Sunflower Seeds (NC-17)


She looked over at her partner, watching as he cracked open another sunflower seed and sucked out the meat.  His attention was on the sky damn it, but she could only focus on his lips, especially the lower one.  Occasionally the tip of his tongue would peek out to clear the salt from that lip.


She blinked and shifted in her seat.  He looked over at her then.  God, it wasn't fair.  He sat there exuding sexuality and it was all focused on those damn seeds.


"You okay Scully?"


She almost closed her eyes at that, wanting to feel the warm velvet of his voice caress her.  He turned toward her then to look at her.


The moon was full, giving her enough light to see those eyes.  There was a twinkle in them.


She was sleepy.  She'd gotten up at dawn to make the plane, then driven for hours.  Now they were sitting in the moonlight, in the middle of nowhere, while he watched the sky.  It wasn't fair.


Hell, did he even realize he was here with a woman?  The last time she'd gone 'parking' it sure hadn't been like this.


Before she could stop herself, she leaned forward and let her finger outline that luscious lip.




She leaned even closer and took that lip with her own.  His eyes widened.


"Scu . . . Scully?  What are you -  "


She suckled on his lip, then outlined it with her tongue.


"Mmm, Scully."  He spoke into her mouth, responding to her and she felt wetness pool down there.


He broke from her then, and took her shoulders in his hands.  "Scully?"  That was the only word he spoke, but the question spoke volumes.


She reached up and removed the tie he had loosened.  His eyes grew darker and she knew they were dilated.  Not surprising, since his blood flow all seemed to be heading south now.  She unbuttoned his shirt, slowly, enjoying his shock.  He didn't try to stop her.  He wouldn't have been able to anyway.  She pulled the shirt apart and tugged it from his waistband.  She stared at his chest for a moment as he watched her, then she laid her hands on his chest, splayed across his muscles.  She let her thumbs brush his nipples and heard him hiss.


She hid her smile.  Her hands moved up to massage his shoulders, and he managed to keep quiet.  When her hands moved down and began unbuckling his belt, she saw that he had a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel.


"What are you doing?"  His voice was at least an octave lower than usual and she bit her lips for an instant.


"Has it been that long?"


His lips moved then, but no sound emerged.


She slipped the belt from the loops and then unbuttoned his slacks.  She began lowering his zipper when his hand grabbed hers.


"Mulder, please."


He blinked at that.  Please?  Scully wanted this?  Wanted him?


"Maybe we should move this party to the backseat, Mulder."


Had he heard that?  Those words from Scully?


She opened the door and he watched her exit the car.  She opened the back door, and leaned down to look at him.  "Join me?"


She was serious.  What had brought this on?  And why was he hesitating?  He opened the door and moved to the back.  He watched her slide in and saw her hands come up to unbutton her blouse.  His hand stopped her and after looking into her eyes, took over the task.


She wasn't drunk; there were no chemicals in her body.  He'd slipped her no 'ecstasy', yet she had started this.  Scully was the aggressor and she wanted him.  He might question it, but unless she called a halt, he was more than eager.


He pushed the blouse down from her shoulders, exposing her bra.  He drew a shaky breath, and when she made no protest, reached around and unfastened it.  He let the beige lace drop to the floor and his hands came up to cup the perfection of her breasts.  Her eyes drifted close as he kneaded them gently.


"Scully."  It was a whisper, but she opened her eyes at the wonder in his voice.  Now she watched as he unbuttoned her slacks and she moved to help him remove them, slipping off her shoes at the same time.  Now she wore only tiny bikini panties.

"Now you."


He nodded and toed off his shoes, when lowered his own slacks.  Her eyes locked on the erection tenting his boxers.  She didn't try to hide her smile now.

She leaned in and took possession of his lips again.  She moved closer but he stopped her, his hands on the elastic of her panties.  She nodded and he removed them, bringing them to his face to permanently imprint her scent in his mind.  Then he let them too fall to the floorboard.  He reached for her.


"Turnabout . . . "  she whispered.  When the interior light had been on she'd seen that his boxers were dark blue with a tiny red diamond design.  Now she just wanted to see them gone.

He obliged and she saw him spring free.  There was enough light to see his fully erect cock rising from the dark thatch.  The sight was sufficient to cause a frission of fear to course through her, but this man would not hurt her.  She climbed into his lap, straddling his legs.


His hand cupped her mound and one, then two fingers entered her.  When the third joined them, she arched, her head falling back, her eyes closing.  His lips closed over her nipple, suckling it, then he laved it with that agile tongue before moving on to the other breast.  Her shallow breathing was barely discernable.


"Scully."  She opened her eyes and locked onto his as he finger fucked her, unable to do anything but let the sensations course through her.  He could feel her tension growing.


"Come for me Scully.  Let me watch you come."  He murmured to her as he stroked her clit.  On the last word, he pressed firmly on that over excited bundle of nerves and she gasped, falling over the edge, convulsing around him.


She whimpered when his hand left her, the only sound she could make, but his arms were around her, guiding her back to reality safely.


She collapsed against his chest and he held her, his mind still reeling.  In a few minutes he felt her move to sit up and look at him.


"Your turn."


"Scully, its o - "


She rose up and impaled herself on his hot shaft and his eyes flew wide open.  She withdrew to the tip and rocked him again.


"Slow . . . Scully slow down, please."  His voice quavered on please and she felt his hands on her hips, guiding her, setting the pace.  When she felt his arms begin to shake, she knew he was close.  Hell, she could do this forever, but he needed his own release.


"Come inside me, Mulder."  She spoke softly.


Those words, coming from her lips, was all it took.  He pulled her down onto him as deeply as possible and exploded inside of her.


"Oh Jes . . . oh  Scully."


She felt her own explosion building again inside of her.  She never . . . oh god, and she was coming again herself, holding onto him as her only anchor in the chaos.


"God, Scully . . . "


"Scully?  Are you okay?  I think you were dreaming."


She blinked, waking reluctantly, her body still quivering inside.  A dream?  Oh god, she'd had a . . . a wet dream sitting here with . . . oh god.




"Yeah, I'm . . . I'm fine."


Damn those sunflower seeds.