Spa Time (PG-13)

She hesitated just outside of the office

She hesitated just outside of the office, then let herself in.  One quick glance told her he wasn’t there.  Good.  Smiling she lay the white envelope on his desk.  It had been an impulse, buying a valentine for Mulder was a little strange but it had felt right.


Scully moved over to her area and put her briefcase down.  She reached for her coffee cup and saw the message light blinking.  She picked up the receiver and pressed the button.


“Scully, I couldn’t wait for you.  This is big, I need you to meet me at 2121 Wisconsin Avenue, number 110.  Talk to you when you get here.”


Scully closed her eyes and let her shoulders slump.  It had been a mistake, Mulder didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day.  She sighed and picked up her briefcase.  She slipped the card back inside and snapped it closed.


It wasn’t that far to Wisconsin and the traffic wasn’t heavy.  She parked close by and hurried inside.  The receptionist looked up when she entered.  “May I help you?”


Scully pulled her shield out of her pocket.  “I’m Agent Scully.  I had a message to meet my partner here, Agent Mulder.”


The young woman smiled.  “Ms. Scully, yes.  Your partner had to leave.  Please follow me.”


“Excuse me?  Mulder isn’t here?”


“He left you a note. Please.”  She rose from her seat and led a very confused Scully into the next room.


“You said he left a note?”  Scully hesitated once they were out of the lobby.


“Yes, here.”  The woman picked up a small envelope on a table in the hall.


Scully took the envelope and after a moment tore open the flap.  A small valentine fell into her hand.  She smiled at the Scooby Doo cartoon on the front, then flipped it over.  “This isn’t that life that you want, but I thought you could use a day.  You’ve been booked for the full treatment, enjoy.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Mulder.”


Her mouth had fallen open when she looked up at the young woman standing nearby.  “Ms. Scully.”  She motioned Scully toward the first room.  “Just slip off your clothes and put on one of the pink smocks.”


“I, what’s going to happen?”


“Your friend scheduled a full day.  First you’ll have a mud bath and steam, then a massage and facial, and your hair will be styled as well as a manicure and a pedicure.”


Again her mouth fell open.


“My name is Grace.  I’ll be back to get you in a few minutes.  You’re going to have a luxurious day, Ms. Scully.  Just relax and let us look after you.”


“Th-thank you.”  Bemused Scully just stared at the closed door for a long moment.  Mulder had done this?  That was his handwriting on the card; she’d know it in her sleep.  She looked back down at it and smiled.  So they had both thought about Valentine’s Day. 


Okay, that surprised her.  Usually they moved one step ahead and three steps back when it came to the personal.  This, this was incredibly thoughtful.  Her smile grew; a full day at a spa!


She changed into the smock and her day began.


The luxury was incredible.  Refreshments, juice and fruit at each station soft music and a light aroma therapy throughout.  The mud bath had been stimulating to her skin and the steam relaxing to her muscles.  She hadn’t been this relaxed in a long time.  She was ready to take the masseuse home with her after the most thorough massage she had ever had.


After a delicious light lunch, they did her facial, a full hour of exfoliation, neck and scalp massage, then styled her hair.  They let her natural curl frame her face, but left it long.  In fact it looked longer than usual.  The makeup they chose was good with her skin tone and she made a note of the name.  She might have to indulge herself in some of this.  They picked a bronze polish for her nails, but it was the foot massage and pedicure had her biting down on a moan.


Completely sated and relaxed, she was finally led back to her dressing room.  She thanked Grace and was left alone.  Instead of her suit, there was a clothing bag hanging on the back of the door. 


Scully moved to the door and opened it.  “Grace?  I don’t think this is my room.”


Grace returned to her side.  “I believe it is, Dana.  Why don’t you look?”  Smiling she left Scully.


Confused now, Scully unzipped the bag.  Inside was a beautiful, dark green cocktail dress.  Pinned to it was second valentine, this one had Velma on it.  “The day’s not over, Scully.  Will you have dinner with me tonight?”


She looked up as tears formed in her eyes.  She didn’t want to mess up her carefully applied makeup.  She nodded to herself and took the dress off the hanger.


She bit her lips carefully after donning the dress and checking it out in the mirror.  It fit perfectly, thought she probably wouldn’t have chosen such a neckline for herself.  Mulder had picked it out and obviously put a lot of thought into this day for her.  Too bad her work shoes wouldn’t work, but she didn’t have a lot of choices here.


Scully lifted the bag from the door and felt the weight still in it.  She looked down in the bag and saw the shoebox.  Good lord, Mulder had thought of that?  She lifted the box out and opened it.  A smile grew on her face.  Mulder had bought her ‘fuck me’ shoes?  Black sandals with at least 3 1/2 inch heels.  They were beautiful and nothing she would ever have bought for herself.


They fit perfectly as well; of course Mulder would know her sizes.  She turned in front of the mirror, her cheeks pinking slightly from the amount of cleavage she was showing.  But it did look good on her.  Okay, now she needed to ask Grace where to meet Mulder, since the card hadn’t said.


She opened the door to the lobby and saw that Grace wasn’t behind the receptionist desk.  A movement near the door caught her eye and she looked in that direction.  Her jaw dropped at the sight of Mulder, in a tux.


“Scully?” His voice held a touch of uncertainty, though his eyes were gleaming at the sight of her.


“Mulder, thank you.”


His smile grew to match hers at that.  “Turn around, let me see you.”


Self-consciously she turned, then held her hand out to him.  He took it eagerly.  “We need to go; we have reservations.”


“Dare I ask what brought this on?”


“Just making up for a lot of Valentines I’ve missed.  And I haven’t given you the easiest of times lately.  You deserve more than one day, but I thought it could be a start.”


She brushed a kiss on his cheek, then wiped at the lipstick with her thumb.  “We need to stop at my car and pick up my briefcase, Mulder.  I need something out of it.”  His hand rested comfortably on her lower back as he led her outside.





Authors Note - Happy Valentine's Day.  Today would have been Daddy's 83rd Birthday.  I knew I'd need some pampering so I thought I'd share...  Thank you!


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