Setups - Part 1 (NC-17)


The airport was crowded; Mulder had his hand on her elbow, using his height to guide her through. Neither of them saw the man approaching at full speed from behind. Running, he slammed into Mulder, spinning him around and slamming him into the counter and down to the floor. He nearly pulled Scully down with him, but she managed to keep her feet.

The man stopped and apologizing profusely pulled Mulder back to his feet, brushing him off.

"I'm okay. It was an accident. Forget it."

"I'm really sorry, can I buy you and your wife a drink?"

"No thanks, we're fine."

"You're sure?"

"Go on, don't miss your flight. And be careful."

With a last apology, the man hurried off.

Scully, who had kept quiet during the entire incident, led Mulder to a bank of chairs. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Did you hit your head?" Her fingers were tracing his hairline.

"No, just my hip and shoulder. Scully, he just knocked me down. Don't worry about me."

"He should have been more careful."

"Yeah. Come on, let's get the car and get out of here."

"You want me to drive?"

"That's not necessary. Come on."

They checked into their hotel and almost immediately Mulder knocked on the connecting door.  "Hungry?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it." Neither had eaten what was laughably called food on the plane.

"Let's go." But as they drove to the restaurant and then waited for their food he became more and more quiet and withdrawn. He ended up only pushing the food around his plate.

"Mulder, what's wrong?" Her tone concerned, he could always eat.

"Just a headache. I'm okay."

"You don't usually get headaches."

"Well, this one's making up for it." He rubbed his forehead above his nose.

"Why don't we go back to the room. You can go on to bed, we can't do anything tonight anyway."

"Yeah, maybe that's a good idea." They rose and he handed her the keys. She took them with no comment, but her level of concern increased. He was a little unsteady on his feet in the hall outside of their rooms.

"Mulder, get in bed. I'll get you something for the headache." She was now officially worried. She found some ibuprofen and hurried back to his side.

"Take these." After he swallowed them she checked for fever. "Try and get some sleep. I'll check on you in a little while. I'm going to leave the door open, call me if you need anything."

He gave the barest nod; his head was killing him. If she knew it was this bad she'd take him to the hospital. He didn't want that, maybe he could sleep. He hated being sick and this had come out of nowhere.

She went back to her room, making sure she could hear him if he stirred. After she got ready for bed she checked on him again. He was asleep, still no fever, maybe the ibuprofen was working.

She read for awhile and after checking on him once more decided to get some sleep herself.

The sound of a door closing woke her, "Mulder?" She rose and hurried to the connecting door. Mulder wasn't in the bed. She glanced over at the bathroom, the door was open and no light was on. "Mulder? Where are you?"

Oh god, had he left the room? She ran to the window, she should be able to see their car. It was pulling away.

"Mulder, no!" Damn it, what was he doing? He was sick, damn him. Scully grabbed her cell phone and dialed him. She immediately heard his cell phone ring from his jacket tossed across the chair. Now what?

She went back to her room, too angry and worried to sleep. She was tempted to call the police, but she didn't even know the license tag number. Damn you, Mulder!

She curled up on top of the covers, prepared to wait.


She woke as she felt him approach the bed. He was removing his t-shirt and was wearing running shorts. But he couldn't have hidden that erection if he'd been wearing a tent.

"Mul . . ."

He was kissing her, forcing his tongue into her mouth and pulling at her pajama tops. She felt a button pull loose and then another, hearing one hit the floor. What the hell? Mulder would never . . .she struggled under him, but he had her trapped beneath his body. Somehow he'd managed to lose his shorts and was pulling on her pajama bottoms. She renewed her efforts to break free, this was really happening. He was too big and she wasn't ready. She managed not to scream as he rammed himself into her, stretching her to accommodate him. Mulder . . . what?

Her body was rapidly adjusting to this onslaught, and damn it, responding. She didn't want to resist, this was Mulder. The man her body had yearned for for years. It was him, that was her bullet wound at his shoulder. Thank god it was him. She found she was matching him thrust for thrust. And he kept repeating her name over and over. She'd never . . . like this, oh god she was coming. How? She'd always needed . . . needed . . . Mulder! Her muscles convulsed around him and he exploded, filling her with his warmth, crying out her name. She hoped the next room was empty, they didn't need anyone calling security.

She lay dazed underneath him, unable to form a coherent thought. He shifted slightly, not leaving her body and tucked her up next to him. He fell asleep with her pressed against him.

Mental note, Mulder likes to cuddle afterward. What the hell had just happened here? Had Mulder raped her? No, that would imply that she wasn't willing and the way her body had responded to his, she couldn't even fool herself about that. Maybe he'd started before her but . . .

And in spite of the physical trauma he'd caused, she felt . . . how did she feel? She'd have to deal with this later. She couldn't . . . His arms felt so good around her and she felt completely sated. She too drifted off to sleep.


He awoke slowly, he was groggy. What the . . . Scully! Underneath him, intertwined with him. Oh god, it wasn't a dream! He'd raped Scully! He'd raped his partner, his best friend, his . . . he couldn't even think it. He scrambled from the bed, frantic to put distance between them. How could he ever face her again?

The commotion woke her and she was out of the bed, grabbing him, stopping him from leaving the room.

"Mulder? Are you okay?"

He gave a strangled groan and his knees buckled. She was pulling at him, trying to get him to his feet. How could she bear to touch him? He sat heavily on the bed and threw the sheet over his lap.

"You need to call the police."


"The police. You need to file charges. Scu . . ." He couldn't say her name. "I never knew I was even capable of . . ." He was speaking so low she almost missed it. He ran his hand through his hair.

"Mulder." She touched his arm and he flinched away from her. "Mulder, nothing happened here last night that I couldn't have stopped, that part of me didn't want to happen."

"You don't have to say that. I know what happened."

"Mulder, you weren't yourself. Something was done to you to make you act that way. Besides, you didn't force me to do anything."

"I outweigh you by at least seventy pounds."

"You were completely vulnerable to me last night. Think about it, I could have stopped you."

"No. Not the way . . . "

"Oh hell." He wasn't able to hear her; he was trapped too deep in his own guilt. She made her decision and jerked the sheet from him, placing herself in his lap. He had been at half-mast before, but when she placed her legs around his hips his body sprang to full attention, she could feel him against her buttocks.

"What are you . . . "

"It's my turn."

He stared at her in total disbelief.

He was ready, there was no doubt about that, but she needed a little more than last night, so she quickly massaged herself to start her own juices flowing. Then, before he could react, rose onto her knees and impaled herself. His eyes widened and when she pushed him down toward the bed, he couldn't resist her.

She began riding him, fondling his nipples, and driving him toward insanity. He saw his hands come up and place themselves on her hips, forcing himself ever deeper into her. Her breathing became ragged and he pulled her down, pressing her hips against him as she spasmed around him.

"Mulder, oh Mulder." He had joined her, pumping his seed deep into her body.

When she got her composure back to some degree, and she was sure he was breathing again, she rose from him. She wasn't sure but thought she heard a whimper.

She stretched out beside him, on her side, rubbing a finger over his nipple. "Are you planning to call the police on me?"

He jerked away from her hand. "This is totally different. I was obviously willing."

At least he didn't seem to be suicidal any more and much more communicative. "Okay, so a female can't be that obvious."

"Scully . . . "

"There is one thing we need to talk about."

Oh god, no protection. He was pretty sure he had no worries there. It had been forever since he'd been with a woman. They said she couldn't get pregnant, though that wouldn't be so terrible, but . . .

"We've got a problem, Mulder."

He tensed, waiting.


"What?" He couldn't have heard her correctly.

"Foreplay. Neither of us seems to recognize the benefits. I think it's something we should investigate." She had to get him to lighten up, Mulder couldn't handle this. If he were to dwell on his version of what happened she didn't know what he would do. This wasn't the way she'd always fantasized about this happening, but it had happened and she couldn't kid herself that she was sorry.

He gaped at her and realized she was trying desperately not to laugh. His mouth moved, but nothing came out. His power of speech was gone.

"Yes, you do a good goldfish, Mulder. Now let's try this." She took his lower lip into her mouth and began sucking on it.

Jesus, who was this woman? And were they going to return his Scully when they picked this one up?

She was investigating his chest now. Damn how was she making such a simple thing . . .?

"Mulder, when you were knocked down at the airport, how did you hit?"

"My right shoulder and hip, why?"

"Because you have an injection site on your left shoulder. I think you've been drugged."

"Could that be why . . ."

"You were less inhibited last night?" She finished for him.

"But no one knew we were coming. This was our find, we weren't requested."

"Well someone doesn't want us here, or they're trying to get you in trouble. Where did you go last night?"

"I really drove off, didn't I? I was trying to stay away, I didn't want to . . . but I came back."

"How did you find this case?"

"What do you mean?"

"Newspaper article? The guys?"

"Oh, I got an email to check out an article."

"From whom?"

"I don't know." He looked sheepishly at her.

"Mulder! You could've been killed! The injection could have been lethal! This could all be a hoax, get your phone and get hold of the local police. I'll call the newspaper."

Mulder lay there slightly stunned. She could go into her doctor persona stark naked, too. He sorely missed the attention she'd been paying to his chest hair.

"Come on, Mulder." She lightly slapped his backside. "I want to know what's going on here."

A few quick phone calls later and they were both convinced that they had been led on a wild goose chase. The newspaper denied even printing the article and the police thought that they were crazy. Mulder had even called the Lone Gunmen to check on the web site where he'd first seen the article. It was gone.

"We've been had, Mulder, big time. I want a blood sample. We need to know what you were injected with." They had managed to clothe themselves and she pulled a small bag from the closet.

"You carry this stuff?"

"Not usually, but you said we might not get cooperation from the local medical facilities. Hold still, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Sure." She took three vials of blood, labeled them and proceeded to hide them in separate sections of her luggage.

"You think that's necessary?" Mulder asked, rubbing his elbow.

"I can't believe you're asking me that, after all the evidence we've had disappear over the years."

"You're right, I'm still . . . not myself."

"Well, whoever you are, I think we need to get back to DC and see what we can dig up. Maybe the guys have had some luck."


Upon arrival at National, Scully checked her bags. They hadn't even been subtle. The blood vials she had placed in separate locations were both missing.

"Any questions?"

"No, you were right. Where do we take the third vial?"

"To a friend of mine at George Washington. Come on."

She left half of the blood from the vial with her friend and former teacher, Dr. Richards, retaining half for her own analysis. She explained only that some evidence was missing and she wanted backups in case of further problems.

That errand completed she had Mulder take her home. "Are you sure you're okay now, Mulder? You still seem a little . . . "

"Flustered? I'm still recovering from last night. The second part, not the first. I'm . . . "

"Why don't you go home and get some rest. We both need to think about what happened and what we want to do about it now."

"I know what I want to do." His hand caressed her thigh.

"Mulder." She placed her finger on his lips to quiet him. "Me too, but we need some time apart. Then we can decide with clearer heads."

"Party pooper." She grinned and got out of the car. He reached for the keys to shut off the engine.

"No Mulder. I can get in okay. Go on, if I let you in, well . . . "

Damn she was beautiful when she smiled. She was beautiful anyway, but that smile, that one was just for him. He nodded and stayed in the car, watching her enter her building. He drove off grinning. She wanted him, damn!

Once home, he showered and changed. He heard a knock as he was coming out of the bathroom and headed toward the door. Maybe she'd gotten lonely! Unfortunately it was only a small package addressed to him. The deliveryman hadn't waited for a signature, maybe he'd missed the first knock. Oh well.

He opened the package, finding a video. A note fluttered to the floor.

"Resign quietly, and this can be kept secret." What the hell did that mean? He popped the video into the player and watched.

Oh god, oh godohgodohgodohgod. He had raped her, she was struggling under him, she was trying to stop him. He watched in horror until he saw how he had forced himself into her, then snatched the tape from the machine and barely made it to the bathroom before losing everything that he'd eaten in days. He sat on his bathroom floor for ages, unable to rise. His self-loathing robbing him of the strength he needed to stand.

His answering machine finally got his attention. It was Scully wondering where he was, he hadn't even heard the phone ring. When she hung up he finally groped his way to the sink and washed his face, then made his way to the couch. He sat staring into the darkness until he noticed it wasn't dark outside anymore.

They wanted his resignation in exchange for burying this tape. Fine, it was theirs. He forced himself up from the couch, stiff from not having moved all night and dressed. He realized he was in the parking structure at work, but had no memory of the drive over. It was still early, he could get his resignation on Skinner's desk before anyone else came in, and get out.

He hurried to the basement office and typed the short note into the computer. When it had printed, he took it up to Skinner's office. He was already at his desk.

Skinner looked up at the interruption. "You should stand a little closer to the blade, Mulder." He took in his agent's rough appearance. "I assume there's a problem, since I don't remember an appointment with you this morning."

Mulder didn't respond, merely laying the piece of paper on the desk.

"What is this?" Skinner tossed the note back down.

"I'm guilty of a felony and I . . . "

"Mulder!" Both men turned to see Scully burst into the room. "Don't do this!"

"Wait a minute, both of you. Agent Scully, sit down. Agent Mulder, to what felony are you referring?"

"Director Skinner . . . "

"Sit down, Agent Scully. Let him talk. I want to hear this."

"But . . . " His look silenced her.

"I'm guilty of raping Agent Scully." His voice was dead flat.

Skinner stared at him, for once shocked into silence. Mulder had what? But he'd assumed, along with half of the bureau that these two . . . They were this intimate without being intimate? Oh god, what kind of force were they going to be now?

"It's not true, Sir."

"Scully, they have us on tape! It's all right here." He slammed the video down on Skinner's desk.

"Tape?" Both men were watching her as the blood drained from her face, then Mulder was beside her, holding her, helping her to the couch.

This man had never raped this woman, it wasn't possible. Skinner would've given his entire pension to view that tape.

"Mulder?" She'd completely forgotten Skinner's presence. Her voice trembling as she clung to him.

"It was delivered to my apartment last night, with a note saying that if I resigned quietly they wouldn't . . . "

"Blackmail?" she said wonderingly.

"Scully, I can't let you be humiliated like this. And I did rape you, I saw it."

"Then they edited the tape. Did you watch it all?"

"No! I couldn't. After I . . . "

"Then you don't know what happened. Not if you didn't watch it all. You were drugged, Mulder, we've been over this. You can't quit. Mulder, I'll resign. I'm a forensic pathologist, I can get a job anywhere, as a medical examiner or a coroner. You've got to stay and finish this. Don't let them use me against you, not again."

"You haven't done anything wrong. I should be punished, not you."

"Excuse me. Before I have to throw a bucket of water over you two, could I get back into this conversation taking place in my office."

They both jumped, startled.

"In the first place, I won't accept either resignation. In the second place, despite whatever is on this video, if Agent Scully does not press charges there is no official crime, and third, what the hell is going on?"

Scully took a deep, shuddery breath and brought their boss up to date on the occurrences of the past thirty-six hours. Mulder sat quietly at her side, holding her, even in front of Skinner unable to stop touching her to reassure himself that she was still there.

"I don't like my agents being blackmailed, or even being able to be blackmailed. I trust you will check into your cases more closely in the future before taking off. Now, go to your office, let me have a few minutes to think. Continue your investigation and let me do a little work on my own. Dismissed."

They rose together and Skinner couldn't tell who had helped whom to their feet. Scully took the video from his desk and they left the room. He could sure use a little dullness in his life. Maybe he should let both of them resign and he could wash his hands of them. No, he could never do that.