Will to Live - Denoument (G)

"Youíre saying Jane killed her own son?" They were alone at her apartment. Scully finally felt up to asking the questions that had been burning in her since this whole thing had exploded in their faces, but wanted no interruptions. The bruises were fading from her throat, but the questions were as vivid as when it had happened. As much as she dreaded this conversation she had to know.

"No. I donít know what happened in that room. I doubt anyone but Jane ever will. Jeff had to have been unconscious by the time I got you outside. Look, Iím not out to prosecute Jane, I think her actions, whatever they were, saved your life. Jeffís too. If she had to make a choice of whether to save her husband and her friend, or a child that wasnít going to be able to live anyway, she made the right one. I donít find fault with her decision. I admire her strength."

"So you really believe the baby killed the nurse and attacked Diane, Jeff and me."

"Yes I do. His brain wasnít encumbered by any extraneous information, it was pure instinct. Weíve seen psychokinesis before, and we donít know what part of the brain controls it. If they would allow an autopsy . . . "

"Mulder, itís too late. Theyíve already donated the organs. They had a private graveside service yesterday. Donít ask for an exhumation, Mulder. Please, they couldnít take it."

"But Scully. . . "

"No. Forget it Mulder. Thereís no guarantee weíd prove anything. I donít want to cause them any more pain. Mulder please, for me, drop it."

He started to speak again, but the look in her eyes stopped him. He nodded and she squeezed his hand, then dropped it and took a deep breath. "Mulder, I need to know if you meant what you said to Jeff."

He knew immediately what she meant. He nodded, not looking away from her eyes.

"You. . . you think of her like. . . "

"Are you going to try and convince me you didnít know?"

She dropped her head unable to look into those eyes any longer. "I guess I . . . "

His hand found hers again and held it. "We donít have to talk about this now. You know how I feel. When youíre ready Iíll be here. Scully, Iíll be here as long as you want me. Okay?"

She nodded and leaned against him, just a couple of tears escaping. His arms automatically went around her and they sat together, knowing their connection, knowing what they shared. And knowing they could talk about it later. They had time.

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