the door shut firmly.  He was reeling.  She didn’t remember what happened?  She had come to him.  He hadn’t, he hadn’t raped her . . . had he?


He made his way to the kitchen and put coffee on to brew.  He leaned against the counter and closed his eyes.  He’d woken so happy.  He and Scully, they’d loved one another, been together finally.  What the hell had happened?




He jerked upright.  He hadn’t heard her enter the kitchen.  “Scully, are you okay?”


“I . . .” she wouldn’t meet his eyes.  “I need to go home.”


“We should talk, Scully.  Please.  We have to - “


“When did I get here?”


“A . . . around two.  Do you not remember . . . “


She turned away and moved toward the door.


“Scully?  I’ll . . . I’ll see you at work.”  He didn’t phrase it as a question, but they both knew it was one.


She seemed to hesitate, but didn’t look back at him.  She let herself out of the apartment and he felt his heart crumple in his chest.


He had no idea how long he stood there, but the coffee was long finished brewing when he finally straightened up.  He didn’t bother with drinking any, just headed for the shower.


Once dressed, he rushed to the office.  Maybe she was okay now, maybe she’d remembered and, and what?  She’d pulled away from him; she’d rushed from his apartment.  She couldn’t even face him.  But he had been convinced that he had pleased her last night.  God knows she had blown his mind.


She wasn’t there.  The office was locked and dark, like he felt.


He opened the place up, turning on all the lights.  It didn’t help and he sank into his chair.  He couldn’t even turn on his computer, just waiting for her to arrive.


The phone startled him and he grabbed it up before the first ring completed.  “Mulder.”


“I need to see you in my office.”


“Yes sir.  Is everything - “


“Just get up here Mulder.”  Skinner broke the connection.


What?  Had she called Skinner to have him brought up on charges?  Sexual harassment?  Rape?  Where was she?


Skinner was at Kim’s desk when he arrived.  The imposing man straightened up and gestured toward his office.  “Have a seat.”  He took his own chair behind the desk.




“I received a phone call from Agent Scully.  She asked for a few days off.”  He watched Mulder’s reaction, and was surprised at the look of fear on the younger man’s face.


“Did she . . . “


“She sounded upset, distracted.  Is there something I should know?”


“Scully, uh, she wasn’t herself yesterday.  Maybe I should go check on her.”


“Not herself in what way?”  Mulder squirmed under the look his supervisor gave him.  After a long moment, Skinner leaned back.  “I’d like more than that, Agent Mulder.  Do you two need to straighten something out?”


“Yes sir.”  Mulder was already rising.  That startled Skinner, though he managed to hide it.


Skinner sighed, “Fine, talk to her.  Get this cleared up and report back to me on Thursday.”


“Yes sir.” He was inching toward the door like a student trying to escape from the principal’s office.  It wasn’t lost on Skinner.


“Mulder . . . “  The younger man stopped instantly.  “If you need anything . . . “


“Thank you.  I . . . we’ll get this worked out.”


Instead of demanding to know exactly what needed to be ‘worked out’, Skinner nodded a dismissal.  He was confident this was one more example of something about which he’d never hear the full story.




Her car wasn’t there.  He still needed to check, so he pulled into a space near her door and moved with purpose toward her apartment.  There was no answer to his knock, which didn’t surprise him.  He pulled out his key and let himself in. 


He could feel an emptiness to the place.  There wasn’t a mess, but it didn’t seem as neat.  He couldn’t put a finger on what was out of place, just a feeling.  He moved down the hall and into her bedroom.


Here was the mess.  She’d obviously packed in a hurry.  Drawers were pulled open and things were hanging out.  Her closet door stood open as well and he could see her overnight case was missing.


Where had she gone?  Or rather, where had he driven her?  It had been consensual.  How could he have gotten it that wrong? 


He wandered back out into her living room, aimless and defeated.  He jumped violently when his cell phone went off.  “Mulder.”  Be her, be Scully.


“Fox?  What’s happened?”


“Mrs. Scully?  I don’t . . . have you heard from her?”


“Yes.  She called me from her car I think, but she’s turned that phone off.  She didn’t sound like herself at all.  She said she needed to get away.  I’m concerned, Fox.  Could she have been taken?”


“I . . . I don’t think so, Mrs. Scully.”


“I need you to find her, Fox.  She’s not okay.”


“I’m not sure I’m the one that she - “


“Of course you are.  Fox, who else would literally go to the ends of the earth for her?  Whatever is wrong now, she needs you.”


Mulder’s eyes closed.  He swallowed but didn’t respond.


“Fox, please.”


“I . . . I’ll find her Mrs. Scully.  Don’t worry.”


He heard her relieved sigh.  “I won’t, not if you’re looking for her.  Please stay in touch.”


“I will Mrs. Scully.  I promise.”  He clicked off and stuffed the phone back in his pocket.


Now what?  He let himself out of the apartment, locking it behind him.  He got in his car and started the engine, but didn’t have a clue which way to drive.  She had wanted to get away from him.


For no discernable reason, he turned south.  There were no clues.  Maybe he could clear his head by just driving.




He wasn’t even aware of location, or how long he’d been driving.  Disjointed memories of last night kept coming to him.  The best night of his life, followed by the morning from hell.  He had thought they were together.  He had thought she wanted . . .  His eyes caught the sign and he nearly lost control of the car.


Skyline Mountain, Ascend to the Stars.


He didn’t hesitate, just took the turn off.  He hadn’t consciously come here, but now that he was he couldn’t turn away.


He took the curves at a dangerous speed, but the closer he got to the top, the faster he wanted to move.  He sped around the last curve and literally slid into the parking lot.  At this time of day it was nearly empty.  He spotted her car at the far end, so very near where Duane Barry had abandoned her car a few years ago.  It sent an icy chill up his spine.  He threw it into park and vaulted from the car.  He stood, looking around, turning in a small circle with eyes peeled. 


“Scully!”  He cried it once, then screamed it.  Where was she?  He started toward the trees where he had found Barry.  “Scully, damn it, where are you!”


He moved farther into the trees.  The light was going, not quite dusk but it would be soon.  He had to find her.  He was moving on pure instinct now, letting his senses seek her.  They had brought him here; there was no reason to doubt them now.  He stopped and turned in a circle, literally feeling for her.


He moved to the left, picking up speed.  In minutes he spotted her on the ground, in a small clearing between some trees.  She wasn’t moving.  He was on his knees beside her before he realized he was moving.  Her pulse caused an answering beat in his own stuttering heart.  “Scully.”  He whispered it, unable to draw a breath.


He checked her out, this body he had loved last night.  No broken bones, no obvious injuries of any kind; but she didn’t awake.  He lifted her into his arms and hurried back to his car.  He lay her carefully in the back seat and covered her with the blanket he kept in the trunk, to ward off shock.


His trip down the mountain was slower.  It was dark now and he didn’t want to jostle her.  He had vivid memories of this part of the country and drove quickly to the nearest hospital.


He carried her into the ER and his badge got her immediate attention.  The only problem was they separated them at this point.  He made the decision not to call her mother.  There was no point at this time, it would only worry her.  He paced so long the nurses had gotten past admiring his ass and were ready to stab him when the doctor emerged.


“Mr. Mulder?”


“How is she?”


“Why don’t you come with me?”  When the doctor saw his face turn ashen, he relented.  “Her vital signs are very strong.”  He started walking away and Mulder fell in beside him.  “We did an MRI and drew blood for a tox screen.”


“And?”  Strangling was illegal.


“She seems to be asleep.”




The doctor nodded.


“A coma?”


“No, asleep.  She seems to be in deep REM sleep.“  Mulder stared at him, silently.  “I want to keep her here, at least until the tox panel comes back.“




“Has she been in the hospital in the last couple of days?  Had any procedures done?”




“I found a small laparoscopic scar just below her navel.  It was done very recently.”


That wasn’t possible.  He had been a lot more thorough in his examination of that area of her body than this man could possibly be last night.  There had been no scar.  “I need to see it.”


The doctor blinked, but finally nodded and led Mulder into the cubicle.  The doctor drew back the sheet and stopped.  He lightly touched the faded scar.  “I . . . it was, I thought it looked fresher than this.”  The doctor sounded confused.  Mulder didn’t correct him.


“We’re going to admit her because of how you found her.  We’ll keep an eye on her, but she does not seem to be in immediate danger.”


“May I stay with her?”


“After we get her moved to her room.  The nurse will get you.”  The doctor took his arm and led him away.


After he was alone again, Mulder’s shoulders slumped.  Mrs. Scully, he should call her before it got any later.  He moved to the far corner of the waiting room for some privacy and dialed her number.


“Hello?”  She sounded stressed.


“Mrs. Scully - “


“Fox, have you found her?”


“Yes.  She’s fine.  I, we’re at the hospital, just to check her out and the doctor said she was in no danger.”


“Hospital?  Where did you find her?”


“Uh, Skyland Mountain.”


Silence filled the space between them.  “Fox, is she okay?  Is she burnt?”


Burnt?  Just what did this woman know about . . . everything?  “No.  The doctor says she’s fine.”


“I can be there in three hours.”


“No.  Mrs. Scully, that puts you here in the middle of the night.  I’ll be bringing her home in the morning.  I’ll have her call you as soon as we get there.  Really.”


“Why can’t I talk to her now?”  Mrs. Scully demanded quickly.


“She’s asleep now.  She was, was tired.  Please, Mrs. Scully.”


“I want you to call me in the morning as well as her.  She won’t be honest about how she feels.”


“I will, I will call you in the morning.  Try to get some sleep yourself.”


“You’ll stay with her tonight, won’t you, Fox?”  Before he could respond he heard her nervous laugh.  “That was a stupid question.  I’ll talk to you in the morning.”  She broke the connection.


He saw the nurse approaching him and straightened up, tucking his phone away.


“She’s in her room now, Mr. Mulder.  Fourth floor, 423.”


He nodded, already moving toward the elevator. 




He woke from his stupor when she stirred.  He glanced at the clock on the wall and it struck him, this had to be the time she decided to come to him last night.  Twenty-four hours.


Her eyes were open now, looking around the room.  Hospital?




She jumped slightly at the sound.  “Mulder.”


“How are you feeling?”


“What happened?  Why am I in a hospital?”


“I found you, unconscious.  I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”


“Where?  Where did you find me?”


“That’s not important now, Scully.”


Her eyes bored into his and he looked away.  “That makes me think it is important.”


“Skyland Mountain.  I found you at Skyland Mountain.”


She jerked then and her hand came up, involuntarily reaching for him.  He took her hand eagerly.  They sat in silence, giving her time to take it in.  Finally she took a deep breath.  “We need to talk.”


“Yes, but not now.  It’s the middle of the night, Scully.  You should be resting.”


“I’m not sleepy.”


He didn’t argue with her, just kept quiet.  After a few minutes, she shifted, turning toward him.  “We, we made love.”


He nodded.


“I, I threw myself at you.”


He gave her a quirk to his lips, “I wanted to catch you.  Did they . . . they sent you to Skyland Mountain, didn’t they?”


She nodded.


“Did they send you to me too?” She could hear the uncertainty, the pain, in his voice.


She blushed slightly then.  “We were good together.”


“Correction, we are good together.  I need to know if you, if you were forced - ”


“No.  I mean, I think something put the idea, the ability to allow myself to . . . “


He looked down at their hands.


“Mulder, they didn’t put any new ideas in my mind.”


His head jerked up, but he didn’t speak.


“What do we do, Mulder?  Why did they do this?”


“I . . . I’ve been thinking about that.  A-according to your cycle, it would be your fertile time, and we had unprotected sex and . . .


Her eyes narrowed slightly.  “You know my cycle?”  He had no response to that and after a long moment she relented.  “It doesn’t matter anyway, Mulder.  I have no ova.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes.”  She said carefully.  “It’s why we did the in-vitro.  You do remember that?”


He nodded, “But they . . . there’s a small scar.”


“Scar?  Where?”  Her hand tightened around his.


He lay his free hand gently on her abdomen.  “Here, just below your navel.”


Frightened eyes met his.  She tightened her grip on him.


“Go ahead, Scully.  I’m right here.”


She nodded and moved the cotton fabric to expose her stomach.  There was no scar.  “Mulder?”


His finger traced where it had been.  “It was there, Scully.  The doctor asked me about it.  When I saw it, it had already faded quite a bit.  The doctor was puzzled about that.”


She closed her eyes as she drew the fabric over her again.  He sighed silently; once again she’d been harmed because of their . . . partnership.  He slipped his hand from hers and rose.


“Mulder?”  Her eyes flew open and she reached for him.


“Scully.  If they . . . last night, Scully, I raped you.” He couldn’t meet her eyes.


“It didn’t feel that way.”  She said softly.


He looked up quickly.  “What?” 


I don’t know, maybe the, the compulsion to go to you wasn’t strictly mine, but I don’t remember struggling against anything.”


“This morning - “ he started.


“I was confused this morning.  I, I hadn’t realized it was, was real.”


“You thought it was a dream?”  She looked down, her face colored beautifully.  His mouth dropped open.


“What, Mulder?  I’m not allowed to have dreams like that?”


He swallowed.   “About me?”


She met his eyes then and finally nodded.  “What do we do now?”


He shook himself to bring his concentration back.  “I need to get you home.  You need to call your mother.”


She looked away then, remembering.  “I called her, didn’t I?”


“Yeah.  You freaked her out.  She called me.”


“I’m sorry I worried her.  She didn’t give you a hard time, did she?”  She looked over to find him smiling.  “What?”


“She . . . she said some nice things to me.”


“Should I be jealous?”  The words were light, but he could tell she was struggling as well.  Everything had changed.  Was it for the better?


“No, never.”


She paused, then looked down at her stomach.  He moved closer and their hands met as they reached for one another simultaneously.  “I want out of here.”


“It’s the middle of the night, Scully.  I agree, but we need to wait for morning.  Something caused you to fall so deeply asleep they couldn’t wake you.”


“Whatever it was, it isn’t something that anyone here could understand.”


“No, but let’s wait anyway.  I didn’t sleep a lot last night, or tonight.  I could use a few Z’s.”


“Where’s my car?”  She asked suddenly.


“Don’t worry about that.  I’ll take care of it.”


She started to protest, but then relaxed into the pillow.  She wanted the time alone and uninterrupted for the drive tomorrow.  Let him sleep for a little while.  They could talk tomorrow.




The doctor was there early with the results of her tests.  No drugs were found in her system though her electrolytes were strangely off.  He released her with her promise to see her own doctor as soon as possible.


He reassured her once again about her car, then they started home.  He handed her his phone once they were on their way.  “Call your mother.  She’s number five.”


She glanced over at him.  “You have Mom on speed dial? Five?”


He shrugged, not looking over at her.  “You’re one and two, the office is three and the guys are four.”


“What about Skinner?”


“He’s six.”


“After Mom?”  He gave her a slight smile, but didn’t bother to answer.


Scully took a deep breath and pressed the button.  “Mom?  Yes, I’m fine.  No, really.”


She glared at Mulder as he chuckled lightly at those words.


“They just wanted to keep me for observation.  We’re on the way home now.  Uh, sure.”  She turned to Mulder, “She wants to speak to you.”


He nodded and took the phone.  “Mrs. Scully?”


“Is she okay, Fox?”


“I believe so.  The doctor wants her own doctor to check her out, but he found no reason to keep her.”


“You’ll be with her.”  It wasn’t a question.


“Yes ma’am, that’s a promise.”


“Okay, but if you need me, call me.”


“I will.  Here’s Scully.”


Scully took the phone back.  “Gee, thanks Mom.”


“I know he’ll look after you better than you’ll look after yourself, Dana.  Don’t bother to deny it.  Call me if you need anything.”


“Okay.  Mom, I am okay.”


“I know, Fox told me.  Bye Sweetheart.”


Scully disconnected the phone and looked over at Mulder.  “Maybe I should be jealous.”




“She’s signed up to be the president of your fan club.”


“She what?”  He glanced over at her again.


“Nothing.”  She looked out the window then, seeming to put space between them.  He hid his sigh and didn’t push.  If she didn’t want to talk there was no way he wanted to force her.


After a few minutes though, he couldn’t help himself.  He needed to hear her voice.  “You hungry, Scully?”


“Not really, but if you want something - “


“No, I’m cool.  Let’s just get you home.”


“Mulder, I am okay.”


He nodded, watching the road and after a minute she turned away again.  His mood plunged, he had hoped this ride would give them some time to talk.  Maybe being in a car with him brought back too many bad times.


He glanced over once to find her watching him.  “Scully?”


She only shook her head and looked away again.  He actually reached for her before he could stop himself, but she didn’t seem to notice.  He vowed to leave her alone after that.  She might have come to him and she might have initiated their time together, but that was past.  He let the depression surround him.




He’d promised Mrs. Scully, so when he parked, he automatically got out of the car.  She didn’t protest.  She opened the door to her apartment and he followed her in. 


“You should probably try to get some rest, Scully.”


“I slept a lot yesterday.”  Scully spoke with heavy irony as she hung her jacket in her coat closet and closed the door.


“Yeah, well.  I guess I’ll get out of here, if you’re sure you’re okay.”  He stood uncomfortably by the door, not insinuating himself into her space.


She started for the bedroom, “Do you have to go right now?”


“Uh, no.  Do you need something?”  He straightened up but remained near the door.


“Yes, I do.”  She disappeared into her bedroom.


“Scully?  What?” When she didn’t answer he hurried to follow her.  He nearly plowed into her.  She was stopped just inside of her bedroom door.  His hands went to her waist to steady her.

”Scully?”  She was staring at her bed.


“I was just wondering what it would feel like to love you when it’s just us.”


“What?”  His mouth was too dry for anything else.


She ignored his question, changing the subject slightly, but still looking toward the bed.  “You’ll never make a first move toward me.”


“I don’t . . . Scully, I want - “


“You’ll always wonder, which puts the ball in my court, so to speak.”


He had absolutely no response to that, so he kept quiet.  He felt her lean back slightly against him.


“Mulder, the only compunction I feel right now is the need to recreate the feelings I had when I was in your bed.  I felt safe and wanted and loved.”


“You are.”  He whispered in her ear.  “In my bed or out.”


He felt her smile and she turned her head slightly to place a kiss on his cheek.  “I’m not used to instigating these things.”  He saw the color in her cheeks.


“You’re doing okay.”


“Only because it’s you.  You’re right, we are good together.”


“The best.”  He nuzzled her ear and she leaned more firmly against him.


She swallowed hard, “I think . . . I think we should . . . Mulder, I want to love you again while I know it’s what I want.”


“You do keep me guessing, Scully.  You were so quiet on the way home.”


“Weighing the pros and cons, Mulder.  Was I willing to risk my friendship with you to move forward?”


“There were pros?” He asked, torn between amusement and fear.


“A couple.”  She smiled.


“It’s what I want too, Scully.”  He turned her to face him then and took her lips with his own.  His arms steadied her again as her knees gave way.  He moved them to the bed and lowered her to it, stretching out beside her.  He was up on one elbow, watching her.  She was blushing deeply, but didn’t demur.  She jumped slightly when his hand touched her skin where her blouse had come loose from her slacks.  She relaxed immediately at the warmth of his hand, and his gaze.  He unbuttoned her blouse slowly, exposing the light blue bra underneath.  He slipped the blouse from her shoulders, then pulled her toward him. 


The blouse was off of her body now and he unfastened the bra, removing it at the same time.  Her breasts, so beautiful only two nights ago, were even lovelier in the light of day where he could appreciate them to their fullest.  His tongue laved the nipple of first one, then the other.  He smiled at her body’s physical reaction to his touch.  Already her breathing was shallow and the scent of her arousal was intoxicating him.  He moved down her body slowly, investigating everything that shadows had hidden from him in the night.


He kissed her lower abdomen.  It was smooth and soft, no hint of a scar remained.  He continued his slow journey down her body, missing nothing.


He was delighted to find her panties matched her bra.  How many of these ‘sets’ did she have?  And more important, would she allow him to contribute to the collection?  They’d have to discuss that later.


He gently pushed her legs apart and his tongue explored her soft inner thigh and he smiled as she moaned.


“Mulder . . .” Her voice was pleading.


“Shh, Scully, I’m savoring.  I’m still trying to believe that the last time wasn’t the last time.”


“Mulder, I’m sor - “


His lips cut her off and his body pressed her into the mattress.  Her hands explored his back, plucking at the fabric.  He took the hint and slowly rose from her body.  He made quick work of his own clothing, letting them drop to the floor.  Her eyes widened in appreciation.  It had been dark in his bedroom, but considering how she’d felt the next morning, she wasn’t surprised by what she was seeing now.




“Just adding another ‘pro’ to the list.”


His smile caused her breath to catch.  Had she ever seen Mulder, her Mulder, look that happy?  She reached for him and he didn’t hesitate, joining her on the bed and rolling her beneath him.  She laughed then, her joy too much to contain.


“I’m funny, Scully?”


She shook her head.  “I’m just happy.”


“Oh god.” He buried his face in her neck.  She was happy and she was with him.  Her hand wrapped around him and he groaned.


“Love me, Mulder.”


“I do.”  Their eyes met and locked, then he moved into her.  His eyes closed for an instant.  This was right, this was real.  Her hand caressed his cheek and he looked at her. 


He began moving within her then, thrusting gently at first, then harder and harder.  Her legs wrapped around his waist, urging him on.  Their eyes were locked on one another and their hands clasped as their bodies joined.  He changed angles slightly and saw her eyes widen in appreciation.  Then he felt her muscles clutch around him and he was lost.  The only thing he remained aware of was her, here in his arms.


“Scully.”  He breathed the word as he lowered himself onto her, covering her with his body.


Her eyes scanned his face and then she nodded.  “Yes, we are good together.”


“This was you, your idea?”  He had to ask.


“Totally.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a better one.”


“No argument from me, Scully.”  He held her up against him as he kissed her forehead.  “None whatsoever.”


He watched her eyes close and he allowed himself to tuck her tightly again him.  He let his own eyes close.

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