Vacation - Part 2 (NC-17)

He found her in the cabana having fruit for breakfast the next morning. After a short discussion they decided to rent a jeep, pack a lunch and make a day of the island. He didn't realize they were being followed until they turned onto a dirt road Mulder chose at random to check out. He didn't mention it to Scully, it was probably nothing. The car only looked sinister because the windows were so dark. He revised that opinion as he watched the car accelerate. "Scully, hold on!" He had time to say before the car rammed their jeep from behind.

"What the. . ." was her comment as they were struck again.

"Hold on!" Mulder repeated as he sped up, looking for a place to leave the road. The jeep should be more maneuverable than the Mercedes. Too late, the Mercedes was more powerful. They were rammed again, then clipped from the side. Mulder had time to see that she was indeed buckled and braced before the roll bar took over support of their car. Fortunately he had managed to reduce speed seconds before actually leaving the road, so the jeep only rolled completely once, coming to rest on its side. The Mercedes spun around and headed back the way it had come.

Scully shook her head to clear it and then did a quick inventory of possible injuries. She had a cut above her right eye and was banged up, but the seat belt and roll bar had done their jobs. She was however hanging in the seat belt down toward Mulder. Mulder! Was he okay? She managed to unbuckle herself and crawl out of her door, which was now the top of the vehicle. She raced around to the other side; he hadn't moved or made a sound. Damn it, Mulder, you have to be okay! She hauled the ice chest out away from the jeep and was finally able to reach in and touch him. A pulse, a little rapid, but strong. Her knees almost gave out on her, her relief was so great. Now she had to get him out. She couldn't leave to get help while he was unconscious. She was aware of a fuel smell, her options were not great, what if she injured him worse dragging him out? He rolled his head then, and he groped for the other seat, where she had been. "Mulder. You have to help me. I've got to get you out of here." There was no response. God he was heavy. She managed to drag him several yards from the jeep, then went back for the first aid kit and ice chest. She washed and bandaged the cut on his leg, then her own scrape on her forehead.

Now what? Could she leave him? Would the Mercedes come back? Well, she had her gun, why had she left that damn cell phone at the office? To distance herself from Mulder, of course. Worked real well, didn't it, Dana. "Scully!" He came awake with a jerk.

"I'm here, Mulder. It's okay. Just stay still."

He ignored that and sat up with a slight groan. "They forced us off the road. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Mulder. I'm. . ." Suddenly she was trembling. She didn't want him to see her so out of control.

"Scully?" Scully never lost it, but she was shaking now. "What?"

"I thought. . ." She tried to still her hands, "I thought you were dead."

"Come on, Scully, that could never happen when you're with me. We're okay. Scully?" He watched as her eyes filled with tears. Was she hurt and wouldn't tell him? What was wrong? He leaned in to comfort her as she looked up. He couldn't help himself. His lips lightly brushed hers. When she didn't pull away he did it again, applying more pressure.

"Mulder, no. We can't."

"We seem to be quite capable, Scully."

"Mulder." The taste of his name of her lips was intoxicating. Or maybe he was still lightheaded from the wreck. No, he knew better. He wiped the tears from her face.

"Did you really think I was dead?" She nodded, not wanting to meet his eyes and not at all sure her voice wouldn't crack. "Remind me not to tick off David again for the rest of our stay."

"David? He wouldn't do this. It was probably one of your nymphets from the pool." She pulled herself away from the power of him.

"Nymphet? I beg to differ." And, he thought, I want to keep kissing you, Scully.

"Beg all you want. Someone deliberately ran us off the road and we need to report it to the police." He couldn't disagree with that, but no one had passed them on the road. Scully was rummaging through the ice chest.

"Here, Mulder, drink this. I don't want to leave you until I'm sure you're okay."

"Leave me? No way. We'll walk out together."

"Your leg. . ."

"It's just a cut. My doctor's already fixed me up. Look, we're out of the sun here; we've got food. Let's just make the best of it. Someone will be along."

"What if it's them?"

"You armed?" She nodded, "Me too. Just relax - couldn't we go back to what we were doing?" He asked hopefully.


"Scully, please don't ever use my name for "no", okay?"

She smiled and settled in beside him in the shade. More than an hour past before another vehicle came down their dirt road. They had finished lunch and Scully had kicked sand into the gasoline that had leaked from the jeep to keep the danger of possible fire down. The couple, Sandy and Gary, were tourists themselves. They were more than happy to help them out and take them back to town. Sandy was especially concerned that their injuries would ruin their trip. "We're on our honeymoon, too. I'd hate for you to have bad memories of that."

"Oh, we're not. . ." Scully began.

"It's a beautiful place for a honeymoon, isn't it." Mulder broke in, daring Scully with his eyes. Her eyes narrowed as he continued. "This is a delayed honeymoon for us. We just never seem to be able to get away from work."

"Oh really? How long have you been married?"

"Five years." He responded as Scully looked away, coughing. His eyes were twinkling when she looked back. She almost laughed out loud. She had to be reacting to the wreck, she should be furious with him.

As they pulled up to the hotel, Sandy leaned over to Scully. "May I ask you a question?"


"Do you love him as much as you did five years ago?" That caught her off-guard, how should she handle this in light of Mulder's lie? She didn't dare look up, she knew he was watching her. Why did he always put her in impossible situations? Okay, two could play at this game, and he was so still waiting to see if she'd blow it.

"More. Much more." She finally raised her head, expecting a grin or a leer, at least a wink. She was totally unprepared for the look of naked hunger in his eyes. She was rooted to the spot, why had she told the truth? This wasn't a game anymore.

"That's so wonderful to hear. I feel like I already love Gary more than on our wedding day, just a few days ago. We've been together for awhile, I guess it's the commitment that makes the difference."

"Yeah, it's good to know it's forever." This was out of control; she needed to be alone for awhile. After she made sure Mulder was okay, she was going to go hide somewhere. She should have stuck to her original plan of spending a week away from Mulder. Of course, that was before what they had shared following the wreck. How could she have allowed herself to react that way? They had kissed and then pretended to be married. What had she been thinking? No, this stopped now. They worked together, they needed to trust each other, but this. . .

The hotel doctor congratulated her on her treatment of their injuries, and released them with the admonition to contact him immediately if anything changed. "Mulder, you need to go on to your room and rest. You suffered a shock and I want you to put your feet up." She advised as they left the doctor's.

"What about you?"

"I'm fine. Go on."

"Scully, what happened? We were having fun together." He was confused and more than a little hurt at her change in attitude.

"Maybe too much fun, Mulder. We need to. . ."

"What are you afraid will happen, Scully?" Would she be honest with him? He could hear his heart thumping in his chest, waiting for this answer.

She looked up at him, straight in the eye. "I'm afraid we'd end up in bed together."

He winced, maybe he hadn't wanted that much honesty after all. "And making love with me would be that horrible?"

"Mulder, don't do this. So far nothing has happened that would interfere with work when we get back Monday morning. We need to keep it that way."

"Why? Half the damn Bureau thinks we're sleeping together already." Her eyes widened in surprise. Yes, she knew that, but she hadn't realized he did. If it wasn't an X-file she didn't think he noticed. And he never seemed to follow office gossip in any case. She finally found her voice.

"That doesn't mean they would condone it if we really did. That's just what they need to have Skinner shut us down again. Is that what you want, Mulder?"

"No one has to know, Scully. We don't owe them our whole lives."

"Mulder, please!" She couldn't handle this conversation. Not now, maybe not ever.

He dropped his hand back to his side. He'd started to reach for her, but she might cringe from him and he didn't think he could take that. "Can we have dinner together?"

She shook her head, not trusting her voice. She couldn't shake the memory of the look on his face when she'd told Sandy she loved him more now than five years ago. She was afraid that look was going to haunt her forever. She turned to go to her room. "Scully?" She didn't respond, just kept walking. She had to recapture her professionalism, not let herself get so close to him. It was too dangerous. Dangerous? Where had that word come from? Mulder would never hurt her, not intentionally anyway. She didn't see the look on his face, which was just as well, if she thought the other look would haunt her. She let herself into her room and leaned against the door, shutting it. She should have left when she realized he was here. How the hell were things ever going to be the same again? Would they even be able to work with each other? God, what had she done?

It took several minutes to regain her composure, then she forced herself upright again and headed for the bathroom. She had wanted to try out that sunken tub and now was as good a time as any.

The tub didn't give her the relief she'd wanted and she hadn't stayed in long, it was just giving her more time to think. That was the last thing she wanted. She dressed in a bikini top and shorts and went out to her patio with a book; maybe that would help. She hadn't spent much time alone and the view of the beach and ocean from here was magnificent. Maybe she could relax. In a few minutes she was ready to throw the book in the ocean. What had possessed her to pack a romance novel? Yes, she had wanted to read some light trash at the beach, but that was before her own life had taken on trashy romantic aspects. She started to stand when she heard someone approaching her private area. He wouldn't come here, would he? Not after what they'd, no, what she had said.

"Dana? Are you okay?" David came around the privacy fence. "I heard you were in an accident."

"David. Hi, yes, I'm fine." Where had he heard about it?

"If I'm in the way. . ." he looked toward the glass doors of her room.

"No, you're welcome. Have a seat." At least he was a distraction. They talked for a while, at least he talked. She was too distracted to really follow the conversation. Her mind kept returning to the look on Mulder's face.


"I'm sorry. What?"

"I asked if you wanted some dinner."

"David, I appreciate it, but I'm just going to stay in tonight. I'll order something from room service. . . "



He had risen and was standing over her. "I said no. If it weren't for your damn co-worker this would already have happened." He seemed to be talking to himself and had hold of her arm. She was caught off guard, normally no one would be able to get the upper hand with her but she'd been thinking her own thoughts. What the hell was he doing? She still didn't realize the danger she was in. He had pulled her to her feet and was now half dragging her into her room. The light was finally dawning and she began to struggle against his grip. Her gun was in her purse; no way he'd let her get that far. What had set him off? Now she was struggling in earnest, but he had obviously had this fight before, he was able to counter every move. What was he? Some sort of serial rapist? Even as the thought crossed her mind, she knew the rightness of it. He was too smooth, too confident. He had her in a chokehold, bent backwards. He knew what he was doing.

Her bathing suit top fell to the floor and he grabbed her breast in a painful grip. "What are you doing?" She managed to gasp out.

"That asshole of a co-worker threw off the timetable. You can't be sure the first time."

What the hell was he talking about? Her pants ripped as he jerked them off and fumbled for her panties.

"Don't do this, David. Please, talk to me. Tell me what. . . "

"Shut up! It's your turn."

Turn? He was crazy. He bent her backwards over the bed and pulled his own pants down. He wasn't wearing underwear. This was going to happen. She managed a deep breath and screamed, then again, screaming Mulder's name. His hand across her face cut off her cry and he was on top of her.


He shouldn't be here. She wanted time away from him. That's why she'd come here, to get away from him. What had happened between them earlier, she hadn't wanted it. She didn't want him and he had to let her know that was okay. He hadn't really expected it anyway, and he should never have allowed himself to. . . was that her?

He raced the last few steps to her door. She'd screamed his name, or started to. No time, he kicked the door in and took in the horrific scene with one glance. He hauled David off of her throwing him halfway across the room. He wasn't armed; he hadn't felt he would need to be with her. Mulder had several other advantages though, his pants weren't down below his knees, he had the element of surprise, and David had never, ever, been filled with the murderous fury that now possessed Mulder.

Scully was dazed, please don't let this be an illusion. Please let Mulder really be here. She rolled to her side, fighting nausea and saw David crumple to the floor as Mulder pummeled him. David was no longer conscious when Mulder let him fall to the floor. Mulder yanked the cord from the lamp and tied his hands behind him and finally, panting, turning to Scully. She seemed unable to move. He snagged a towel and gently covered her nudity. "Scully?"

"Is it you? Are you really here?" She managed to whisper.

"Yes, Scully. It's okay." He wasn't entirely sure that was true. She reached out a trembling hand to him and he carefully enfolded her into his arms. "I've got you Scully. Just relax. I need to call the authorities." She nodded, not removing her face from his chest.

By the time the police arrived, she'd managed to dress herself, and in spite of Mulder's protestations, accompanied them to the police station. There David's fingerprints lit up the computers like a Christmas tree. Outstanding warrants in four states, three aliases, and two attempted murder charges flew in. "What is the story with this fucking creep?" Mulder ran through the information that was pouring in by email and fax. Scully watched him, as a victim they wouldn't accept her involvement in the case. She saw Mulder's face go dead white.

"Mulder, what? Please!"

"Scully," his voice was shaking. "Did I get there in time? How far. . . "

She put her hand on his cheek. "Your timing was impeccable. Nothing happened. Why?"

He held out the reports, "He's charged with attempted murder by AIDS. Two of his victims have been diagnosed HIV positive." Scully stared at him unable to speak. That's what he'd meant. "You can't be sure the first time." Oh god, what if Mulder hadn't been there. She'd have this hanging over her. . . her grip on Mulder's arms had become painful, though he hadn't made a move. She closed her eyes and he lowered her into the chair he'd been using and crouched beside her.

"I'll get you some water."

"No, just get me out of here." He nodded and helped her to her feet. They both turned as the man they knew as David was escorted back towards his cell, ankles and wrists shackled.

"I should have made sure you were dead this afternoon. It would have been easier consoling the grieving widow." He spat at Mulder.

"We'll add that to the charges against you." Mulder took a step closer, "I just want to know why."

"Look at her. It was a hot little bitch just like her who did this to me, at a resort like this. Now it's payback time - any cunt that spreads her legs deserves this."

"You're crazy."

"It works, doesn't it? She may have killed me, but I'll take her kind with me when I go."

"Shut up and move." The cop yanked on his arm and he began shuffling along, head up and defiant.

"Mr. Mulder?" The detective in charge approached them. "I'm assuming you weren't here undercover, apparently this guy hadn't been linked as a serial rapist yet, but I wanted to thank you for your help. He would have done a lot more damage."

"Can I take Scully home now?"

"Sure. Just let us know before you leave." They both nodded and Mulder held her as he walked her out to the car.

They were both silent on the ride back. She didn't speak until they were inside his room. "Thanks, I didn't want to go back there."

"It's all yours. Can I get you anything?"

"Why were you at my room? I'd been so cruel to you earlier. I'd run you off. I. . . "

"I was coming to apologize. I shouldn't have been kidding around earlier. I overstepped your bounds. I know. . . have known for a long time you're not interested in me that way. I had no right to put you in that kind of position."

"Not interested? Is that what you think?"

"Well sure, but look I don't blame you. I just want to keep working with you. I wanted to be sure I hadn't damaged that. I need your friendship, your trust." Was he saying this right? Was she going to understand? He was way outside his comfort zone here. She had closed her eyes during his speech and his fear rose another notch.

"You think I'm not interested. Oh Mulder." She opened her eyes and pulled him down beside her on the loveseat. "Mulder, it's not that I'm not interested, the problem is I'm too interested in you." She shook her head. "I'm afraid Mulder. If we get closer that we already are, I'm afraid I'll lose myself in you. You're so strong and passionate, I could disappear. All we ever do is fight. . . "

"Argue. We never fight, we argue."

"See? If I don't keep you at arm's length I. . . "

"Scully, don't you know you're the strong one, not me. I draw on your strength every day just to get by. Making love would only make us stronger, not weaker. They'd never to able to separate us then."

"What if they find out?"

"We can face that together, like we have everything else." Yes, together they could do anything. She reached up and pulled his face down to hers, brushing her lips across his.

"Scully, wait. I didn't mean tonight. I. . . I don't. . .I'm not prepared. . . I. . ."

"Fox Mulder, you came to a resort like this, with all these beautiful women and you didn't bring any supplies?" She smiled at him, goading him.

"I don't do that. . . I mean, I wouldn't. . . " She had him totally flustered, it had never occurred to him that tonight, after. . .

"Mulder, I know your medical history better than I know my own. And I think I trust you more than I do myself. I was teasing you."

"But you've been through. . . "

"Mulder, this afternoon I thought you were dead." She was completely serious again; she had to make him understand. "I can't describe what that did to me. It was different than with my father, or even Emily. I thought the largest part of me was dead too. I pushed that away until I realized you had saved my life again tonight. I told Sandy I loved you more than I did five years ago. What I didn't tell her was that I love you more every afternoon than I did that morning. Every day, Mulder, it just keeps growing. I need to be with you, to be alive."

"Scully." And she was kissing him again. He'd been right, she was the strong one, because he was losing himself rapidly. When her hand began tracing him through his slacks he groaned into her mouth and grasped her hand. "Not here." He picked her up and carried her to the bed, where he began to slowly undress her. She didn't help him, she couldn't. She was too busy watching his face, his eyes. She lay there completely abandoned to his hands and lips. When he removed his own clothing her eyes widened.


"Sorry, the term 'extreme possibilities' just came to me."

He grinned as he nuzzled her neck. "Thanks."

"What are we waiting for?"

"For me to believe this is real, not just some fantasy I've created. And I create damn good fantasies where you're concerned." She blushed and drew her hand across his nipple.

"Now Mulder. Please." She murmured in his ear.

He entered her slowly, giving her time to adjust, to stretch to accommodate him. He paused and looked at her, she opened her eyes and smiled. He began to move slowly inside her. This was so right, so very right, to be inside of her where he belonged.

He reached between them to finger her core and she moaned against his chest. Ah, she liked that. He continued, drawing himself farther out and then deeper inside of her. She was slipping, her control going. He picked up the pace thrusting into her ever deeper, harder. Suddenly she dissolved into a million stars and felt herself leave her body, entering his, combining with him, becoming him. How was this possible? Never. . . She heard them crying out her name as they thrust a final time, filling her with their essence.

Then the whole world was still.

When his senses began returning to him, he realized he was on top of her, probably smothering her and started to retreat from her body reluctantly. "Noooo." She moaned and he paused. "Don't leave me. Mulder, please don't leave me, not yet."

"I'll crush you."

"That would be fine. Just don't leave me."

He smiled and rolled to his side, keeping her against his body, settling her against him. "Sleep, Scully. I'll never leave you." He stroked her hair as she slept against him, finally drifting off himself.

She woke slowly, seeing from the light filtering through the blinds, that morning had come a long time ago. She was in Mulder's arms, she could feel his cock, thick and heavy lying on her inner thigh. They had made love last night, finally. She had never dreamed, never in her wildest fantasies. . .

She gently disentangled herself from his body and slipped into the bathroom. When she returned he was lying on top of the covers, watching her with half-closed eyes, no part of him asleep any longer. She moved toward him as though a magnet had her in its tow, and just as inevitably. Mounting him and sinking onto him, taking him back where he belonged. His hands on her waist set the pace, pulling her down ever deeper as she arched and felt herself begin to fly apart again. He held her as she convulsed around him and when she had returned to her body, lowered her gently onto the bed and began the slow thrusting of his own body.

"Scully! Oh god, Scully!" He thought he would lose consciousness as he erupted into her, and she held him as he had held her, leading him back, stroking his body. This time she allowed him to leave her body and collapse beside her.

When she felt he could hear again, she kissed his ear, "Mulder? We could probably use a little nourishment now, if we're going to keep this up."

"Yeah, whatever." He couldn't yet open his eyes, but he managed to curve an arm around her neck and pull her down to his lips again.

After a few moments she tried again. "Food, Mulder. We're going to need some food."

"What? Yeah, food. But here, please, I can't. . . " She nodded and placed the order with room service. She left him to catch a quick shower, which turned out to be quite lengthy when he joined her, but they still managed to be semi-clothed when the food arrived.

Over breakfast, Scully smiled, "We've only got a couple of days of vacation left. What do you want to do?"

"Nothing that entails leaving this room."

"Mulder. We can't go back to DC pale and exhausted. I haven't had a real vacation since we got together. I mean five years ago, not last night." She responded to the rise in his eyebrow. "And there's a lot of this island I haven't seen yet."



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