Welcome Home - PG-13

She hoped she looked more professional that she felt.  Keeping her mind on the meeting was becoming impossible.  This was the first meeting of the 'expanded' X-files division with Skinner.  The sound of his voice, Mulder's voice, was distracting.  She just wanted to listen to the sound, the words didn't matter, just the fact that it was his voice.  He still sounded a little weak.  He hadn't completely recovered his voice from the damage done by the tobacco beetles before he was taken.   His disappearance hadn't helped, but he was getting stronger.

Actually his recovery was taking some time.  What they had done to his beautiful body was . . . No, he was recovering that was where her focus should be.

What fascinated her the most was the fact that the baby moved every time he spoke.  She had her hand pressed discretely against her swollen abdomen.  Her hand was hidden below the tabletop and her purpose was two-fold, one to reassure the child and two to increase her own enjoyment of the sensation.

She wasn't following the conversation and was surprised when he raised his voice in protest to some comment Monica made.  The baby turned a complete somersault inside of her and she couldn't hide her reaction, gasping and jerking upright.

Every eye turned toward her, to her total embarrassment. 

"Dana?"  Walter started to rise and she felt Mulder tense.  He wasn't used to the new closeness in their relationship. 

"I'm fine.  Please continue."

It was obvious that no one believed her.  Skinner brought the meeting to a close immediately, despite her protests.

Everyone rose and she had the impression for just an instant that they wanted to commandeer a wheelchair for her.  She pushed her own chair back and placed her hands on the arms to assist herself to her feet when she saw Mulder's hand come out to help her.

Her eyes grew moist immediately and she looked down to hide it, but took his hand to allow him to help her to her feet.

The others seemed to melt into the woodwork, even Skinner, though it was his office.

"Are you really okay?"

"Yes.  I'm just not the only one glad that you're back." 

He glanced over at the door doubtfully.

"No, this one."  She smoothed the fabric over her stomach.  "He loves the sound of your voice too."


"He was . . . he was moving when you spoke.  And when you disagreed with Monica, he did a flip."  

Mulder's eyes widened.  "That's okay?"

She smiled, "yes.  It's okay."  She moved away from the table.  "You've been here long enough for today Mulder."

"Whose Mother do you think you are?" 

"Funny, Mulder.  I'm not going to let you overdo."

"I am a little tired.  Maybe you should drive me home."  He managed to keep his lips from smiling, but not his eyes.

"Are you trying to get me to play hooky?"

"If you think I should rest, I can think the same thing about you."

Her eyebrow rose to dangerous levels but he wasn't concerned, not any more.  Besides she looked too soft and round to . . .  "Are you going to give me a ride or not?  We could order a pizza."

"Well, I suppose just this once.  But don't think we can make a habit of it."  She turned toward the door and he stood for just a moment watching her, hell devouring her with his eyes.  He'd never thought to see her like this, not after . . . It was the best welcome home he could have - her, and . . . and him.