Seminar - Denoument (G)

"Okay, anyone else want to try the trust fall?" Darrill surveyed the room. He was pleased with the number that had tried; it wasn't mandatory but was a great indicator of how people truly felt about each other. It was damn hard to make the body trust when the mind didn't.  Dana stood, almost causing Mulder whiplash.

"Okay Dana, who would you like to spot you?"

"No one."

"Dana, we have to make sure no one is injured this weekend. Mulder outweighs you at least 60 pounds."

She turned to Mulder; "Do you trust me to catch you?"

"Of course." Then leaned in and whispered, "You've caught me every other time these last six years." He turned to Darrill, "Let's do it."

Darrill frowned. Not a good idea, he could hurt her, but they were theoretically adults. Hell, go ahead. He had witnesses that this was their idea. Besides he'd watched Mulder, that man couldn't trust anyone. He probably wouldn't even be able to go through with it.

He helped them get into position and did stand a little closer himself, just in case. "Remember, you say her name and the word 'ready', when she responds fall backwards into her arms. Take your time."

Mulder took a deep breath, he couldn't believe she wanted to do this. He knew exactly what this meant, what she was showing him. He wasn't sure he could fall, there was the definite feeling he would float instead. "Scully, ready."

"Ready, Mulder." And he allowed himself to fall backwards into her waiting arms. As soon as he felt her arms around him, he shifted his weight so as not to topple her and they ended together seated on the floor.

Mulder turned to smile at her and whispered, "Thanks."

Again Darrill was speechless. No hesitation, no false start. They were the only two that had ever done that. He wished everyone, hell, he wished he trusted someone that much.