Vacation - Part 1 (R)

"Come on, tell me where you're going on vacation, Scully."

"Somewhere far away, Mulder. And I'm leaving my cell phone here." She placed the phone in the recharger and snapped her briefcase shut.

"That's it? What if you need me, Scully?"

"I'll try to muddle through, Mulder. See you a week from Monday. Enjoy your own vacation."

"Don't you want to know where I'm going?"

"Nope. Have fun." And she was out the door.


She was already relaxing as she settled into her seat on the plane. With her frequent fliers she could have gone anywhere, but she wanted a place for complete rest, on her terms. This resort had sounded perfect, she could lay on the beach or go dancing, her choice - no work, no Mulder, for a whole week.

This place was more expensive than she usually went for, but she deserved it. This past year ranked up there as one of the worst she'd ever survived. A mental health week was definitely on the agenda.

This room was nothing like what she and Mulder normally got on the road. Sunken tub, king size bed, private beach right out the door. Damn!

It was a little early for dinner, but she had so much practice unpacking she couldn't really stretch it out. She chose one of her new dresses to wear to dinner. She'd never had anything like this to wear before, but it did look good on her. She turned in front of the mirror; no one looking at her would know what she did for a living. The dress was too short and tight to say doctor to anyone, much less FBI.

She grabbed her little nothing purse, barely large enough for her gun and I.D. She shouldn't be carrying the gun, but habit won out. She went to the bar first and got a glass of wine. Several heads turned when she entered, not all of them alone, at least two ankles were bruised as she made her way to the railing to watch the ocean while she sipped her wine.

"May I join you?" She looked up into the chocolate eyes of the man standing beside her. He had to be 6'3", dark curly hair and a great smile - a trifle too confident - but he probably had reason to be. She smiled and nodded.

"I'm David, David Williams."

"Dana Scully." She held out her hand.

"Pleased to meet you. Beautiful isn't it?"

"Um?" She looked up at him again.

"The ocean, the view from here." He smiled that confident smile at her again. Not at all like Mulder's, even his biggest smiles always had that trace of sadness in his eyes. Wait, wait, what the hell was she doing comparing Mulder with . . . why was she even thinking about Mulder. This was vacation; maybe she needed more wine.

". . . alone for dinner?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I was wondering is you were free for dinner tonight?"

"Oh, uh, that would be nice, David. Thanks." David raised his hand and a waiter approached to lead them to a table. David was quite entertaining; an investment banker from New York, and as it turned out, an excellent dancer. They spent several hours together, ending with a stroll on the beach when he escorted her to her room.

They made plans to meet the next morning and he waited until she was inside. She was pleased and a little amused at his protective gesture, but having glossed over her own occupation, it was sweet. He seemed to think she was a nurse. That worked, whatever.

She slept like a baby that night. The bed was comfortable; the atmosphere was perfect, the ocean sounded so restful. God, this felt good.

She woke later than usual to a beautiful day. She put on her new bikini and the sarong skirt that matched it and headed out to meet David for breakfast. He had secured them a table overlooking the pool. He rose and held her chair and after the waiter left, asked her how well she had slept. They continued to enjoy each other's company.

David glanced over at the pool again. "This guy can really dive. I've been watching him while I was waiting for you."

"Which guy?" She turned to see who David was watching and saw a man slice into the water. Long muscular legs. That was about all she saw since he was already in the water. He came up on the far side of the pool, shaking the water from his hair and pulling himself up the ladder. Damn tiny suit, but it looked good on him. She wasn't the only one to notice either.

He turned toward his chair and snagged a towel. She finally got a good look at his face.

"No!" David watched as the color left her face and then flushed with heat.


"He wouldn't dare!" She had completely forgotten David's presence. She shoved back her chair and stalked toward the pool. David followed, not sure what was happening. Who was this guy?

She approached him as he dried his hair; the towel over his head obscured part of his view, though he could see those legs that had stopped in front of him. Perfect, muscular without being bulky. He moved up the torso - very nice. Flat stomach, high firm tits. He'd like to. . .

"How dare you!"

That voice! He tore his eyes from her body and looked into the blazing blue eyes of his furious partner.

"You followed me? Where the hell do you get off. . ."

"Wait a minute, Scully. . ."

"Damn you, Mulder. One week. I just wanted one week and you. . ." she raised her hand almost as if to slap him. He didn't think she'd do that, but he caught her arm in his hand anyway.

"Scully, I didn't know you were here. I swear I didn't follow you."

"Dana, is everything okay?" David had caught up with them but was not sure what his next move should be.

"Fine." She responded to David as she pulled her arm free. "I want to get out of here."

"Scully, wait!"

"Why don't you leave her alone." David held his arm up to block this guy from following her. The guy looked to be in damn good shape, but David figured he could hold his own, if necessary.

Mulder shook him aside. "Stay out of this."

"No way. The lady doesn't want you following her. I don't want to call security." They looked each other up and down, assessing the other.

Who was this guy being so protective of Scully? Did she come here with him or just meet him after she got here? And why here? He thought the brochures in the trashcan were rejects.

"Don't make any trouble, mister. Just leave her alone." David moved to catch up with Dana. Mulder's body jerked with fury as David's hand brushed her perfect ass on the way to her waist. She didn't even react. Had his hand been there before? Who the hell was this guy? And why was that more important than her fury at him right now?

A couple of the women who had their eye on him tried to close in now, to comfort him. He didn't even notice as he left the pool and headed for his room.

"Dana, slow down. It's okay; he's left the pool. Dana, please. You need to calm down. I know it must be bad having your ex stalk you, but I'm not going to let him bother you."

"My who? What?"

"I thought, I assumed that guy was your ex-husband or boyfriend." Now he was confused. What was going on?

"Mulder's not my ex anything. We work together." She wasn't in the mood to explain anything.

They worked together? No, it was more than that. The way they reacted to each other was not that of mere co-workers. Whatever, she did seem to be calming down a little.

"Look, why don't we go into town? We can look around, go through some of the shops." And they could be alone. Maybe they could get close quicker since he'd rescued her.

She stopped; he was trying to be nice, even if he was too smooth for her taste. Hell, why should she let Mulder ruin her vacation? She wouldn't have to see him. Fine, she'd just stay out of his way.

"Thank you, David. That's a wonderful idea. Let me go change. I'll meet you at the front desk."

David smiled, "I'll get us some motorbikes, okay?" He knew a secluded beach, where he might be able to get things started.

She smiled; she could still have a great vacation. To hell with Mulder.

She and David had a great day, shopping, exploring and just being together. They didn't return to the hotel until time for dinner. She took a quick shower and changed into another of her new outfits. This one was even shorter than the one from the night before, with only spaghetti straps for security. There probably wasn't two yards of fabric in the whole thing. She felt absolutely wanton.

David was waiting for her in the bar. He stood, his eyes widening in appreciation as she approached him. "Wow!"

She blushed at his obvious approval. "Thank you." He held out his arm and led her to their table. Neither spotted Mulder watching from the far side of the room. But of course, neither was looking for him. His breath caught at that dress. He'd never seen her like that. That was the same guy that had "rescued" her this morning. Who was he? Damn they looked chummy. He had to talk to her; he had to make her understand this was all a mistake. Were they leaving?

David led Dana onto the dance floor and took her in his arms. Mulder felt his entire body stiffen in fury. No way, he had to talk to her.

He took a deep breath and stepped out onto the dance floor. Scully spotted him just as he tapped on David's shoulder.

"I need to cut in." He spoke to David, but his eyes never left Scully's.

"Mulder, I don't. . .

"Please Scully. Please."

"Dana, you don't have to. . ." David began.

"Scully. . ." Mulder's eyes were pleading.

"It's okay, David." She turned and Mulder put his arms around her. David retreated to their table, not taking his eyes from them.

Their dancing was stiff, this was unfamiliar to both of them. "Could we go somewhere, just to talk?"

"No." She wasn't going to make this easy on him. He;d done this, he deserved to sweat.

"Scully, I didn't follow you here. I swear it. I had no idea you would be here. Yes, I got the brochure from you in a way. I found it in your trash in the office. I assumed it was somewhere you'd rejected. Do you think I want to get myself killed?"

He looked so earnest; she was beginning to wonder if she'd flown off the handle too quickly.

"Scully, you have to believe me. I did not follow you."

"So you're saying it's just a case of great minds?"

He closed his eyes in relief and involuntarily pulled her closer. She allowed it and their dancing took on a smoothness that had been lacking.

"You do believe me, don't you, Scully?"

She sighed, "Yes, Mulder. You're not that stupid. You could definitely come up with a better story than that."

"You look really good, Scully."

She missed a step at that. She'd forgotten how she was dressed. Scully didn't dance, half dressed with Mulder. Dana could dance with David. This wasn't smart.

"Since we're both here, Scully, could we have breakfast together tomorrow?"

"I don't know, Mulder. That's. . ."

"Please. No shop talk, just some time together."

"I thought that was the point of this vacation, getting away from each other."

His face fell, "You want to be away from me that much?"

Now it was her arms that tightened. "That's not what I meant, Mulder. But aren't you tired of me? I mean, all we do anymore is fight."

"Well, how do you know that's what we'd do if we weren't working? I mean, if we just had fun together. . ."

"David's coming." They'd danced through two numbers already and hadn't even noticed. He pulled her closer.

"Breakfast, okay?" It sounded so important to him.

"Okay, Mulder. I'll meet you for breakfast."

"Want me to pick you up?"

"I can find the dining room on my own." She responded dryly.

"Dana, is everything okay?" David was eyeing Mulder, but not bothering to acknowledge him.

"Yes, David, thanks. I'll see you tomorrow, Mulder."

Mulder had to force himself to release her body, it felt too good. He managed to step away. "See you in the morning."

He walked away. He looked back once, but seeing David's hands on her did not help his mood. At least he knew David wouldn't be in her room all night. She wouldn't do that anyway, but knowing she'd be having breakfast with him was comforting.

"You don't seem as upset." David offered.

"We got it straightened out. He didn't follow me, it was a coincidence."

"A coincidence? From Washington, DC?"

"It's a lot more plausible than some things we've worked on. It's okay, David. Thanks for worrying."

"You're seeing him in the morning?"

"Yes. We're meeting for breakfast."

"Breakfast? I was hoping we would be having breakfast together."

She smiled, but made no comment.

They danced some more, but the mood was broken and David seemed more than a little miffed that she had made a date with the very man he had protected her from. Finally pleading fatigue she excused herself and returned to her room. As she was wriggling out of her dress, she flashed back to Mulder in that tiny red Speedo. She hadn't realized what a good look she'd gotten. She'd never noticed how his chest hair trailed down past his navel into. . .Dana Scully! Her face was flaming.

It took quite a while to get to sleep, but she woke on time and hurried to get ready to meet Mulder.

She was putting on lipstick when Mulder knocked on the door.

"Am I early?" He asked as she let him in. He couldn't help it; he glanced around the room looking for any sign of David.

"No. As I recall I'm not the one that normally keeps one of us waiting. And wasn't I supposed to meet you in the dining room?" He grinned and she had to look away as visions of that Speedo rose again in her mind.


"Yeah, yeah, I'm ready." She grabbed her bag and proceeded him out the door.

Just when did Mulder learn charm? He actually had her laughing at breakfast. He could be entertaining. Too bad it shocked her so. Was this the reason the women at the Bureau were always so aware of him when he went by? Even his reputation didn't keep them from looking. And just when had she noticed that?

". . .and we could take a half day or so. . ."

"What? Mulder, I'm sorry, I was thinking about something else. What were you saying?"

He glanced around to see if David was approaching or what might have distracted her.

"I was just wondering if you might want to go snorkeling today. I haven't been in years, but. . ."

"That sounds like fun, Mulder."


"Yes, really. What do we need?"

An hour later they were on a boat heading toward an area the hotel had recommended.

"I can't believe you got on a boat, Mulder."

"Me either. But it should be a short trip. I hope."

She kept him distracted as best she could. The most distracting was stripping down to her swimsuit on deck, but he managed to not swallow his tongue and keep his balance while he unabashedly watched this show.

The actual snorkeling was magnificent. The weather was warm, the sea calm and the company extremely compatible. Their innate communication skills came in quite handy underwater.

It was several hours before they lured Mulder back to the boat for the return trip. Scully sank onto a bench in the shade of the overhang and gratefully accepted the beer Mulder handed her.

"You got some sun, Scully."

"I know. Toss me my bag and I'll put on some more sunscreen. You could use some too."

He obediently turned to let her slather his back, closing his eyes to concentrate on the sensation. After a while, in deference to her red hair they moved inside and sat where the breeze from the windows was strongest. When he realized she'd fallen asleep against his shoulder, he put his arm around her and then dozed himself, his cheek against her hair.

The mate checked on them once and reported back that they were asleep.

"Newlyweds. Happens every time." The captain nodded knowingly.

Mulder woke as they approached the dock and gently shook her.

"Um, Mulder. . ." and cuddled in closer to him.

That surprised him, confused him too. He decided analyzing it would detract from the enjoyment, so just whispered her name in her ear instead.

"Scully? Come on, Scully, wake up. We made it back to land."

"Land? Oh Mulder, how long did I sleep?"

"Not sure. I was asleep myself." He grinned at her. "Maybe we can stay up late dancing tonight."

Now why would that make her blush, he wondered? Maybe it was just the sun.

The drive back to the hotel was much too short, but they had time to shower and change before meeting in the dining room for dinner.

"Stop staring at my hair, Mulder."

"I wasn't staring, but I've never seen it like that before."

"I've lost control of it. I can't get it to straighten."

"You straighten your hair?"

"I can't come to work like this."

This was amazing, Scully thought over dinner. They'd spent all day together, hadn't discussed work at all, and still had plenty to say. Who would have thought?

She didn't notice David approach, but became aware something was wrong as Mulder's grip tightened and his posture became more rigid.

"May I cut in?" David smiled at her, ignoring Mulder.

She threw Mulder a silent apology and turned to let David's arms go around her. Mulder retreated to the table, not at all happy about the interruption.

"Did you have a good day?" David tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and she could actually feel the heat in the stare Mulder fixed on him.

"Yes, we had a lot of fun."

"I looked for you after breakfast, but you've been gone all day."

"We went out on a charter."

"Oh. Well, it's good you patched up your differences." She smiled her response. "He's coming back, can I get in an invitation to lunch tomorrow?"

"I'm sorry, David. Mulder and I already have plans." Now what had possessed her to tell such a blatant lie? They hadn't discussed tomorrow at all. David's company had been fun, before Mulder got here. Wait a minute Dana, remember the purpose of this vacation - to spend some time away from Mulder. Then she felt Mulder's arms go back around her.

"I'll try again later, Dana."

She nodded as Mulder led her away.

After several more dances Mulder escorted her back to her room. "Did you make plans with David for tomorrow?" Ready to kick himself if he'd missed an opportunity. She pulled her keycard from her bag.

"No." She was careful not to meet his eyes, concentrating on the little green light.

"Good! I mean, maybe we could go exploring or something."

"That would be nice, Mulder, as long as you promise not to search for E.T."

"I swear." He crossed his heart and held up his hand.

"Good night, Mulder."

"Night, Scully." He was oblivious to the looks he received as he made his way back to his own room, the women alternating between relieved and disappointed, the men alternating between understanding and jealous.