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Scully turned the calendar - March, finally.  The last of the snow was making a mess of the yard, but the mud was kind of nice to see.  There might be some more winter weather, but the air smelled like spring had finally broken the back of the really cold weather.  The seedlings that Lucy had been nurturing would be ready to go into the gardens soon.


The wind had kicked up - in like a lion.  She missed weather bulletins and radar, but they'd managed so far.  She'd been unprepared for the amount of snow this winter had brought, but she hadn't lived in the foothills of Virginia before and Washington snow was usually shoved out of the way before she'd even had a chance to appreciate it.  The naval bases she'd lived on didn't lend themselves to much snow.


Her 'guards' hadn't allowed her outside much, but she did understand where their concern came from.  A fall could have been extremely dangerous and since she still considered this pregnancy high risk even as far along as she was now, there had been no reason to chance it.


She took a sip of her tea and saw Emma run to the window and look out.


"No more snow for you, Miss Emma.  It's finally going to get warm again."


Emma turned to smile at her, "I know, the others are coming."


"Others?  What others?"  She slowly made her way over to her.  She looked out the window but didn't see anything.  "Are other people headed this way?"


Emma nodded. "They're almost here."


Scully just looked at the little girl for a long moment.  Chuck saw them and joined them at the window.  "What's going on?"


"Emma says there're some people on the way here to join us."


"For real? Emma, look at me."


She looked up at him and smiled. 


"When, when will they get here?"


"Today, they're tired and dirty and hungry."


"How many?"


She hesitated then.  "Three I think."


He picked his daughter up and gave her a hug.  "Why don't you go tell Cassie?"  She nodded and scrambled down.  Chuck turned to Scully.  "I don't know what to say.  She never did anything like this until that day.  Somehow she knew that I shouldn't go upstairs, she led me here, she knew you were having a baby.  I don't know what's going on but I'd be willing to bet someone is on the way."


Scully looked into his eyes and after a moment, nodded.  "Do you think we're in danger from them?"


After a moment he shrugged.  "I think it would be prudent to go meet them before they get here.  Frohike, Jeremy and me."


"Why that combination?"


"We don't look that threatening, and Frohike's a good shot, if we need that."


Still she hesitated.  "We, we should talk this over."


"Okay, I'll get everyone.  Why don't you sit down?"  He took her arm and with a slight shake of her head, she took his advice.  Just a few more weeks . . .




They watched from the side of the road, in the trees.  Emma had been right, three people, a man, a boy and a girl.  The girl was riding piggyback on the boy, both obviously exhausted.


Frohike looked at the others and at his signal they stepped out onto the road.  The three travelers stopped immediately.  The man lifted his stick into a defensive position, the girl slid off the boy's back and stood behind them.


"Hello!" Frohike called to them.  "Good to see you.  What're your names?"


The older man took a step closer and the girl whimpered.  "I'm Wally, Wallace Gibson.  These are my children, Randy and Rebecca."


Frohike and Chuck raised their hands in welcome, Jeremy nodded.  "I'm Melvin, this is Chuck and Jeremy.  Where did you come from?"


"Originally, Georgia."


"Why did you come here?"


Wally seemed surprised at the question and looked back at Rebecca.  "We, I don't know."


Chuck grinned then, that had been his answer.  He stepped forward, "Why don't we get you inside and fed.  You can meet the people that are already here."


"Who, who's in charge?  Is it one of you?"


"No, but we'll introduce you," Frohike assured him.


"Do you think he'll see me, let me ask for my kids to stay?"


"Yes, come on."  He turned, allowing his back to be vulnerable to them.  Jeremy was tense, but Wally actually sighed with relief. 


"Come on kids." He started walking behind Frohike.  Jeremy took up a position behind them and Randy sent him a suspicious look but followed his father, pulling Rebecca along with him. 


Chuck walked beside Randy, not getting too close.  He pulled some granola bars from his pocket and handed three of them to Randy.  "Think these could tide you over?"


Randy looked at them a long time and realized they were still sealed.  Finally he accepted them with a nod of thanks.  He opened one and handed it to Rebecca, then tossed one to his father who had turned to look.  He opened his last, but once he took a bite, he devoured it in three bites.  Chuck kept quiet.  The boy had every right to be wary of them.


Chuck looked over at Rebecca.  She avoided his gaze, eating her granola bar quickly as well.  "I have a daughter; her name is Emma.  She just turned four and I know she'll be happy to see you.  I think she's gotten tired of being around only grown ups."


Rebecca's eyes darted toward him and quickly away.  She kept quiet.  Randy watched them both.


Byers opened the door for them and they stepped inside, awed at the accommodations as well as the crowd.  Wally stopped and faced Byers, straightening his posture.  "I'm Wallace Gibson.  These are my children, Randy and Rebecca.  I'd appreciate a word with you."


"You actually need to speak with Scully, she's our leader."


Scully closed her eyes, leader?  She couldn't wait to see the expression on this man's face when he saw her.  She was as big around as she was tall right now, not exactly leader-looking.  She drew a deep breath and turned to look at Wally.  The others had parted to let him see her but were obviously standing guard around her.


"Mr. Gibson," she extended her hand and after looking at the people surrounding her, he nodded and stepped forward to shake it.  "My friends tell me you're from Georgia.  What did you do there?"  Out of the corner of her eye she saw Byers draw a chair up for her, leaving their guests standing.


"Uh, I was a long haul trucker and part time mechanic.  Both jobs seem to be gone now."


"Yes, I suppose they are," Scully smiled at him.  "We can talk more later; why don't you wash up.  We have water heating now, then you can eat and bring us up to date on what you saw on your trip here.  We can discuss arrangements later."


"I, thank you."


Everyone seemed to give a sigh of relief and Emma broke from Cassie's grip then to run up to Rebecca.  "I'm glad you're finally here."




Lucy approached Scully with a cup of hot tea.  "You're up early.  Couldn't sleep?"


Scully gave her wan smile.  "Oh I can get to sleep, I think I nap about 23 hours a day, but I can't stay asleep."


"I remember.  You're dreaming aren't you?" she asked quietly, taking a seat beside her.


Scully looked down into the tea but nodded.


"That's normal you know; especially now."


"I know, it's just . . . "






"What about him?"


"He's all I dream about, every night.  I know he's trying to get home, I can feel that even awake, but . . . "


"What was the dream?"


Scully looked away, toward the lightening window.  Dawn was coming quickly.  "There was a woman."


"A woman?"


"She, she was lying beside him, her hand on his chest, whispering to him."


"I haven't met Mulder; do you have any reason to be insecure?"


Lucy was watching her, she knew the tears in her eyes were visible, but the question startled her.  Insecure?  She'd given Mulder some grief about Bambi years ago, but mostly in a teasing way.  Detective White had bothered her but she still wasn't sure what had been going on during that investigation.  Diana . . . that was a different category entirely and one that had been 'put to bed' as it were a long time ago.  But no, she had no reason to be insecure about her place in his life.  She was being ridiculous, upset about a hormonal dream.  She faced Lucy, wiping her eyes and smiled.  "No, I have no reason to be insecure.  Thank you."


"For what?"


"Reminding me of that."




She started to rise from the table but sank back into the chair, closing her eyes.  She heard chairs scrapping and realized that Frohike was already behind her. 


"Scully!" that was Byers voice.


Then she heard Lucy calmly at her side.  "Dana?  Are you okay?"


She nodded.  "Just a little light headed."


"You didn't eat anything," Frohike said from behind her.


"Just not hungry."


He apparently opened his mouth to protest that, but Lucy stopped him.  "That's okay; you may be in early labor."


Scully opened her eyes and saw the look of terror on Byers face and Langly was even paler.  "Don't panic guys, there's a good chance the baby will have my nose."


Frohike chuckled behind her.  "Well that would certainly help with delivery." 


Byers gave a startled laugh and even Langly's lips seemed to twitch.  The others looked slightly confused but stayed out of it.  Emma moved then, coming to Scully's side.


"Is the baby going to come out?"  Her hand caressed Scully stomach.


"I think so, Honey," Scully smiled at her.


"Good, I want to see him."


"Me too." 


"Cassie," Lucy looked up at the young woman.  "Why don't you make up Dana's bed like we talked about?"


Cassie nodded and left the table.


"Are you feeling better now?" Lucy asked Scully.


"Yes, I think so.  I'm sorry to cause a scene."


"You haven't," Lucy assured her.  "Come on.  Let's get you to your room."  She helped Scully to her feet.  Frohike had a firm grip on her arm and Lucy lightly held the other one.  Scully didn't protest, she'd obviously frightened everyone.


Cassie already had the bed stripped and was spreading a light tarp over the mattress.  Lucy ignored that, leading Scully to the small sitting area of her room.  Scully settled in her favorite chair and relaxed back into its comfort.


"You'd like to be alone for a little while, right?" Lucy looked down at Scully.


Frohike started to protest again, but Scully looked up at Lucy.  "Yes, thank you."


"I understand.  We'll be right out here when you want us.  If you want to walk around, please ask one of us to be with you."  Her glance at Frohike kept him silent and he followed her from the room.  Cassie had already slipped out and Scully settled back in her chair.  She picked up her book from the small side table but didn't open it.


The baby was coming and Mulder wasn't here.  Her hand caressed her swollen belly and a slow tear rolled down her cheek.  She let her head fall back against the back of the chair and gave into memories of Mulder.


It was harder to conjure the feel of his arms around her, his lips on hers.  She needed him, especially now she needed him.  There was nothing she could do.  She brushed a tear away. 


After a little while, she rose carefully and headed for the bathroom.  The dizziness seemed to have passed, but she was startled by the gush of warm fluid and realized her water had broken.  Well, there was no going back now.




Mulder -


“We need to find shelter,” Hal yelled over the wind, “and fast.”  He pointed to the southeast.


Mulder and Skinner nodded; they couldn’t have made themselves heard, but turned toward the town they could see in the near distance.  The first large building they came to was a small county hospital.  They headed for the ER entrance.  Once the wagon was under the entrance used by the ambulances, Mulder and Skinner hurried to dismount and force the sliding doors open.  Hal drove the wagon inside, scraping the sides a little as hail began beating down on the overhang.


Patti rode her horse on inside, pulling the two pack horses behind her.  Mulder and Skinner followed with their horses and shoved the doors closed again.


“Move on down the hall, away from the glass.  If there is a tornado, we need to be away from the windows and doors,” Skinner ordered.  The horses now moved ahead of the wagon into the maze of cubicles.


Mulder caught the odor first and turned to Skinner who looked at him questioningly then caught the whiff himself.  He shook his head slightly at Mulder, but they stopped their forward progress.  “Everyone stay here.  We’re away from windows.  We’ll just wait it out here.”  Skinner said as Mulder dismounted.


“What stinks?” Harry demanded.


“I’ll go check.  You wait here with Hal and your mother,” Mulder ordered.  He looked over at Patti, who while younger, seemed to grow more mature than Carolyn each day.  Patti nodded and moved closer to the wagon to keep Harry occupied.


It took little time to find them, bodies.  For the first time since this whole thing had started they found bodies lying on the floor and in some of the beds.  The people who couldn’t get outside when the hum had called to them, already sick or injured, they had died here.


“This is why I wanted to avoid cities.  Skyscrapers, slow elevators . . .” Mulder looked around and shook his head.


“Maybe they stayed longer over larger population areas,” Skinner offered.


Mulder shrugged, “Probably, but there had to be hundreds of thousands of people who couldn’t make it outside regardless.”


Skinner shook his head.  “We need to get back.  There’s nothing we can do here.”


Mulder followed silently.


The other adults had realized what the odor was by the time Mulder and Skinner returned.  Carolyn looked a little green but Hal and Patti were keeping Harry occupied.  A huge whoosh of wind went over them, and they heard the entry doors rattle violently and glass break somewhere off to the left.  The three men exchanged looks.  Hal mouthed the word ‘tornado’ over Harry’s head and Skinner nodded.


Their only option was to wait it out and hope the structure held.


Mulder moved over to help Patti who was trying to keep the horses calm.  They were restless in the enclosed space and as aware of the weather as the humans were.


“Are we safe here?” Patti asked in a low voice.


“Sure hope so,” Mulder replied and she glared at him before shaking her head.  “Come on, let’s break into the snack machines.”


She had to chuckle.  He was the most irritating . . .


They returned with their arms full of soda and snacks.  Hal had lit a couple of lanterns to give them light.  Harry was delighted with the Coke and slightly stale animal crackers they gave him.  The storm had not abated, but at least he was distracted from the fury outside.


A distinct crash close by caused Mulder to start to rise.  “It don’t matter,” Hal advised him.  “Best to stay away from the windows.”


Mulder nodded and resumed his seat, taking another swig of his Coke.  They were inside, hopefully whoever had designed this hospital had taken their location in tornado alley into account.


Eventually Harry fell asleep and Carolyn curled up beside him.  Mulder, as usual, took first watch.  The others could get a little sleep at least before his nightmares woke them.  When Skinner came to take over the wind had died down but the rain was lashing at the doors and Mulder wondered idly if the drive-up that had protected ambulances in the past still existed.


Mulder took one of the ER cubicles away from the others and tried to get comfortable.  Exhaustion sent him to sleep quickly.


// She was in pain, horrible pain! Someone was torturing her!  Frohike was there and others, people he didn't know.  But they weren't helping her!  Why weren't they taking care of her?  She was moaning his name, breathing heavily, sweating with the effort. What were they doing to her?  Scully! God, Scully, I'm sorry! //


 He woke sweaty and shaking to find Skinner standing over him and Patti crouched beside him, smoothing back his hair.


“What was it, Mulder?”  This one must have been worse than usual.  Even Skinner looked shaken.


“She was screaming, crying out for me.  Something’s wrong.  I need - “


“Mulder,” Skinner said it with compassion but the meaning was clear.  They weren’t going to let him go off on his own, even to rush to her side.  It wasn’t safe for him or for this little party of survivors they had accumulated.


Patti kept quiet.  It had been seven months since they had found and rescued her.  His need to get to his Scully had not lessened and tonight’s nightmare . . .


She stroked his shoulder but didn’t say anything.  There was nothing to say anyway.  He looked up as she turned back to her bed.  Her quiet support and occasional nudge to behave himself reminded him of Scully.  He wanted them to meet.  He was pretty sure they’d get along well if Scully was still . . .


“Try to sleep, Mulder.”


Mulder gave Skinner a look of anguish.  Skinner left him again after another look and returned to his watch.


Mulder rolled over on his side and went over the nightmare again.  This one was more vivid than usual.  She was being tortured, that had to be it.  She was sweating, crying out for him, in pain.  Frohike had been trying to help, but he had been useless. 


Should he be relieved that she wasn’t alone, that she was apparently still on the planet?  Shit.




Things had progressed rapidly once her water broke.  Rather than play the hero, she notified Lucy.  "I guess I don't really want to be alone right now."


"We're going to do this your way, Dana.  Whatever you want."


"You have an epidural hidden in your pocket?" Scully tried to smile.


"No, sorry.  Just remember, only one or two generations of women have had that aid anyway.  We're back to basics."


"Yippee," Scully muttered and Lucy chuckled.


"Do you want to walk around?  Changing positions seemed to help me, and it really ticked off the nurses as I recall." Lucy smiled at some memory.  "I was supposed to lie quietly and 'take it'.  I think that's what my grandmother said about sex too as I recall," she said dryly.


Scully gave a startled laugh.  This woman was going to keep her on her toes, that was for sure.


Cassie brought in the supplies that Lucy had stored for the occasion.  Frohike had joined them and to Scully's relief had been the consummate gentleman, in every sense of the word.  His arms supporting her as she walked felt strong and secure.


"You really delivered a baby?"  she asked, wanting conversation.


He nodded.  "Yep.  Didn't plan it."  He looked over at Lucy who nodded to encourage him to continue.  "There was a little girl who sold us vegetables out where I was based in Nam.  She came around almost every day and we gave her things, chocolate, teased with her.  She learned some English and we kind of looked after her.  One afternoon she came running into camp and spotted me first.  She was frantic and had lost her English, but was pulling me out of camp to come with her.


"I went, probably a stupid thing to do, but I trusted her after all that time.  She led me to the shack her family lived in and turned out her mother was in labor.  It was too late to go back for real help and the girl was just a kid.  Can't say I did that much, mostly just caught the kid as she pushed him out, but I was glad she wasn't alone.  They had some string and some scissors, I had a flask," he grinned at Scully's eyebrow. "Anyway, I used that to sterilize what I could.  It was a real experience, seeing that little boy born."


"What happened to them?"


He shrugged.  "I don't know.  When I went back to check on them, they were gone.  Probably back to family, I hope anyway." 


She nodded, but her attention was drawn back to her own situation then and she breathed through another contraction.  There was little conversation after that,   At her unspoken request, Lucy and Frohike helped her to the bed and arranged the pillows so that she could recline.


"I should check your progress, Dana," Lucy said softly, keeping stimulation to a minimum.


Scully closed her eyes, but nodded. 


"This is going quick, Dana.  I'm jealous."


Scully sighed and opened her eyes.  "Really?"


"Really.  I can't say how many centimeters, but I think you're almost there."


"I want to be 'after' there."


Lucy chuckled, "I don't blame you, but things have progressed rapidly.  I'm wondering when your labor started."


Scully thought about that.  "I might have been having contractions earlier, but they didn't hurt."


"The best kind.  They obviously did you some - " she went quiet as Scully's breathing changed and she watched the younger woman's grip tighten on Frohike's hand.  She counted to herself.  The contraction lasted over 45 seconds and her breathing had turned to a moan.  It really was almost over.


Scully sank back against the pillow and Frohike cooled her face with a damp cloth.  "That was a good one."


"Says who?" she gasped.


Before he could retort her breathing had picked up for another contraction. 


"Already?" he mouthed to Lucy, who nodded.


She seemed to lose control near the end and Lucy began crooning to her, giving her something to focus on. 


"I can't, it's too fast," Scully closed her eyes again.


"Yes, you can.  You can because it's almost over, Dana.  Believe me on this.  That's why they're closer and stronger.  You know that."


Scully looked up but another contraction took her.  "Mmmuld, you're supposed to be here!"


"He's trying, Scully," Frohike couldn't help his automatic defense of the man.


"No, uhhhh, here.  Damn you, Mulder!"


Lucy nodded at her anger.  "Dana, Dana listen to me.  Breathe, try to stay on top of it.  You're in transition."


"Tran . . . ahhhhh."


"That's right, transition." Lucy calmly folded Scully's nightgown back and propped her knees up, drapping a sheet over her.  Scully was having more trouble getting her breath back, and Frohike cooled her face again.


"Dana, I want you to try a small push on the next contraction, okay?"  At those words, Scully looked up at her, questioningly.  "Just a little one."


She tried to nod and concentrate as another contraction assailed her.  Lucy noted her foot slipped a little on the sheet.  "That's good, I think it's time."  She turned toward the door and barely raising her voice called, "Cassie."


Very quickly the door opened and Cassie joined them.  She shut the door behind her and hurried to Lucy's side.  "I need you to help Dana.  I want you to hold her leg, here and let her use your hand as a stirrup, she needs something to push against.  Melvin, you here."


Scully looked up at him with narrowed eyes.  He smiled down at her and cupped her cheek.  "My eyes are already closed, darlin', don't worry."


She huffed, but then was swept up with the next contraction, pushing harder this time, listening to Lucy count.  In such a short amount of time that even Scully realized it, Lucy smiled up at her, "Just a couple more, I think.  You're doing great."


The ring of fire had Scully thinking other things, but this she remembered from her training.  The baby was crowning.  "Come on, Dana.  This is almost over, push."


Frohike took up the count for her and Scully pushed and again.  On the third, "Dana, the head's out, just a second."  Lucy suctioned the nose and mouth as Scully had instructed her.  "Okay."


Scully felt the baby leave her body and the pain vanished.  Oh, there was still pain but in comparison it didn't matter and then the baby wailed its fury.


"It's a boy, Dana.  Cassie get that towel, lay it on her stomach."  Lucy quickly clamped the cord and cut it, then lay the squalling infant on Scully's stomach.


Scully's hands covered the tiny boy, warming him, touching him, ensuring herself that he was real, alive.  She turned to see Frohike leaning over her, taking in the sight and smiled.  He reached over and brushed a tear from her cheek.  "You two make pretty babies."


"I still can't believe this."


"Believe it," Frohike said, letting his finger trace the dark hair of the infant.


"I need him for just a minute," Lucy finally interrupted and lifted the baby into her arms.  Scully's hand didn't leave him as long as she could reach him.  "Cassie, please diaper him and put that bandage over his belly-button.  Melvin, as soon as he's dressed you take him out to be introduced and let us finish up in here."


"Happy to."  He took the baby from Cassie a couple of minutes later and held him close.


"We'll be just a minute, Melvin, then he needs to nurse.  Don't go far."


"Promise," he grinned at Scully.  "Let me know when I can come back."


"Frohike - "


"I'll keep him safe, Scully.  Let Lucy take care of you right now."





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