Keeping Warm (NC-17)

She tried to hide behind the door as she opened it, but it was little protection against the cold. "Mulder? Get in, get in!" She pushed the door closed behind him. "What are you doing out in this? It must be ten below."

"Twenty, but who's counting. I got us some coffee." He handed her the Styrofoam cup and she took it gratefully, as much to hold as to drink.

"Thanks." She took a small sip and returned to the bed, tucking her feet underneath her. He took the chair

"They said this is all the heat we're gonna get tonight, and the highway to the airport is closed as well as the airport."

"Great." Scully sighed and took another sip.

"Hey, your room's warmer than mine."

She looked up, her eyebrow raised.

"I've got the end room. The wind whips around three sides of it. At least you have the insulation of a room on both sides.

She had to smile at the pitiful expression on his face. "Are you suggesting, Agent Mulder, that we ignore Bureau protocol and 'share' this room?"

He nodded eagerly. "I won't tell."

She looked at him for a long moment, then sighed. "Go get your stuff and all of your bedding."

"Thanks, Scully. You won't regret this."

"You better hurry. I already do."

He grinned then and put his coffee down. She joined him at the door, and pushed it shut quickly behind him. She stood there a moment, shaking her head. Well, she did trust him, but it was still going to be uncomfortable.

He was back quickly, kicking the door closed behind him. He had his suitcase in one hand and a jumble of linens in the other. "I think it's getting worse."


He stopped, with his hands still full. "I'm sorry, Scully."

"You're not responsible for the weather, Mulder."

"No, but I did drag you out here." He looked so guilty she felt a moment of generosity.

"Mulder, it did look like an X-File, and it was a great slide show."

He looked up then, startled, to see her struggling not to laugh. "Thanks."

She motioned for him to deposit his suitcase and bring the blanket and bedspread over. "I think you've got iced coffee now."

He shrugged and unfurled the blanket over her bed.

"Yes!" She kicked off her shoes and climbed in, pulling both of her pillows out to rest against the headboard. He tossed both of his toward the head of the bed and toed off his own shoes, not bothering to untie them.

"Damn, Mulder, I don't remember ever being this cold."

He slipped in on his side of the bed. "Ah, come on Scully, you've lived all over."

"Mulder, Navy bases are more tropical than not - San Diego, South Carolina. Look around, how many naval bases do you find in upper Minnesota." He chuckled but didn't dispute it. "Now you're a New England guy. This should be normal for you."

"No, I don't remember this kind of wind. Besides, I haven't lived in New England since high school."

"Oh, so you've become wimpy in your old age?"

"Who you callin' old, Agent?"

"I just know the blood starts thinning at a certain age and - "

"I'll show you thin blood." He nestled her against him and she felt the warmth penetrate her body for the first time in what seemed hours. Even knowing it was a mistake didn't make her want to pull away. "You really grow up in the tropics, Scully?"

She made herself more comfortable against him. "No, but warmer than this. The first time I remember snow was when Dad was stationed in Virginia Beach. There was this great snowstorm and we all got to play in it. Charlie could walk, as I remember, but I use the term loosely. Mom put him in one of my outgrown winter coats. It was pink, but he was too young to make a fuss. It was the three of us against Bill in a snow fight. Of course we lost, but I remember it and Mom taking pictures from the porch.

She smiled at the memory and he watched her, finding himself growing warmer by the moment.

"What else do you remember?"

"Let's see, I guess my worst winter storm was in high school. I was a junior, no; a senior and I had a date with Rob Marshall. We went to the movies and by the time it let out, the roads had gotten really bad. He spun out on a back road. We didn't hit anything, but the car died and he couldn't get it started. This was before cell phones, and I knew Mom was frantic. What I remember most is his insistence that he could keep me warm - in the back seat."

She felt Mulder stiffen slightly. "Did he?"

"No. I got lucky. A deputy was patrolling and saw us. He called a tow truck and gave me a ride home. I think he did me a bigger favor than he knew. I didn't go out with Rob again."

"You want me to find him and punch his lights out, Scully?"

She laughed lightly. "Not necessary. He got the next girl he dated pregnant, and married her for a while. Maybe he learned his lesson."

"Geez, Scully."

"Yeah, I dodged a bullet I guess. What about you? What do you remember about snow storms?"

"Well, I never used one to try to rape beautiful young girls."


He chuckled. "I remember snow ball battles on the Vineyard. One year we had a really good snow and I remember building a whole network of tunnels between our yard and next door. We sent Samantha through first because she was smaller, then we'd pack it down. We begged to sleep out there, but my mother was convinced it would collapse and smother us. That tunnel lasted for over a week. Samantha could even walk on the top of it. The guys didn't, we were too big." He shook his head, smiling at the memory.

She enjoyed that smile. It was too rare for him to smile when thinking about Samantha. He saw her own answering smile and suddenly was very warm, nearly toasty.

"Another one Mulder."

"Mmm, well, there was one time my father was out of the country and we lost power. That was the first time I was allowed to build a fire in the fireplace on my own. Mom was sure I'd burn the place down, but it was fine and we ended up sleeping in the living room. Samantha and I brought down our sleeping bags and slept on the floor and Mom was on the couch. Samantha's wasn't a real sleeping bag; one of those play ones." His eyes narrowed in memory. "It was purple and . . . and it had Barbie on it I think."

She chuckled at that. "Now that's something I never had."

"Did you play with Barbie, Scully?"

"Uh, no, not as a rule. Melissa did, but it never really appealed to me."

"Kind of hard to dissect one? Uhhh." He grunted as her elbow connected with his ribs.

"I didn't always want to be a doctor, and now look, I'm not."

He looked down at her then; she couldn't see him. His arms tightened slightly. "Do you regret that Scully?"

She twisted to look up at him, his serious tone catching her off guard.

"Mulder, I shouldn't have said that. I am a doctor. I'm a pathologist. We don't have practices like other doctors, but I use my skills every day."

"But if I hadn't . . . "

"Mulder." She twisted to look at him, "Why does no one, no one, remember that I joined the FBI before I knew you, before I'd ever heard of Fox Mulder. I didn't know what an X-File was. That feels like a million years ago."

"But you'd change that, wouldn't you?"

"Change? I don't know. What would you change?"

He seemed to look inside himself for a moment. "I would have stopped you from having the implant removed so you wouldn't get cancer. Hell, if I could go back, I'd make sure you were never abducted in the first place."

"But not so far that we never met."

He tensed then; she could feel the stiffness in his body. "That would have been for the best, wouldn't it?"

"No. No, it wouldn't. Mulder, I've never wanted that, not even with everything that's happened. You do know that, don't you?"

"But you have regrets."

She shrugged and his arm tightened slightly. "I regret that I can't have a child. I regret that the in-vitro didn't work, but I don't regret trying it. I don't regret asking you to help." She smiled shyly then.

"I'm still reeling from that."

"You shouldn't be. You told me a long time ago that the Mulders passed genetic muster - "

"You were willing to gamble that another kid would have this nose?"

She smiled at that, and nodded slightly. Yeah, she'd been willing to gamble on that, for that, but she kept quiet. They sat in silence for a while, thinking their own thoughts.

Finally he took a deep breath. "Warm yet?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"I don't think we're going anywhere this evening, Scully. Why don't you get ready for bed? I can run get us some sandwiches or something."

"Oh, don't go out. You're warm now too."

He wasn't about to dispute that; any warmer and he'd be sweating. "You sure you're not hungry?"

"There're some snacks in my bag, we can munch on them."

He nodded and they both exited the bed. She hurried into the bathroom and got ready for bed. He found her bag and took it back to the bed with him, but waited for her before opening it.

She was shivering when she returned, and he pulled her back into the bed. She was wearing men's pajamas; she'd had to roll up both the legs and the sleeves. He bit his lip to hide the smile, but it didn't work. Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Any comments?"

"Who me?" The soul of innocence.

"I liked these and they didn't come in women's."

"Did I say anything?"

Her eyebrow rose, but she dropped it. He handed her a package of cheese crackers. "Thanks."

"Don't finish the food, I'll be right back." He hurried into the bathroom, to get ready himself and came back with two glasses of water as well. "In case I haven't said it, I really appreciate you sharing the room tonight."

"S'okay. I appreciate you sharing the body heat."

"Any time, Agent Scully."

He was enjoying the warmth that seemed to grow in her face, when the power went out.

"Great." She muttered.

"I'll, uh, I'll get the flashlights."

"Don't bother. Let's just go on to sleep."

"Kinda early, isn't it?" The thoughts of lying beside her, awake for hours did not appeal to him.

"What, you want to watch TV?"

He chuckled then, "Options are limited, aren't they?"

"Yeah, they are. I'm going to try to sleep." She slipped down in the bed and turned her back to him.

Damn he was warm. When her breathing became even, he relaxed slightly and slipped out of the bed. He removed his sweat pants; maybe he'd be able to get to sleep if he cooled off. He crawled back in wearing just his boxers and a t-shirt. Yeah, that felt better.


She woke sometime in the night to find him wrapped around her. She was warm, but this was too intimate. He was, he was nuzzling her hair and his hands . . . his hands were . . . exploring her.

She knew she should move away, wake him, but it did feel good and he was asleep. She smiled slightly; wondering which of the 'ladies' from those videos he didn't own was starring in this particular dream.

He seemed to take a breath of her hair, "Mmmm, Scully."

She froze, Scully? Had he said Scully? No, he couldn't be . . . he was dreaming about her?

He certainly seemed to be enjoying it. Stay clinical, Scully. She moved her leg slightly to see if he really was aroused and drew back as though burned. God, she was familiar with his body, but not like this. He was hard as a rock and . . . and saying her name. What was she supposed to do with that information? It was too cold to move to the chair and part of her didn't want to anyway.

She had been intimate with this man, okay not in the conventional sense. They had never made love, but they had been through everything together. Who else would she have asked for . . . okay he hadn't fathered her child, but that was because of her, her inabilities, not his. But his sperm had been inside of her.

It certainly seemed like he wanted to be intimate with her. She was an idiot. Why was she not putting an immediate halt to this madness?

His hand caressed her breast and her eyes closed at the sensation. Stupid. Stupid!

"Scully . . . please." He pulled her even closer and pressed himself against her.

Oh god, how long had it been? She felt herself grow moist from the contact. Stupid! Where was her judgment? Where was her good sense?

Her hand found it's way inside his t-shirt and traced the muscles of his chest. He responded immediately, pulling her tightly against him. "Scu - " That's when he woke. "Oh god, Scully, I, oh god."

"It's not a problem, Mulder."

"Not a . . . " He realized where her hand was then and found that he couldn't speak.

Her hand brushed his nipple and he hissed. "That feel good?"

"What . . . what are you doing?"

"Been that long, huh?"

"Scully . . . " He groaned as her leg brushed against his straining cock.

"I know it's insane, but for some reason . . . "

"You want this?" His voice was totally incredulous.

"Yes. Mulder, I do. You asked what I would change. I can't change a lot of things, but this . . . this I can change."

"Are . . . are you . . . Scully, you have to be sure."

"So do you."

He looked deep into her eyes then. Did he tell her just how sure he was? He didn't want to influence her decision. Oh hell, yes he did, but . . .

"I would never force you."

"I know that. Do I look forced?"

"You look beautiful."

She smiled slightly at that, "You make me feel beautiful." She moved closer then and the tip of her tongue outlined his lower lip. The sensation went straight to his cock. Her smile seemed to deepen then and she watched his fingers begin to unbutton her pajamas top. When it lay open, he gazed at her for a long moment, then his mouth began exploring her. She gasped as his tongue laved her nipple. When he released her to move to the other breast, she moaned.

Damn, he was so hard it was painful. When was the last time . . . hell, he'd never been this hard. One of her fingers traced his length and he bit his lip to try to maintain some control.

"Scully." It sounded like a prayer.

"Shhh." She took hold of the hem of his t-shirt and brought it over his head. His lips left her body only long enough to finish the task, then he was tasting her again.

Her fingertips moved down his abdomen and fingered the waistband of his boxers. That brought another hiss from him.

"Scully, I'm not going to be able to stop."

"I sure hope not."

He drew back slightly at that and a smile started growing on his face. She could feel him relax a little, and realized he still had some fear that she would bolt and run.

"You still have on way too many clothes, Agent Mulder."

"Think you can help me with that, Agent Scully?"

That smile, that cat-like smile nearly undid him. Or maybe it was her hands moving his boxers down, allowing his cock to spring free.

That seemed to give her pause and he felt the slightest fear return. "Scully?"

"I was thinking about Henry Flanken for some reason."

He actually laughed then. "Damn you're good for me."

"You just now figuring that out?"

"No, just now admitting it." His hand brushed the elastic on her pajamas bottoms and he looked up for permission. She shifted her hips just enough and he tossed them to the side. He wasn't smiling now.

His head dipped to nuzzle her curls. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating.

"Mulder, please." It was nearly a whimper. He was kissing her abdomen now, his tongue delving into her navel. "Mulder . . . "

He moved farther down and she gasped at this new assault to her senses. God, she'd never known how good those damn sunflower seeds had it. He felt her sob as she writhed beneath him and then knew he had succeeded in pushing her over the edge, as her body convulsed and her head fell back. Her fingers dug into the muscles of his arm as though to ground herself.

"Scully? He spoke mildly, just to bring her back to him. She managed to open her eyes then. "Tell me what you want Scully."

"You. I want you inside of me."

His cock twitched at those words; words he'd given up imagining she would ever say to him. When he could, he nodded and moved back up her body.

The temperature of the room was forgotten, unnoticed by both of them, their own bodies generating more than enough heat.

She felt him against her thigh and reached for him, her hand closing around him as he forgot the process of inhaling and exhaling. Who needed air; he had her.

He hesitated just before entering her and looked into her eyes. No, she'd waited long enough; hell she'd waited years. Her legs went around his hips and she impaled herself on his shaft.

He closed his eyes, struggling for control. Not yet, not yet. He took a deep breath and withdrew to the tip, but immediately plunged back in. Oh god she was tight and . . . tight and hot. He never wanted to leave her body.

Now she was playing dirty, having him so deep within her had aroused her again and she clutched at him with muscles he had no idea were so well developed.

He withdrew thrusting deep into her again and again. He could die from this, hell; he wanted to die just like this some day. He was losing it, his rhythm becoming erratic.

His fingers found her clit and massaged it firmly. She gasped and tightened those muscles again. He knew he was losing control. He was coming, coming from deeper than he had ever felt it before.

She heard him cry out her name and that was all it took. She was convulsing from the sensations. He was lying helpless partially atop her, breathing heavily. If aliens burst into the room right then, they would just have to take them; neither would be able to defend the other.


He tucked her in against him, finally able to think, to function again. He felt her hand slip between them.

"Scully, be realistic, I'm forty years old."

"I know, you'd have killed me at twenty." That cat smile again . . .

He chuckled then, "I doubt that, but you could easily kill me now."

"Never, I want you keep you alive for a very long time, especially now."

"And why would that be?"

Her eyes twinkled, "Three guesses."


He held her close as she shuddered back to awareness. This was the way he had wanted to make children with her. Okay, so that wasn't going to happen. It still beat those plastic cups and test tubes all to hell. Maybe, just maybe, this new closeness would make up for some of that for her.

And he sure as hell was warm now. Who'd have thought that upper Minnesota would become his most favorite place in the world?