Blame it on the Zombies (R)

He watched her approach him from her kitchen She opened his door and let him in


She opened his door and let him in.  He headed for the couch and she moved into the kitchen.  She looked over his medication and shook a couple of pills into her hand.  She got a glass of water and joined him. 


"You didn't take your pain medicine, did you?"


He shrugged and winced.  "I don't like how it makes me feel."


"Pain free?"


He cut his eyes at her, "No, out of control."


"I think, under the circumstances, it would be okay."


"Circumstances?  You mean fighting off zombies, nearly getting eaten, those circumstances?"


She looked down for a moment.  "Yes, those circumstances.  Take the medicine, Mulder, then go on to bed."


"I can just crash here," he indicated the couch.


"No, you can't."




"Right.  I'm using the couch."


"You're staying?"


"It's late.  Go on to bed."


He looked at her for a minute, then took the pills she handed him and swallowed them.  He rose then and headed for his room.


She slipped off her coat and hung it on his coat rack.  She was glad he hadn't made a big deal about her staying here.  Yes, it was late and there were definitely drunks on the road tonight, but that wasn't the reason.  She didn't want to be alone tonight.  Knowing he was in the next room helped tonight.


She had rekilled a couple of zombies.  That didn't bear close examination right now, not in the dark.  Having him close by tonight felt right.  She slipped off her shoes and pulled his afghan down off the back of the couch.  She curled up on the couch and breathed in the scent of him.  It both stimulated and relaxed her which she didn't analyze and closed her eyes.



Something woke her and it took a minute to orient herself.  Mulder's couch, but what . . . Then she realized Mulder was sitting at the end of the couch.  If she stretched out she could touch him.




"Was it wrong, was it bad?"


What was he talking about?  "Mulder?  Are you awake?"


"You haven't said anything, did I mess up?"


She sat up then, moving closer to him, the afghan around her shoulders.  "Mulder, what are you talking about?"


He closed his eyes.  "You don't even remember it."


Her hand touched his cheek.  "What do you mean?"


"I kissed you."


Her hand dropped back to her lap.  "Y-yes, you did."


"You didn't like it."


Her chin came up a little at that.  "I didn't say that."


"You didn't say anything."


"Mulder - "


"Was it bad, wrong?"


"No, no it was nice."


"Oh thanks."


"Mulder, it was in an ER waiting room after we fought . . . "


"Zombies?"  he was perfectly serious, not a hint of a smile.




"So I shouldn't have - "


"Mulder, it was a New Year's Eve kiss.  I'm glad we did it.  I'm glad you even thought of it."


His good arm reached for her and to his surprise she let him pull her against him.  "I can do better."


Her lips curved up slightly.  He couldn't see her face anyway.  This was one of those out-of-bounds things, but like he said, with the medication he was 'out of control' and probably wouldn't even remember it.  "I don't doubt it."


He froze in surprise at those words.  "You mean that?"


"Of course I do.  Neither of us was at our best."


"So you think . . . there's a chance of a . . . I mean . . . "


She looked up then and took his face in her hands.  What the hell, it was New Years, they had fought and won against zombies.  She deserved this.  She pressed her lips against his.


She hadn't had time to take in how soft they were before.  That full lower lip that caught her eye so many times over the last six years moved beneath hers, taking charge now.  He'd removed his sling and now his arms came around her, deepening the kiss.  His lips parted and his tongue caressed her lips, mutely begging entry.


She complied, parting her own lips and meeting his tongue with her own.  His tongue circled hers controlling it, exploring her, tasting her.  Her arms had gone around his neck moving closer even as he pulled her into his lap.  It was her turn now, her tongue tracing the outlines of his mouth, sucking on his tongue as he moaned into her mouth.


They reclined, lips parting only to reconnect over and over.  He was nipping at her throat as she attempted to regain her breath, her hands deep in his hair, massaging his scalp and then down to his shoulders again. 


Yes, she'd known somehow that he could do better, but not this, she hadn't dreamed this.  Their lips were together again and she was on top of him there on his couch.


After a few minutes, or days, or months she pulled away to look at him.  He noted her dilated eyes, the flush in her cheeks, her breasts against him as she breathed heavily.  "M-Mulder?"

"Believe me?"


She nodded and dipped her head for a second course.  What a great new year.




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