Survivors 2/2 (NC-17)

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They fell into a routine.  Each night after dinner they joined whatever conversation was going on.  It quickly became apparent that most of the discussions were speculation.


There had been an attack, but there were no eye witnesses from the actual event.  Most people thought it came from China or the Middle East.  Aliens weren't mentioned, at least not at first. 


From what news got out before communications were completely disrupted, it seemed that most cities were affected.  Due to weather patterns eastern Tennessee and over half of North Carolina had been spared.  There were several domes that had been erected as quickly as possible.  It was rumored that southern Texas was even cleaner and that's where people who had succeeded in getting pregnant were sent.


The radiation had rendered most people sterile.  There had been no warning of the attack and no time to take cover, but some children were still conceived.  The long term prognosis of those children hadn't been studied yet.  The pregnancies that did occur were guarded ferociously, but even then word was that less than half the pregnancies ended in a full term baby.  The human population hovered on the brink of extinction.


Mulder didn't bring aliens up with any of the groups, but began to speculate quietly during lunch with one or two of the others.  When they realized he wasn't laughing, others let them know that they too had heard that rumor.  No one had any credible information.


What wasn't discussed was what was expected of them since the briefing.  He didn't have a clue how to bring it up and she obviously wanted to avoid the whole subject.




They had headed back to their room immediately after dinner that night.  He wanted to pace but he couldn't go outside, he couldn't run - no one was allowed outside for such a 'useless' purpose.  When he heard the intercom crackle, he cracked the door to better hear the announcement.  "Before reporting to your work station tomorrow all non-menstruating women will report to the clinic for a motility test.  Repeat, before work tomorrow all non-menstruating women will report to the clinic for a motility test."


Mulder turned to look at Scully, confusion plain on his face.  She was white as a sheet.   He was at her side in two steps.  "What?  What's a motility test?  What are they going to do to you?"


She shook her head and he seated her on the bed.  "Scully, talk to me," he spoke low due to the thin walls but his intensity was full volume.


"A, a motility test, uh . . . " She studied her hands, "A motility test checks on the mobility of sperm inside of the female.  It makes sure the sperm are healthy and that the environment inside the vagina is hospitable."  She sounded like she was reading a textbook, no emotion colored her words.


Now he paled, but didn't take his eyes off of her.  "But that means . . . "


She nodded.


"Scully, we don't have to - "


"If we don't, Mulder, they'll think you're sterile.  They'll send you north."


"Scully . . . "


She managed a tight smile then. "It's okay."


Okay?  What was he to make of that?  They were going to have to have sex.  He'd always fantasized about making love to this woman; not just have sex.


"Scully, I don't know if I - "


"You're a grown man, Mulder.  You can do this.  We just have to . . . "


He closed his eyes and moved away from her.  Yeah, he could do this but . . . Getting it up wasn't the problem.  For the last couple of years when he looked, hell, gazed at Scully, it was all he could do to keep it down.  She turned away then, unable to look at him.  She took a deep breath and pulled the tunic off over her head.  She slipped on her nightgown, then removed her pants.  She slipped into the bed and waited.  She looked like a sacrifice waiting to be . . . taken.


He had kept his back while he listened to her undress.  How the hell could he even contemplate this?  This was Scully, the woman that populated his hopes and dreams.  What would happen to her if he refused?  With no . . . with no sperm they would send him away.  She'd be alone here, at the mercy of . . . and she was barren.  She would be sent north, but only after being used . . . His fists clenched and his chest tightened.


"Mulder."  Her voice was remote, devoid of emotion.


"Scully," he spoke, but didn't move closer to the bed. "We don't - "




That was all she said, but that said it all.  They had to do this.  God, could he?  Could he use her like that?  He approached the bed.  It felt like she was trying not to flinch from him.  How could he hurt her this way?  He sat on the edge of the bed, but neither spoke.  Finally he jerked his tunic off over his head. 


Working in the fields had made a difference; his muscles were leaner, more defined . . . more desirable.  He was watching her, so she looked away.  No reason to make this worse.  He didn't need to see how much she wanted him, even now.


"Scully, I never wanted - "


"Don't," she interrupted.  It was bad enough he was forced into this.  She didn't need to hear him say he'd never wanted her this way.


He shut up then.  Just do it, try not to hurt her any more than necessary.  He couldn't help his arousal.  Hell, it was Scully, the woman he had held in his arms all night for the last few weeks.  He slipped under the covers and gently pulled her to him.  Should he remove her nightgown?  She wasn't giving him any signals.  It didn't look like she wanted him to see her, but he couldn't just enter her unprepared.  The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her, at least physically.


Silently he brought his fingers to her core.  She fought the tension that immediately took over her body.  One of his hands soothed her, while the other explored her sex.  To her mortification she realized how wet she had become.  He had obviously noted it and looked up at her face.  She turned away and he faltered, then removed his fingers.  She couldn't help it, this was Mulder.  How many times had her own fingers created this same arousal with his face before her?


He began to enter her and she clamped down on a moan and closed her eyes.  He was big, bigger than she had imagined.  She felt full, stretched almost beyond endurance.  After a slight hesitation he began to move.


God she was damn tight, hot - hot and wet.  He couldn't take any credit for that, but he was grateful.  She should be in less . . . discomfort and he could pretend at least that she was enjoying it.


This certainly wasn't his finest work.  It had been too long since he'd had some privacy.  Great, he finally was with this woman and he was turning into the two minute man.  Hell, he'd had more control at 14 with the neighbor's babysitter.  But if it saved her life . . . Would she ever forgive him?  God, Scully.  He let go, filling her and collapsing.  He immediately withdrew and rolled from her.


He needed to make this better.  He had to.  He let his hand lightly touch her curls, but before he could do more, she move away.  "That's okay."


"Scully let me - "


"Go to sleep, Mulder," she said it quietly, emotionlessly.  She rolled to her side putting her back to him and closed her eyes.  She pressed her thighs together, remembering the feel of him. 


She'd used him again.  Part of her still reeled that she had asked this man to help her through the in-vitro process.  Now he was having to save her life with his sperm.  She bit her lip to keep quiet.


He watched her for a moment, then reached for the small lamp by the bed.  He flipped off the light and lay on his side, his back to her as well.  He stared into the darkness unable to sleep.  He had raped her.  He had just raped the only woman in the world he loved.  She hadn't fought, she hadn't demurred, a lamb led to slaughter.  And he was the executioner - he'd murdered any feeling she could ever have had for him.  And all to save their lives.


Sleep took a long time to finally claim either of them.




When she woke, she realized they both had turned in the night.  She was curled into his chest, his arm around her, his chin resting on her head.  One of his legs had insinuated itself between hers and she had wrapped her leg around it.  In short, they were as entangled as two separate beings could physically be.


It took her a moment to orient herself.  The soreness between her legs brought memory and she jerked away, her cheeks flaming.


"Wha - " He realized what was happening and released her quickly, then had to grab her again to keep her from falling to the floor.


They dressed in silence.  She was aware of the times he looked at her, obviously trying to gauge her mood.  She should put him at ease, but what would that entail?  He had had to have sex with her - 'they' had forced the situation.  She wasn't going to get pregnant, so it was a waste.  He was healthy, compared to the other men here he was truly a magnificent specimen.  She should release him.  He could probably get several women pregnant, hell, maybe everyone here.  There were several women here that she knew would have drawn his attention in the past.




They had finished breakfast, sitting side by side but not speaking when the woman that worked in the clinic touched Scully's shoulder.  "Kat, you and Bill can come in now."


"Bill?  Why does he . . . "


"The doctor likes to see couples together.  It helps them bond."


Scully rose without another word.  Mulder closed his eyes for an instant, then followed her down the hall.


"Now don't be nervous, Dear.  It's just like a pap smear."


"Should I . . . should I be in here?"  Mulder glanced at Scully's blank face.


"Of course.  You'll want to hear what the doctor says.  You can just take that chair up by her head.  Go ahead and put on this gown, Kat.  The doctor will be right in."  She let herself out and Mulder put his hand on Scully's arm.  She moved away immediately and he let his arm fall back to his side.


"I'm sorry," he said quietly.  She started to respond, but he had turned his back, giving her privacy to change.  Her shoulders sagged.  How were they going to live like this?


Shortly the doctor tapped on the door and entered.  "Kat, Bill, this won't take long.  Kat, if you could just lie back and put your feet in the stirrups.  That's good, scoot down just a little.  Thanks."


She was silent, staring at the ceiling.  She could feel Mulder watching her.  He was concerned and obviously unfamiliar with the procedure.  Part of her automatically wanted to reassure him, but she could feel the wall he'd erected around himself and she was just too confused to know what to feel.


When the doctor left to use the microscope, they sat in silence waiting for the doctor to return.  At least three times he started to reach for her but managed to stop himself each time.  She didn't help, unsure what she wanted.


When the door opened again, Dr. Rubin fairly burst into the office.  His excitement was palpable.  "Bill, your paperwork still hasn't arrived.  Tell me, where did you come from?"




"You're healthy, probably the healthiest man that has come here since the program was instituted."


"I don't - "


"You looked healthier at my first exam, but I never . . . You have a sperm count from before the, from before.  They are healthy and mobile."  Scully averted her head.  Mulder looked in her direction, ignoring the doctor.  Could the SOB rub it in any harder?


"I know that we have given you twelve months with your current partner - "


"Kat is sitting right here," Mulder pointed out quickly.


"I'm sorry, of course she is.  I'm just very excited with my findings."  He ran a hand through his thinning hair.  "Kat, forgive me, but this is crucial.  We set this up so that the couples have twelve months to try to conceive.  In this case though, Bill, we need for you to consider a different arrangement."  He again focused on Mulder, seeming to exclude Scully.  "I believe I could get you a pass south, based on my findings.  We could inseminate a number of women that otherwise will - "


"Would Kat go with me?"


Dr. Rubin blinked at the interruption.  "I . . . I'd have to check into that."


"Fine.  Get back to us."  Mulder rose then and took Scully's arm. She looked like she wanted to protest the move, but held her tongue in front of the doctor.


Mulder moved her down the hall and toward their room.  Once out of sight of the office, she pulled her arm from his grip and stepped farther from him.  His step faltered, but he continued following her into the small room they shared.


"Scully?" he said it softly, but she didn't turn, shutting herself in their tiny bathroom.  He sank onto the bed and stared at his shoes.


When she emerged, composure firmly in place, he rose to his feet.  "We need to get to work," she said quietly.


"I think we need to talk."


"There's nothing to talk about."


He gaped at her.  "You're kidding, right?"


She forced herself to meet his eyes, keeping her expression neutral.


He watched her for a full minute, then shaking his head; he let himself out of the room and walked rapidly toward the dining room


She sank onto the bed they now shared and after a moment curled into a fetal position.


Without her, he snatched up his wide brimmed hat and headed for the fields.  The beans were picked clean, but there were other vegetables still to be harvested and he moved purposefully in that direction.  He kept his mind a careful blank as he worked, not even hearing the chatter of the others. 


When they broke for lunch he sat alone and everyone respected his privacy, coming up with their own conclusions as to his mood and her absence.  It was no secret they had been called into Dr. Rubin's office and everyone had heard the announcement the night before.




She ate with the kitchen staff that night, since she'd worked with them all day.  They hadn't pressed her to talk and she was grateful.  There was a lot of tension in this place, especially between partners.  As soon as things started slowing down, they shooed her off to go to her room.


Unfortunately that was the last place she wanted to be right now.  How could she face him?  It was a moot point, he wasn't in the room.  She quickly got ready for bed.  She could pretend to be asleep when he got there.  She still couldn't face talking to him.


She didn't fall asleep and he didn't come to the room.  As much as she wanted to avoid him right now, she was getting worried.  She'd become used to sharing the small bed with him and she was chilly.  Hell, she was lonely too.  What had she done?  She finally fell asleep, exhausted.


He was in the bathroom when she woke.  She could hear the shower and she sat up.  When the door opened he didn't even look over at her.




He began dressing.


"Mulder.  Where did you sleep?"


"Didn't.  Breakfast is ready.  You should get up."


She bit her lip, but rose from the bed and shut herself in the bathroom.


He turned when he heard the door shut and stared at the door.  He actually took a step toward it but stopped himself and left the room.  What could he say anyway?


In the small enclosure she heard the door shut behind him and let her body sag against the side of the small tin shower.  Now what?  She closed her eyes, allowing one tear to fall.




Today, with her still not beside him, Mulder felt their eyes on him, assessing a situation of which they had no knowledge.  He didn't attempt to enlighten them and again they kept their distance, until lunch.


Mulder took his sandwich and moved to a spot of shade away from the others.  He ate the food, but it was bitter to him.  A movement to his left caused him to look up.  Randy stood there, beside him.  "Could I talk to you a minute?"


Shit, marital advice?  "Yeah," he said shortly and Randy took a seat beside him.


"Look, I heard . . . Bill, I heard you're . . ." the man swallowed, but forced himself to continue. "Healthy."


Mulder looked over startled, so much for medical ethics.  He kept quiet.


"I need a favor.  Sue and I are running out of time.  Two months, we've got two months before they split us up.  She's my wife, man.  Not someone they gave me when we got here.  No one needs to know, it can be between the three, uh, four of us, if you want to tell Kat.  You could . . . "


"You want me to sleep with Sue," Mulder stated it flatly.


Randy winced.  "You don't have to . . . we could - "


"So really you just want to borrow a cup of spunk."


Randy's face flushed dark, but he squared his shoulders, not backing down.  "Wouldn't you, if it could save Kat's life?" he finally said.


Mulder looked away.  This man didn't know, couldn't know, what had happened between him and Scully, but his comment hit home.


"I need to think about this; talk to Sc-Kat."


"Yeah, sure."  Randy started to rise.


"Does everyone know about this?"


"Not yet," Randy replied.


"But they will."


Randy nodded and made it to his feet, brushing his pants off.  "Yeah, they will, but not from me."  He watched Mulder for a moment, then turned and walked back to the others.


Mulder refused to look in that direction.  He wished desperately for Scully to be beside him, but he couldn't even consider talking to her about this.


The day did not improve.  When he returned to the building that evening, walking apart from the others, he could feel their curiosity.  Randy hadn't said anything, that wouldn't be in his best interest, but whoever had talked to him apparently had no such scruples.


Scully was behind the food line when he went to dinner.  She watched him approach and gave him a small smile.  He turned away and took his food to a far table.  She closed her eyes, the tiny hope she had tried to hang onto dissolving.  She turned back to her work, ignoring the looks the others cast her way.


He looked up from his plate when he felt someone over him.  He was surprised to see Jennifer at his side.  "Another briefing?"


"Actually I wanted to talk to you."


"About?" He had already turned back to his meal.


"I can see that you and Kat are having problems."




"So, this is the kind of place where 'problems' aren't as important as the project.  If she doesn't want your . . . attentions, there are many women who do."


"Are you one of them?" He looked her squarely in the eye.


She had the grace to blush, but she didn't look away.  "Yes.  To live, to get sent south . . . "


"So I'm your 'type'."


Her chin came up defiantly.  "You could do worse."


"I probably have."  With that he rose, taking his plate and walked away.


Her eyes narrowed as she watched him leave her.




His mood sank even lower after his encounter with Jennifer, though she was keeping her distance, at least for now.  He could feel the eyes of everyone on him.  No one else had actually approached him, but even in his funk he knew these people were desperate.  Part of him, a tiny part, cared.


He kept his distance from Scully when he could.  Unfortunately the tiny room they shared was his only refuge.  The problem was that was also true of her. 


He stayed away until he hoped she was asleep each night, but he was no longer comfortable around the other people that lived there.  They all wanted something from him now; he felt it with every breath, that and their desperation.


Randy finally approached him again, this time he met Mulder's eyes unflinchingly.  "Have you spoken with Kat?"




Randy took a deep breath.  "Sue will be ovulating in a couple of days."


"Randy - "


"Do you think this is easy for me?  Do you think I want my wife to have your child?  But I'm willing to do that to save her life."


It was Mulder that couldn't look up now.  "I . . . I'll talk to, to Kat tonight."


"Thank you."  The smaller man walked away.


Oh yeah, he could talk to Scully about this.  Sure, why not? So what if he couldn't even talk to her about what had happened between the two of them.  She'd definitely want to discuss him impregnating Sue.


He was wandering through the building.  Since he couldn't run, he'd learned a path through the storerooms and kitchen.  It gave him some exercise and even more important, some privacy.


He didn't see the blow coming as he turned the corner until the last second.  It was too late to ward it off and the pipe connected with his head.  He went down, dazed but not out.  Fortunately there was no second blow.  Whoever had assaulted him grabbed him by the feet and started hauling him down the corridor and into a room.  There was no one here he couldn't take, if they were unarmed, so he faked unconsciousness to see what the hell was going on.


When the man left him to secure the door, Mulder opened his eyes.  He knew this guy, he was in another work crew but he'd seen him around and at meals.  He didn't think they'd ever had a conversation.  He was not as tall as Mulder, probably 5' 10"and not as well built, but he'd packed a wallop with that pipe.  What was his name?  Curtis? No, Carl.


Mulder forced himself to go limp again as Carl turned back toward him.  Mulder heard nothing, as though the man were just standing there, staring at him.  Finally there was a whisper.  "I'm sorry, man.  I'm sorry."  Then he began untying the drawstring of Mulder's pants.


What was happening clicked then and before Carl could get his pants loose enough to lower them, Mulder grabbed his arm.  "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"


Carl's eyes were panic wide and his lips moved, though no sound emerged for a moment.  "I, I need . . . "


"Shit." Mulder rose then, not releasing the smaller man's arm.  "You could have killed me!"


"No, no I didn't hit you that hard.  I just needed you to - "


"Yeah, I know what you needed.  You couldn't ask?"


"I . . . I have to . . . I'm already on my 15th month.  They'll kill me."


"They'll send you north."


"It's the same thing!  I have to, damn it Bill, I need this!"


Mulder's headache wasn't making this any better.  He'd already told Randy he'd talk to Scully about this.  Now he was being assaulted in the halls for a quickie.  "I'm walking out of here."


"Look, I know I messed up here - "


"Messed up?  You stay away from me.  I don't know what's going to happen here, but believe me when I tell you that you try anything like this again and I will take you out.  Then you won't have to worry about going north or anywhere else."


The smaller man paled, but he backed away.  Mulder moved around him, giving him a wide berth, then made his way quickly to his room.  Great, now the inside of the complex wasn't safe for him either.




She entered their room and spotted him sitting in the straight back chair, his head in his hands.  "Sorry, I didn't realize . . ."


Slowly he sat up and sighed.  "It's okay.  It's your room too.  I'll give you some space."


"Where are you . . . Mulder?  What happened to you?"  She hurried to his side, checking out the bruise on his head.


"It's okay."


"What happened?" she demanded, the proximity of her body keeping him in the chair.


"Don't worry about it.  I'll be back later.  Go on to bed."


"Mulder."  She wasn't going to move.


"Carl attacked me.  He dragged me off to one of the store rooms and . . . "


"Oh my god!"


"My virtue, such as it is, is intact.  I can take him, and just about anyone else here.  It's okay."


"You should do it," she said quietly.


"Do what?"


"You should give them your sperm, Mulder.  Impregnate Sue, hell impregnate everyone here.  They'll send you south and - "


"No," he rose to his feet then.


"It will save your life!"


"One - I don't especially want my life saved without you.  Two - I'm not going south or anywhere without you with me.  And three - It's my sperm and the only one I want using it is you."


She blinked at that and seemed to draw further away from him.  "You don't have to - "


"You're right, I don't."  He turned then and left the room.  He didn't see her hand reach for him as he stalked away.


She sank into the chair he had vacated.  There was no reason to hope.


When he returned a couple of hours later she had gotten ready for bed, but was sitting up with the light blanket around her shoulders, her knees up at her chest. 


"You should be asleep."


"I wanted to wait for you.  We need to talk."


He hesitated, then resumed his seat in the chair.  "About?"


"Look, I think you should go ahead and, and help these people."  She looked down, studying her hands. 


"Wow, if only I'd been this popular in high school," he said with no humor.


"It can save your - "




"I know you didn't want to have sex with me."


He looked up finally, startled.  "What?"


"You said it that night."


"I said what?"  He leaned toward her.


"You said you didn't want me.  I forced you.  If anyone raped anyone, it was me.  You don't have anything to feel guilty about."


He stared at her in silence for a long moment, then he leaned back.  "You didn't let me finish what I was trying to say that night, but you're right, I didn't want to have sex with you, Scully."


She winced but managed not to look away.


"I didn't want to have sex with you.  I wanted to make love to you."


Her eyes widened and her lips parted but she made no sound.


"I knew that wasn't anything you wanted.  You've made that clear for a long time."


"I made that . . ." she just looked at him then.


"You wanted a sample from me, not me.  I agreed because I knew how much you wanted a child.  And yes, I hoped that if I was the, the father, we'd have a connection that you couldn't . . ." He shrugged.  "I guess I don't want to give away any more samples."


"That's not . . . Oh god." She pushed the blanket off of her shoulders and rose from the bed.  She stood in front of him and he looked up, meeting her eyes.  "That is not what I meant."


"So what did you mean?"


"The same thing you did.  You said you didn't want it to come between us.  You were distancing yourself and I understood, or I thought I did."


"Distancing . . . Jesus, that wasn't . . ." He turned away for a moment.  When he looked back, he met her eyes.  "Scully, why did you ask me to help you?"


She looked deep into his eyes then.  She had hurt this man, hurt him terribly by withholding the truth.  That wasn't going to happen again.  "Because I wanted to have your baby.  I didn't ask anyone else, and I wouldn't have.  You're the only man I want to have children with.  Mulder, I'm in love with you.  I'm sorry I never said that to you before."


He sat there like a statue.




"You're in love with me."


Her chin went up.  "Yes."


"You wanted to have a baby with me, my child."


"Yes," she said firmly.


"I didn't rape you."


She moved closer to him then, and let her hand caress his cheek.  His hand was trembling slightly as it covered hers.  "You didn't force me to do anything.  The circumstances, the test, they forced things, not you."


"Why did you pull away from me?"


"Because I didn't understand.  When you said . . . I didn't know," she whispered.  "I was, I was embarrassed that my body, that I - " she looked down as her cheeks flushed.  "I responded to you."


"That was a bad thing?"


"It was if you didn't want me."


He closed his eyes, shaking his head.  "We really should have taken that communication seminar." 


He opened his eyes again at her chuckle.  "Maybe you're right," she sighed.  "I should have told you."


"You're told me now."


"Is that enough?"


She tugged him to his feet and looked up at him.  She wasn't quite touching him but a deep breath would bring her breasts in contact with his chest.  "You're in love with me."


"Fox Mulder, I, Dana Scully, am in love with you.  You might as well get used to it."


He still didn't take her in his arms, but his finger traced her cheekbone. 




"I don't want to mess this up."


She rose on her toes and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.  "You won't, you can't.  We're together Mulder.  I think we always have been."


At that his hands cupped her head and turned her face up toward him.  His lips met hers then and her arms went around his neck.  He lifted her against him and crushed her to him.  "Scully."


"Make love with me, Mulder."


His eyes closed and nodded.  She smiled and moved toward the small bed they had shared.  He followed, not taking his eyes from her.  At the bed she took hold of the hem of his shirt and lifted it over his head.  Her fingers lightly played over the muscles of his chest.  After a moment, he took hold of her hand. 


She nodded and he removed her top.  He outlined her plain cotton bra and after a tiny hesitation, unhooked it.  It fell to her feet and his hand cupped her breast.  He bowed, reverently it seemed, and kissed first one then the other.


She eased down on the bed and pulled him down with her.  He lay beside her and caressed the silky skin of her abdomen.  "Muld - "


"Shh," he whispered in her ear.  He untied the cord at the waist of her pants and slid them down her legs.  The cotton panties went next.  His hand brushed her curls, then he looked up to see her watching him.  "This is our first time together," he said softly.


She nodded.  "The first."  Her hand found his waistband then and she pulled the tie lose.  He lifted his hips just a little and she tugged his pants and boxers off, letting them fall to the floor.


Her hand moved down the long smooth muscle of his hip.  He closed his eyes savoring the sensation.  This was happening; Scully was touching him, loving him.  He rolled her to her back and began kissing her, tasting her, delighting in her secret places. This was nothing like that other night; they were making love, not having sex.  He buried his face in her neck and covered her with his body.


"God you feel so good," he murmured.


She purred and writhed beneath him.  "Mulder, I want to feel you inside of me."


He looked at her for a long moment.  "Yeah, I want that too."  His eyes closed as her hand wrapped around his cock.  "Ca-careful, Scully."


"Oh I think you can handle it."  She brushed his cock through her curls and the aroma of her arousal intoxicated him.


"Scully, please."


There was just a hint of a smile when she nodded.


Yes!  He entered her slowly, watching her eyes, locked on her eyes, giving her time to adjust.  Her fingers gripped his shoulders and he moved deeper and deeper within her.  She'd never felt so full, even the other - no, that never happened. 


He began moving inside of her, withdrawing almost all the way, then easing back in. Her eyes were locked on his as well.  Her hands cupped his butt, speeding up his thrusts; she needed it rougher, she wanted him to dominate her for a little while.


He seemed to realize that and complied with her unspoken request.  Her fingers tightened and he felt her nails on his back.  That excited him and he increased his pace.  She was made for him; her body fit him like a glove.  One of her hands began teasing his nipples and he hissed at the overload.


How close was she?  He had to pleasure her this . . . he had to pleasure her.  He brought his fingers to her core and by instinct found that special place on the woman he loved.


Her eyes opened wider as her body responded to him.  Her hands returned to his shoulder, gripping him as she spiraled out of control.  His strong arms held her safe as she rode out her orgasm, gasping his name.


Now the look in her eyes told him everything he needed to know.  She loved him, she was in love with him.  Together, they were together. 


"Mulder," her body urged him on.  "Please."


She wanted him.  He had no doubt now.  He began moving again within her.  God she felt good and what she was doing to his body was even beyond his imagination.  She tightened her hold of him, changing her angle slightly and now it was his eyes widening as he slammed into her.  Then he was coming, his body out of control, actually under her control.


Her arms tightened around him, now giving him the safety he had given her.  While he lay helpless in her arms she smoothed back his hair and placed a soft kiss on his brow.  No words were needed.


He caressed her face as she watched him.  A feeling of peace, of finally finding each other, binding them together.  Her arms went around him as he tucked her against him.  Together.


He woke before her and reveled in the feel of her against him . . . loving him.  "Scully?" he whispered.


Her lips quirked before she opened her eyes.  When she did, he was consumed by the look of love filling them.  "Yes, Agent Mulder?"


He pressed against her and her chuckle faded as his arousal grew.  He wanted her.  He wanted her as much as she wanted him.  She let her hand caress his cheek. 


"I love you, Scully."   


Without warning, the feeling of freezing covered him.  He realized her eyes had widened, but in slow motion again.  "M - u - l - d "




"But do you want to read them?  Come on, it's Friday.  I'll be charming; I'll even let you pick the movie."  He sent her a cajoling grin.


"Mulder - "


"Great!  I can pick up the food on the way."


For some reason his enthusiasm felt good to her and she smiled.  She hadn't felt like smiling in a long time.  "No pizza, something with vegetables."


"Yes, ma'am."  He smiled back at her. 



Epilogue -


Lisa leaned back and closed her eyes in relief.  It had worked.  Conception had triggered their return.  The future had been changed.  Should she tell them what she had done?  She shook her head; they wouldn't believe her and of course she had no physical proof.  She smiled then, except the child of course.  It had been conceived and it would save them.  It would save them all.




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