Seasons 2/3 (R)

She moved as fast as her hugely pregnant belly would allow


She moved as fast as her hugely pregnant belly would allow.  Could it be him?  Had they really found him, alive?  A Braxton-Hicks contraction

slowed her pace, but not for long.  As soon as the pain of her tightening muscles began to ebb she was moving again.  Then there were people

in her way.  No, damn it!  She had to see him, she needed to see him.  And then he was there, head and shoulders above the others.  As though

joined, his eyes found hers amidst the crowd and locked on her.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe.  It was true, he was alive, he was here.  He

began moving toward her, mindless of the people surrounding him.


Pain sliced through her and she doubled over, clutching her abdomen.  She felt someone’s hand steady her.  His face went from awe and joy to

panic in an instant as he swept through everyone to reach her.


He had his arms around her.  “We’ve sent for Jessie.”  He heard someone say, but he didn’t acknowledge it.  “Scully?”


“I’m . . . I’m okay.  But it’s started.”


“What’s started?”


“She’s in labor, Mulder.”  Another voice spoke in his ear, but he didn’t turn.  Labor?  He looked down at the woman in his arms.  Scully?  Scully so

large with child?


“Bring her in here.”  Another voice, so damn many people.  He needed to be with her, he needed to talk to her.  Forgetting the others, he moved

her gently to the room indicated and helped her sit on the small sofa.  The pain had subsided for now and for a long moment they just stared at one



“Scully, I . . . “ His eyes moved down involuntarily.


She gave him a sad smile.  “Not exactly the way I visualized seeing you again.”


“Well it’s a cinch I’m not going to be throwing you on the floor and having my way with you,” he quipped.


“No, not today.”


“Scully . . . how?”


“The old fashion way.”


He paled at that and she took his hand.  “Just for the record, since you’ve been ‘out of town’ for awhile, it is yours.”


He huffed out a breath.  “Mine.”


“There’s been no one else.”


She had to smile at his expression.  Her smile was cut short by the next contraction.


“Scully?  Breathe, Scully.  Tell me what to do.”  He caressed her shoulders, not knowing how to help her, though desperate to do so.  He tensed

at the tap on the door, then a woman joined them.  Without thought he moved in front of Scully, protecting her with his body.


“I’m Jessie Calder.  I’m the midwife.”


“Mulder, it, it’s okay.”  She laid her hand on his arm.  He looked the new woman up and down, but moved out of the way.


Jessie squatted beside Scully as Mulder took her hand.  “How you doin’, Dana?”


“These aren’t Braxton-Hicks.”  Scully still sounded breathless to him.


“Yeah,” Jessie was taking her pulse from the hand Mulder didn’t possess.  “Seeing Mulder here probably shocked you into labor.  It’s okay; you’re

only a couple of weeks early.”


“What?”  Mulder was staring at Scully, fear evident on this face.  “This is because - “


“Mulder, it’s okay.  I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions for days.  False labor,” she explained at his blank expression.


“Dana, we need to get you over to the clinic.”

Scully nodded.


“Wait, we need to get her to a hospital.”


“No, Mulder, I’m having the baby here.  I need your help.”  She struggled to rise from the sofa and he had his arms around her, lifting her effortlessly

to her feet.


Jessie took her other arm, but kept quiet.  They walked slowly to the building Jessie indicated, having to stop once when she was gripped by another

labor pain.  Jessie led them to one of the examining rooms and while Mulder helped Scully onto the table, she pulled out a gown.


“Do you want me to help you change, Dana?”


“No, Mulder can help me.”


“Okay.  When you’re dressed I need to do a quick exam.”  Jessie let herself out into the hall.


Scully began unbuttoning the maternity dress she wore, but his hands stopped her.  “May I?”


“If you’re trying to seduce me, I’m not really in the mood.”  She looked up at him, a small smile gracing her lips.


“I want to see you.”


“Great,” she muttered under her breath.  “You couldn’t show up when I have my figure back.”  But there were tears of joy in her eyes.


Rather than speak, he finished unbuttoning the dress and slid it over her arms.  Then he unhooked her bra and removed it as well.  Her body was so

different from the last time he had seen it.  It had been hard to take in that he had been gone so long when they had told him.  Now he believed it.  This woman had changed with the burden of his child in her body.




“Uh, yeah.  You’re just so beautiful.”  She blushed and wouldn’t meet his eyes.  “Am I a complete pervert?”


She shook her head.  Then her eyes closed and her breathing grew shallow.  His hands automatically came up to caress her taut stomach, wanting to soothe away the pain.  She leaned against him, taking in the strength he offered until the pain subsided and she sat up a little straighter.  “I should

put on the gown.”


He smoothed her hair back and nodded, and slipped her arms into the sleeves.  She slipped her panties off and tossed them onto the pile with the

rest of her things.  Another tap on the door interrupted them, then Jessie stuck her head in.  “Ready for me?”


“I guess so.”  Scully tried to smile.


“I’ll be gentle.  Mulder, if you’ll step out - “


“No.”  They said it in unison, as through rehearsed a thousand times.  Jessie looked down to hide her smile.  “Okay, then I need you to help me.  Mulder,

she needs to recline.”


Mulder helped her down onto the table.  “Good girl, now scoot down this way.  You know the drill.”


Scully nodded and with Mulder’s help moved down as Jessie requested.  “I’ll be as gentle as I can.”


“Just hurry,” Scully spoke softly.


Mulder hadn’t understood.  Her hand tightened around his in a painful grip as Jessie examined her and his eyes narrowed as he watched this woman.  Jessie sat up and removed her glove, then saw Mulder’s expression.


“This is necessary, Mulder.  I won’t do it any more than I have to, I promise.”


“Mulder,” Scully shook his hand to draw his attention.  “It’s okay.  Jessie?”


“You’re at four and fully effaced.  It’s gonna be a while.”


“Four?”  Her look of disappointment drew a chuckle from Jessie.


“That’s nearly half way.  I wouldn’t complain,” she said dryly.  “Okay, I’m going to give you guys some privacy, but I’ll be right out here.  Call me for anything.”


“We will; thanks.”  Scully let Jessie and Mulder help her sit up.  Mulder kept quiet until the door closed.


“Are you really okay?”


“Well, I’m in labor, but I’m okay.”


“Why no hospital?  They could give you - “


“Mulder, there’s a lot of things we should talk about.  I’m not going to a hospital.  I don’t want anyone to know that our child is born.  It’s better that way.”


“Better for you?”


“Better for everyone.”


He accepted that in silence for the time being, not wanting to argue with her.  “Shouldn’t you be lying down?”


She shook her head. “I should be up and walking.  Give me a hand?”  He took the proffered hand, but didn’t assist her to her feet.




“Yes, as long as I can.  Gravity needs to be on my side.”


His brow furrowed, but she was in charge of this show.  He lifted her down from the table and put his arm around her.


“You know, if you picked me up and shook me really good - “


“Not funny, Scully.  Talk to me, tell me why you’re here and not . . . “ His voice trailed off as her breathing grew shallow again.




She talked at first, bringing him up to date on her new life, new career.  He was stunned at the changes in her, not just her body; her whole philosophy

had undergone a radical change during his absence.


He heard her words, but his mind was on her body, her pain.  She hung from his chest as contraction after contraction racked her body.  He was as unprepared for this had he had been to be taken from her in the first place.


She found that sitting in the V of his legs was a soothing position for her, where she was able to rest against his chest as his hands moved in soothing circles on her abdomen.  He didn’t stop when the contractions ended and she sighed, leaning back into the comfort of him.


Without thought he was sniffing her hair, one hand crept up to her breast and with a start he realized he was becoming aroused.  “God, I’m sorry Scully,”

he growled as she squirmed against his erection.


“I’m not.  And don’t be embarrassed, Mulder.  I think this is the nicest thing anyone’s done for me in months.  Guess there weren’t many women where

you were.”


“There are no other women.  Haven’t I convinced you of that yet?”


“Well this is a pretty good way.  Can you tell me what you remember?”


So he talked then, his thoughts and memories disjointed, but the sound of his voice was what she needed, what she had needed all these months.  The words didn’t matter right now; there would be plenty of time to deal with that later.


And the pain continued.  He actually welcomed Jessie’s presence the next time she checked on them.


He dabbed the sweat from Scully’s brow and tried to help her through the next exam.


“You’re about six, Dana - “


“Six?” Scully let her head fall back to rest on Mulder’s chest.  “You’ve got to be kidding.”


Jessie shook her head. “You know if I break your water it could speed things up, but it’ll get more intense.”


More intense,” Mulder blurted that out without meaning to.  But she had to be kidding, right?


“Do it, this has to be over soon,” Scully spoke wearily, ignoring Mulder’s comment.


“Just rest for a minute, Scully.”  He gently helped her recline back against the pillow and moved over to Jessie, pulling her slightly away from the bed. 

“Is it too late to move her to a hospital?”


“Mulder, we can’t do that.”


“They could give her something for the pain.  She can’t keep on like this.”


Jessie eyed him with sympathy.   She’d heard the tales of these two.  To be honest, she’d always thought they were more than a little exaggerated, but seeing them together, now, they hadn’t scratched the surface.  “She’s doing very well, Mulder.  Natural childbirth is painful, but she and I have discussed this.  She knew what she was getting into and it’s really safer for both of them under the circumstances.”


“What circumstances?  She hasn’t - “


“This is the first child born of parents that have both had the vaccine.  There are people out there who would love to have him.  She . . . we are not going

to let that happen.”


He fell silent at her words.  Scully hadn’t talked about that.  She had to go through this, here, because the child was his.  “Mulder, it’s going to be okay.”


“She’s getting tired.”


“That’s why I want to go ahead and break her water.  She is tired.  She worked late last night.”


“She worked?”


“Everyone here works.  And she did think she had a couple more weeks.”


His face darkened at that.  “Yeah, I caused that too.”


Jessie touched his arm.  “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have said that earlier.  She could’ve have gone into labor at any time.  You’re not to blame.”




He turned and quickly had her in his arms, rocking her, wanting to absorb the pain from her.  When it had ended she looked up at him and said softly. 

“Now that’s a face I recognize.  Why the guilt?”


He shook his head, kissing her forehead gently.




“I love you.  I want this to be over.”


She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against his chest.  “Go ahead Jessie.  I want it over too.”


“Okay.”  The woman pulled an instrument from the drawer and Mulder winced at the sight.  “Mulder, let her relax against you.  Dana, ready?”


Scully nodded and tried to keep her breathing even, but the contraction as her water broke drew a moan from her that caused the hairs to rise on

Mulder’s arms.  He looked up at Jessie, who was watching him with sympathy.


“Okay, no more walking now, but sit up if you can, let Mulder support your back.  I’m going to put in the IV now, like we talked about.”

Scully nodded but didn’t speak.




Walter had rushed back, hearing that Mulder was ahead of him.  He needed to see the man, get his forgiveness, but he’d forgotten him completely

with the news that Dana had gone into labor.  He was her coach; he should never have left her.  There were, for lack of a better word, guards around

the clinic, but he wasn’t stopped.  There were no crowds, Dana wouldn’t want that.


He burst into the newly set-up delivery room to see Dana leaning against Mulder, and . . . Mulder, of course he’d be here with her.


His look was not welcoming, but Dana’s eyes opened.  “Walter.  He’s really here.”


“And just in time I see,” he tried to sound normal, but he knew his emotions were betraying him, to Mulder at any rate.  “Listen, I’ll be right out here if

you need anything.”


“Thank you, Walter.”  She looked up at Mulder and Skinner saw her body tense and heard the man murmur loving words into her ear as he shut the




Skinner stood there with his hand on the knob until Jessie touched his arm, bringing him back.  “What timing, huh?”


“Yeah.”  Skinner forced himself away from the door.  “Is she okay?”


“She’s tiring.  I hope it won’t be too much longer.”  He nodded and sank into a chair.  “You okay?”


“Me?  Yeah, I’m fine.  I thought I would stay though, in case you need . . . “


“Thanks.  That’s a good idea.”  They both turned at the sounds of pain they could hear muffled by the door.  “I better check on things.”


He nodded; his throat tight.




“She’s most comfortable in your arms, Mulder.   We need to help her.  This isn’t a small baby.  Let’s use you as a birthing chair, okay?  You can

support her and help her push.”


He nodded unable to speak, too many emotions assaulting him, though the top one now was recognizably fear.  He lifted her effortlessly back into

his lap and felt some of the tension leave her body.  She was beyond speech now, but she kept a grip on him, letting him know how much she needed

his presence.  Someday when he felt stronger, he would analyze the feelings that evoked.


“Dana, that’s good.  The baby’s right here.  Give me a long slow push.  Mulder will count for you.  You’re doing great.”  Then, “Dana, he’s crowning. 

Give me your hand.” And he watched as Scully touched their child, even before it was born.


“Mulder.”  It was all she could say, but he understood, letting Jessie guide his hand as well and he touched the baby’s scalp.  His baby, his and Scully’s.  Something beyond his wildest dreams.  Jessie gave a small smile at the tears streaming down his face.  He seemed unaware of them, but the look

on his face as he watched Dana brought tears to her own eyes.


“Okay Dana, let’s have a baby.  One, two . . . “


Mulder took up the count as Jessie supported the child.  “Dana, the head’s out.  Let’s do the shoulders and we can greet this little one.”


Then, almost before Mulder was ready, the child had been born and was screaming in Jessie’s hands.  “Well, I’d call that lusty.”  She smiled up at the awestruck man.  She lay the squalling infant in Scully’s arms and Mulder’s joined hers.


“It’s a boy,” Scully said breathlessly.  “Mulder, a son.”


“Mulder, move Dana to the bed.  Now.”  He looked up at the tone in Jessie’s voice.  She had taken the child back and her face . . . blood, there was

blood, a lot of it.  “Hurry.”


Mulder was already moving, lifting her onto the table as Scully’s head lolled back against his chest.  Jessie shoved the infant into his arms and lowered

the head of the table.  “Walter!” She shouted without looking around.


Walter? But Mulder was too frightened to question anything, holding his son tightly against his chest.


The older man burst into the room and took in the scene in front of him, his face pale.  “Get the blood, hurry.”  He didn’t hesitate, moving instantly to the

small cooler near the door and pulling out two pints of blood.  He didn’t ask instructions, recalling every word Jessie had said about this procedure.


“Mulder, talk to her, make her come back.”


He nodded and knelt at her head.  “Scully, listen to me, you can’t leave me, not now.  I’ll make a lousy parent.  I’m the kind of Dad that would let him have cookies and ice cream for breakfast, or forget to restrict his on-line access.  Hell, I might forget and let him hang out with Frohike and Langly.  I need you,

we need you.  You can hear me Scully, I know you can.  Come on.” 


Mulder looked up then.  Walter already had one of the pints of blood flowing into Scully’s arm and was working on the second.  Jessie was at the far

end of the table and he couldn’t see what she was doing from his angle at Scully’s head.


He returned his focus to Scully.  She was the only thing that mattered.


In a few minutes Jessie looked up.  “The bleeding has slowed.  I think I’ve got it.”


“She’s going to be okay?”  Mulder asked anxiously.


“I’m going to keep a very close eye on her.  Why don’t you give me the baby?”


“What?”  He pulled away from her.


“I’m not going to take him away, I just need to clean him up, check him out.”  The look of anguish on his face nearly brought her to tears again; that would terrify this man.  “Mulder, I won’t leave the room with him.  Okay?”


He looked down at the newborn in his arms and after a moment, reluctantly allowed her to take him.


“Mulder,” Skinner’s hand was on his shoulder and he flinched.  Skinner made no comment on that, “you look like you need to lie down before you fall



Mulder jerked away.  “I’m not leaving.”


“You need to rest.  Jessie won’t leave her.”  Walter tried to draw the man’s attention.


“Neither will I,” his tone brooked no discussion.


“Then I’ll bring a cot in here, you can stretch out.  You’ll be right here beside her.”  Walter sighed, but he honestly had expected no different.  “Mulder,

you’re dead on your feet.  You’ll be no good to her if you collapse.”


“Why are you here?”  He whispered it, so as not to disturb Scully or the baby, but Skinner heard him loud and clear.


“I wanted to make sure she was okay.  After I . . . I lost you, I wanted to look after her.  It took a while to find her, but - “


“She left, and you followed her.”


“Mulder, we can talk about this later.”


“We will.”  His voice was quiet, deadly.


Skinner nodded. “Take a little break.  Jessie says she’s stable.”


Mulder turned away, not acknowledging the man.  Walter glanced over at Jessie, who nodded to him and he let himself out.  He returned quickly with a folding cot and set it up at Scully’s side.  “Come on, Mulder.  You’re exhausted.  You’ll be right here with her.”


After a moment Mulder lowered himself to the cot and let his head fall into his hands.


“Mulder, Walter’s right.  We have the bleeding stopped.  Just rest for a little while.  She’s going to need you.”  Jessie’s hand squeezed his shoulder.


Mulder nodded without bothering to look up, then stretched out and draped one arm over his eyes.  Skinner thought he was asleep before his next breath.



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