Sleepless Night (NC-17)


She moved in the bed, then her hand came out, searching.  Her eyes opened and she lifted her head from the pillow.  He wasn’t there.  “Mulder?”


“I’m here.”  She turned toward his soft voice, her eyes adjusting to the darkness.


“Why are you over there?”


“I couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to disturb you.”


“It disturbs me more not to find you in my bed.”


She enjoyed the smile that comment brought to his face.  She patted the bed and he rose from the chair.  He’d slipped on his boxers when he’d left the bed, but she was focused on his chest now.  He slipped into the bed beside her.


“You should go back to sleep, it’s late.”


“It’ll be late whether I’m asleep or not, remember time’s a universal constant . . . most of the time.”  She grinned.


He chuckled and propped himself up on an elbow.  She took his free hand and placed it just below her breasts.


“Did you have a bad dream?”


He shrugged.


“What was it?”


He hesitated and she leaned up to kiss him.  He returned it with growing passion.  She pulled away.  “Well?”


“You . . . you weren’t here.  You weren’t anywhere I could find.”


“I’m right here Mulder.”


His hand moved and he allowed his thumb to brush her nipple.  He heard her respiration increase and felt his body respond to it.  “Yeah, you are.”


“And I’m not going anywhere.”


“You promise.”


She nodded and her hand caressed his bicep.


“That’s good to know.”  His hand moved down her side slowly, then along her outer thigh.  She moved, encouraging him to continue as her hand moved down his chest to his abdomen.  He hissed and caught her hand.




“You can touch and I can’t?”


“Yeah.  You know a man can feel lust at the glance of an ankle or a wrist.  It’s expected, but if a woman sees a naked man, they can go insane.  Didn’t you read your gothic romance?”


“I must have missed that one.  Besides it’s too late anyway.”




“I was insane for you long before I saw you in all your glory.”  She plucked at the elastic of his boxers and tugged them down with his help.


“So you’re not just after my body?”  Mulder’s hand moved to her inner thigh and felt her shiver. 


“It’s a . . . it’s a nice bonus.”  She managed to say.


He was smiling now.  Seeing Scully less than in control would always astound him, the fact that he could cause it, amazed him.


She moved closed and his finger played in her curls.  “Mulder . . . “


“Impatient, Agent Scully?”


She growled at him and he laughed until her hand evaded his and wrapped itself around his fully erect cock.


“What was that Mulder?”  She brushed him against her wetness.  Neither of them was smiling now.


He started to enter her slowly but she’d waited long enough.  She grabbed his ass and shifted, burying him deep within her.  “God, Scully.”  There was quick and then there was quick, too much of that and they'd both miss the whole thing.  But she was moving beneath him and speech was becoming difficult.


He took a deep breath to try to regain some control, then withdrew from her to thrust again.  He was watching her, her lips parted now, her eyes heavy with desire.   He loved to watch her when he was inside of her, he loved to watch her anyway, but when they were together, when she was a part of him . . . He thrust again and again faster and faster.  He could feel her tense, damn she was close, and he wanted to feel her come while he was buried deep within.


“Touch yourself Scully.”  His voice was harsh.


“Wha . . . ?”


“Come on, touch yourself.  I want to see you.”


Her eyelids fluttered but she obeyed him, bringing her hand between them and letting her finger caress and then press against her sex.  That was all it took and she was convulsing around him.


Her eyes were on him as she came in his arms.  She’d never known a man like this, never felt this safe.


Now he thrust again and once again.  Her hand touched his face, he saw the love in her eyes, and that was his undoing.  He thrust once more, then was coming himself, deep within her.


He let himself cover her, no longer afraid of hurting her.  She enjoyed the feel of him pressing her into a mattress.  Her arms went around him.


After a few minutes, he reluctantly left her body and rolled to his side, gathering her up beside him.


“Think you can sleep now Mulder?”


“Yeah, I think I can.”  He kissed her forehead and let his eyes drift close.