Switched - Part 3 (R)


He couldn't wait to get home. She should already be there waiting for him. It almost made ignoring her in public worth it, especially since he did it visualizing her nude. He was all but whistling as he approached his door.

He let himself in. She hadn't started dinner yet; good he wanted to help. Well, actually he wanted to watch her. It was so domestic. Who would have thought that could be erotic. He tossed his keys on the table and headed for the living room loosening his tie.

He stopped dead still at the entrance, all movement frozen. Scully was there, in a chokehold, being held tightly by Diana. Diana's weapon pressed firmly into her side.

"Look what I found in your apartment Fox. You know, she even had a key."

"What are you doing here Diana?" This was bad, this was incredibly bad. He had to get Diana talking.

"You sure I'm the one you should be asking Fox?" While he searched for an answer she continued, "I think I've figured out what's going on here. Somehow this icy little bitch caught your eye. I didn't know you liked Ďhard to getí Fox. You should have said something. The problem is, I think you've gotten her involved in our work. That explains what you've been doing. You could get us both killed like this lover. We had a great gig going, we were together when we wanted, you got to be involved in the work you're so good at. Okay, you were often off track, but you were enjoying yourself."

Enjoying yourself? He'd been drinking himself into a stupor every night and hopping from bed to bed. Enjoying himself? "Let her go Diana. She doesn't know anything about our work."

"I'd like to believe that, but I can't. There's a lot of women I could believe it about, but not this one. Being with her changed you." Her grip tightened around Scully's neck and he made an involuntary move toward her.

"See Fox? You care about her. A fatal mistake, you would have remained better off with me. No strings, good sex, you blew it Fox."

But he wasn't looking at her any more. He was watching Scully's eyes. She loved him; Scully loved him and would follow him no matter which way he wanted to handle this.

Diana felt her chest tighten. They were communicating! Even now while she held a gun to the woman they were communicating. Damn them both. "Enough! Fox, I'm doing this for you. It's the only way I know to save you."

The explosion from her gun paralyzed him for a millisecond, then he watched Scully crumple in slow motion to the floor. "No!" The word was ripped from him and he leapt at Diana.

He couldn't let her get a second shot at Scully. The older woman was strong, and she was well trained. They grappled for the gun and Mulder jerked violently as it went off again, waiting for the pain. It didn't come and finally he looked in Diana's face. She was so stunned. He saw her lips form the word "Fox" as she sank toward the floor.

Mulder stepped back, letting her fall and turned to Scully. A pulse, there was a pulse. He jerked the phone off the table and demanded help for Scully. He left her side long enough to find a towel and after ripping her blouse open and away from the wound, pressed it to her side to staunch the bleeding.

"Scully listen to me. Help is on the way. You have to hang on, Scully, please. You've got to hear me." His free hand was caressing her face, willing her to respond to him.

Then the paramedics and the police were all over the place. The police took him aside and though he answered their questions his eyes never left her. He barely spared a glance when they covered Diana with a sheet though he heard them call for a second ambulance to transport her body.

"Look, I don't know what set her off. When I got here both women were already here. Agent Fowley was holding a gun on Agent Scully. She was talking out of her head. After she shot Scully, I struggled with her, the gun went off. Now I have to go to the hospital."

"We have a few more questions."

"Fine. You know where you can find me. Check out your forensics and then get back to me."

He walked out the door and was already at a run before slamming out into the night. He raced to the hospital and burst into the ER.

"An Agent Scully was brought here. I need to know where she is."

"Uh, yes sir. Dr. Brody was with her. Just a second." She left the desk and he stood there, trying to keep his hands from shaking. Where the hell was she?

"Excuse me, are you here about Agent Scully>'

He turned instantly. "Yes. How is she?"

"And you are?"

"Agent Mulder." He had his ID out. "Please, how is she?"

"Iím sorry Agent Mulder. We couldn't . . . the bullet did too much damage. Agent Mulder?"

He was staring at the doctor. The words didn't make sense. Where was Scully? Why were they keeping him from her? He pushed past the doctor. He had to find her.

"Agent Mulder, please." He wasnít able to stop him. A nurse came out from behind the desk.

"Should I call security?"

"Maybe you better." He followed Mulder who was now checking the third cubicle as he moved down the hall.

"Scully?" He sounded breathless. Then he was beside her, taking her hand. Oh god, she was cold. She shouldn't be so cold. He was massaging her hand trying to warm her, not speaking. Not even sure that he could.

"Agent Mulder, is there anyone I can call for you?"

"She's not dead. She can't be." He shook the doctor's hand off his arm. "She can't be!" He turned back to her as two security personnel entered the area. The doctor motioned them back. "She can't be." It was getting dark, as though he had entered a tunnel, one from which he would never emerge.


Where was he? It was cold. Then memory hit him like a sledgehammer. Scully. Scully was dead. Why was he still alive? Why hadn't Diana killed him as well?

He heard a door open but grief held him immobile, not even bothering to open his eyes. It didn't matter, nothing mattered now.

"What happened to you? Oh god Mulder, why did you change? The drinking, the women. Were you trying to get killed? Did you just give up? What am I supposed to do now? How do I live?"

He'd thought he was dreaming her voice. What? He opened his eyes to see the red and swollen eyes of Dana Scully, tears glistening on her face. She jerked back, her eyes impossibly wide. Her mouth moved but no sound emerged.

"Scully? You're alive?"

That forced air back into her lungs. "Me? Mulder what the hell is . . . you were . . . you were . . ." And she sank toward the floor.

"Scully!" He was off the table, just beginning to realize his nudity. When he ensured himself that she had only fainted he draped the sheet that had covered him around himself and thought to look around. A morgue? He was in a morgue and she had thought he was dead. Was he back? Was he back to where Scully was alive? They had a lot to talk about, he wondered if she would listen to him this time. And, he smiled, how long it would take to get her back into his bed.