Really Home (NC17)


She woke

She woke, stretching a little and opened her eyes to find him watching her, a smile playing on his lips. “Was I snoring?”

“No.” His grin widened, “but you really abandon yourself to sleep now.”

“I take it when I can get it.” Was her retort. “What time is it?”

“A little after 1.”

She moved her head around, stretching her neck. “You’re still here?”

“Well, you fell asleep mid-word. I didn’t want you to wake up and just find me gone. And you looked too peaceful to disturb.” He was rubbing her feet now and she moaned softly.

“Thanks, and for staying.”

He nodded, understanding the statement. He reluctantly placed her feet back on the couch from his lap and started to stand. “I guess I should be heading home.”

“It’s late Mulder. Why don’t you just stay?”

He glanced at her bedroom door and quickly away, then looked down at the couch.

“You can stay in the bed, Mulder.” She responded to his discomfort dryly.

“Think there’s still room?” He decided on the light touch. His eyes were twinkling.

Her eyebrow rose and her eyes narrowed. “It’s a queen. I believe if you cling to the edge you can find room.”

He settled back into his seat, “Who could resist such an invitation?”

But neither moved to go to bed, just sitting comfortably, being together. Finally she nudged him with her toe. “What?”

He shrugged, “I was just . . . I read somewhere that when a woman is pregnant she gets, uh, she – “

“She gets horny?”

“Well, yeah.” He was grinning now, though he looked damned uncomfortable.

“It’s true. You missed a hell of a second trimester.”

His face fell a little at that. “And now it’s too late.”

“I didn’t say that.” She was watching him closely.

“You mean . . . I mean . . . “ He was eyeing her middle with new appreciation.

“Well, we’d have to be kind of creative with positions, but . . . “

At the word ‘positions’, the stirring in his groin moved to new heights.

“I, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone.” He met her eyes now, still questioning.

“Mulder, even you couldn’t put dents in his head yet.” She watched the color rise on his face and barely managed to keep the smile from her lips.

“So, uh, positions huh? What, what would you recommend?”

“I was thinking the kitchen table actually.”

He gaped at her then. The kitchen table? She had been so discreet before he had disappeared. They had still been tentative about everything in this part of their relationship.

“I . . . you’ve been thinking about this?”

“I’ve known you were going to live for a little while now. The thought crossed my mind.”

That brought the smile back to his face full force. “You hussy!”

“I told you, you missed a hell of a second trimester.” But her smile was beginning to match his own.

Suddenly his face fell, “Scully, I don’t have any protection.”

“How much more pregnant do you think you could get me, Mulder?”

He leaned back as though to survey her, “You do look pretty pregnant.” Then he sobered, “No, I don’t know what - “

“Mulder, who do you think ordered all of your tests at the hospital?”

Again she had caught him off guard. “You, you checked me out?”

“I certainly didn’t want you to give me any alien clap Mulder. I saw no reason not to take the opportunity to ensure everything was okay.”

“And it was?”

“Oh yeah.”

His eyes gleamed, this was a new side to Scully. Another change that had taken place in his absence. Actually, because of his absence in this case.

“The kitchen table, huh?”

“Want to see if it works?”

He stared at her for a long moment. “Yeah, oh yeah.” He rose and pulled her to her feet.

He leaned down and kissed her thoroughly. When his lips released hers, she held on to him to remain on her feet. “I . . . let me go change.”

“Need any help?”

“Not this time. Why don’t you get comfortable? I’ll be right back.”

He nodded, his eyes locked on hers. After a moment, she turned and headed toward her room. He pulled his t-shirt off and toed off his shoes. He realized his hands were trembling slightly.

He padded into the kitchen and cleared off the table, then lowered the lights. Too bad they couldn’t have wine, he hadn’t been this nervous since . . . hell, he’d never been this nervous.

He turned when he heard her footsteps. His eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly. She had never looked so beautiful. Her hair was longer now, softer as it curled around her face. Her face - it was breathtaking, rounder, fuller - even her lips seemed fuller. And her eyes looked bluer. His own eyes traveled down - her breasts were bigger, much bigger.

The robe she was wearing was cream. The lace lay against those breasts and made her skin look even more luminous.

“Scully.” It almost sounded like a prayer.

He managed to make his body move toward her. His hand tangled in her hair and he brought his lips down to hers again. “Let me see you. Please.”

“I’m so different.”

“You’re so beautiful. Please Scully.” His hand was on the tie holding the robe closed just below her breasts. He tugged gently on the silk and it fell open. He was mesmerized. His hands came up to cup her breasts. Her nipples were huge, so much larger than he remembered. He kissed them and let his tongue play around the areolas. Her breath caught and she tightened her grip on his shoulder.

He moved farther down, his lips pressed against the beginning slope of her abdomen. He kissed, caressed and licked his way down to her navel. She had an outie now and his tongue delighted in it.

She was gasping now, sensations flooding her body. “Mulder . . . “ It was a moan, and went directly to his cock.

He lifted her and placed her gently on the table, sitting facing him. Smart, he had total access to her but no fear of her having to take on his weight. She had given this some thought.

“You, uh, you better get rid of those jeans before you do damage to something.”

He nuzzled her neck, nipping at her ear. “I don’t remember this robe.”

“It’s new.” She managed to whisper.

“Um, how new?”

“Ye . . . yesterday.” She arched against him. He felt her fingers on his own stomach, seeking his waistband.

When she tugged down his zipper, rather impatiently it seemed to him, he sprang free. Her eyes widened in appreciation.


“Um?” She smiled as he kicked his jeans and boxers aside.

His fingers were now tracing the curve of her belly and brushed into her damp curls. Damn was she ready. Hell, so was he, but he didn’t want to rush anything.

That resolve weakened as her hand wrapped itself around his straining cock. “Scu . . . Scully, I don’t know if I can draw this out.”

“Maybe, for this first time, that’s not a bad thing.”

That gave him pause. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.

“Scully, if – “

He lost speech as her hand tightened and she brought him to her core. He’d never done it quite this way before - the closest had been in the shower with her legs wrapped around him.

At her unspoken demand, he slowly began to enter her. She was hotter than he remembered, and tighter.

Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be purring. He started to withdraw and she whimpered, her hands were on his ass now, bringing him back to her.

He smiled, watching her. Then her hand brushed his nipple and he was struggling for control again. He began to thrust into her and she met him with equal passion.

He had one hand on her back now, supporting her where his hand had first become familiar with her body. His other hand was supporting him, placed flat on the table. Her hands were gripping his shoulders and he felt her nails dig in as her body began losing control.

He felt her orgasm deep within him and gave in to the power of it as it triggered his own release. His hand tightened its grip of her, holding her as though to a life preserver in a violent sea.

He locked his knees to keep himself upright as wave after wave of painful delight coursed through him.

Fear that he was gripping her too tightly caused him to release her and he gripped the table on either side of her as he attempted to get his breath back. “Scully?”

She didn’t answer, just allowing her body to rest against his.

“Scully?” He heard a note of fear in his voice this time.

“Shhh, I’m savoring this.”

He smiled then, in relief as well as delight. He had pleasured her, now he could admit to a slight case of performance anxiety.

He kissed the top of her head and just held her for a minute, then, “Uh, Scully, how . . . how long can we do this?”

“If you keep doing it this well, until my water breaks.”

She felt his chuckle deep in his chest and pressed her body closer to relish it.

“Take me to bed Mulder.” She still hadn’t lifted her head from his chest, but now she did. He’d never seen a more seductive smile on this woman’s face.

“You are a hussy.”

“Let me enjoy this overload of hormones for a change Mulder.”

“Don’t let me stop you.” His arm went under her legs and she was in his arms.

Her eyes widened and she started to protest. “Let me enjoy feeling strong again, okay?”

She subsided, cuddling into his chest as he carried her to her bedroom and then lay her gently on the bed. He crawled in beside her immediately and reached for the sheet to cover them.

“Um, no, I’m hot.”

“I know.” He murmured and grinned. She swatted at his arm and burrowed her back into his chest. His arm came over her to rest on the child that, now that things had calmed down, was moving around and making his presence known again.

He watched her sink back into sleep, the sensations of her body having overwhelmed her completely.

There was still a lot to process, a lot to learn - even about her after all these years, and parenting . . . But for the first time since he had woken up in that hospital, he felt like he was home - really home.





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