Rewards (NC-17)

He looked up startled as the door to his motel room flew open and his redhead blew in.

“Of all the gall!”  She slammed the door shut behind her and threw a small silk bag and her badge on the table in front of him.  “I just got off the phone with ‘local authorities’.  Do you know what Sheriff Coleman is saying now?”  She was pacing and continued without giving him the chance to speak.  “Now he solved the case all by himself.  We didn’t even have to come out here!  He was already investigating certain ‘other avenues’ prior to our arriving.  Our assistance, ‘while appreciated’ was not pivotal to the arrest.”  She whirled on him.  “Do you believe that?  He’s making political book off of your work.”

She had lost her blazer by now and was unbuttoning her blouse, but she seemed unaware of her actions as she ranted on.  He couldn’t help the upward curve of his lips as she paced in front of him, defending the work, defending him from the publicity hungry sheriff.

He watched in delight as her blouse was shaken out and tossed over the other chair.  She toed off her shoes and unbuttoned the waistband of her slacks.

He knew he should be listening to her words, but he was too busy marveling at her, at how far they had come.  Not only was Scully defending his theory, which as he recalled, she had barely managed not to scoff at when they arrived, but she was doing it as she shed her clothes in his room.  Obviously her rule about co-habitation while out of town on a case had been laid aside for the evening, no pun intended.

She flapped her slacks out and was rewarded with a snap as though she’d cracked a whip, then she draped them beside her blouse.

Her fury seemed to be feeding itself and he found himself relishing the color in her face, the heave of her breasts.

She was down to her underwear now and had reached behind herself to unhook her bra.  It landed on top of her slacks and his eyes widened in appreciation.  He was only mildly disappointed when she snatched up the t-shirt he’d been wearing earlier and slipped it over her head.

He could still see the gentle bobble of her breasts as she moved in front of him.  She pulled back the covers on his bed and slipped under the sheets.

“Mulder?  Aren’t you going to say anything?”

He rose from the table, leaving the file open.  “I, uh, I guess you’re sleeping in here tonight.”  He quipped, his eyes dancing.

She froze, then color suffused her face as her actions hit her.  The ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look made him regret his jesting words.  Her hand shoved the covers down, but Mulder reacted instantly, diving across the bed, pinning her body partially under his.

“Scully, you asked if I was going to say anything.  Yes, I am.  Personally, I couldn’t care less what the good sheriff says or does.  He can use this case for a campaign to be sheriff for life, hell if he wants to use it as a spring board for his candidacy for president, I’ll make a donation.”  He grinned, “If he uses it to get the church choir director in bed with him, I wish him luck.”

“Wha . . . what?”  She managed to stutter.

“Don’t you get it Scully?  I have all the reward I could possibly want - I have you defending me, incensed that he’s taking credit for something I came up with, and Scully, you’re doing in my room, in my t-shirt, in my bed.  That’s all I want and so much more than I ever hoped for or deserve.  Hell, I’m going to double my donation to his campaign.”

His hand caressed her side and her eyelids lowered, savoring his touch.  “Scully, believe me.  This, this is all I could want.”  Before she could respond, his lips covered hers, and he knew his ‘reward’ was about to get even better.

His hand trailed up her thigh, exposed now with the sheet down.  Her breathing hadn't exactly evened out and when his hand slipped between her legs, she gasped and her hands grasped his shoulders.

"Mulder, I . . . I wasn't think -  "

"I don't want you to think Scully.  I want you to feel.  Feel what I'm doing to you, feel where my fingers are."

She nodded mutely.  She grasped at his shoulders, trying to ground herself as she rapidly lost control.  His fingers moved aside the crotch of the panties she still wore.  They were already damp, but as his finger lightly caressed her folds, she bucked involuntarily into his hand and he smiled at the moisture such a small touch had created.

He pulled the t-shirt up slightly, not exposing her breasts, but allowing him to nuzzle her belly and take an intoxicating breath of her arousal.  She shuddered when his tongue encircled her navel.  He smiled, but didn't cease in his ministrations to her.

M . . . Mulder."  It was more moan than word.

His fingers took hold of the elastic on her underwear and jerked them off, shocking her but if possible arousing her more.  Her hands entangled in his hair then released, not wanting him to misinterpret and stop what he was doing.

He moved on down her body, kissing, licking and nipping at her.  He nuzzled her curls and blew across her wetness.  Her whole body shuddered, her senses, already heightened by her earlier anger were on overload.  He kissed the soft flesh of her inner thigh, kneading her calves with those long, sensitive fingers.

"Mulderrrrr…"  It was only one word, but the plea was heartfelt.

"You want something Scully?"

The noise could only have been a growl and he bent his head to kiss the V of her legs to hide his smile.  But he did take pity on her then.  His incredibly talented tongue flicked out and she bucked again.

Damn she was ready.  He couldn't remember ever seeing her like this.  Should he draw it out, or give her what she wanted?  His hand caressed her writhing body as he moved back up, then pulled away from her.  The sob clutched at him and he touched her cheek.

"Shh Baby.  I'm not going anywhere."  He gently removed his t-shirt from her body and lightly kissed her nipples, then ducked his head to her core again.

He slipped a finger into her wetness, then another, letting  his tongue tease her clit.  She moved to draw him deeper and her hand was on his head again, urging him on.  He shoved the thoughts of his own aching cock away.  This was for her.

He looked up at her and licked his lips, enjoying the taste of her as he felt her whole body shiver with anticipation.  No, he wouldn’t make her wait, besides the evening was early.  He dipped his head again and let his tongue find and caress her clit.  She went very still, as she always did, to appreciate the sensation more, then he applied slow pressure, then more and more, feeling the tension grow in her.

Yes!  Just right and she was spiraling into him, knowing his arms were there to hold her safe and guide her back.  He didn’t speak fluid Scully, but he knew what those sounds meant, and smiled watching this by-the-book, button-down agent that he had corrupted, relax into his embrace.

Oh yeah, this was the kind of reward he’d wanted his whole life.