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  BABY Fic
(I had no idea I had this much of it!!)

The Series After the Future is also loaded with Babyfic, if you want to get into it!!

Assignment 1/8- What if Scully were intertwined with the conspiracy before he met her?
Assignment 2/8
Assignment 3/8
Assignment 4/8
Assignment 5/8
Assignment 6/8
Assignment 7/8
Assignment 8/8

Back Just In Time - Jayne's version of the birth

The Birth - If CC gives us a section I had to visualize it another way!!

Destiny 1/2 - If it's meant to be . . . Winner of the Fanfic of the Millennium Challenge for April, 2000
Destiny 2/2

For Me - I've thought they were going to get together since the first time I saw them, I wrote this one for me since CC wouldn't
Futures 1/3
Futures 2/3
Futures 3/3

The Gift 1/9 - A romance/commitment story written long before Christmas Carol to give my version of how things could have gone after Momento Mori and Mulder's discovery there. There's no science in here, don't look for it.
The Gift 2/9
The Gift 3/9
The Gift 4/9
The Gift 5/9
The Gift 6/9
The Gift 7/9
The Gift 8/9
The Gift 9/9

Love and Lovers 1/7 - Skinner loves her too, now what?
Love and Lovers 2/7
Love and Lovers 3/7
Love and Lovers 4/7
Love and Lovers 5/7
Love and Lovers 6/7
Love and Lovers 7/7

Nebraska 1/4
Nebraska 2/4
Nebraska 3/4
Nebraska 4/4

Per Manum Interruptus - Contemplating miracles

Plots Within Plots 1/3 - Nothing keeps them apart, but what is Scully willing to do because of that?
Plots Within Plots 2/3
Plots Within Plots 3/3

Promises 1/2- Can Skinner stand in for Mulder, while he's missing?
Promises 2/2

Unknown Lives 1/7 - He doesn't know her, but he still can't live without her
Unknown Lives 2/7
Unknown Lives 3/7
Unknown Lives 4/7
Unknown Lives 5/7
Unknown Lives 6/7
Unknown Lives 7/7