Stars Misaligned (NC-17)

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They hadn’t spoken since she had run the stop sign.  She was obviously still pissed as shit.  He hadn’t done anything!  He was absolutely innocent

this time.  It had been the stars; he had no control over the frigging stars.  He glanced at the clock on the dashboard.


“Uh, Scully.”


“What.”  It didn’t sound like a question, just a bare acknowledgement.


“We’ve missed our plane.”


“What!” She glanced down at the clock and the car swerved slightly.  Mulder grabbed for the door handle.  He wasn’t an especially good passenger

anyway and with her in this mood . . . “Now what are we going to do?” 


He wasn’t sure if he should answer, but what the hell.  “I guess we should see when the next flight is.”


“Duh, Mulder.”


He saw her roll her eyes and decided again to keep quiet.  He managed that until she took the exit for the airport.  “Uh, I could run inside and see

about the flight, that way if we need to keep the car - “


“Sure, fine.”


Was she ever going to look at him again?  She pulled up to the drop-off and Mulder opened the door.  “I’ll be right back.”  She didn’t respond and

almost waited for him to shut the car door before taking off.  He stood watching her for a moment, wondering if she would come back.  Finally he

turned into the airport.


He was standing outside when she returned.  She stopped with a small squeal of tires and he winced.  He was barely seated when she turned to

him.  “Well?” she demanded.


“Nothing tonight.”


“Are you . . . damn it!”


“I’m sorry,” he said, though he wasn’t sure why.  It wasn’t exactly his fault, not that it seemed to matter.  “We could get a couple of rooms.  There’s a

flight out at 9:30 in the morning and there’s plenty of room.  I checked but I didn’t make reservations without . . . “


“Fine,” she pulled away from the curb again and headed for the Holiday Inn Express just off of the airport road.


The car rocked as she jerked into the parking space and hit the concrete bumper.  Mulder kept his mouth shut.  He pulled his suitcase out of the trunk

after she took hers and followed her into the lobby.


She asked for two rooms and he could admit to himself he was relieved that she hadn’t asked for them on separate floors.  She thrust his keycard at

him and he meekly followed her to the elevator.


She stopped at the first room so he continued on to the second.  He paused and looked back at her.  “You want to get some dinner?”


She looked over at him but didn’t bother to answer, pushing her way into her room.  He closed his eyes and entered his room.  Other things had gone

back to ‘normal’, why not her?


He dropped the keycard on the dresser and left his suitcase by the door.  He should have saved some of that screwdriver.  He really needed it now. 

He reached for the remote.  The knock stopped him and he turned back to the door.


He opened it and was surprised when Scully pushed past him.  “Uh, hi.”


“What was the deal with you and Detective White?”


“Nothing,” he said quickly.


“She was on top of you.”


“But I wasn’t doing anything.  She came on to me.”


“You didn’t look like you were fighting her off that hard.”


“What was I supposed to do?  She’s an officer of the law.”


“So am I.”


“Wh-what?” he gaped at her.  “What are you talking about?”


“How did she do it?”


“Do what?”


She shoved him back toward the bed and he staggered back.  What the hell was this?  Why hadn’t she gotten over whatever this was?


She pushed again and he fell back on top of the bed.  She straddled him as he just stared at her.  “So what did she do then?” 


Before Mulder could reply, she was loosening his tie and pulling it from around his neck.  She tossed it to the floor and unbuttoned the top button of

his shirt.




She didn’t respond, her hands moving down his shirt, unbuttoning as she went.  She pulled his shirt from his slacks and laid his chest bare.  She

leaned forward then and her tongue flicked across his nipple.  He hissed and gasped as she bit him.


“What are you - “


“She didn’t do that?” Scully asked, her eyebrow high.




Not looking at him, she tugged at his suit coat sleeve and he rolled slightly to allow her to remove it.  His shirt went next.  Okay, he didn’t know what

was going on, but she certainly was in charge.  He allowed himself to enjoy the way her skirt was hiked up as she leaned back over him.  What would

she do if he touched her thigh?  It was right there, bare, where he could touch it without . . .


She settled onto his abdomen and squirmed slightly.  Breathing was overrated, and he was too busy anyway; god.  Her hands came up to his nipples

and she caressed them flat handed, then she pinched him.  He looked up startled but she wasn’t looking at his face.  She scooted back slightly letting

her nails rake down his chest.  She hadn’t drawn blood, but damn!  Her ass came in contact with wood tenting his slacks quite brazenly.  Well, he had

little to no control over that under the circumstances.  It didn’t seem to deter her any.  Now she was working on his belt and he felt the leather slide from

 around him.  She held it in her hands and for an instant he wondered if she was planning to hit him with it.  Was that what that look in her eye . . . Instead

she tossed it toward the edge of the bed, where it slithered off to the floor.  She undid the metal clasp at his waistband, then for an instant he thought she

 was leaving him because she rose up and moved down.  Instead she sat on his thighs, then leaned forward and unzipped his slacks with her teeth!  Oh

 god.  He just lay there, his hands fisted at his sides.  What attentions from him would be welcome?  She seemed to be doing find on her own.


She tugged at the slacks and pulled them down with cooperation from him.  What about his shoes?  The pants wouldn’t . . . but she had stopped, not

 removing his slacks, just . . . just exposing him.  The boxers went next.  Well, he definitely couldn’t run away, not that he had any desire to.  He bobbed

free and she looked at him, well at part of him, with no expression.  Was she pleased? Disappointed? Horrified?  Come on, Scully, give me something



With only the tiniest of warnings, she rose to her knees and impaled herself.  His fists grabbed bedspread as he tried to hold on.  Even now he didn’t

want to humiliate himself.  Wait a minute!  Where was her underwear, her panty hose?  She’d come in here prepared!  The thought that she still wasn’t

 speaking to him had drifted far away.


She rode him wildly and he couldn’t stop his hands from taking hold of her hips, steadying her, finding her rhythm.  She was in control and he wasn’t

 complaining, but he was losing control.  Had he pleased her?  She hadn’t given him much chance to do anything but he wanted her satisfied.  He had

that much ego.


He brought his hand up and caressed the curls at her core, then glanced up.  Her eyebrow was high, and her eyes slightly narrow, but she wasn’t pushing

 him away.  He allowed himself to touch her wetness and her breath caught.  Okay, that was good, right?  He pushed a little farther, finding her clit and

 stroked it once, twice and she was coming, spasming around him.  Oh god.  He let go then as her body milked him of every drop.


She was leaning on her arms, hands on his chest and finally looked him in the eye.  She cocked her head slightly, then pulled away from him and stood. 

Her clothes dropped to the floor and she pulled the covers down, crawling into his bed.


He lay there, stretched out beside her, spent, part of him still wondering how the hell this had happened.  Scully was lying on her side beside him, her

back to him.  She shoved him over slightly to give herself more room.  Was she still pissed?


He couldn’t see her.  Scully looked over at the far wall and smiled.


Author's notes:  Yeah, a PWP helping Tali finish out Season 3 for the Fando Challenge.  Forgive me <g>


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