Handling Betrayal


Putting Willis to Rest


He headed for the door, leaving her cleaning out the desk.  She didn't believe, apparently she couldn't believe, but she'd seen it this time. 

To ignore it was her choice.


He had known she'd gone out with Willis for a while before they had been partnered, but he hadn't realized they'd had a 'relationship'.  

She'd gone away for a weekend with him.  He wasn't jealous, hell he had no reason to be, but it was surprising for some reason. 


Maybe he had, kind of, bought into that Ice Queen thing.  It wasn't true, this woman had great passion.  He'd already seen that.


"This one's important to me."  That had slipped out at the briefing before he'd realized he was going to say it.  It was true, but a little too revealing

for 'Spooky' Mulder.  He'd heard the comments on his way into the room to give his information.  He had been a little surprised when Bruskin had

defended him to Westin. 


How close had Scully and Willis been?  It had been over between them, hadn't it?  He knew little to nothing about her personal life.  But it seemed

she had been more resistant than usual this time, defending Willis past the point even he had expected.  Why had she been working with him at

the bank anyway?  She was his partner.  Had Willis requested her, or had she requested to work with him?


Well, that sounded a trifle proprietary even to him.  He didn't know who she dated or, or whatever, but he was curious. 


Hadn't she called him on that when that little prick Colton had tried to take her away from him?  Away from him?  Shit.  What was it about her that

made him care about this stuff?  She certainly didn't belong to him, but she was turning out to be okay to work with.  She kept him on his toes and

she was smart - smart enough to argue intelligently with him and that had become . . . okay, kinda fun.


Well that was a first, defining a fight with a partner as fun.  But it happened to be true with her.  She didn't believe him, but she listened.  She gave

him a full hearing.


If she really had feelings for Willis, if she'd had feelings for Willis - the man was really dead this time - maybe he should cut her some slack about

her beliefs this time.  Yeah, maybe he should.  She'd done it enough for him.


And tomorrow she'd still be his partner.