Still Raining (PG)

He kind of blew into the office.  She was already there and cocked an eyebrow at him.


“Sorry.” He said sheepishly.


“You lucked out this time.  Skinner got called upstairs.”


He grinned, “Should I buy a lottery ticket?”


“Only if you’re going to share your winnings.”  She looked back at the paper in her hand.


“What’s that?”


“Oh, we got a letter from Sheila and Holman.”


“A letter?  What’s up with them?  Any more droughts or floods?”


“Uh, no.  Sheila just wrote to thank us and to let us know she and Holman are expecting.”


Mulder looked up startled.  “That was fast.”


“Yeah, I guess they had no reason to wait.”


He nodded, “You know, you never told me what you said to her in the ladies’ room that night.”


“We just talked.”


“Girl stuff?”


“Yeah.”  She turned from him but he noted the color in her face.  It piqued his interest, what had they talked about?


“Hey, don’t I get to read it?”




“The letter.  You said it was addressed to both of us.”


“I told you what she said.”


“You don’t want me to read it?”


“Mulder . . . she added a note to me.  Okay?”


Before he could answer, the phone rang.


“Mulder.  Yeah, thanks.”  He hung up, “Skinner’s ready for us.  Guess I timed it pretty well.”


“Right.”  She shook her head and moved toward the door, tucking the letter back in the envelope.  He noted the little violets on the lavender paper and smiled.


Now just what had Sheila written that Scully didn’t want him to see?  Scully had never been forthcoming about their conversation that night.  In fact, she always changed the subject come to think about it.


The meeting with Skinner wasn’t too painful, or long, but the morning was shot, so he talked her into an early lunch.  They dropped their files in the office and Scully turned back to the elevator.  He followed her, then touched her arm, “I think I dropped my keys.  Press the button, I’ll be right back.”


He ducked into the office and slipped the lavender envelope out of her file and slipped it into the inner pocket of his suit coat.  Then he pulled his keys out of his pocket and jingled them as he returned to her.

After lunch she headed to the lab to see if she could hurry up some results Skinner had asked about, taking the file with her.


As soon as he heard the doors of the elevator glide shut, he pulled the envelope from his jacket.  It was addressed to both of them he noted.  That cleared his conscience to a degree and he pulled the perfumed sheets out.


“Dear Agents Mulder and Scully - I just wanted to thank you again for what you did for Holman and me.  We just couldn’t be happier and now we’ve found out that we’re expecting a baby.  I know it’s a little quick -  I guess we’re having a ‘honeymoon’ baby.


Agent Scully, what you said to me that night still rings in my head every day.  It was good to be friends first.  Holman and I had built up a friendship over years, and working together as well as we did for so long only made that stronger.  And you were right, something did click and just like you said, now he’s the only man I could imagine being with for the rest of my life.  I hope the two of you realize it soon, because being together is so much more, so much better, than being only friends.


Holman and I will let you know when the baby comes.  Take care and think about what you said to me, because I think it pertains to you even more.


Love, Sheila.”


Mulder read it through three times.  Scully had said those things?  She felt that way?


Something made him look up and he realized Scully had entered the door and caught him.  Color flooded her face and before he could move, she’d turned on her heel and was moving away.


“Uh, Scully, wait!”  He made it to his feet; the letter still clutched in his hand.  The door to the stairwell was closing.   Should he chase her, or give her a minute to cool down?


Neither option felt right, so he took the easier of the two and returned to the office.




Why the hell had she made an issue of it?  If she’d asked him to read the damn letter he would probably have refused, but no, she had to intrigue him.  And why was she still upset, it was over, he had read it.  Move on.  The movement caught her eye.  Mulder stood up from lounging beside the door to her apartment.


“Need a hand?”


That voice.  It had only gotten worse lately.  He could say the most mundane things, things she cared nothing about hearing - but the voice.  When the FBI did finally kick them out, he could make a fortune at phone sex.




He took two of the bags into one of his hands and pulled his own keys from his pocket to open the door.  He held the door for her, then followed her in.


Why hadn’t he already done that?


As though reading her mind, he answered.  “I wasn’t sure you wanted to see me.”


She didn’t respond, putting her bag on the table.  He placed his beside hers and hesitated.


“I, uh, look, I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have taken your letter.”


“It was addressed to both of us.”  She wouldn’t look at him, just began unloading her purchases.


“Well.”  He withdrew the letter from his inside coat pocket and laid it on the table.  “Yeah, okay.  I’ll, uh, I’ll see you in the morning.”


She didn’t speak, so he headed for the door.  He had his hand on the knob when he heard her.  “Mulder.”


He stopped and looked back at her.


“Have you eaten?”


He blinked at that, “Uh, no.”


“I have plenty, if you don’t have plans.”


“No plans, but I don’t want to eat your dinner.”


“You’d only be eating my leftovers.”


He managed a small smile then, “Okay, if you don’t mind.”


“Pour us some tea and I’ll dish it up.”


He nodded and did as she bade.  They ate mostly in silence.  When he had nearly finished, he laid his fork down.  “Scully, did you really say those things?”


She studied her plate, “Yes.”


“About me?”




“Did you mean them?”




“Scully?” She finally looked up at him.  “Why didn’t you say them to me?”


“I . . . I didn’t want to embarrass you or, or make you uncomfortable.”


“Did you really think you would, Scully?”


She looked down again.  “I don’t know, we don’t . . . when we’re off duty we don’t . . . “


“Scully, think about it, when you’re not available, who do I hang with?  The Gunmen.”  He answered himself.


“I’ve always wondered what your real relationship with Langly was.”  Her lips twitched.


“I’m not really interested in blondes anymore.”  He responded to her teasing, relaxing slightly.


She nodded, “He’ll be devastated.”


“Add to my trail of broken hearts?”


She chuckled but didn’t respond.


“I guess it’s a pretty good thing neither of us can control the weather, isn’t it?”  He watched her.


“Oh, I don’t know Mulder, maybe the fog’s lifting, just a little.”  Her shy smile answered his own.