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Skinner returned shortly and helped her set up the IV and glucose solution she had requested.  She opened it up wide and continued encouraging fluids, adding the electrolyte solutions Skinner had brought.


“Scully, I’m sorry.  I have to get back to the office.”


Her eye widened with guilt.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t - “


“Don’t.  I wanted to do this.  I’ll be in touch.  Let me know what the guys find.”


“I will and thank you.”  Once he was gone, she turned back to the bedroom. 


Diana.  Her immediate reaction had been jealousy.  Why?  She’d never understood their ‘relationship’.  Whatever it was, it had happened before she knew him.  But Mulder trusted her; she had found the X-Files with him.  Yes, Diana had left and he had never mentioned her, but . . .


She realized he was watching her, reading her even in his state.




“Can’t . . . remember.”


“I don’t want you to worry now.  You need to get some sleep.”


She saw the trembling again.  When he was upset it got worse.  She could see it escalating now.


She hurried to the bed and slipped off her shoes.  “I need you to relax.  You’ll pull out your IV.”  She made herself comfortable beside him and drew him into her arms.  It took a moment, but the tension in his body started to dissipate.


“Scul . . . “


“Shh.  For now don’t think, just let me hold you.”  Her arms tightened around him, pushing aside everything else for now.  He needed her.




She was pretty sure he was actually asleep now, REM sleep which is what he needed.  She had seen him sleep many times, in cars, in hospitals, even in this bed after his father had been murdered, but never quite this close.  Talk about invading her space, he was famous for it, but now he was literally wrapped around her, but he was getting the rest he desperately needed.


She was beginning to drift off herself when the phone rang.  She reached around him quickly and grabbed it before it could wake him.


“Hello?” she whispered.


“Are you okay?” Byers’ voice sounded urgent.


“Yes.  He’s asleep finally.”


“Good, he needs it.”


“Do you have anything for me?”


“Uh, Frohike wants you to check on something.  Could you look at the back of his neck.”


“His neck?”


“Yes, for a small scar - “


“Byers, you don’t . . . “


“I don’t know.  It’s just an idea that came to him.”


She looked down at Mulder’s peaceful face.  An implant?  Oh god.  “Hold on.”  She dropped the phone on the bed and let her hand caress the back of his neck.  He seemed to enjoy it, cuddling even closer to her body.


There was no tiny wound, no scar that she could feel.  If an implant had been placed in his body it wasn’t there.  She could check on that later, for now she picked up the receiver.


“I, I don’t feel anything.  Do you know how long he was . . . “


“Yeah.  He was returned less than an hour before you got there this morning.”


“That’s nearly 48 hours.  Who, how - “


“The same person returned him,” Byers said quietly.


“Do you have anything on the tox screen?”


“Nothing yet.  We’re working it, Scully.”


“I know.  I’ll, I’ll talk to you later.”


“Call us if you need anything, Scully.  Anything.”


“I will.  Thank you.”  After hanging up she glanced up at the IV bag, it was over half empty already and his color looked better.  She thought of leaving him to do some investigating herself, but almost as though he sensed it, he curled tighter around her and snuggled in.  He needed the sleep more, so she relaxed and let him use her as a security blanket.


After nearly an hour he seemed to be sleeping normally and rolled over to his other side.  She slipped out of the bed and checked his IV again.  It was empty, so she gently removed the needle.  He didn’t wake.


She headed for the kitchen and put some soup in the microwave to thaw.  Then she headed for the living room to boot up her computer.  She jumped when the phone rang and grabbed it up quickly.  “Hello?”


“How is everything?” Skinner’s voice greeted her.


“He’s resting more comfortably.”


“Good.  I do have some news.  His ‘escort’ was just here, wanted to know if I’d seen him today.”


“What did you say?”


“That I’d had a meeting with the two of you this morning and had given you an assignment out of town.  Didn’t offer a location and the escort didn’t ask.  They were awfully interested in a file I kept slightly out of sight.”


Scully smiled.


“The file is locked in my desk now.  I’m wondering if it will still be here after lunch.”


“What’s in it?”


“The budget projections for the next two years.”


Scully chuckled at that, the first time she’d felt like laughing since she’d seen Mulder that morning.


“I think the two of you need to get away.  His apartment is obviously empty, but yours isn’t.  I’d try to set up a safe house, but I’m not sure the escort couldn’t sniff it out.”


“I can take care of that.”


“Let me know where, in case of emergencies.”


“Yes sir, and thank you.”  She broke the connection and sank into a chair at the table.  Now what?  Skinner thought they should disappear, Diana was already looking for him.  God, she couldn’t think and she had to.


She was startled when the phone rang again.  “Hello?”


“Dana?  Has anything happened?” Byers’ worried voice came to her.


“Skinner thinks we should go into hiding.”


“Okay, what do you need?’


She had to smile slightly at that.  He’d jumped to help them immediately.  “A place.  Skinner can’t get us a safe house.  He’s afraid Diana will . . . “

”And he’s right.  You know you’re welcome here.”


“Thank you, but no.  I can’t put you in danger.”


“I don’t necessarily agree with you, but what about one of those corporate apartments.  You can get them for a week, a month, whatever you need.”


“Yes, that would work.”


“I’ll call and make the reservation.  We have better communications here, we can’t be traced.  I’ll be in touch, you start packing.”


“Thank you.”


“Don’t worry, Dana.”


She took a deep breath after she hung up and headed for the bathroom.  She packed up her toiletries, then returned to the bedroom.  She quietly began packing.  She finished and took her suitcase out to the living room.  The knock on her door startled her and she moved quickly toward it.  After checking the peephole, she opened the door to let their friends inside.


“We have your reservations.” Byers handed her a credit card in the name of Hamilton and Associates. 


After a moment she took it.  “We’ll pay you back.”


“No need.  This is one of the dummy corporations Mulder set up in case of an emergency.”


She looked back down at the card.  “When did he do that?”


“Right after you got back from Antarctica.  He knew then that you two might need to disappear for awhile.  The reservations are in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hamilton.  You can pick your first name but I’d recommend neither Dana nor Katherine.” 


She nodded.  “I need to get Mulder up.  Do you have the directions - "


“We’ll take you.  You shouldn’t have your car.  It would make sense that you’d take a cab to the airport.  Besides, you’re going to need some help with him.  We can get you inside and settled.”


She blinked, her eyes unexpectedly moist.  “Thank you.”


Langly turned away at this sign of emotion, but Frohike moved closer and put his hand on her shoulder.  “We want to do it.”


She nodded and took a steadying breath.


Byers headed into her bedroom and was able to rouse Mulder, but not wake him entirely.  “Mulder, we have to get you out of here.  I need get you ready to leave.”


“Mpf,” Mulder kind of spoke.


Byers grinned and began putting Mulder's running shoes back on.


Shortly they were all in the van.  Frohike let her out right at the entrance, but they kept Mulder, who was still mostly asleep with them.


The young woman at the desk looked up and smiled when Scully approached.  “How may I help you?”


“You have reservations for the Hamilton’s?”


“Yes, we were fortunate to have a cancellation this afternoon.  We have a lovely apartment in building B, second floor.  Is your husband with you?”


“Yes.  He’s still in the cab.”


“Is everything all right?” she asked with a trace of concern.


“He will be,” Scully said dryly.  “A little too much Dramamine for the plane.”


The clerk grinned then.  “My sister does the same thing.  Just have the cab drive around to building B; it’s the first one on the right behind this building.  There’s an elevator in the lobby.”


“Good.  Thank you.”  Scully finished up the paperwork and handed over the credit card.  The woman ran it through without problem and returned it to Scully.


“If you need anything, just call the desk.  We set it up as soon as we got the call, so linens should be in the kitchen and baths.  A second set of sheets will be in the closet.  Do you know the length of your stay?”


“No, I’m sorry.  They said the house would be ready when we got here, but . . . “ Scully shrugged


“Oh, that’s so aggravating.  Well, when you do learn something, please let us know.”


“I sure will.  Thanks.”  Scully smiled, took up the keys and headed back for the van.  It was carefully out of sight of the lobby and she climbed into the front seat.  “Building B.”


“Any problems?”


“No, I followed the script.  How’s he?”




She nodded and they drove around the building, pulling up in a handicapped space right in front.  “Mulder? Can you hear me?”


“Scu . . .?”


“That’s right.  I need you to walk, okay?”


Byers and Langly took his arms and Frohike insisted on carrying her bag.  Mulder was on his feet, kind of, but more asleep than awake.  They sat him on the bed and he sat swaying slightly.


“You’ve got dinner for tonight,” Byers said, “We’ll get some supplies for you tomorrow.  Just make a list.”


“Thank you,” she said simply.  What more could she say to these guys?


“We’ll call Skinner,” Byers said.  “Our phones are safer.  We’ll bring you a couple of throw-aways tomorrow for emergencies.”


She nodded and walked them to the door.  Frohike stopped.  “Are you going to need any help with him tonight?”


“We’ll manage.  He got a full liter of fluids, now he needs sleep.” 


After a moment Frohike nodded and followed the other two out of the apartment.  Scully turned to Mulder.  His eyes were barely open. 


“Can you hear me?”  He nodded.  “Can you get ready for bed?”


He rose to his feet unsteadily.  She took his arm and headed him toward the bathroom. 


“I’ll check on you in a minute.”


She returned to the kitchen and put away the dinner they had picked up on the way.  She took a bottle of Gatorade with her when she returned to the bedroom.  Mulder was already in the bed and seemed to be asleep.


Well, there wasn’t a whole lot else she could do this evening.  She retreated to the bathroom herself and got ready for bed.  She was going to sleep with him; she’d made that decision before they’d left her place.  If he woke during the night she’d be aware of it and make sure he drank some more of the electrolyte solution.


He didn’t seem to have moved when she returned.  She carefully joined him in the bed, fairly sure she wouldn’t disturb him.  He immediately turned toward her, sensing her presence somehow and curled himself around her.


Oh god, he was nude.  She’d assumed he would at least wear his boxers, but apparently it hadn’t occurred to him.  Should she pull away?  He was aware she, or someone, was with him.  He certainly seemed comfortable.  Now, could she sleep like this?  He’d probably never know, or remember. 


She took a deep breath and released the tension in her shoulders.  He cuddled in closer and she stifled a slight smile.  He did have a nice body . . .




His movement woke her, but before she could speak, he sat up abruptly and moaned slightly.  He glanced over at her and seemed confused, then literally peeked under the covers and she saw his face go pale.  “She’s gonna kill me.”


“Why would I do that?”


He nearly jumped out of the bed.  It was only the realization of his nudity that kept him in place.


“How are you feeling?”


“Uh, okay.  You?”


She bit her lip.  “Why don’t I take the other bathroom?”  She let herself out of the bedroom and he breathed a sigh of relief.  Still alive, that was good.  He started to rise from the bed and found himself weak and unsteady.  What the fuck was going on?  He made it to the bathroom where he relieved himself, then slipped on his jeans, commando, and moved carefully toward the kitchen and smell of coffee.


“Mulder,” she moved toward him quickly and took his arm. 


Grateful he collapsed into one of the kitchen chairs.  She put a glass of some orange fluid in front of him.


“What’s this?” his voice sounded rough, unused.




“I need coffee.”


“Sorry, there were no decaf packets.  I’ll put in on the list.”


“Decaf?  What’s going on?  Where are we?”


She sat beside him quickly.  “What do you remember?”


He shook his head, closing his eyes.  “Not much.  I went into the office Friday night, late . . .  No, nothing’s there.”


“How do you feel?” She was watching him closely and his frustration was beginning to show.


“Fine, okay?  Is that a good answer?  What the hell’s going on?” He winced at his own outburst and rubbed his forehead, unable to push away the pain.


“Relax, okay?  I’ll tell you, but you need to get some more fluids in you, then I’ll find something for breakfast.”


He opened his mouth to demand more answers, but she was already up and headed for the refrigerator.  He looked down at the glass and after a moment brought it to his lips.  When it was finished he didn’t want to admit he felt a little better, but he did.  She was heating something in the microwave and it smelled good.


“Is that, is that egg foo young I’m smelling?”


“Yes.  We didn’t eat dinner last night, so you’re having it for breakfast.”  She turned to look at him, he was facing her, but not looking at her.  He was inside himself trying to figure out what was going on.  He looked at her again when she placed the plate in front of him.


“What about you?”


“I’m joining you.”  Her hand caressed his shoulder as she returned to the counter.  That caught him off guard.  First he wakes up here, wherever here was, in bed, nude, with her and now she was fixing him breakfast.  He watched her until she took a seat beside him.


“What’s going on?”


“I’ll tell you.  Eat a little bit first.  You need it.”


Since he knew she was right, his lightheadedness was a major tip off, he started to eat.  After a moment she joined him.


To his surprise he couldn’t finish it, and finally put his fork down.  “Talk to me.”


She put down her own fork and nodded.  “Let’s get comfortable.”  She rose and helped him to his feet.  She led him to the couch and took a seat beside him.


“Where are we?”


“A, a safe house.”


“Safe . . . What the hell - "


“Friday night you went back to the office after midnight.  You remember that?”


He nodded.


“What’s the next thing you remember?”


He looked over at the bedroom.  When he looked back he took in the heightened color in her cheeks.  “Waking up with you, Scully.  Did I, are we okay?”


“Yes, Mulder.  We’re okay.  We’re investigating what happened but there are a lot of holes so far.”  She took a deep breath.  “Around nine Saturday morning, Diana came to the office.”


“Diana?” He looked confused.


“Apparently she drugged you and took you somewhere,” she continued as though he hadn’t interrupted.  “She returned you early Monday morning.  When I arrived at the office, you were already there.  You thought it was Saturday morning, and were surprised to see me.  I took you back to my place.”


His lips had parted but no sound emerged. 


“I took your blood, the guys are testing it.  You weren’t able to sleep and, and you had at least one seizure.  Skinner and the guys helped me get you in bed, and I gave you a liter of fluids.  That seemed to help.  You were finally able to get into REM sleep.  Skinner called to let me know that Diana had been to see him, and was looking for you.  He suggested we get out of my apartment.  He led her to believe you were fine, and he’d sent us out of town on a case.”  Mulder didn’t understand the slight smile on her face, but he’d get back to that.


“So last night . . . “


“The guys got us reservations in the Hamilton name.”  She was watching him then and saw his discomfort at the name.  “You could have told me.”


“I should have, but I was afraid you’d . . . “ he shrugged.  “I just wanted to keep you safe.”


“What if we work on that together?”


He nodded.  “Last night . . . “


“When we got here you were semi-mobile.  I had you get ready for bed.  When I joined you, you were in bed asleep under the covers.  When I . . . by the time I realized . . . you’d wrapped yourself around me again and - “




“You’d done that over at my apartment too.  It seemed to relax you.  I, I decided your health was more important than any, any embarrassment.”


“Embarrassment,” he repeated.


“Not that you have anything to be embarrassed about.  You have a very nice body.”


“Thank you?” he said uncertainly.


“You did seem to rest better.  It showed a great deal of trust, assuming you knew it was me.”


“I knew,” he said quickly.


They sat in silence then, which was broken finally by the doorbell.  Scully motioned for him to keep his seat and headed that way, her hand on the gun at her back.  He hadn’t even realized she was armed.



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