Waking (PG)



The movement of his hand made her gasp.  She sat up, moving closer. 

"Mulder."  It was only a whisper, but he turned and opened his eyes. 

Her own widened in wonder.  No matter how much she had prayed for this, the reality was almost too much to believe. 

His eyes searched her face as he moistened his lips. 

"Who are you?" 

Her smile dimmed slightly and he saw fear in her eyes.  He couldn't sustain it; his eyes twinkled though for some reason it hurt to actually smile. 

"Oh my god."  Her voice shook slightly.  "Don't do that to me."  Her smile returned full force.  "Do you have any idea what you've been through?" 

"Just what I see in your face."  It must have been bad, he'd never seen her so stressed and then tears; Scully tears were running down her face.  Had it been that close?  What had happened?  He didn't remember the case, but at least she was safe, and here with him.

 Then to his amazement, she put her arms around him and lay her head on his chest.  Funny how her touch could always ease his pain. 

"Anybody miss me?" 

She sobbed a laugh and didn't answer, just getting more comfortable on his chest.  He rested his face against her hair, breathing in Scully scent for what felt like the first time in decades. 

What had happened that would make Scully this demonstrative in a public place?  No, that wasn't important.  He'd remember soon enough.  For now he wanted to savor this, this contact with Scully. 

Whatever had happened, he felt like he had been out of it for a long time, too long.  Scully was . . . she wasn't herself.  He didn't feel up to asking the questions that he needed to ask, not yet.  Whatever had happened all he really cared about right now was the feel of her against him. 

He heard the door open, but didn't bother to look.  This felt too good and it was probably just a nurse.  He didn't need anyone; everything he needed in the world was right here against him. 

He felt her look at the door as he let his eyes drift shut.  She didn't say anything and he heard the door close.  Good, whoever it was had understood.  Scully was all he needed, all he wanted.  The rest of the world could just go away.  Wherever he had been, he was back and he was with her.  It was amazing how peaceful that felt.