Waiting (PG-13)



He lay in the bed, alone, unable to stop his thoughts, his fears..  Things had happened quickly and maybe he was still confused by the swiftness of the changes.  Hopefully, after a good night’s sleep, things would begin to make sense again, if he could sleep.  His body was exhausted but his mind was racing.


The people hiding him seemed trustworthy so far.  He knew somehow that Skinner had helped arrange for this safe house, though he hadn’t seen him lately.  Having to stay hidden was a complication but necessary, at least for now.


He missed her, but surely they wouldn’t be parted for long.  They belonged together but she was being brave, staying behind to protect him.  He wanted to protest that, but right now he wasn’t able.  She’d made sacrifices for him and he’d have to make up for that, he would make up for that.


It was lonely here.  He wanted to give in to despair, maybe just lie here and cry but it would do no good.  It was just that he had never learned patience, would he ever?


The hardest part would be missing her.  She was the only one he could count on, the only one that had always been there for him.  He hadn’t had much family life and of course his father had been out of the picture for a long time; having her made up for all of that.


He tensed at a sound, but it didn’t repeat.  Probably just one of the sounds of the building settling.  Would he be here long enough to learn them all?  Damn, he hoped not.  He looked around the room; not that large, one door, two windows over in the corner.  This room would be hard to secure, but right now no one had a reason to look.


Was she thinking about him?  That was stupid, of course she was.  She was alone now.  He couldn’t help her, hell he couldn’t even help himself.  But that didn’t stop him from wanting to.  Surely there was something that could be done, something that would bring them back together soon.  He knew her; she would force herself to continue, but . . .


The thought of her alone was devastating.  Had she cried herself to sleep?  Had she been able to sleep any more than he could?  They belonged together; neither was safe without the other.  Why didn’t everyone realize that? There had to be another way.  In the morning, when he was rested, he’d think of one.  He had too; he needed to be with her.


He should try to get some sleep, who knew what tomorrow would bring.  He looked up at the white buffalo mobile hanging above his crib and sighed, finally closing his eyes.